Incendiary Circumstances Ch. 11

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While Marie had knelt, feeling Blaine’s cock through the terry cloth towel covering it, mouthing it in ways she hoped would excite him, causing him to demand she blow him, causing him to grab the knob of hair atop her head, worn as he’d demanded, and directed her mouth up and down his cock, causing him to shoot his seed directly into her mouth rather than all over the walls and floor of the room where she had degraded herself by licking the cock syrup off those block and concrete surfaces, Blaine had made a date!

He’d called someone and Marie listened as he flirted with her while Marie knelt at his feet fondling his cock. It was so incredibly humiliating to be doing everything short of offering him money, something not completely out of the question if the truth be known, to convince the young black man to permit her to fellate him while he picked up another woman on the phone.

What truly perplexed her was that the more she was humiliated, the hotter she got. Marie’s debasement stemmed from a reversal of roles. It was true that she was older now. It was true that perhaps the glint was off the gilt that covered her rose. It was true that Blaine was more than three decades younger than she, was a prize specimen stud bull in his sexual prime.

Still, she was the woman; she controlled the access to the pussy. Her entire life men had pursued her, begged favors of her, offered orgasms to her even at the expense of their own at times. Now she found herself in a world where pussy no longer made the rules. Black cock was in charge and Marie found herself acting in embarrassing ways in an attempt to obtain it.

Blaine would use Marie’s car to go fuck another woman while she waited. Marie was so humiliated, so crestfallen, so defeated, she asked to go rather than wait.

“Can you at least give me a ride home?” Marie asked. “Our shift is over.”

“Get your stuff. Make it quick,” Blaine said as he zipped up his bag. “Oh, would you do me a really big favor?”

Marie’s heart leapt. What sort of favor might Blaine want? She felt herself sinking into a depravity where her desire to please him was becoming paramount, even over her own pleasure. Perhaps he’d want her to go along and act as his fluffer should he require encouragement to perform. “Sure,” she answered, her body tingling.

“Could you grab my pants and shirt over there. I’m going out tonight and won’t have time to wash them. Could you do them for me? I don’t want to ask Mom because she thinks I need to do some growing up. You’re great, Marie, I owe you one,” Blaine said as he dashed off, apparently forgetting his offer to give her a lift home in her own car.

There were so many things wrong with the black youth’s demand Marie had difficulty sorting them out. The first was the fact that he was asking her to do something he wouldn’t ask of his own parent. Was that what she was, some sort of surrogate mother? That’s just fucking sick, Marie thought as she walked over and picked up the clothes Blaine discarded just before his shower. But that was the least of it.

Then there was the part where he was taking her car to meet another woman while she…what? Waited for him? Waited for the other woman’s leftovers? Well, that was a given at the moment because she had no transportation home. Still, it just wasn’t right. He had been flirting with someone on the phone even as Marie offered her own mouth to his black dick.

Marie had come so very close to seeing the cock she’d been imagining for weeks. It had almost been hers. How many times had she jilled off thinking of it? She couldn’t even estimate except to say it was more times than she’d masturbated in the last ten years combined. More times than she’d played with herself plus gotten laid by her husband for an entire decade.

Her phone rang to the tune of “Sexual Healing.” It was a special ring tone that Blaine had set up for his calls. “Hello,” Marie said breathily as goose bumps began dotting her flesh.

“Hey, it’s me,” Blaine announced. “I forgot a couple of things. I don’t want you touching yourself while I’m away.”

“Touch myself? I don’t understand,” Marie lied. She may have been a bit confused over what was going on but she knew exactly what he meant. It surprised her that he knew he aroused her to the point she played with herself. How long had Blaine known?

“Don’t lie,” Blaine told her.

“All right,” Marie acquiesced. “What else?”

“What else?”

“Yeah, what else? You said a couple of things.”

“I want your panties on that desk when I get back.” Blaine ended the call before she could protest.

Suddenly Marie wanted nothing more than to finger herself. She wandered around the smallish room to distract herself, tidying up after Blaine and wondering why it excited her so much sexually to behave in ways she would if she were Blaine’s servant. She folded the wet towel that lay Kadıköy escort bayan on the floor and placed it on the desk next to the others, the dry ones.

