I Whisper Your Name

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The sun was high and hot – nearly straight-up noon. It was almost time when your plane was schedule to touch down. My eyes ached at the brightness as I scanned the sky in anticipation of your arrival. It’s been too many weeks since I’ve seen you and my serves were jittering an jumping like water droplets skittering across a hot griddle.

Your plane finally taxis up to the gate and the “droplets” begin to steam and sizzle in my belly. It seems like hours until I finally see you come through the door. My heart is pulsing in my throat. Pounding so hard, I think that I will suffocate from the sensation of the pressure. We come together in a moment – a soft embrace and the long anticipated kiss. Too soon we slowly pull apart and I search your soft brown eyes for any indication of how much you may have missed me. It’s not your eyes, however, that communicates this, but your hands, which linger on my back, moving to my waist, keeping me close. It’s your cheek caressing my neck while you move to lay a kiss on the top of my bare shoulder that eases my fears.

I stroke your arms, moving my hands up to your shoulders as you pull me tight. Your fingers rest on my hips and I brush my knee along the outside of your leg. Kissing your soft lips once again, drawing your bottom lip into my mouth, soft pull before reluctantly releasing you. Tilting my head back to look into your eyes and noting the light in them that I’d never noticed before. I realize for the first time just how young your soul truly is.

Pressing a palm against your chest to feel the strength beneath it, the beat of your heart. You’re here…at last…I’ve missed you so very much. Being togther again at last feels like a dream. One last hug before I take you by the hand and walk you to my car. After loading your bag into the trunk, we head out for my home. The drive is filled with news of what’s been keeping us busy in the few, yet very long, weeks we’ve been apart. I hear stories and laugh through the entire drive. I could listen to your stories over and over. You’re a natural born story-teller.

When I park my car in the drive and begin to get out, Escort bayan I’m stopped by your grasp. Putting your hand on my cheek you turn my face toward you. Your fingers slip into my air as I lean close to kiss you again. This time with more hunger and need. You grab my hair, pulling my head back. I feel your breath on my neck an instant before you kiss me under my chin, moving down my throat and stop at the hollow of my neck. My eyes open and you release my hair. I hold your face in my hand and kiss your lips, your cheeks and make my way back to your lips. I suggest that we get in the house soon to heat my long cold sheets before we gt too far.

The early summers’ evening breeze has cooled the day nicely. Curtains play lightly in the air that softly blows through my windows. Slowly the sweet musky scent of vanilla filters through the house when I light my candles.

We walk together to the bedroom where you take off your shoes and lie back on the bed, stretching out with a sigh. I can see that you’re tired from the flight so I kiss your forehead and start to leave so you can rest for a bit. Before I can go, your hands take my wrists and pull me to the bed. I nearly stumble with the force and end up sitting on the edge of the bed. Turning me sharply, you pull me against you, my back across your chest. Your hand moves quickly under my skirt and finds the lacy edge of my thong. The other hand seeks my breast, and soon is under my clothing as well to take my hard nipple. Pinching and playing, stiffening them further with hot passion. My legs fall open and your fingers creep under my thong to my wet hot pussy. My clit throbs at your touch, arching my back, pushing my hips into your stroking. Your touch is soft and searching, driving me close to ecstasy, but keeping me away from the brink of orgasm until you are ready for me to go there.

The sensation to my breasts is exciting, hot and soothing. My breathing quickens and my head feels heavy and dizzy. I whisper your name. You answer, telling me that you’re here now and that you love me. I sit up when released from your tender trap and slip my shirt over my head. Bayan Escort The cool breeze moves across my bare breasts like a soft sigh. I stand up and drop my skirt down over my hips. Standing before you dressed only in my white lace thong. Sitting up, brining your legs over the edge of the bed, I reach to unbutton your shirt – kissing your earlobe trailing my lips down your jaw to your neck. Slipping your shirt off of your shoulders brings my breasts to your face. You lips snatch hold of a nipple and you suck on it, flicking it with the tip of your tongue. I cup my breasts in my hands offering them up to you. Nipples rise and stiffen again to the touch of your lips. You suck each nipple into your mouth, licking and gently nipping them with your teeth.

Meanwhile your hands grab my ass, squeezing and caressing. Fingers reaching my soft cleft, sliding a finger in … I moan as you push it in as far as you can. Pulling away, your order me to turn around. When I do as you say, your reach up and yank my thong down to my knees.

“Bend over and spread your legs!”

Bracing myself with hands on knees, I feel you lean into me, dipping your tongue into my pussy – then licking my clit and back again. Fingers tickle and tease my ass, sliding in and out. I want you to fuck me…. take me hard and fast, but you take your time, teasing me with such sweet torture. My knees get weak with your persistent pleasure. I’m turned back around to face you and am pushed down until I’m kneeling in front of you.

As you stand in front of me I reach to unfasten your jeans, pulling them down and slipping them off as you step out of each leg. I softly bite your hard cock through the cotton of your briefs, sliding my fingers into them and teasing along the underside of your dick. I pull them down, you take your cock and push it into my mouth. My lips encircle, licking the tip of your cock, pulling it into my mouth slowly and softly as far as it will…tickling the length of your hard shaft and feeling the head on the back of my tongue. I graze my teeth along the length, stopping briefly at the tip before sucking you back into my Escort mouth. I pull away to lean down and suck your balls, taking one into my mouth at a time. Fondling them with my tongue, encircling each one in turn.

My hands reach behind you and dig my nails into the back of your thighs, pulling you closer to my mouth. I suck harder on your stiff cock, working my tongue up and down with increasing pressure. Saliva leaks down from between my lips, you’re wet and hard, sliding in and out of my mouth. I moan, your head tilts back and your hands grab my head to maintain the rhythm and speed. Grabbing my hair and holding my head, driving into my mouth hard and fast. You cum with explosive heat and the taste of you fills my mouth, sliding over my tongue and down my throat. I suck it all in and swallow with lust.

Reaching down you lift me up, turning me so that I’m sitting on the bed. I slide up and lean against the headboard. You move between my legs and bend my knees so that you can bury your face in my pussy. Your tongue begins its’ quest to drive me to the brink at last. Sliding into my cunt, then out to tickle my clit. I can’t control my moaning. Spreading my lips to allow you easy access to my hot sensitive clit, push my hips to your anxious mouth, grinding them with your pace. I play with my nipples as you thrill my pussy slowly then faster. Your fingers find my ass again and slip one then two in as you tongue-fuck my pussy. I feel as if I’ll faint from the erotic sensations you give to me.

As you slide your tongue over my clit and continue driving your fingers in and out of me, I cum, with long throbbing pulses that course through my entire body. My nerves are electrified. Heat pours form my body and the orgasm goes on forever, as long as you keep touching me, my pleasure continues. You know this and drive me to the edge of erotic insanity.

When you pull away I’m left gasping and sweating. I hear you leave the bed and go into the bathroom. The water starts to run in the shower and you call to me. We step into the steamy water and wash each other, slow, soapy, slippery strokes. Taking care to go slow and easy, enjoying the feel of our bodies. Toweling each other dry when done. I wrap myself in a towel and turn to you, draping my arms around your neck, I kiss you again and in your ear….I whisper your name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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