Illicit Weekend

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She pulled off the freeway and joined in the traffic crawling towards the airport. Her hands were shaking and her heart was beating rapidly. She looked at the snarl of traffic, and sighed. Glancing at the clock on the dashboard, she knew she had plenty of time yet she still fretted. What if he had changed his mind? What if he wouldn’t be at the curb? What if he decided to stay home?

Nervously, she turned on the stereo and cranked up the volume, attempting to drown out her own thoughts. It was a useless attempt and she quickly snapped the stereo off. As she eased with traffic into the arrivals area of the airport, she let her mind drift.

She remembered that night they had first met. She had gone into a chat room and was stumbling around when suddenly an additional window opened in front of her. “Good evening, how are you, dear?” The words had stood out in stark contrast to the obscene language of other private messages she had been receiving. She quickly typed back, “Fine, thank you. How are you?” And from that began a journey that had lasted just over a year.

At first, they only chatted in the chat room. Sometimes there were sexual innuendos, most times they simply poked fun at the parade of men and women desperately seeking fulfillment of some sort by the light of their computer monitors. Eventually, they had turned to Instant Messaging and had spent long hours talking of their hopes, their dreams, and even the mundane details of their lives. She remembered it was she who first suggested they speak over the phone. He had hesitated, and she thought she had made a serious error. Then a phone number popped up on the screen in front of her, followed by the simple words, “I’ll be waiting.” She had called him that night, and so began many long hours of conversations into the early morning hours.

From there they had exchanged cards, letters, and sent each other small gifts. She had told herself not to get overly involved. It was online, after all, and he lived in another state. But she found she couldn’t help herself. She did love him, and a few months later, he said those same words to her. She was walking on clouds for days afterwards.

Then, the phone calls had suddenly become less frequent just six months ago. He had some financial things to take care of and had to move. In his new place he didn’t have the privacy he once had. But he still managed to call her when he could, and they still managed to spend hours on the phone enjoying the sound of each other’s voices and the cries of passion they exchanged between them.

She had despaired of ever meeting him when he unexpectedly told her he was coming to where she lived for some sort of conference. He wanted to meet her and see if what they shared online and over the phone could be real. Her heart had leapt with joy and excitement. She had volunteered to pick him up at the airport and give him a ride to his hotel. They would share a drink and some conversation and see where things went.

She fought the traffic as it circled the airport, looking for the terminal he was supposed to arrive at. Her nervousness was still present, and she wished she had had time to change before she left work. She had taken care when she dressed that morning, and she knew the soft, light blue silk blouse echoed the color of her eyes and highlighted the deep auburn of her hair. The black skirt was short, with a small slit in front and she noticed she had received many looks from the guys in the office. The high heeled black pumps were not the most comfortable shoes she owned, but they did make her legs look wonderful. Besides, he was very tall and she was only average height. She hoped the 4 inches on the heels would help decrease that difference.

She spotted the terminal and swung in, anxiously looking at the passengers standing at the curb waiting for their rides to wherever their final destination was. She didn’t spot him, and for a moment she feared he had stayed home. Then, at the end of the row of the passengers, she saw him. His height, dark hair, and dark eyes were all as they had appeared in the pictures he had sent her. She aimed for the curb and pulled up in front of him. The smile he flashed caused her heart to flutter, and she had to take a deep breath before getting out of the car. She collected herself as she released the back of the SUV and walked towards it. He met her and they stopped, an awkward moment suddenly arising.

“Jay?” She asked hesitantly, as though he were truly an apparition and would disappear before her very eyes.

He laughed soundly. “Sheri, my angel! Damn, but you look better than in all the pictures you sent me!”

She smiled with relief, and suddenly his arms were around her holding her close. She wrapped her arms about him in a hug and breathed deeply of his cologne.

“And what about this mug, huh? What you expected? Or worse?” He was smiling at her, teasing her.

Sheri pulled back slightly, and smiled into his eyes. “You look even better than I had hoped.”

“Good! I’m glad this ugly mug didn’t scare you off too quickly!”

“Oh, um, here – “She quickly opened czech amateurs porno the doors to the rear of the SUV, and he tossed his luggage into the back.

