If This Would Only Happen to Me

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The restaurant is nearly empty as we take a table to the back and sit next to each other facing the room. The long table cloth hides all but our torsos from any ones view. When the waitress leaves from taking our drink orders she gives a little jump and gasp as I switch on the remote control vibrating egg that I had placed inside her pussy earlier. She grabs my arm as I turn up the intensity. When the waitress nears with our drinks, I turn the egg off.

The girl takes out dinner order and as she leaves, it’s my turn to jump as the egg that she had put in my ass jumps to life. She reaches into the pocket of my loose fitting slacks and passing her hand through the hole cut in the material, grabs my cock and gives it a squeeze.

My egg shuts down when our waitress heads across the room with our salads. As she reaches the table she give my semi-hard cock a good hard squeeze and slides her hand out of my pants. While eating our salads, I reach over and slide my hand up her leg and under her skirt to fondle her thighs, just above the tops of her stockings. Our salads disappear and my fingers work higher and higher until they begin toying with her bare pussy, and I do mean bare, as she is not wearing panties and earlier we had trimmed and shaved her as bare as the day she was born.

I don’t move my hand when the waitress comes by to check on us, so she switches my egg on again while the waitress is standing right beside me. Our game gets bolder as dinner moves along and by the time we are finished, we are both so horny that we can’t stand it. We leave the restaurant arm in arm, and head for our room. The elevator is empty and as soon as the doors close we are all over each other. The ride up to our floor is not nearly long enough, but the hallway is empty, so we continue to fondle each other all the way to our door. Our clothing is coming off before we get the door closed.

My mouth locks on her hard nipple through her bra as soon as her blouse is out of the way. Her skirt hits the floor at the same time her blouse does and my hands are all over her bare ass pulling her against me. I release her just long enough for her to get my shirt off, but as soon as my hand is free it heads straight for her sopping pussy. My fingers slide in to meet the buzzing egg deep inside her. I manage to pull the remote from my pocket just as she drops my pants to the floor. I turn her egg off as I pull it from her, commenting that it might get in the way. She responds by turning my egg on, telling me that mine won’t. My dick presses into her soft belly as one hand covers her hot hole while the other caresses her stiff nipple.

Her hands fondle my cock and balls, urging it to grow ever harder. Just as I am about to throw her on the bed, she pulls away from me and tells me to go to the bathroom and get ready for the fun to start. I obey, even though I am really ready to go at it now. It takes a little bit before my erection subsides enough to pee and, when I am finished, I remove my egg and wash up good. I have no idea what to expect from her at this point. When I come out of the bathroom, I find her waiting by the door with a overnight bag. She gives me a kiss and tell me to relax as she passes by on her way into the bathroom.

I sit on the side of the bed and find a nice soft jazz station on the radio. I relax on the bed anxiously waiting for her to come out. She emerges from the bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of lacy crotch less panties and silk hose. I sit up as you reach the side of the bed, I can smell her musk as she steps in front of me. I bury my face in the softness of her stomach as she drops the bag beside the bed. My tongue finds her belly button and my hands glide up her silk covered legs until I find the opening of her new panties. My fingers play in her warm juices, smearing it over her bare pussy lips, as my mouth works it way down her belly.

She pulls a strip of satin cloth out from somewhere and slip it over my head as she pushes me back on the bed. I let her secure it so that I can’t see, and lie back to wait and see what happens. I hear the bag being opened as her nails draw circles on my belly and over my thighs. My cock jerks as her fingers graze lightly over it, slowly growing in anticipation. My hardness grows as she leans down to kiss the head of my dick, then step away.

I feel her climb on the bed above me and I reach up for her. She takes my hands and place them on her tits. I knead her soft tits with my fingers, rolling her hard nipples with my thumb. I can smell her sweet pussy as she kneels on the bed just above me. She leans down over me, letting me again kiss her soft belly and play with her tits, as she slides something under my waist. I’m not sure what it is until I feel her pull it tight around me and Velcro it shut. Then taking my arms, she locks them into the cuffs on the sides of the belt.

