I’m the Boss of You

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My mind was already revisiting the analysis and documentation for the project I had recently completed as I drove to work. I knew that I would be meeting with some of the higher-levels of management to discuss the overall study and conclusions. I arrived at the office after a 25 minute drive, continuing to consider all the possible angles that could be taken against my bottom-line conclusion. I walked into the building up three flights of stairs to my office. Since it was only 7:15, I still had about 45 minutes to myself before the Division Manager made it into the office. I started up my computer and made a pot of coffee. I settled down in my chair with a cup to tool through my email. The Division Manager left me a message the evening before saying that he has some things to discuss with me first thing in the morning. I thought, “Well, first thing for you is about item number three or four for me…but I would imagine it concerns the report.”

I didn’t concern myself with it any more until my phone rang a few minutes after 8:00.

“Eric, this is Don, did you get my email?” the Division Manager asked.

“Of course. What do you need to talk to me about?” I said.

“You better come down to my office,” he said.

“Okay, I’m on my way,” I replied. I poured another cup of coffee and walked down to his office, thinking to myself, “Damn, I really hate talking to people before I’ve finished my second cup of coffee…”

“Eric, sit down, I want to talk to you about your report…the Director reviewed it,” the DM said while looking at me in a way that was intended to make me feel uncomfortable.

“Okay,” I said slowly, “and what did she think?”

“Well, I’m afraid the best thing would be for you to go over her review yourself. Here’s a copy of it. I admit, I don’t really agree with her review, and I don’t really know why she felt the need to even review it in the first place. Hell, I wouldn’t have even reviewed it if this didn’t come across my desk. I have always had confidence in your ability and competence, but she’s the Project Director, and well, she’s my boss. She shits on me, which means I shit on you…and now you have to shit on some of the people you had working on your team. You know how bullshit flows downhill…”

By this time, I was very angry, but reserved my emotion. I know my team did a superior job on this analysis, and my documentation was as impeccable as I could possibly make it.

“So what the H-” I stopped myself. “Sorry. I mean, what is it that she didn’t agree with?” I asked.

“Just take the morning to review what she had to say. She scheduled a meeting with you, because you are the Team Lead on this one, early this afternoon. She scheduled me to be there, also. Unfortunately, since she scheduled it without coordinating with us, I can’t make it. I’ve got that divisional finance meeting with our Headquarters people downtown…”

“What?” I asked, now really perturbed. “I’m walking into this solo? I am confident in our work, and I know I can handle this woman on my own. But, Don, I feel it is highly advisable to have your managerial support on this.”

“Sorry, Eric, I tried to tell her, but she said it would be fine if she met with just you…but don’t worry, I maintain my standpoint of agreeing with your work. Your engineering and publication is solid, as far as I’m concerned. I’ll back you on whatever it is you say in there, and I told her that. She also agreed to that.”

“Don, I’m going to have a real difficult time maintaining my cool if her review is biased as a result of her non-engineering background.”

“Eric, she’s smart. She’s been in this game longer than you have, and if you don’t drop that attitude, she’ll chew you up,” he said.

“Yes, Sir.” I complied.

“C’mon, Eric, you guys did great work, and you can stand by it. I do,” he said, finishing the conversation by sitting down at his desk and turning to his computer.

“Debrief me on the meeting with an email…” he said without looking up to me.

“Of course, I’ll shoot that to you before I leave today,” I said as I left the office.

Back at my office, I calmed myself down so that I could read her review with a objective mindset.

“This is bullshit,” I whispered to myself after I read it the first time. I immediately started taking notes and writing down questions and comments on the copy of the report she bled on with a red pen like some junior-high teacher. The second time I read through her commentary, I was so angry that I could barely maintain a thread of mental clarity. I knew I had to put this down for a bit, or else I would walk into the meeting with a vengeance. I couldn’t loose my cool in front of her. I spent the next few hours carefully building my rebuttal.

“She’ll see you now, Mr. Smith, you can walk right in” the cute, little secretary said. She had this peculiar smile on her face, sort of like one a little sister would give her older brother when she knew he was in trouble with their parents.

