I will Never Forget

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Back when I was 18… not that long ago, I had a boyfriend that had just started at College. It was my intention to remain a virgin until at least I got out of high school but with his graduation he felt it was time. He had some experience and I had none so I felt he knew best to some degree and I was in my final year in high school.

So one night I told my parents I was going over to his place to study with him. Little did they know he was living in the dorm at his college. I met him entirely alone for the first time in our relationship. It did start out as a tame evening watching DVDs in his dorm room on his TV player but space was limited so we had to crowd onto a twin bed. I was laying almost on top of him.

His roommate was out for the evening so we had the place all to ourselves. I had always had a strict ‘above the waist’ policy where touching was concerned and he had always abided by that. Tonight however Şerifali Escort he let his fingers roam outside our ‘comfort zone’ and worked his hand down my thigh and then onto my inner thigh. Soon he was rubbing my inner thigh and was extremely close to my cunt.

My first reaction was to remove his hand but as he carried on it began to be very pleasurable so I hesitated. He rubbed up and down on the material of my panties over my clit. I started to get very wet and I’m sure he was aware of it also as he rubbed me all the harder.

I didn’t know what to do since I was still a virgin but he had more experience so my tendency was to divert to him. I didn’t want him to stop either so I attempted to communicate with him I needed advice… I moaned. He looked at me in shocked surprise. I think he thought I was urging him on.

He laid me on his bed and knelled over me pondering how to begin Göztepe Escort I surmise. I was really frightened not knowing what to expect. He slowly and gently lifted my skirt to remove my soaked panties exposing my throbbing clit. Of course he was now hard as a rock so when he undid his pants and allowed his cock freedom to spring out it was pointing straight up.

He grabbed me under each knee and raised my legs up high then used his hard cock to massage my pussy before he pushed into me hard. I moaned and cried out in pain and pleasure as he used me thrusting over and over into me. I knew what was coming so was not surprised just shocked at the suddenness of it all.

He got really aggressive as he had told me he often does when he has sex. He told me to shut the hell up and let him fuck me hard. I was totally confused and only acquiesced as he proceeded. Suddenly he dropped my legs and Ümraniye Escort pulled out of me so fast. I had no idea what was wrong.

All of a sudden a huge load of sperm shot out of him all over his bed and my legs. He collapsed beside me on the bed. He suggested, “Climb up on top.” he said to me as he guided me to climb on top of him. He inserted his still hard cock and told me to ride like the wind.

I followed my natural instincts and bounced up and down on him but found as I dug in with my heels a bit that it was becoming very pleasurable. I was basically riding him and it was amazingly pleasurable. I moaned and suddenly thrust my head back and began to shake. What an orgasm it was that shook me. I let out a huge sigh and shook until my chin was on my chest. I got off him and collapsed beside him on the bed.

He told me, “You were fucking tight.” then he licked me clean blood and all. We lay there like that exhausted, he in boxers but me naked with my legs spread until his room mate came in.

He walked in suddenly and I quickly closed me legs. One thing led to another so I got up and left after a good fingering by the room mate.

I will never forget my first time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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