I Yield to You, Sir

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The popping and sizzling of bacon greets my ears and the smell of coffee brings a smile to my face as I open my eyes. Stretching my legs and pushing my painted toes out from under a blanket he must have placed on me in the night, I yawn and sigh happily in the pleasant warmth of the room. Swinging my legs out and onto the floor, the plush blanket slips from my body and I giggle as notice I am wearing no clothing. The room crackles with heat, so with a smile, I saunter into the kitchen, making only a scant attempt to cover myself.

Josh turns as I slide into a seat at the kitchen table, bunching the blanket in my lap and crossing my legs, swinging a foot as he places a steaming cup in front of me. Wearing a brown robe and matching slippers, he smiles and shakes his head, returning to the stove, his eyes remaining on my bare legs.

“You make quite an entrance.”

“Thank you, sir,” I say, sipping the coffee, which contains hints of vanilla and cinnamon. “Great coffee.”

Laughing, he puts a plate in front of me and takes a seat across the table, chewing at a piece of bacon as he tries looking down the blanket at my chest. Feigning another stretch, I shed the blanket and go about eating my breakfast, for I feel hunger tickling at my stomach.

“You are a goddess.”

I can’t keep from blushing and look away for a moment, pushing an egg around the plate in distraction. “I’m just a girl, Josh. Don’t turn me into some mythic being.”

He bursts into laughter, which goes on for some time, bringing tears to his eyes. Finally, he calms down and lets out a slow, long sigh, eyes pinned to mine and containing perhaps a hint of sadness. “Maybe you are too young to understand how things are yet.”

“I won’t argue with you. Tell me how it is,” I say, leaning on my elbows.

“Last otele gelen escort night I won a lottery. Every other night, girls like you are the bane of my existence, torturing me and vexing me and teasing me until they have used every bit of my soul. After that, they dump me by the side of the road like a piece of trash.”

Reflecting on his words, I sip my coffee and wait to see if he will say more. I do not understand, for I find him to be a handsome man. I can’t speak for the hearts of other women, however and do not know what he suffers. “I am here now. Try to enjoy this time and not think of the future or the past.”

“It’s not the same. You are promised to another and will soon leave. I’ll never have someone like you,” he says, rising to clear the table.

The reference of Ray brings a smile to my face, but I feel sad for him, standing at the sink with slumped shoulders washing the dishes. I join him and put my arms around his waist, leaning my cheek against his back. His muscles tense and I am unsure of what I am about to say and do, but, gathering myself, I clear my throat to speak, rising on my toes and pressing my lips against his ear.

“Forget everything else, whatever you have experienced. Today, I am yours. Do with me whatever you want.” The water continues to run, but he stops moving and I know his mind churns my words, spinning and turning them, looking for hidden meanings. Reaching through the folds in his robe, I rub the soft skin with my hands, tracing over the tip, trying to get him to react. “What are your orders, sir?”

“Start by doing the dishes,” he says, grabbing his coffee and taking a seat at the kitchen table. He lights a cigarette and watches me, smiling as I stare at him. I did not expect that, but I push my hands mecidiyeköy escort into the soapy water and begin scrubbing plates. “Open your legs a little, even with your shoulders.”

“Yes, sir,” I say, inching my feet apart.

“And no talking, just do as I say.”

I turn and look at him, surprise filling me at the authority in his voice. What? Though, I can’t be in total surprise after last night. As I ponder this change, he stands and walks towards me, putting his cigarette in an ashtray. Without a word, he unties the knot holding the robe fastened, pressing his body against mine, his hand cupping my pussy as I press against his hand, trying to force his fingers into me. Gripping the sink, I wait for him to do as he wants.

“I didn’t say to stop doing the dishes.”

“I’m sorry, sir,”

“I change my mind, you talk too much. Get on your knees.”

Turning into his arms for a moment, I slide down his body, brushing against his erection and kneeling on the ground before him. I think his scent to be musky as he parts my lips and jams his cock into my mouth, gripping my face and fucking it with sudden ferocity. The back of my head smacks against the sink and a few light spots appear in my vision, but he doesn’t stop for a moment, grunting and slamming into my throat, stretching my lips around his hardness.

“You will be my slut today,” he says, slapping my face, which brings tears into my eyes. I will indeed, sir. He pulls me out of my thoughts and off of feet, dragging me through the kitchen and into the bedroom, picking me up and heaving me onto the comforter. Flipping me on my back, he drags me to the edge of the bed, pushing my legs against my chest. Without being told, I grab my ankles as he thrusts inside me, his body slapping against mine. I scream as türkmen escort he pounds into me without mercy, shaking the bed which lifts me into his assault. The slapping of our skin fills the room with staccato accents and I let out high pitched squeals each time he bottoms in me.

He pulls away from me and gets on the bed as I let go of my legs, putting my feet on the carpet. Putting his cock against my lips once again, he mounts and begins fucking my face. I can’t breathe and gag for air, his pubic hair filling my nostrils. Fighting the urge to resist, I rest my hands against his hips and help guide him, hoping to help him finish quickly. The room seems to hang in stasis other than our movement, with a cat watching immobile in a window and a slow dripping tick tock of the clock on the nightstand.

Rolling off me once more, I gasp for breath as he grabs me by a hand and a foot, throwing me against the pillows. I don’t have time to brace myself or get into a comfortable position before he jumps on me. Gripping my thigh, he drives inside me with a slow, sure stroke, unlike the mania of moments ago. He smacks my ass at an angle with his palm, slapping my skin back and forth, sending slow waves of pain over my body.

I let myself go, releasing all tension in my body, yielding myself completely to him. He flips me again, onto my back, and climbs atop me, wrapping his arms and legs around me, putting his face near mine. Pressing his lips against mine and kissing me slowing, he pushes into me, gently, hooking his hands under my shoulders. The embrace feels intimate and I moan into his mouth.

“I am going to come. Are you on birth control?”

“No,” I whisper, wrapping my hands around his back and holding him tightly against me. “Do it inside me.”

“Are you sure?” he asks, increasing the pace, humping me with more intensity.

“Yes. Come inside me, please. Shoot your seed in me, sir,” I say. I feel his body go stiff and rub his back as he grunts and spasms. After he relaxes, he tries to rise, but I squeeze him even tighter, wanting to savor the moment. “Stay in me, please.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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