I didn’t smile back, but replied as amatör porno politely as I could, “Thank you, Angela.”

I walked into the Project Director’s office. I had always thought she was an attractive woman. Actually, the way she carried herself with confidence was considerable, and the tight business suits she wore attenuated a man’s focus, to say the least. I knew that she was very, very sexy when she was serious. I always wondered if she knew how much my pulse raised every time she sent a request to me…

She was on the phone with her back to me, but not talking. Maybe she was checking her voice mail, or maybe she just had the phone in her hand to make me wait for just a second. It peaked my awareness of myself and my situation, but didn’t make me any less confident. She didn’t even turn around when the secretary closed the heavy, mahogany office door. I walked to the center of her large office and stood there holding my folio with two hands in front of me. I stood up straight and put on my ‘game face.’

“Please sit down, Mr. Smith,” she said as she turned around and hung up the phone. I complied, opening my folio as I did so.

“You know why you are here, and I imagine you have some issues to discuss with me. However, you must understand that I am ultimately responsible for the quality of all the work that we produce on this project. Therefore, I have the authority to review and criticize any and all products that come out of your, or any one else’s, division.” I could already see that she wasn’t going to give me much of a chance to challenge her. I knew I was terrible at this sort of confrontation, but I had not only my teammates, but my personal integrity on the line. It was “go time.”

“Ms.-” she immediately held up her hand, cutting me off before I could even get started. That really pissed me off.

“Mr. Smith,” she said in a motherly tone, “I’m not finished. I have to reaffirm my commentary in that I do not doubt your capability as an engineer, and I respect your experience. I’m the Project Director, and all divisions fall under my authority. Essentially, you fall under my authority. Your division is as much my division as it is the DM’s. I’m the boss of you. Further, this really is below the level of intervention your team should require from me.” That cut deep, the PD basically told me that my manager and my team needs her micro-management. I take deep pride in my work, and she knew it. She’s not even going to give the courtesy of being professional here. She wanted to play hardball, and I was trying to resist.

She paused, and I assume she was giving me the moment to build up some frustration. Instead, I started rationally. The tension was mounting, and it would undoubtedly become a heated discussion. I decided to take my first shot at her by not addressing her by name.

“I find that your review lacked technical merit on several accounts, but I will address those individually. But first, I would like to say that I don’t believe that you truly understand the scope of the analysis-“

“Understand the scope?” she immediately heated up, “I dictated the scope!”

“I do not believe that you had the engineering-level of insight to understand the focus of this assignment-” again she interrupted me.

“Mr. Smith, you obviously did not have a clear comprehension of the intent of this study. If there was ever a doubt, you should have raised your questions to your manager long before this report was to be finalized. I do not even believe that you ever considered whether or not your course of action was aligned with the focus of this assignment. Did you?” She was trying to provoke me, and I don’t know why. Did she not get laid last night, or was she inherently just a bitch? She continued without letting me answer. My temper was beginning to boil.

“What kind of engineer are you?”

That was all I could take, I immediately stood up and turned to leave. I was not going to even attempt to argue like this. Besides, I figured turning my back on her would piss her off even more.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing?”

I stopped and turned toward her. It startled me that she was up from her desk and walking towards me.

“If you are not going to talk to me in a professional and respectful manner, then this discussion is over.” I said.

I think she was really angry, and she didn’t appear to be trying to hide it.

“What is it with you? Do you have a problem with me? Or, is it something else…?” I asked.

She was now very close to me. She stepped to within arms-reach of me. I narrowed my focus on her. She was breathing heavily. Her beautiful chest lunged up and down with each breath. The moment was having an arousing effect on me. She seemed almost anxious for something to happen. It was as if she wanted me to kiss her, and kiss her with authority. I could practically taste the tension. I took a step closer to her, now far inside the boundaries of her ‘personal space.’ My face was inches from hers, and I looked straight into anal porno her eyes. The look of anger was replaced by something more intent. It was as though she wanted to tell me something, but she wanted me to say it for her. The expression on her face was telling me to take her.

