If Women Ruled The World Ch. 01

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It was at age 18 my life began to change dramatically and, I guess, I didn’t realise just how profound those changes were going to be. We’d all been horrified by tales about the great big world outside, but no one took them seriously. And besides, information is really hard to disseminate when you’re a man. Nobody trusted the rumours from beyond the perimeter.

Life prior to my 18th had been largely spent in the complete enclosure of Sulihall Secondary of Etiquette, from ages 11-16, studying in the usual male pursuits: home economics, sewing, fashion and homemaking. Then two years ago, I graduated to Sulihall College of Etiquette, which had a reputation for churning out some of the best subservients in the country, apparently. I am a few hours away now from taking the most important exam of my life: The Aptitude Test.

They say it’s simple, that it doesn’t hurt, you don’t have to do much and it lasts under an hour. But we all know, however, that that one hour will be incredibly significant; it will determine where our futures lie as men and eventually, where and which Mistress we will come to serve.

My test was now 1 hour and 5 minutes away. I said goodbye to my friends, as I knew I would never see them again, and entered the waiting corridor, heart thumping and a nervous sweat forming on my brow. They called us in alphabetically. Next to me was a handsome looking guy who must have been over 6 foot. As I sat next to him he just gave me a nervous look. I could see him visibly gulp. He was now only 5 minutes from going in himself.

I fidgeted in my plain college uniform and twiddled my thumbs, mind a frenzy of crazy images about what lay ahead of me. After what seemed like an eternity, a door opened.

A smooth Female voice called out “Allan Brunswick, please.” He stood up straight, glanced at me again and gingerly disappeared down the corridor and through a door to the left.

A male invigilator in an officer’s uniform stood beside the door making sure there was no talking in the corridor between candidates. He jangled some keys in his pocket a bit. On his name tag read, “Property of Mistress Swales.”

He didn’t look too unhappy to me. From his posture he looks like he takes his job seriously but he doesn’t look too unhappy, I convinced myself almost hysterically. I gulp in fear of my complete lack of knowledge of what is in store. Maybe his Mistress is a nice person to serve? Maybe he didn’t do too well on his Aptitude test but things still turned out well for him? I didn’t have answers to these questions. My legs felt weak and taught, aching with adrenaline.

Half an hour passed. Then three-quarters. Then fifty minutes. My jaw began to wobble. The guy to my right, who had just arrived, sat rigidly in his chair, eyes blazing at the beige wall ahead.

Another ten minutes, then Allan Brunswick stepped from the departure door with a big smile on his face. He was being congratulated on his success. “Well done, Mr Stud!” squealed one female voice. This made me feel even worse.

Another two minutes grinded by.

“Jason Byrnes, please” came the sweet Female coo. The call only shocked me further into my seat. But slowly I arose as if made of clay and stepped towards the door. A beaming and beautiful Female face welcomed me in. I wanted to turn and run.

She ushered me into the room and began to talk at me.

“Okay Jason, we’re going to run some tests. It’s nothing to be scared of. You won’t feel a thing, we’re just going to collect data about you and calculate part of your Aptitude score from that.”

“Yes, Mistress” I replied dutifully.

I felt like I was entering a volcano. I could feel sweat collecting in my armpits — something that would be frowned upon.

“Now I want you to come through to this room. Sit on this chair and we’ll wire you up.” She smiled at me with big blue eyes. It was so rare to see a Female, a Woman this close, it was intoxicating. The only Women we saw were kırklareli escort our Principals and sometimes, our teachers.

I took my seat just as She said, in front of a large television set. Another couple of Women then entered the room and attached a pulse sensor to my chest and another to my lower abdomen. They all stuck easily because of the amount I was perspiring.

“Just try to relax” one of the nurses suggested.

Then the other one spoke, “You don’t want it to affect your score, do you?”

Through my anxiety I couldn’t tell whether She was being sarcastic or genuine.

“No, Mistress,” I replied breathily.

The Mistresses left the room in a blur and locked the door leaving me to bask in their heavenly perfume. It quickly became choking and sickly in light of the current situation however.

Then the TV in front of me burst into life. The logo of the school appeared before the title “Aptitude and Sexual Identity Test, Scene 1”.

To my complete and utter disbelief, pornography appeared before me. A brunette Woman and a man having sex. Bewildered, I looked around.

A stern Female voice suddenly crackled through on a loud speaker above where I was sitting, “You must focus on the material before you, or you will void the test, resulting in an automatic zero score.”