Sheri secured the back, as Jay got into the passenger seat. As Sheri slid behind the wheel, she was suddenly conscious of her skirt riding up. Damn! Why hadn’t she thought to wear a longer skirt! She tugged and pulled, trying not to expose too much thigh. His hand stopped her, his eyes smiled into hers.

“Don’t. I like the view. Please?”

She blushed at his words, but she was happy that he found her pleasing to look at. “Whatever you say. You are the guest here.”

She eased back into traffic and slowly headed towards the freeway. Neither spoke until Sheri had navigated the SUV back onto the freeway, and then the conversation flowed as though they were old friends. All nervousness was gone, and she began to relax. He stretched out and played with the stereo, and joked about the things he saw along the way. Before long, Sheri was laughing heartily at his jokes and found she was enjoying herself.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at his hotel. He checked in and had his luggage taken to his room. Guiding her with his hand on the small of her back, they walked towards the hotel bar. It was Friday evening, so there were quite a few people filling up the place, yet Jay managed to find two seats at the bar. Smoothly, Jay ordered their drinks, and Sheri was touched that he had remembered her favorite drink.

When the drinks arrived, the conversation flowed even more easily. They found they shared a common sense of humor, among other things, and the laughter was almost non-stop. Soon, Jay’s fingers were lightly stroking her shoulder, then moving slowly up her neck and toying gently with her earrings. She felt a shiver as his fingers brushed her skin, and she returned his touch by lightly running her hand along his arm. She could feel her body responding to his touch, and she knew she wanted him. But he hadn’t given any indication that he was looking for things to go farther. She began to wonder, and then as she turned towards the bar and the nuts on the counter, she felt his hand rest lightly on her thigh. She almost jumped, but instead tried to act nonchalant. She turned to face him, placing her hand on his and smiling directly into his eyes. He returned her smile and then let his fingers wander over her thigh, creeping up under her skirt until his fingers barely touched the silky feel of the thong panties she wore. The look that passed between them was smoldering, and Sheri knew he wanted her as much as she did him. He continued to tease her as he talked to her, daring her to maintain a normal expression and demeanor.

Sheri lost count of the number of drinks she had, and when she finally slipped off of the bar stool she could barely walk. He took her arm as he slid off of his own bar stool, and laughed softly.

“I think you’ve already had enough, angel! You can barely walk!”

She laughed at his words. “Yes, but who wants to walk when I’m floating?”

“Now I know you’re drunk! C’mon, you certainly can’t drive anywhere.”

Jay reached over and signed the tab, then held her arm as he led her from the room.

“I do believe, sir, you have plied me with alcohol just to take advantage of me! You cad!” Sheri burst into a fit of laughter, and didn’t know why.

“A cad, huh? Well, perhaps you are right, but let’s see how much you might appreciate us cads, okay?”

Jay led them to his room and inserted the key, unlocking the door. The room was spacious, but quite like any other hotel room in any other major chain. Comfortable with a huge king-sized bed in the middle of the room. Sheri stumbled towards it and sat down heavily.

“I don’t think I want to be dressed anymore, but I don’t know how to take my clothes off,” she said simply.

“Don’t worry about that,” Jay grinned. “I’ll be more than glad to help with that!”

He moved in front of her, and stood smiling down at her. He cupped her chin in his hand and raised her face to him. Leaning down, his lips searched for hers, and his kiss was electric. Sheri lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck, eagerly returning his kisses. She felt his hands slide down her body as though memorizing each and every curve. He released the kiss and pulled back slightly, his fingers attempting to quickly undo the buttons on her blouse. She giggled at his frustration, and then ran her fingers along his face and into his thick, dark hair. She reached up and gently kissed his face and neck. She breathed deeply of his scent and felt her body turning to liquid.

She gasped slightly as he finally undid the buttons of her blouse and the cool air brushed her skin. He pulled the silk from her skirt, and spread the material wide to see the body she had teased him with over her web cam. The light blue lacey bra held her breasts as though tempting him. He gave into the temptation as his fingers began to knead and squeeze the firm flesh. Sheri arched her back to him, wanting more. He undid the front clasp, and czech bitch porno freed her breasts, the nipples hard and aching for his touch. He leaned down and eagerly began lapping and sucking at the hard nubs until Sheri was begging him not to stop and pushing his head down lower.

