Inez’s Nooner

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Inez ran back to her office. She made it in the nick of time. Looking at the clock over the door, she had only about five minutes to fix her makeup and brush her hair. Not wasting another second, Inez ran across the room, nearly knocking over the file tray on the edge of the desk in her haste. She caught the files before they hit the ground, set them back neatly in the tray and darted into the bathroom and closed the door.

It took only a few seconds for her to fix her eyeliner and apply a little lip-gloss. Putting the makeup back in her purse, she rummaged around and found her hairbrush. A few quick strokes, a crimp here and there with her hand and she was done.

She heard the door to the office open and shut. He was here. Her lower belly clenched with tiny knots of anticipation. The delightful feeling soon trickled lower swelling her sex, making her wet.

Noon on Fridays was her favorite time of the day. Feeling increasingly giddy, Inez paused before opening the bathroom door, reached beneath her skirt and removed her undies. She then unbuttoned her blouse until her lacy white push up bra, letting her ample cleavage peak through.

She felt hot, sexy. Wetness leaked from her pussy making her squeeze her thighs together to temper her rapidly growing arousal.

She held back a groan and opened the door and stepped out to face Byron. He was leaning back on the edge of the desk with his arms crossed over his beautifully muscled chest. His handsome face brightened with a smile. The man was too sexy for words. That dark olive complexion, finely chiseled body and perfect masculine face reminded Inez of a Greek God.

Mine…It was the only word she could coherently think of at that very moment. He had pulled his hair back into a ponytail and it made her pout. She preferred his hair down. Her fingers were itching to run through those black silken strands. God, she loved his hair, loved feeling it on her thighs as he… She licked her lips, “Mmmm, Escort bayan I brought that file you asked for.” she spoke with that breathlessness he always caused whenever they were alone.

He smiled lifting one side of his lips in that sexy way that made her insides boil. His eyes locked with hers, then slowly traveled down her body and then back again. She felt the intensity of his stare, like an electric current pulsing through her. When Byron’s eyes met hers again, she saw the raw possessive passion burning in his deep brown irises.

Her knees went weak. Inez had to lean against the door to help support her weight. Tiny tremors seized her lower belly and traveled lower, turning into small tantilizing pulsations.

Byron’s smile broadened. He pushed himself off the desk and stalked slowly towards her. His eyes were half lidded. He licked his lips before reaching her and placing his hands flat against the door above her head on either side. His Six-foot two-inch frame forced her to look up at him. He hovered over her and she felt tiny, vulnerable.

His undeniable dominance was made quite clear and it only made her already eager body needier. Her breathing got heavier. Her tummy quivered, and she bit her lower lip to keep from whimpering her frustration, because she needed for him to touch her.

He chuckled low, knowing that she waited desperately for it. Finally, he bent his head and captured her lips in a soul shattering kiss. When his tongue swept into her mouth she met it with enthusiasm, loving his flavor, reveling in it. It wasn’t long before he was embracing her.

His hands slid down her back to her ass. He squeezed, lifting and tilting her pelvis against the big bulge she had noticed earlier. The fabric of his slacks did nothing to hide the hard length of his erection. Inez couldn’t help herself. Pressing against him as much as possible, she began to roll her hips needing to feel his cock where she wanted it Bayan Escort most, even if it was through their clothes.

Byron, abruptly pulled back. His teeth were clenched, and the look of savage lust twisted his perfect face. With a growl he effortlessly picked Inez up and put her over his shoulder. A few steps later she found herself lying on her belly on top of the desk.

Bryon leaned over her grinding his hard on against her ass.

“Damn you, I wanted to go slow, but you…damn you! I’m gonna fuck you hard, deep…” he bit her neck then backed away. “Get that ass up, keep your head and shoulders glued to that desk…do it!”

His demanding voice vibrated through her. Her pussy spasm-ed releasing a rush of cream, wetting her inner thighs. Eagerly, she lifted her ass as high as she could while keeping her shoulders and head on the desk.

She held onto the edge of the desk in a white-knuckle grip and waited. It wasn’t long before Inez felt Byron’s hand slide up the inside of her thighs. His fingers reached her puffed up labia.

“Oh naughty girl,” he groaned, then in a swift motion her skirt was ripped in half, exposing her upturned ass to him, “oh baby, that pussy looks so sweet.”

Byron’s deep throaty voice told her that he was as ready as she was to join their bodies.

She heard a zipper and some rustling of clothes. Then his warm big hands grabbed her hips. Not able to help it, Inez let out a breathless moan. She spread her legs as far as the position would allow.

His fingers dipped into her pussy, “Oh yeah so wet…”

It was the last thing he said before she felt the head his cock at her pussy’s entrance. She braced herself.

Byron drove forward, filling her to bursting in one swift motion. Inez cried out, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…ahhh please…”

Byron growled and began to pound away. He impaled her over and over, wringing cries of shear bliss form her throat. Inez could Escort do nothing but feel the incredible friction Byron’s big dick created as it slid along her inner walls. She felt every thick inch of him with every stroke. The pressure built in her lower abdomen, sending waves of tingling contractions rolling down her vaginal walls.

Inez was floating on ecstasy. Byron’s hips pummeled her from behind fast and deep. She heard him with groan with each upward stroke. His fingers dug into fleshy part of her hips as his body drove her even faster, harder.

When the first quivers began to climb inside her sex, Inez cried out,

“Oh God, Byron, Byron…I’m going to cum… oh yes, yes, yes…right there, oh baby…here I cuAAAAHHHHH!”

The mind-numbing spasms hit her with such force that Inez, swore she was dying from the sheer pleasure. Each rolling wave of rapture sent pulsing shock-waves all the way to the tips of her toes. Every inch of her body seemed to respond with avidity. Her whole body had become an eager receptacle for Byron’s demanding passion.

As the final tremors settled into a sweet lull, Inez felt her body slowly descend to that place of complete and utter satisfaction. Byron’s roar of completion sounded distant as his body convulsed atop hers. He too came down depleted and in that too relaxed state of I-don’t-give-a-fuck-if-I-ever-come -back-to-reality.

He moved only to shift his weight off Inez’s smaller frame, by lifting up and supporting his upper body with his muscled arms. Inez found the little bit of energy to turn onto her back. She lay on top of the desk, her knees bent and splayed wide, not caring about the naughtiness of her position.

Byron smiled lovingly at her. He bent his head and brushed his lips on hers. After a few more kisses, he brushed her hair from her forehead and traced the contour of her cheek with his finger. “That was the best noon-er we’ve had in a while.”

Inez smiled, and stretched her arms over her head arching her back, “Mmmhmmm, it sure was…but…” she used her hand to push him further back, so she could lift herself up on her elbows. She looked at him and winked, “…it’s still your turn to pick up the kids!”

Byron laughed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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