I wrapped one of my arms around her back and forcefully pulled her against me. She sucked in her breath when our hips pressed together. I slid my other arm up her back and my fingers reached under the hair on the back of her head. I pulled her head to mine and kissed her hard on the mouth. She responded by kissing me back. I pressed my hips hard against hers, and she moved hers back and forth against me. I reached down and firmly placed my hand on her ass. I moved her hips back and forth against me harder. I kissed her again, and then wrapped my fingers in her hair. I pulled her head back and kissed her hard on the neck. I continued to grind myself between her legs, pushing harder on her.

I pushed her body backwards until she was stopped by the desk behind her. She could go nowhere now. I pressed myself hard against her, while clutching her hair in my hand.

“Ugh…ow…ow…” she quietly whimpered from being pinned hard against the desk. She moaned a quiet ‘ouch’ every time I pressed myself hard against her. I pushed my chest against hers, and kissed her ear.

“I want you.” I said into her ear. Then, in a lower voice, I said quieter, “I want to fuck you.” She moaned loudly as I said it.

“Yesssss, fuck me. I want you to fuck me hard,” she whispered back. We began grinding on each other even harder. There was an urgency in her actions as groped me and pulled me hard against her. I spun her around and pushed her upper body forward onto her desk. I grabbed her hips and pressed myself against her ass. She pushed hard back to me. I slid my hands up her skirt and pulled it higher across her waist. I slid my hands down across her hips, pulling her panties down hard. I heard the sound of some of the stitching break as I yanked them down to her knees.

She cried out from the slight pain of my action. I hastily undid my belt and unzipped my pants. I pulled down my pants and underwear and my hard-on sprung forth towards her exposed sex. She reached around and groped between my legs but I grabbed her arm and twisted it behind her back. I pressed forward with my hips and with my free hand guided myself to where she wanted me so badly. I pressed the tip of myself just inside of her, and paused. She stood up on her toes and waited for me to press myself full inside her.

I had her left arm pinned behind her back and I reached up with my free hand and reached into her hair. I was only a slight press away from filling her with myself. She was breathing heavily in anticipation. In one motion, I pulled back on her hair, causing her to arch her back, and pulled harder on the arm I had pinned behind her, causing her to quietly let out a sound of pain. At the same time, I pressed myself fully into her. She let out a moan that was from the combination of pain and pleasure.

I groaned as I buried myself inside of her. My hips were tightly pressed against ass, and she moaned out.

“Yesss, fuck me….fuck me!”

I began stroking the full length of myself back and forth inside of her. I held my grip tightly on the arm I had twisted behind her, and I continued to grasp her hair in my other hand. I strongly pressed myself into and out of her. She moved her hips back and forth with me, and began to moan louder. The feeling of her warmth and wetness around me was incredible. There was a weakness in my knees, but I stood tall and continued to pump myself inside of her. The intensity grew, and my range of motion expanded. I pulled myself nearly completely out of her, and then pushed myself hard and deep into her.

She began screaming out, “Oh God yes! Oh God! Oh my God…Oh God, oh God!” Her hips were rocking back against mine, and I sent shock waves through her body as I pounded her as hard as I could. I pulled hard on her hair and she cried out. I drove myself into her, and she moved her whole body with me. I grunted and moaned knowing that I was already close to coming. I wanted fill her with my come, so I let go of her arm and hair, and grabbed her hips. I forcibly thrust her hips back and forth along the length of me, and began to fuck her even more furiously. She reached out to the other side of the desk to hold on to the other edge for support. I continued to pound her, and then I felt my legs begin to become very weak. I held on to her and leaned my body forward on her back. I grunted out and felt myself begin to let go of my orgasm. I buried myself as deeply inside of her as I could and yelled to her.

“OOOooohhh….I’m coming…Oooh God, I’m COMING!”

She screamed out, “YEEESSSSS!!!” and I let go my first throe and spurted inside of her. I felt each wave roll over me and rocked myself deeply into her with every gush of my ejaculation. I felt her muscles quivering around my cock as my pace slowed. anal breakers porno We stood there, slumped over her desk, breathing heavily for several moments.

