I’ll Shave You Then…

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I’ll Shave You Then…You Shave Me

It started off as an innocent game. My sweetheart and I were bored for a change. We have already experienced sex in many different positions and locations. As a change of pace I suggested that I shave her muff, chuckling… she said that if you do that then I’ll shave around your pole.

That’s how it started, but it’s the end results that will be everlasting.

We both showered together, as usual, lathering each other, especially in the crotch areas and I washed her breasts for an extra long time. Her nipples were getting hard as I did this. She had my shaft extra erect, but continued “washing” just the same. After the shower, we both dried off and I asked her kemalpaşa escort to lie down on a towel. I used my mustache trimmer to get the long hairs out of the way. Then I sprayed some shaving cream all around her beautiful tunnel of love. I carefully began to shave from the outside toward the luscious lips. This had an effect on me for I started getting even harder. I had her special area shaved pretty well, but needed a second application and when I was done….WOW smooth as a baby’s bottom. I marveled at my great job….rinsed the area and kissed her smack on the lips…..not the ones with teeth either. I inserted my tongue and found her clit to be so receptive and the konak escort area was quite moist.

My turn she chimed! She used my mustache trimmer as well to get the long hairs out of the way. Then, she kissed my shaft…for it was still very hard….she then started to shave me, and each time she would kiss the head…almost as to reward me for staying erect. Carefully she shaved me around each ball…and nibbled on them as she finished.

Marveling at her work….she sprayed shaving cream on a small area just under the balls and shaved that clean as well…..I shrieked with delight as this area is very sensitive to the touch.

She rinsed me off and kissed and nibbled kuşadası escort on my shaft and started deep-throating me. I gently nudged her so that we were side-by-side in a 69 position. I licked, nibbled and bit her lovely lips and had two fingers in her arousing her joy button. At this she even hinted that she now likes my mustache, for the old flavor-savor was actually adding stimulus to her/our very special area.

We were more than ready for me to enter her now. When she recalled that there was a position we have not yet tried. The position involved her to lie on the edge of the bed, with two pillows under her butt and legs raised high in the air over my shoulders. I entered her with ease, and began grinding in and out. To her delight I soon started to stimulate her clit with my thumb.

With so much passion we were getting close….almost magically we both screamed with joy, climaxing together, as our juices flowed as one.

This was so exhilarating we can’t wait for stubbles, and to shave again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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