Gulping, I turned my attention back to the TV. The brunette was fairly attractive. Her breasts were quite big and were being mauled by a rather muscular looking man with a large appendage. As She moaned I began to feel stimulated. My heart rate quickened.

The TV then went blank for 2 minutes as I calmed down.

It then flashed back into life in the image of a blonde Woman being fucked by a very large black man. I found Her far prettier and more attractive than the brunette, resulting in a quickening of my heart rate again. She was beautiful and I felt the starvation of sex I’d felt for my entire life biting hard.

Several more scenes appeared in this fashion, each displaying different Women of different ethnicities, sizes and attributes, but none of them quite turned me on as much as the first blonde Woman.

Then, to my surprise and disgust, the next scene didn’t involve a man and a Woman but two men. This didn’t turn me on at all, and I found myself being warned for turning away from the TV 3 more times. It was very difficult to concentrate on and I found the entire scene quite distasteful.

The scene vanished after 5 minutes and a new scene appeared with what initially looked like a man and a Woman. It was only after a minute or so that I realised the Woman had male genitalia. It held my attention out of sheer curiosity and I watched as Her hard cock bounced around as She was being fucked.

After a few more variations of scenes, the TV went blank and the nurses reappeared to detach all of the sensors.

I was led into another room where I was instantly weighed after taking my shoes off. A nurse asked me to take my top off too and then my shorts. I felt vulnerable to Her feminine touch as She stretched a tape measure across the breadth of my shoulders, my stomach and then my hips. I was then measured for height and saw Her jot down 5’7″ in a table, which contained all sorts of other data all below my name.

I was subjected to a quick sensory test before the nurse handed me a beaker full of a yellowish substance and asked me to drink it. I did so in one, screwing my face at the bitter taste.

3 Mistresses then entered the room, as if on queue, each armed with a clipboard and pen. They seemed to inspect me in circles for around 5 or 6 minutes making notes on my body and face. I managed to surreptitiously capture the names of each Mistress from their ID tags: the shorter Indian Woman was called Mistress Nehru, the taller red-haired Woman peering through thick-rimmed glasses was called Mistress Michaels, and the stern blonde Woman with short hair was called Mistress Dawson. kırşehir escort Their high heels clicked authoritatively around my scantily clad body. They all looked about as serious as they come.

As well as the intense scrutiny I felt, the substance I’d ingested earlier was beginning to bubble in my stomach. I was feeling queasy when I noticed I was getting an erection. The Mistresses who had just inspected me stood together in an expectant line and exchanged notes, whilst the nurse to my left snapped on some rubber gloves. My heart-rate quickened significantly as my erection tented my boxer shorts. The embarrassment burned in my cheeks as all of the Women glanced down.

Then the nurse turned to me and began taking down my boxer shorts. I opened my mouth to protest, but was instantly cut off by an imperious boom from the red-haired Mistress, “You will speak when spoken to, is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress” I croaked pathetically.

The nurse, now measuring my naked penis with a tube-like device, knelt at my crotch. I gulped as She then wrote down two figures, one under length and one under girth. The silence was deafening and every face in the room was impassive apart from mine which, I’m sure, was tortured.

I was instructed to get dressed and to enter the final room for my results. Drained from all of the stress, I lethargically put my clothes back on to prepare for the final assault. This felt worse than the gruelling physical exam I had to take a week ago.

I entered the final room and glanced at the clock. Just under an hour had passed. The nurse who had measured and noted down all of my vital statistics smiled coldly at me, Her nametag revealing the name Mistress Harrison.

“We’re just calculating your overall score, Mr Byrnes” She informed me politely.

Mistress Nehru then appeared holding a laptop and began chatting to Mistress Harrison. In my scrutinised and exhausted state I still found time to note how attractive Mistress Nehru was.

I stood weakly, feeling my lungs begin to labour.

“Okay Mr Byrnes” Mistress Nehru said turning, eyes boring holes into me.

“Here is your result… The overall score for your Aptitude test is 31% percent.”

My heart plummeted. Was that good…or bad?

Mistress Nehru continued, answering my unspoken question, “That places you in the rank of sissy.”

I nodded meekly, heartbroken.

“Just so you know the ranking system, if you score between 0-32%, you rank as Sissy, as you are. 33-52% is the rank of Maid, 53%-62% is the Homemaker range, where most of our candidates actually score, 63%-72% is the rank of Stud, 73-88% is the rank of Bull and 89% plus is the rank of Stallion; very rare. You will be provided with booklets detailing these rankings including your own.”