I withdrew from her, and pulled her upright. She turned around to face me, and I kissed her deeply and passionately. I wasn’t done yet. I kicked my pants off that I still had around my ankles. I grabbed her waist, and slid my fingers into the top of her skirt. I pulled it down from her waist, and she kicked it away. She also slipped her shoes off. I unbuttoned the jacket she still had on, and opened it up to find only a bra on underneath. I pressed my body against her and began to kiss her hard. She moved back against me and moaned loudly. I stepped her back a little ways, and began bending my knees and leaning her back. I laid her down on the rough but thick carpeting.

She began loosening my tie and unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled off my tie, and ran her nails hard down my chest. I moved my hips back and forth, and she bent her knees and placed her feet flat on the floor with me between her legs. She spread herself, wanting me back inside of her. I moved myself to her again. I pressed myself inside of her and she rolled her head back as I filled her again. I felt my fresh come displaced from inside of her and squish between us.

“Damn, your come feels so good inside of me,” she whispered to me.

“I want more of you inside of me. Fuck me again.” She immediately began rocking her hips back and forth, and reached down to put one hand on my ass. She firmly pulled me to her.

I slid one arm slightly around her, and slowly and strongly slid my other hand up her chest. I reached to her shoulder, and then opened my hand wide and reached up to her neck. I firmly put my hand around her throat, but squeezed with my fingers ever so slightly. She opened her mouth slightly and sucked in her breath, and opened her eyes to look up at me. The expression on her face was amazing. Without saying a word, she told me what she was thinking: I am all yours, I am under your power and authority, and I don’t want you to stop.

I slowly moved myself back and forth inside of her. I maintained a controlling grip on her, but left enough slack in my fingertips to prevent injury to her. She was breathing erratically. She closed her eyes and began stroking me with herself. She pressed her hips against the floor and then up towards me. I moved with her, sliding back and forth inside of her. The pace was not hurried, but was very focused. There was an intensity that was not anxious. I knew she was concentrating on the feeling of me inside of her, bringing herself closer to her own orgasm. It was a concentration directed to the physical needs of our bodies. The passion between us made us both tremble. She moved her head, and I loosed my grip enough to let her roll her head to the side. She dropped her mouth open and gasped when I tightened my fingers again. She shut her eyes hard and moved her hips passionately back and forth. It looked like she was ‘forcing’ an orgasm to begin deep within her body. She brought one her arms up around her head and leaned her head back hard against her forearm. I closed my own eyes and strongly pressed myself in and out of her. She arched her back more with every thrust of me inside of her.

We moved with each like that for what seemed like eternity. I held her under my authoritative grasp, and she submitted herself to me. We were not under the imminent pressure of the first time, so we moved together deeply and passionately at a slower pace. Our motions were deliberate and attenuated. We exercised full motion of legs and hips and backs as we moved against each other. We soon began increasing the speed of actions. The motions began to move faster.

I released her throat and reached under her back to pull her chest hard against mine. She rolled her head back and forth as she was grinding her hips hard against me. The movement became more aggressive. I rocked myself back and forth on top of her, pumping myself strongly inside of her. She bucked her hips up and down in synchronization with me. Our gyrations accelerated as we gave in to the more animalistic passion growing deep between our legs.

Soon I was pounding her commandingly and she was moaning and crying out. She whimpered and whined loudly as I pumped myself inside of her. I grunted and moaned back to her, letting her know how passionate I was for her. I let go all inhibition and fucked her with everything that was inside of me. Her body quivered in my arms as I continued to give this beautiful and sexy woman everything I had in me. I felt a strong tingling begin in my knees and circled around my legs and hips up to my back. I arched my back and thrust myself deep inside of her, grunting out loudly.

She pressed herself up to me hard, taking all of me into her body. She felt me quiver inside of her, and then felt me begin to pulse and jerk between her legs. She spread her legs far apart as I began coming. The woman cried out again, half-screaming, half-moaning. She felt me pulse over and over inside of her as my orgasm was released to her. Being filled with my come again set her off. The splash of semen against the inmost parts of her body triggered an intense and pulsating sensation between her legs and she gasped out.

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