In Your Office Ch. 03

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Ryan leaned against the wall next to the band room door. Same two coffee cups in his hands. Same bag slung over his shoulder. Same early hour in the morning, 6:30, when no one ever showed up in this part of the building. Except Ms. K.

He was already hard, but his balls tightened, thinking about her. Everything might look the same from the outside, but he was definitely not the same inside. He’d acted casual yesterday all through school, and he had to hand it to her — so had she. But he’d been in a daze. And Christ, the blue balls. All morning long, since he’d left her office. He’d had to detour to the men’s room at lunchtime to get some relief. It didn’t take long. Seeing her kneel at his feet in that striped silk shirt and tight pencil skirt, caressing his balls with soft fingers, smiling up at him before she took his cock between her ripe lips and stroked his shaft with an experienced hand…oh, yeah. When he came, every spurt went right down that warm throat, and she’d lapped it up and asked for more.

Come on, Ryan, she’d murmured, in that low voice that had sent all the blood straight to his dick in her office. That can’t be all you’ve got. Show me that you care.

Damn, the hall was quiet. It was perfect. Weird that Ms. K wasn’t here yet, since she always showed up insanely early. So dedicated. Not like him, blowing off early morning swim team practice for the second time this week. He could get in trouble, but none of it mattered anymore. Swim team, grades, high school — forget it. He’d rubbed Ms. K’s shoulders. Kissed her full lips. Felt them part under his tongue. Jesus, held her tits, and they were more incredible than he ever could have hoped for. But the way she’d sighed and leaned back into his hands had stayed with him the most.

He closed his eyes. Ms. K had been calm all day yesterday. Controlled. But when she’d looked his way during band rehearsal, her cheeks were definitely redder, and her eyes had seemed a little glazed. Pieces of hair had escaped that long dark ponytail that he could just feel wrapped around his hand. If that goddamn bell hadn’t intruded yesterday morning—


The wrong voice. Not Ms. K’s. He opened his eyes.

“Hi, Mr. Stack.”

“What are you doing here? It’s 6:45.”

“I have a meeting with Ms. Kowalski. She’s writing a recommendation for me.”

“Kind of early, don’t you think?” Mr. Stack eyed the two coffee cups in Ryan’s hands. “Who are those for?”

Shit. The last thing he needed was a nosy history teacher asking questions. “You, Mr. Stack.” Ryan offered a paper cup and a big smile. “Want one?” Mr. Stack shook his head, eyeing Ryan irritably. You could practically read the thoughts on his face: Seniors. They can’t wait to leave, we can’t wait to see them go. “And you know how busy she gets during the day. I’d hate to be a distraction.”

“Hm. Well, she is usually here by now.”

I know, thought Ryan. He was starting to get a bad feeling.

“There wasn’t traffic on the road today…” Mr. Stack tapped his forehead with the pencil in his hand. “Maybe she’s sick…but it’s April and the weather’s been so beautiful. No one gets sick right now.”

And Ms. K always came to school, even when she was sick. She just drank tea all day and ordered everyone to stay ten feet away from her so she wouldn’t cough on them. Doors were opening down the hall, teachers showing up, talking to each other.

“It’s fine. I’ll just wait here, Mr. Stack.”

Ryan leaned against the wall again, but as the clock ticked toward 7:00, then 7:05, then 7:10, he knew the truth: she wasn’t coming. In any way, shape, or form.

And here he was, waiting with two cups of coffee, like a tool, because he’d figured he should bring her something. He’d thought he might see her today lying on her desk, tailored skirt bunched around her slim waist, holding her creamy thighs wide open, purring Fuck me, Ryan in that breathy little voice he knew was hidden inside her.

Ryan looked down at the coffee cups in his hands. The least he could do was bring one to Audrey to compensate for being an asshole.


The day didn’t get any better. Audrey complained that he’d brought her black coffee when she liked it sweet and creamy, and didn’t he know better after four months together? He couldn’t resist pointing out that with all the times they’d broken up, it was more like two months, which almost got him a faceful of hot coffee. He bombed a bio test. And Ms. K came to school after all — healthy and wearing goddamn pants, with her shirt buttoned all the way up to her collar. Not an inch of skin showing. Just her long shiny hair spilling over her shoulders and swaying above her back.

It didn’t matter: that purple shirt couldn’t hide the full globes of her tits. Those pants couldn’t keep his eyes off her slim waist in rehearsal; couldn’t keep him from feeling it under his hands, tracing the firm curve of her ass and cupping it with his palm. Taking in the switch of her hips that made him die a little every time she walked around. Seeing Samsun Escort her taut legs that went on forever in those black pants, picturing them dripping with his hot cum. Remembering how she’d slammed her hands on her desk and yelled at him about not caring.