She picked up Blaine’s shirt and pants one at a time, shook as much filth as she could off them, folded them neatly and placed them on the desk. After another loop around the room and she moved the damp towel to the pile of Blaine’s clothes to take home and launder. She also slipped her panties off and put them on the desk next to the clothes.

Forty-five minutes later Blaine returned. He was dressed in the same tight spandex as he was when he left. Marie’s gaze went immediately to the bulge and stayed there. It was every bit as big as when he left. He took her immediately into his arms and kissed her deeply. Marie melted as was her custom when in the arms of the powerful young black man, but not before she detected the scent of a woman on him.

“Okay,” Blaine said as he broke the kiss, “you’re turn.”

“What do you mean my turn?”

“Don’t be stupid, Marie. It’s unbecoming.”

“I’m not, as you so eloquently put it, being stupid, Blaine. You’ve pushed too hard. There are limits to the humiliation a person will endure, even for a cock like yours, and you’ve overstepped them.”


“Yes really. Now take me home.”

“It’s not that simple, Marie.”

“What does that mean, not that simple? Are you planning to rape me?”

Blaine burst out laughing infuriating Marie even further. “Why would I rape you? I don’t mean to be blunt Marie but I don’t understand why you tell me I’ve humiliated you then deliberately invite more.”

Marie blushed a shade of crimson only a fair-skinned, blue-eyed blonde can achieve. Blaine was right. She’d succeeded in humiliating herself in a way Blaine never had. He’d made her feel desirable and she’d brought that into doubt. He was offering her his cock out of pity. Her embarrassment crushed her and her libido tormented her.

“So you imagine I want you so badly I’d commit a felony to have you?” Blaine asked caustically. “Is that what you think all black men can think of, raping white women? Is that how you think that girl got pregnant?”

“NO! No, Blaine that’s not what I think! Don’t even think I’m that sort,” Marie protested vehemently.

“Because she wanted it even more than I did, Marie,” Blaine continued as if Marie hadn’t just spoken. “She begged me for it. Do you believe that Marie?”

“I don’t know…”

“It doesn’t matter what you believe. She’d heard I had a big cock and she wanted it. Everybody at school knew I had a big one and she begged for it. Just like you, Marie. You’ve been begging for it for weeks.”

“I haven’t begged for a damn thing.”

“Not out loud. Not like she did. But you will.”

“I won’t Blaine. I told you I don’t like humiliation.”

“If you don’t like it, how come my clothes are folded on that desk right now? So you can take them home and wash them for me?”

“Who said I was going to do that?”

“Fuck, Marie, after all we’ve done this summer you can at least be honest with me. Tell the truth. Are you going to wash my clothes or not?”

Marie hesitated but eventually took a deep breath and replied. “Yes. Yes I was going to do that for you. I thought I was doing you a favor.”

“Whatever…” Blaine said. “What about these?” he asked, hooking his little finger through a leg hole of her panties and holding them in the air. “Were you doing me a favor with these as well? How is it you were so humiliated while I was out that you took these off for me?”

“Blaine, please,” Marie begged, dropping her head in shame. “I can’t explain it. I don’t know why I took those off.”

“Did you play with yourself while I was out?”


“Why not? Weren’t you excited when you pulled these down? Weren’t you excited when you paced the room and glanced over at your panties lying there because that’s where I wanted them? Doing that for me in spite of the fact that I was god knows where doing god knows what with god knows who?”

“You said I couldn’t.”

“Well, do it now.”


“Do it now Marie. Finger yourself.”


“Sit on the corner of that desk, lift up your skirt and jack yourself off.”

There was something in the tone of Blaine’s voice that made Marie know he was serious. There was also her cunt…demanding, always demanding, She did as she was told, retreating to the desk, resting just the cheeks of her ass on the edge. She was looking him in the eye as he did the same to her.

Blaine never looked down as Marie lifted her skirt. It was she whose gaze lowered, whose lidded eyes attached themselves once again to Blaine’s obscenely large bulge as her hand slipped between her thighs.