I’m now blindfolded and bound, and feel totally helpless. Kneeling at my head, she starts running her fingernails over czech amateurs porno my chest and stomach. lightly at first, tickling me until I am squirming under her, then she turns the tickling into a more serious direction and begins to dig her long nails deeper into me. My squirming stops and my body follows the directions her nails give it. My cock hardens, as my body submits to her, and my excitement grows. When she is convinced that my body will do her bidding, the scratching nails turn to soft hands, stroking my reddened skin. Finally her hands come together at my crotch and she lovingly fondles my cock and balls. I enjoy my reward as my cock swells to her touches. Reaching full hardness, I feel her wrap something around my cock and under my balls. I hear more Velcro as she very tightly fastens a band around my cock, tight enough that my blood swollen cock won’t soften and I won’t be able to cum until she releases me.

Satisfied that I am now under her control and mercy, she begins to think of her own pleasure. I can only guess at what I am supposed to do and I know that I will be punished if I guess wrong, I try to use my other senses to make up for my blindfolded eyes. I can feel her moving around on the bed. When I feel her soft tit brush my face, I reach out to find her nipple with my mouth. She pauses to let me suck on her nipple but when I get too greedy, she punish me with a slap on my hard dick.

Not having said a word since she came out of the bathroom, I have to rely on my instincts to guide me, but her system of reward and punishment make me a quick learner. I can hear her rubbing her pussy as she lets me continue to suck on her hard nipple. I start flicking my tongue across her nipple like I would her clit. I must be doing it right, because I feel her tense up for just a moment and then, pulling her tit from my mouth, I feel her move around on the bed. The sweet aroma of her pussy fills my nose as she lowered herself over my face. My tongue quickly finds her tender clit and closes over it. Pussy juice flows over my beard as she rubs her hot box against my hungry mouth. I press my tongue deep into her pussy as she rocks back and forth across my face, fucking my tongue. I let my tongue slide over her pussy and asshole as she rubs yourself off against me. Riding my face, her climax builds. With a sudden jerk, she releases and my mouth is filled with hot cum. I suck on her convulsing pussy, searching for more of her sweet juices. I want to grab her and cram her into my hungry mouth but my hands are still secured to my sides. My head presses up into her as hard as I can, but I lose her as she falls onto the bed.

My cock is throbbing, almost painfully, and amazingly the blindfold is still in place. In a few moments, she climbs off the bed. She does stop to whisper in my ear that I did a good job and would be rewarded later. Then she is gone.

I can hear her moving around the room, but she remains silent except for humming along with the music. My cock jerks with anticipation as I wait for her next move. Her humming moves closer. I feel her hands on my legs. I feel a soft strap going around my ankle and hear the Velcro seal it tight. I let she lifts my leg and places my heel right up against my hips. She then slides a strap through the belt around my waist and cinches my foot up tight. I only slightly resist as she does the same with my other leg.

I am now really helpless, hog tied with my knees in the air. Again, I am left alone. This time I hear her leave the room and she is gone for what feels like a very long time. I am left to feel totally alone with my bound and throbbing cock. I can feel my excitement lessen but my constricted cock remains hard as a rock. Finally, I hear her return and I can tell from the sounds that she has filled the ice bucket. She surprises me when she asks if I had missed her. I have to clear my throat before I can answer that I had. Of course, she says that is good.

I am surprised when the cold water drips on my stomach. Even more so when she places a handful of ice on my chest and stomach. The cold water rolls down my sides and pools under me. Now I feel something cold being smeared on my cock, but it is not ice, because her hands are soon pumping up and down my shaft. I feel her slide something over my cock and then I hear her pumping something. It doesn’t take long before I feel the suction on my dick. She continues pumping the air out of the tube, making my cock grow bigger still, until she sees me flinch from pain as my cock swells even larger. I can tell that she has pumped me up to enormous size as it feels like my cock is going to explode. She lets just a little air back in to take the pressure off a little. Now her hands are on my legs, toying with my spread ass. Again, the cold sensation, this time on my exposed ass hole. Her fingers spread the grease over my puckered asshole until she suddenly presses her slick finger into me. I squirm as her finger slides czech bitch porno in and out, making me open up.