Jesus, who cared about anything these days? He’d wanted to grab her and slam her right back. And the way she’d flashed from shouting at him to panting under his hands… He’d been so close to her yesterday, and then the bell. The fucking bell.

Ryan slouched in his chair, eyes traveling between Ms. K, calm and smiling at the front of the band room but somehow never looking at him, and the music on his stand. Not a single glance from her. Not when he missed an entrance. Not when she was telling the trombones they needed to double-tongue this passage, “and guys, make sure you’re using just enough tongue, not too much…”

When rehearsal ended, he walked toward her podium, ready to wait her out while she busily flipped the pages of her conductor’s score and scribbled some notes with a pencil. She’d have to talk to him there. Those big brown eyes would have to look into his.

But as soon as he stopped at the podium, Ms. K immediately started an in-depth conversation with the flute player on her other side. Fuck, she was standing a foot away from him. Her perfume teased his nose. If he hadn’t been hard enough already, that warm exotic scent brought him right back to her engorged nipples pressing eagerly into his palms, her full lower lip so soft against his tongue as he lightly sucked on it.

He knew she’d seen him walk up. Her eyes had flickered.

After Ryan stared at her back for a few long minutes, he went to the instrument lockers, slid his trombone deliberately inside and left.


Late that afternoon, Liz signed the final form in the stack she’d had to fill out, tipped her head back to get the last drink of weak coffee, and dropped the styrofoam cup on her desk. It was the only sound in her quiet office. Then she stretched in her chair and ran her fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp.

School had ended two hours ago. She’d managed to keep her cool all day. The sky hadn’t cracked under a load of rumors about the band teacher hooking up with a senior the day before. And if keeping her cool meant never looking at Ryan Sullivan again, or saying another word to him for the rest of the year until he graduated and was out of her hair — well, who cared. It was better than meeting his blue-green gaze, feeling that jolt in her wet pussy that rocked her whole body with need, giving her no choice but to beckon him over after rehearsal and say in a low voice,

Ryan, I need you in my office after school. We have a lot to take care of. And I expect a very high level of performance from you…

Unbuttoning the top two buttons on her blouse, Liz leaned back and fanned herself. Just being in the same room with Ryan had left her sweating, her skin prickling. Her hard nipples pressed uncomfortably against her bra. The folded recommendation sat in her purse, taunting her with the reminder that she’d never turned down a student for a recommendation before — no matter how busy she was and how little notice they’d given her. The dirty note nestled next to it, unfinished and unreported. Her eyes focused on the picture of Rob, with his arm around her, that she’d made sure to dust off and put on her desk this morning.

Last night, she’d coaxed Rob into having sex again, despite his protests that he wanted to watch the game. While he’d enjoyed himself in the end, lying back comfortably while she rode him, frustration had kept her from letting go and coming on his cock. He was letting her do all the work, and dammit, she didn’t want to do all the work. She worked all day. All the time. And all she wanted now was to be rolled over and fucked senseless.

Leaning back into Ryan’s hands yesterday morning — God, she was trying her hardest not to think about it, but when she’d stroked her soaked and quivering pussy after Rob fell asleep, remembering the wrongness of Ryan’s palms on her bare breasts and how very right they’d felt, she came with a wail, biting her pillow so she wouldn’t wake Rob.

Her purse buzzed. Squeezing her thighs together, she reached for her phone.

“Liz?” Rob sounded rushed. “I’m working late tonight. I had a lot of meetings today and I need to make up the time. I’m going to go straight to my place when I’m done and call it a night.”

“Why don’t I stop by to say goodnight?” she asked flirtatiously, crossing one leg over the other. Her panties were damp again. She was about to go crazy.

“Don’t worry about it, honey. I know you need your sleep.”

Fuck sleep. Sleep was for the weak. Liz shoved her phone in her purse, then pulled it out again.


“Bad boy.” Ryan’s hand got a light slap as he stroked an inviting bare breast. “Don’t be impatient.”

He tried again, tweaking the little pebble of a nipple between his fingers. A hand batted him away. Giggles Samsun Escort Bayan filled his ears. He knew he was supposed to go for a third time. Instead, he pushed up the naked girl perched on top of him and rolled off the unmade bed.

Audrey’s room was a mess. Not a cute mess, like Ms. K’s office, where she just needed him to come in and help her with everything, and fuck, he was not thinking about her. Audrey’s room was a mess like two tornadoes had met and screwed.