“Is this what you’ve thought about all summer?” Blaine asked cupping the Escort Kadıköy cock in his tight, spandex shorts. Marie grunted but didn’t answer. “This?” Blaine asked again, hooking his thumb into the waistband of his shorts and dragging them down until several inches of his black cock were displayed. “My cock? Is that what you imagined as you fingered yourself each night? Did you think I didn’t know? That I was too young to understand the needs of an older white woman like you?

“I knew all right, Marie. I knew what I was doing to you, knew I was driving you crazy with lust. As soon as you told me about Andre I knew you regretted not getting his cock. All that kissing, all that playing with your titties, beating my meat while you watched, watching as you lapped up my cum. Yes, I knew about all of that.”

Marie was so embarrassed as she listened to Blaine describe how he’d manipulated her all summer. She was even more embarrassed by the fact that she was sitting on the edge of a desk in a small locker room letting a young black kid watch her finger herself.

But all her embarrassment did nothing to change her behavior. That was controlled by her cunt…and Blaine controlled her cunt. What’s more, he knew it. She could do nothing but endure his humiliating statements as she desperately sought the relief of her hand.

Marie stared at Blaine’s cock straining against his workout shorts as she shoved three fingers in and out of herself. She watched as Blaine cupped his cock and offered it to her. Except it wasn’t an offer; it was a tease, meant to excite her even further. And excite her it did.

“Cum for me,” Blaine ordered suddenly, triggering a reaction in Marie that she would remember for the rest of her life.

She came. Immediately. Like Blaine had remote control of her body, like all he needed to do was issue an order with that deep, resonating voice and she would instantaneously comply. She leaned back, lying on the desktop, bucking her hips wildly, pulling up her legs, curling up like some disoriented child.

Her hot juices were coating her hand, making it slicker, allowing her to push farther into her cunt than ever before. Marie added a fourth finger to the team of digits already assaulting her gaping vagina. Pressure built and she felt it happening.

She was squirting, a stream hitting her hand like someone had trained a hose on her, liquid pouring out of her onto the desk. Her skirt became drenched, the liquid flowing into Blaine’s clothes folded and piled next to her. Marie moaned and wasn’t sure she would ever stop.

“Would you like your reward?” Blaine asked, finally speaking after Marie’s recovery was nearly completed, after she’d opened her eyes sheepishly, unsure of how her audience had reacted to her unbridled demonstration of lust.

“I…” she replied. Even though she’d just cum, she was far from sated.


For the first time Marie heard the word she’d been longing to hear almost all summer. At first, she wouldn’t admit it was a word she wanted to hear. At first, she denied her desires. At first, she ignored the images of another black man that beckoned to her over a gulf of a dozen and more years.

As far back as the first week, Marie had gone home and stroked her pussy as she remembered being in the back seat of that car in the parking lot of some sleazy pick up bar, kissing Andre, letting him feel her up, yearning to be wanted in the absence of a husband who’d taken his passion elsewhere.

She’d wanted Andre so fiercely, so desperately, so wantonly. She wanted him as he pushed her face toward his beautiful cock. She’d wanted him to take her even as she resisted him. She wanted him to chase after her as she ran from what she desired, to force his cock into her mouth, to expel his juice into her belly.

But he didn’t chase her and she spent the next decade and a half regretting her rashness, angry at herself for letting his size and color scare her, sad that she’d never enjoyed the excitement physically that she enjoyed mentally when she played the movie of what happened in that backseat over and over in her mind and fingered her twat, except that this time the cock did go into her mouth, the cum did go into her belly, and she did climax again and again.

Marie ran her hands up and down Blaine’s thighs as she knelt there awaiting the young black man’s instructions. It seemed as if it took all her strength to resist an unknown force that drew her hands toward that magnificent bulge. But Blaine hadn’t given her permission to touch it.

Even though he’d gained sexual control over Marie, Blaine couldn’t prevent some things even if he’d ordered them. He couldn’t prevent the saliva that flowed so freely Marie had to swallow every few seconds to keep from visibly drooling. He couldn’t prevent the olfactory sensations caused by his musky maleness or the telltale Kadıköy Rus Escort aroma of another female emanating from that pouch in Blaine’s shorts. He couldn’t prevent the reaction the sights and smells his “package” caused in the seeping, oozing, bubbling cauldron that served as Marie’s cunt those times Blaine wasn’t occupying her mind.