She wrapped her legs around him, her skirt hiking up farther along her thigh. His hand reached down and stroked the firm flesh, slowly smoothing over the skin until he reached her hip and the silk of her thong panties. He released her nipple and looked up into her face. She looked down, smiling at him and he kissed his way up her throat to her chin and then to her soft, full lips. As their tongues danced together, he slowly inched his fingers around her panty, feeling the soft tender skin beneath.

She reached up between them and quickly loosened his tie. Her fingers frantically tore at the buttons on his shirt. She wanted him naked, wanted to feel his body against hers. Her fingers fumbled and tore at the fabric, until she heard a soft laugh escape his lips.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he said as he pulled away.

He slowly kissed down her body. Reaching the waistband of the skirt, he quickly undid the button and zipper and pulled the fabric over her hips, exposing the light blue silk thong his fingers had just explored. He let the skirt fall to the floor, and stopped her hands from removing the thong.

He stood in front of her, a smile playing along his lips, and slowly finished loosing his tie. He swung his hips slightly as though he was a stripper, and she began to giggle. She sat up on her elbows to watch, murmuring encouragement to him. He slung the tie over a chair, then began unbuttoning the shirt, pulling it from his trousers. He slowly let the material slide over his powerful shoulders and down his back. He reached for his belt, undoing the buckle to tease her, then slowly sliding the leather from its confines. He brought the edges together, then snapped hard, the crack echoing in the room. She jumped and laughed.

“Perhaps we can make good use of this this weekend?” He grinned at her, holding the belt high.

Her eyes grew big and somewhere deep inside she trembled with pleasure. Smiling at her, his hands were at the waistband of his trousers, playing with the zipper. He suddenly turned his back towards her and wiggled his ass. She yelled out her approval as she watched the material glide over his ass, revealing the boxer shorts he wore underneath. As he bent over he continued to wiggle his ass in her face, and she screamed with laughter. He quickly kicked out of his shoes and walked out of the trousers. Turning towards her, she could easily see the thick bulge in the tight material. She licked her lips in anticipation, and before he could do any more, she got to her knees on the bed in front of him and began pulling the underwear from his body. His cock sprang to life, throbbing and bouncing. She gingerly ran her fingers over the velvet flesh covering the rock hardness and looked up into his eyes. He gave her a half smile as his hands stroked her face.

Reaching down, she closed her hands around his cock and began to stroke him, delighting in the feel of him. Holding his cock close to his body, she ran her tongue along the shaft, flicking and playing with the bulging veins. As she reached the top, she ran her tongue over the head feeling the ridge and tasting the first of his pre-cum. She sucked at it eagerly as her hand stroked his cock. Her other hand pulled at his balls. She heard him groan and felt his fingers run through her hair. She sucked in the head of the cock as she continued to run her tongue over it. Slowly she lowered her mouth along the shaft, wanting to take all of him into her mouth. She moved one hand to his ass, pulling him towards her, wanting to feel him go deeper between her lips. He moved his hips against her mouth, and she eagerly sucked at him loving the feel of him.

She felt him push her back gently, and she looked up at him with a question.

“You first, my angel,” he whispered softly.

She stretched out on the bed, hating to let him go but anticipating what he had in store. He eased between her thighs and moved his shoulders so her legs were over his back. He pulled the thong to one side and she felt his fingers on her pussy lips spreading her apart. She groaned and moved her hips towards him as her fingers ran through his hair. He slowly ran his fingers around her tender flesh, feeling her wetness and spreading the liquid onto her. He toyed with the entrance to her pussy, and she begged him to fuck her, to enter her. His response was to blow a steady stream of air at her clit until she could barely breathe. Gently, he inserted a finger into her pussy and she groaned at the feel of him, her hands pressing against his head.

When his tongue brushed her pussy lips, it was if she had felt a jolt of electricity through her body. She raised her hips towards him, begging for more. His tongue made its way along her lips and probed her folds. His finger moved in and out of her, her juices covering him. czech casting porno He sucked her pussy lips between his lips and slowly released them, sending her into ecstasy. He slowly moved towards her clit and toyed with it, flicking it gently, running his tongue around it slowly.

“Oh baby, please, don’t tease me. Not now,” she begged. “I want to cum so bad. I want to cum on your mouth, please baby, please!”