“I can’t do it in a messy room,” he grumbled.

“What is your problem? You’re so anal.”

Ryan didn’t answer. Instead, he began folding a heap of clothes, stacking them in a neat tower while Audrey glowered at him from the bed. With the music she was blasting, it wasn’t like he could concentrate anyway. When he came to a pair of tie-dyed purple panties, he held them up to the light, eyeing them critically. “Clean or dirty?”

“Will you stop being a prick and come over here?”

He sniffed the crotch, then tossed the panties towards what he figured was a laundry pile. “Dirty.”

“I hate you,” Audrey pouted. She was curled up on top of the puffy comforter, the dim lamplight playing on her petite curves. Ryan looked her over. Audrey was short, slim, tanned and blonde. Adorable, one of the cuter girls in the senior class, and the exact opposite of everything he’d been jerking off to for the last three days. “Get over here now. I’m trying to do something nice for you. It’s like you don’t even care.”

Caring. That hadn’t been happening lately.

But putting his nose in Audrey’s panties brought it all back: Ms. K’s office yesterday, just the two of them. Smooth thighs spread open, a tight navy skirt riding up rounded hips in that squeaky swivel chair. Breathy moans of need into his mouth from below. The unmistakeable scent of hot aroused pussy, wafting up to meet his nose. She must have been so wet.

“Ryan!” Audrey’s voice cut through. He gave up and climbed onto her bed, pushing aside stuffed animals. He was pretty sure that furry lump under his ass was a teddy bear. “Just lie back. Relax, okay?”

He lay back, propping his head on Audrey’s fluffy pillows. A teasing finger slipped under the waistband of his boxers, pulling them away from his abs, then letting them snap back. His shirt and jeans were somewhere on the floor, getting swallowed by the mess. He should be rock-hard right now, with Audrey crouching over him naked, her knees bent on the bed, little handfuls of soft tit so close to his face as she ran her fingers all over his boxers and avoided his cock. But the only stir he’d felt was remembering yesterday, and his teacher’s full lips opening, shocked, to his tongue.

“Why are you shaking your head? You’ve been so moody today. I’m going to make you very happy. But we have to be fast, ’cause my parents are coming home any minute.”

Perky tits hung right in his face now. He gave them each a firm squeeze, thrusting his crotch towards Audrey. “Okay. Let’s be fast.”

Audrey burst into giggles. “Ryan! Not yet!” she shrieked, digging her fingers into his ribs.

Thumps banged on the other side of the bedroom wall. “Shut up, you guys,” Audrey’s brother Leo yelled through the wall. “I can hear you in there.”

Audrey rolled her eyes at Ryan, reached over him, and turned up the music next to her bed. Ryan stared at the ceiling. If he tried, he could hear slow, sultry saxophone lines winding through his head, instead of that over-produced shit Audrey was blasting. He could ignore the teddy bear under his ass. It was time to have sex like an adult, instead of dealing with parents and brothers and games and all the stupid shit that came with being in high school.

He cupped Audrey’s tit again, more gently. Her skin was warm. She started to pull back. “You bad boy.”

And that was the problem. He was done being a boy.

“I just want to make you feel good,” he whispered, caressing both her tits and stroking soft pink nipples. She twitched in surprise, her bare pussy hovering above his cock.


“Relax,” he murmured. God, when he’d said that to Ms. K — no, not Ms. K. Elizabeth. When he’d said that to Elizabeth, she’d just melted into his hands. He’d been right. It had been a dream, too good to be true.

But as Audrey’s tense body relaxed under his touch, pert little tits filling his palms, he could feel those full round breasts under his hands again. His cock, half-hard, roared to life. He pulled his boxers down, letting it spring free. The tip brushed against Audrey’s smooth lips.

“Ryan—” she whispered.

He cupped her bare pussy, exploring with one finger until he found the drop of moisture at the tight opening of her cunt. Fuck, if this were Elizabeth’s pussy, he knew his fingers would slide right in. She’d be dripping wet and juicy for him, moaning with unfulfilled needs, ready for him to give her what he hoped she wasn’t getting from that boyfriend. He stroked lightly, spreading wetness over Audrey’s smooth lips.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Escort Samsun he whispered.

“Oh, you like it, baby?” Audrey flashed a smile at him, swiveling her hips so her cunt slid over Ryan’s shaft. Back in teasing mode. “You want some, don’t you?” And fuck, his cock was like a rock, and he just wanted to bury himself balls-deep in the sexy heaven he knew was under Elizabeth’s tight pencil skirts. And those fucking pants. And—

“I want you wet,” he grunted. He had just enough time to catch Audrey’s startled look as he grasped her waist in his hands, rolled her onto her back, and buried his face in her cunt.