One finger now becomes two as I relax. I get used to my ass being fingered just in time for her to switch to a small dildo. I now know just what it feels like when I want to do that to her. She works the dildo in and out, making sure that she finds my prostrate and has me humping to meet her thrusts. Without missing a stroke, she removes the dildo and replace it with a much bigger one. My ass has little time to react as she fills me with the fake cock. I start to really get into getting fucked in the ass. The dildo feels like it is at least 10 inches as she forces its full length into my wide stretched ass hole. When she manages to get it all the way in, she stops and tells me to hold it. My muscles close tight around the rubber dick in my ass as she reaches up to untie my ankles. She tells me to move up on the bed and I squirm to obey, working myself up with my elbows. Reaching under me to make sure that the dildo it in place, she ties my legs together.

The pump is now released and removed from my dick. It has swollen so large that she are not sure that it is even mine. The strap around the base has done its job and I stay swollen to a huge size. Her hands play along the sides of my huge dick and she starts to slowly run her tongue up and down it. The thought of being fucked by such a large dick begins to excite her and she reaches down to make sure that her pussy is ready to take me.

Her mouth can barely take my swollen cock as she tries to lubricate me with her spit. Her fingers begin to work frantically at her pussy as she crams three fingers in to open herself up for me. Her hand is not enough as she wants that huge cock in her. She moves up over me and begins to press the head of my dick against her pussy lips. Her hot juices coat my dick as she lowers herself and I slide into her. Her pussy is filled like never before and she has to go slow to let herself stretch to take it all. My dick head hit the bottom of her pussy but she keeps forcing it deeper inside herself. Her tight pussy forces me to climax but the strap around my balls keep it contained as it tries to fill her pussy. I try to buck my hips up into her with my climax but she quickly slap at my balls to make me lie still. I force myself to hold still as she slowly sinks all the way down on my extended shaft.

Finally, her soft ass is resting on my hips, her pussy stretched to the limits. She begins rocking her clit back and forth against me while she lets herself get accustomed to the huge cock inside her. I can feel her climax building until her crammed full pussy is gripping at my cock like a vise. Her hot juices have no where to go but out as she cums again and again on my giant cock. I continue to climax with her, my cock swelling more with each thrust. She begins to thrash wildly on top of me as wave after wave of climax jolts through her body. Her body screams out for more, the ultimate climax.

Some how she manages to find the end of the Velcro tab and as soon as it is tugged loose I let go with a torrent of hot cum deep inside her pussy. That was just what she needed to go over the edge. As my scalding cum fills the deepest part of her, she again climaxes with such force that she passes out. She collapses down onto me, unconscious, as her over excited body continues to pump away with her climax. I am not able to do anything to help her because I am still bound and me cock has taken over my body and wants to cum again and again. She lays across me passed out and her pussy is still milking cum from my balls. I try my best to thrust deep into her as cum keeps pouring from my balls.

Shortly, she does begin to stir, but she is not done with me yet. My cock has maintained it abnormal size, and as soon as she is able, she is pressing back into me, filling her pussy again. She quickly reach yet another climax but, instead of riding this one out, she find the strength to climb up over my face and tells me that I need to clean up my mess. My tongue eagerly fills her hot cunt and is rewarded with a juicy hot jet of cum. Our mingled juices flow from her into my waiting mouth. Just when I think I have her all cleaned up she lets loose with more of our mixed cum. It seems like there must have been a gallon of it by the time she lets me stop.

Of course, she hasn’t really let me stop just yet. Turning herself around, she grabs the dildo still buried deep in my ass and start fucking me with it. I groan out from the pleasure/pain of a good ass fucking. Her free hand starts jacking my cock in rhythm of her fucking. I quickly am ready to cum again. She has repositioned herself again and when my load of cum shoots out it hits her on the chest and belly. As it trickles down her body, mingling with her sweat, she tells me to get ready for my treat.

When my cum finally reaches bottom, it drips from her swollen red pussy straight into my mouth. czech casting porno I am eagerly accepting my treat, when she lets loose with a scalding hot shower of her sweet pee to wash down my cum, covering my face and chest with her golden urine. When I have to again licked her clean. She finally unties me and we fall into each others arms. Sleep finds us both quickly.