He gave her cunt one last swipe with his tongue, before he sucked her clit between his lips and began to flick his tongue over it. She rocked her hips and held his head in place as her moans filled the room. He quickened his movements, then slowed, then quickened them again. She could feel she was close and she felt her thighs tighten around his head. Her ass lifted from the bed, giving him full access to her sweet pussy. Then, suddenly, she felt herself crash over onto the other side of pleasure. She felt her body go rigid. Her back was arched in pleasure and she felt almost paralyzed. As she cried out at the ceiling, her body convulsed and shook under his tongue and lips. It seemed to last forever before she could catch her breath and look down at the man still gently licking her pussy lips. He stopped and looked up at her with a smile.

“Angel, you know that I would love to do this all night, but I’ve been waiting too long for you.”

He moved up her body, placing gentle kisses on her skin until he was right above her. She reached out her arms and wrapped them around his neck, pulling him towards her. He lowered his body onto hers and their lips fond each other. Tongues playing with each other, their bodies rubbing together, she knew she could not hold out any longer.

“Please, Jay. Now. Fuck me now.”

“Does my little whore want to be fucked like the slut she is? All those nights you exposed yourself to me on the web cam like a common whore to be viewed and used. Now you want me to do that here?”

”Yes, oh God, yes!”

“Okay, slut, but on your hands and knees. That’s the way you like it, right? All those times you turned around to show me that sweet ass of yours. That’s the way I dreamed of fucking you, while looking at that round ass of yours!”

She turned quickly, getting to her hands and knees. She gathered the pillows and laid her head down, letting her ass rise even higher. He positioned himself behind her and she felt him spread her open. He was not gentle now. He rammed his cock fully into her, making her gasp at the sudden fullness of him.

“Rub your clit, whore. I want you to cum when I do.”

She moved her fingers to her clit, rubbing madly, loving the feel of him fucking her cunt.

“Yes, that’s it. That’s my good little fuck slut. Just like you used to do with your dildo as I watched. But now I’m your dildo, aren’t I, slut? And which do you prefer, whore?”

Her face buried in the pillow, she could barely speak. “You, oh you, baby. Oh damn, but you feel so fucking good in my cunt!”

“That’s right, fuck toy. And whose cunt is this? Whose whore are you? Tell me!”

“Yours baby. Only yours! I’m your cunt, your whore, your bitch. I’m yours to do with as you please, always.”

”Good fuck toy. Very good.”

She could feel him pound even harder into her. He was banging her cunt hard and deep and she loved the feeling of him. She rocked her hips trying to allow him to go deeper into her. Her moans filled the room and her fingers flew over her clit. She was so close to cumming, so very close.

“Oh baby, I need to cum! I need to cum so fucking bad!”

”Then cum, bitch. Let me feel that sweet pussy grab at my cock.”

As he pounded into her pussy, her fingers flew and soon she felt herself tumble over into the extremes of pleasure. As her body convulsed, she heard him grunt and ram his cock deep into her. Their shared pleasure was something they had both wanted to experience and now they were doing just that. He clung to her in pleasure as she hugged the pillows to her, their bodies seemingly suspended in time and pleasure.

Spent, he pulled out of her, the remains of his passion pouring down her leg. He flopped onto his back and then pulled her down into his arms. His kisses covered her face and her fingers toyed with his body.

“Angel, that was more than I could have dreamed or hoped for. Damn!”

She laughed and snuggled into him, her arms reaching around him.

“Baby, it was better than I ever imagined. Who could have thought I’d have met a man over the internet that could fuck as good as you do?”

He covered her lips with his, kissing her deeply. He let her go just long enough to turn out the light by the bed and they curled together, talking and caressing softly as sleep fell over them both.

Saturday seemed to fly by in a haze of passion and pleasure. Leaving the hotel room only to grab something to eat, they rushed back enjoying all of the things that they had talked of for hours over the internet and in emails they had exchanged. Nothing was taboo for either of them, and their only thought was each other’s pleasure. Sheri thought she would never get enough of this man, and found herself beginning to fall in love with him. Although she tried to push the thought from her mind, it simply would not let go of her heart. He had told her their time might only include one weekend, yet she was certain there must be many more to come. There had to be.

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