I could barely speak. Words were like dry rocks lodged in my throat. “Wh- why do I…” I began to mumble.

“Speak up, sissy!” Mistress Nehru bellowed at me causing me to step back slightly and my eyes to widen.

“Wh- why did I score so low?” I managed to ask feebly.

“You mean you want a run down of your results? You will get them in the mail but essentially, you fell down on physical and behavioural attributes.”

She tapped on Her laptop on the desk, “We still have a couple of minutes; I can pull them up”. All the while Mistress Harrison was sat at Her desk dangling a high heel stiletto from one of Her crossed legs inspecting Her bright red nails.

“Hmm, well, you started out well in the physical tests, scoring highly in your sprint. However, from then on it went downhill. Your weightlifting score was very low, as were all upper body tests in fact. Your physical measurements are very low, the breadth of your shoulders is low, your height is just below average, with almost 70% of all Women standing an inch or so taller than you in standard 5 inch heels. The biggest detracting factor however, is your penis size. At 11cm long you are kızılay escort bigger than only 2.5% of the male population…”

This figure brought a smirk from Mistress Harrison who suddenly awoke from Her daydream.

“… and at 12 centimetres in circumference you are bigger than 46%, which isn’t too bad. Behaviourally, you show a high degree of submissiveness; never once have you answered back or shown dissent — we expect every pupil to be unruly at some point but you never have been, so we know from your previous excellent behaviour that you will serve well, and enjoy it. You are also very good with female fashion and clothes. This is coupled with your results on the Aptitude and Sexual Identity test you did about 25 minutes ago. In that test you showed uhm, a high degree of sexual arousal to the blonde Female which was only surpassed by your intense reaction to the transsexual Woman…”

My jaw dropped open.

“…which when offset against your other results places you squarely as a sissy with a preference for feminisation.” She finished Her spiel and looked up at me.

I stared at Her stunned into silence, my masculinity in tatters.

“Is that good enough?” She prompted.

After a minute I nodded slowly.

“Okay, you may leave. Your test has ended. You will be notified when a suitable Mistress is found for you to serve in around 3 hours time. Congratulations, you are now a sissy for the rest of your life!”

“Th-thank-you Mistresses” I choked and left the room.

I returned to my room stalking the empty corridors like a ghost. Every other guy in the building, apart from those going for their Aptitude Tests, were in lessons. I had now just officially finished college and my life as a male ended with it. In my room I flopped on the bed next to my packed suitcases and ridiculed myself for being such a pushover.

I opened the booklets that Mistress Nehru gave to me and read. It would be a good few hours before the correct Mistress was found for me to serve.

“…As an honest, dutiful, subservient sissy, you will be expected to indulge your Mistress’ every whim. You cannot answer back and must carry out every task that She delegates to you…” That was how the opening paragraph of my new life read.

It continues, page after page, “Each task you are given is a gift from your Mistress, on whom you are completely dependent…”

“…Standard greeting when meeting a Mistress from now on is to curtsey…”

“…Your attire will be chosen by your Mistress. However, this is dependent on whether you have been designated a sissy or a sissy with a preference for feminisation. Please turn to page 89 for a complete guide to a sissy with a preference for feminisation.”

As the time passed, I flicked through the book and read about as much as I could. I reached the section for Stud. “As a stud you have a great deal of autonomy and freewill. However, your primary function is to the pleasure of Womankind. Most of your time will be spent entertaining and pleasing Girlfriends, but do not make the mistake of thinking you are in servitude — that is a sissy’s job. You will be primarily used for Female sexual gratification and satisfaction. You may also take a job and further specialised education.”

I skipped ahead to the chapter for Bulls. “As a Bull you are an alpha male. You may only service and breed with any Female of your choosing in the hope that more Alphas will be born. You have a great degree of free time but you are obligated to your duties at the Breeding Parlours. If you do not fulfil them you might find yourself stripped of the rank of Bull. This would be a grave misjudgement as the rank of Bull comes with many privileges and directly piques your biological requirement to Spread Your Seed.”

I didn’t even want to read what it said for Stallion. “You are a rare find. A superior specimen of man. You are the most privileged of men. You choose who to breed with and you are permitted to fall in love and marry, usually both prohibited practices. You can take as many wives as you desire…”

That was it; I felt really sick and couldn’t read another sentence. I just hoped and prayed my Mistress would exercise Her own discretion and be kind to me.

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