And he couldn’t tell Marie why. Why she was reacting so wildly to such a debasement. Why something that would have repulsed her to the point of nausea a few short weeks ago now attracted her like nothing before ever had. Why she so ardently desired to fellate this young black kid’s cock even though it had so recently, so obviously, been inside another woman, perhaps especially because it had been inside someone else.

“Pull them down,” Blaine ordered the blonde-haired, blue-eyed wife kneeling at his feet.

Marie hooked her fingers into the waistband of Blaine’s lycra shorts and started to slowly lower them. When the fat root of the enormous tool peeped into view, she slid her hands around to the back, to Blaine’s fabulous buttocks, and pulled the stretchy material over them. Marie cupped and squeezed the supple rump muscles as she pulled Blaine closer, burying her face in the comforting, aromatic space between his thigh and scrotum.

She moved her head backwards, allowing her hands to slide beneath the waistband back to the front. Carefully, she peeled the fabric down revealing the beginnings of the plump tube that was Blaine’s flaccid cock. Marie could feel the spontaneous tremors that were sweeping over her body like nothing she’d ever experienced before. This kid, this cock was consuming her.

Five black inches shone darkly above the light gray spandex. It was equal to her husband’s hard length, and there was much more yet hidden, and it was still only partially erect. Blaine’s testicle filled scrotum was bulging to the side, covered by the gray spandex and Marie moved closer to kiss it, breathe in its fragrance, taste its musky flavor. Blaine grabbed her by the hair at her forehead and pushed her back.

“Beg me,” he commanded.

“I…” Marie said trying to speak, unable to communicate verbally because of the shudders wracking her body as she considered pleading for something every other male she knew had begged of her. Blaine wasn’t like every other man, or even any other man she’d known. Not even Andre had controlled her like Blaine could. And Blaine was still a boy.

“Beg for it, Marie. That’s what Amanda did. She could have had any kid in school doing back flips for the privilege of cleaning up her lunch tray at the cafeteria yet she begged to worship my cock. That’s what she called it, worshipping.”

“Please Blaine, I’m not Amanda.”

“No Marie, you’re not her but you have the same need. She was sucking me off for an entire year before I knocked her up. Did you know that too? Nobody did. I wasn’t even in high school yet and the prettiest girl in town came calling for my cock. Everybody knew I was hung. It was all over school. And she begged for it. Now you beg Marie. You tell me how much you want my cock.”

Marie could actually feel herself losing touch with reality; feel her lust pushing everything else aside so that the only two things important to her were Blaine’s cock and her desire to satisfy it.

“Please Blaine,” she began to beg again, “please let me pleasure your cock. Let me do what you let her do. A whole year of sucking your dick and swallowing your cum? I don’t think I could do it and remain sane. That’s what thinking about your cock has done to me. I go home every afternoon and paw at my pussy because of what you did to me. I can’t stop playing with myself, Blaine. Please honey, don’t be cruel. You’ve made your point. Let me serve your cock with my mouth.

Marie was shocked to hear herself beg this black kid to let her suck him off. Even more, she was puzzled again at how humiliation could excite her. She leaned forward and began kissing the base of Blaine’s big dick, little puckered kisses, then opening her mouth and letting her lips mold themselves to the soft shaft. Her tongue came out and licked the tender skin. She pushed her face closer and let her tongue slither down the side of his scrotum, moaning as she went.

Marie pulled her face away and hooked her fingers in the waistband of Blaine’s shorts again. It just wasn’t the same with the head of the cock hidden away, that lovely slit protected from her eager mouth, unable to pour its liquid payload into her throat. She looked up at the handsome black face looming above her. “Please Blaine, please. I have to satisfy it. I must make it cum.” He nodded.

Just when the ache of her humiliations seemed at their peak, just when she didn’t think her excitement could be any greater, something so unexpectedly debasing happened that Marie experienced her own set of incendiary circumstances and for the next twenty minutes she performed things more hideously kinky than she could have ever imagined previously…and that performance led to the most beautiful, most powerful and delicious orgasms of her life, all of them totally spontaneous, engineered entirely by her mind.

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