“Ryan! Jesus! Oh my god, that tickles!” She squirmed, giggling, but her pussy was already slicker under his lips, tangy juice trickling out from the soft folds. Ryan swiped her hard little clit with his tongue, then lifted his head.

“You want me to stop? You want to tease me some more? Or do you want to come?”

Audrey blinked at him. Ryan bent his head and firmly licked into softness. Wetter and wetter. Giggles were turning into moans. He looked up again. “Which one?”

“You just want a blow job, don’t you.” Audrey wrinkled her nose. Ryan waited, giving her thighs a squeeze. “Fine,” she sighed, like she was the one doing him a favor. “Don’t stop.”

Audrey’s squeals of pleasure got louder as he firmly held her wriggling hips in place and bathed her pussy with his tongue. His hard cock pressed into her flowered comforter. The dim lamplight showed him her pink folds, shiny with excitement. And yeah, he liked that he was turning her on, liked her hot juices under his tongue and her smooth little cunt against his lips, but when he felt Ms. K’s taut thighs surrounding his head instead, one hand pulling him closer to her soaked pussy as she panted with need, he groaned with arousal. She’d love it. She’d go apeshit as he tongued her juicy cunt, right there in her swivel chair, while he kneeled on the linoleum in front of her gorgeous spread legs. Her teacher clothes would be ripped open and pushed around her waist, leaving those glorious tits on display. Her bare toes would grip the edge of her desk. She’d run her fingers over his hair, squeezing as she got hotter and hotter, and moan with helpless need while he lapped up her sweet cream. She wouldn’t be thinking about trades or favors or anything except total passion, how much she wanted him, and how badly she needed to come.

Oh, Ryan, he heard her low sweet moans. Oh, baby. Ohhhhh, that’s so good. Oh, I need this so much. Wait, again. I need you so much.

“Ryan!” Audrey yelled above him. “Oh shit!” Her body tensed, and she thrashed under his mouth. He pressed his thumb against her tight opening and pushed into wet warmth.

Soft skin quivered around him, and all he could think about was how Elizabeth’s hot pussy would feel with his fingers inside it. With his cock inside it, fucking her deep. She was an experienced woman. She’d been having sex for years. And he just had this feeling she’d been wild when she was younger, that she’d done all kinds of crazy passionate shit.

How tight would she be? Would he sink right into that hot womanly cunt, or would he have to take his time, working his cock into her sweet snatch inch by inch, slow on purpose so she’d beg him to fuck her? Oh, yeah. He’d give a lot to hear his teacher beg.

He was humping Audrey’s puffy comforter right now, his cock oozing precum, licking Audrey’s pussy again and again while she bucked her hips against his face and shivered with pleasure. Finally, she dropped limply to the bed.

“Oh my god,” she panted. “How’d you make me come so hard? Okay, you win. I’ll give you head now.”

He never thought he’d turn down a blow job, but he didn’t want it now. Not like this, not like a favor. Instead, he ran his hand up Audrey’s flat stomach to cup her pert tit, rolling her hard little nipple between his fingers, and climbed over her. He knew better than to kiss Audrey right after he’d eaten her out, but if it was Elizabeth under him, those full lips would part eagerly, her tongue flickering all over his mouth to lick her own sexy juices off his face, while she lifted her welcoming pussy towards his throbbing cock.

“Don’t worry about that,” he murmured. He rubbed his head over Audrey’s soft folds. “Let’s just do this instead.”

Audrey’s eyes widened, but she raised her hips toward him, sighing when he began to work his cock into her juicy tightness.

“Mmmm,” she murmured. “Feels good.”

It did feel good. Her pussy felt good, creamy and hot around him, but as Ryan smoothed Audrey’s blonde hair back from her forehead and reached down to squeeze her little ass, trying to find just the right angle to fuck her, he couldn’t help it. He felt Elizabeth’s lush curves under him instead, all around him, her arms and legs wrapped tight around his body, because she wasn’t just letting him take her. She was fucking him back for all she was worth.

Whimpering into his neck, and every cry made him thrust faster. Sobbing with pleasure when he drove deeper and deeper into that incredible pussy. Moaning his name, mashing her ripe tits against his chest, raking her nails hard down his back and leaving marks, fuck yes he hoped she would, urging him to go deeper and harder and faster and give it everything he had, because dammit, he did care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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