Ideal Day 08

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As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be “Ideal” while camping.

We had not been camping in a long time and with Lynn’s long weekend coming up, we decided now was the time. We loaded up the camping gear, the dogs, and more food than we would ever need, and headed for the mountains.

With no set place in mind, we picked a spot on the mountain that looked interesting and headed that direction. Lucky for us, there was a road that turned off the highway and lead up into the narrow valley we were looking toward as our camping location. The farther up we went the less traffic there was and soon we were on a narrow road with grass growing in the center. From the tracks in the dirt, there had not been another rig on this road for at least a couple weeks.

The road was getting narrow, with brush hitting against the side of the pickup. We climbed up a steep slope of about a quarter mile and the road ended on a stone point over looking the valley below. The road we had just came up looked like a very small path through the trees and we could see where it turned off the main road many miles out toward the valley.

The dogs were running all over the place, chasing the scents of squirrel, rabbits or whatever had recently passed through the area. With the sun shining bright brazzers porno we sit on a large boulder and looked at the mountains surrounding the little point.

As a lark I asked Lynn if she would like to get naked before we started setting up camp. To my surprise, she agreed and we were soon stripped down to our birthday suits, well with the addition of our shoes because of the sticks and rocks underfoot. The warmth of the sun was a contradiction to the feeling of the breeze on our naked skin. Still, it was a wonderful feeling and we were enjoying it immensely.

Setting up a tent in the nude is a new thing, and makes you pay attention not only to what you are doing, but it made me pay attention to what Lynn was doing as well. It was a toss up as to which I liked the best, the view from the front or from the back. Her breast swinging gently as she bent over was better than any view around us and the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy was causing my cock to rise to the occasion.

With the tent up, we started putting the sleeping pads and bags in place. Since we were already naked and the pads were there it seemed like a perfect opportunity to me. Lynn had other ideas though and claiming it was too hot to have sex in the tent, instead suggested we go for a walk. When she further added that she didn’t see a reason to get dressed to do so, I fully agreed. Throwing our clothes in my fanny pack “just in case” turned out to clip4sale porno be one of my best ideas in a long time. We put on our hiking boots and headed out.

We had hiked a couple miles along the hillside when we came to a small opening that held a small spring that ran down into a pool of smooth rocks where the sun was beating down brightly. Since we were already mostly naked it was an easy step to remove our shoes and wade into the pool. After the first shock of the cool water we soon became used to the temperature and found a flat rock to sit on that put the water up to our chest level. Lynn’s nipples turned as hard as the rock we sit on when the water hit them, much to my delight.

While the view was great, I do love looking at hard nipples, the water soon proved to be too cold to stay in for very long. We moved up to the soft grassy bank where the sun could warm us back up. While laying there looking at clouds we started describing the shapes we were seeing. From elephants and dogs we moved on to seeing body parts, from clouds to real, and the fun started.

Since Lynn’s nipples were still rock hard, sucking on them seemed like the next step. With a long sigh she leaned back on the grass before raising her legs to give me access to her pussy. While we had dried on the outside, she was very wet on the inside. There is nothing like feeling her pussy lips swell up and open as I caress her. Getting her to the colette porno point of humping against my finger as I rubbed her clit told me it was time to have her turn over and get up on all fours.

With her ass arched up high I started to slowly finger her pussy, first with one finger and then two, while picking up the pace until she was groaning lightly. Moving to my knees beside her I was able to reach under her and play with her clit while finger fucking her pussy ever harder. Knowing that she would climax soon, but wanting to prolong the pleasure for both of us, I slowed down the pace and quit playing with her clit.

That only made her hump against my fingers even harder. Taking advantage of the moment I moved up behind her on my knees and replaced my fingers with my cock. She was so wet I slide in easily until I found myself fully engulfed in her pussy. The feeling was overwhelming and I had to hold her by the hips to keep her from moving so I could relax. Once I was under control again, I used the control of her hips to start moving her at the speed I wanted. Soon we were banging into each other hard and fast. My balls were swinging forward with every thrust and hitting her clit, driving us both over the edge and into climax.

After catching our breath we rolled over and went back to watching the clouds until the breeze started to become a bit too cool. We were just tying up our shoes when we heard voices. At that moment two young couples stepped through the trees and into our space.

The first couple looked at us knowingly and it was easy to tell from their smiles that they knew what we had been doing. Exchanging greetings we were soon on our way back to our tent to start our next session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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