I feel a hand on my chest, the finger tips softly grazing my nipple. I can feel the long nails as they lightly pass through the hairs to the other side, to tease that nipple, also. Again, the nails playing circles through the hair. They follow the trail of hair down toward my stomach. When they reach the thicker hair of my waistline, the hand flattens out and the fingers start to playfully pull on the hairs of my lower parts. I feel my shaft start to jump as the hand creeps closer to making contact. A light graze, then another, but the fingers keep moving away. Finally, the fingers close in around my semi hard shaft and it leaps with pleasure.

I think to myself that I haven’t had a dream like this in a long, long time, and I don’t remember it feeling this good either.

The hand glides over my hardening pole and caresses my sack. Occasionally, it just the nails grazing lightly over me. My arousal grows, as does my level of coconscious, but I don’t want this dream to end, so I try to will myself back into the dream.

I suddenly feel the soft tickling of hair on my stomach and warm breath over my shaft, and I realize that this isn’t a dream.

She knows that I am no longer asleep when she feels my hands on her head and my fingers running through her hair. When I begin to gently urge her head lower, she knows that I am aware enough to enjoy what she is about to do to me. Taking a hold of the base of my shaft, she wets her lips and close them over the head. Her tongue circles around it as she slowly slides it in and out of her mouth. I want to drive myself deep into the warmth of her mouth, but her firm hand controls me until I settle down and lets her set the pace. I relax and let her work her magic, slowly taking more and more of my shaft into her mouth. She moves down to straddle my legs and lets her tongue begin to work on the sensitive underside of my hardness. My hands grasp her head as it slides up and down my length. I finally have to stop her as I feel my climax nearing. She lets me slide out of her mouth and smiles up at me, then she moves up just enough to take her soft warm breasts and wrap them around my hard throbbing shaft. She begin sliding them up and down, letting my hard rod tunnel through her soft flesh. My hips begin to buck in rhythm with her and she increases the pressure of her fleshy globes wrapped around me.

My explosion blasts from my sack and I lurch up as it spurts out onto her neck and chin. She keep jerking me off with her breasts as my climax keeps pumping out. Her tongue reaches down to lick the last of my cum from the head as it appears from between her breasts. I pull her up to me and give her a long deep kiss. My tongue searches to find hers and I can taste myself on her mouth. Our kiss continues while she settles in beside me on the bed. While we snuggle for a while I manage to recover enough to begin stirring again. I cover her face with lick kisses and slowly work my way down her body. Her nipples quickly react when I reach them, getting hard instantly for my tongue. My hand glides down her body and her legs open to let me right in. She are already very wet as my fingers find her hot tunnel. I toy with her clit, rubbing it between my fingers, as her breath soon becomes shallow and quickened. Her hips push against my hand as my fingers work their way into her hot, hungry tunnel.

I slide off the side off the bed and swing her legs around to me. Lifting her legs over my shoulders, I cover her with my mouth, filling her with my tongue. Her legs pull me close as I lap greedily at her flowing juices. Sensing that she is about to climax, I begin to suck on her hard little clit, until her hands push my head back down to her hot hole. I feel her muscles clamp down on my tongue as soon as it enters her. I know that she is about to explode so I slide my hand under her and press a finger against her anal opening. Just as she begins to explode, I slip my finger into her ass and am rewarded with the gushing flow of her climax. My mouth is flooded with hot cum and it runs down my chin. Her legs release their grip on my head and she collapses down onto the bed. I hook her legs with my arms as I stand up between her legs and surprise her with filling her just emptied tunnel with my full hard length. Her spent muscles recover quickly and grip at me as I drive deep into her. I slide easily in and out of her sopping hole and am soon nearing climax again myself. I bury myself deep inside her and ride up and down against her swollen mound until she is beginning to climax again also. When I feel her close in again, I begin working in and out of her juicy tunnel until I feel my climax start. I press as deep as I can into her and she starts climaxing. I let her tightening muscles milk my own climax from me and fill her hot hole with my cum. Our climaxes feed off of each other until I cannot stand any longer and collapse onto the bed beside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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