Inga Swenson Ch. 03

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Inga suddenly had second thoughts about what she had just done. But a part of her wanted the street thug and drug dealer to at least come over to her house. Since that day at the party, the Swedish milf had thought about what it would have been like if she had somehow ended up with Tone and his friends instead of with Marcus Jefferson. She could still remember the sexual heat she felt that day just being around Tone and his gang of drug dealers.

Inga looks at the clock and knows she has an hour to get ready, Even though the black teenager is just coming over to deliver her a couple packets of Mellow Yellow, she still wants to look her best. After a nice hot relaxing bath, she puts on some special clothes. She wants to look nice because after all the boy is Marcus’ brother. But she definitely doesn’t want to lead the boy on. So she decides on a skimpy pair of red panties, matching half bra and a short red silk robe. Looking in the mirror she makes sure that nothing is showing. The short silk robe doesn’t let anything show. She decides she doesn’t need the half bra. Some red heels would look nice for Marcus’ brother. After all, Tone saw more of her that day at the party when she wore her orange string bikini and those fuck me heels.

Inga decides not to let her long hair down. Yes, wearing her hair up will not let the boy get any ideas. Finally she goes for some gold earrings, gold necklace, a little make up and some red lipstick.

Looking in the mirror Inga Swenson is pretty pleased by what she sees. Not looking bad for 37 years old, the Swedish milf knows that she still has it. After all she has hooked herself an 18 year old lover. Inga rubs a bit of vanilla lotion on her long tanned legs and cleavage. The lotion smells great and makes her body shine.

Just then her cell phone goes off as she gets a text. Tone is coming around the corner. Inga texts him back, telling the boy to park his car around the side of the house. That way it is out of sight from her nosy neighbors. Inga’s heart races as the black drug dealer knocks at the door.

“Hi…Tone. How are you?”

The drug dealer follows the elegant blonde milf into the living room. Those red heels make her fucking legs look a mile long. Tone tries to picture those long legs wrapped around his lucky brother as he fucks her senseless. The boy can’t believe how lucky his brother is to have snagged a genuine hot assed blonde milf. And…she loves the brothas!

“Oh …Inga…have you heard from my brother?”

“Yes, Marcus in Florida. He just sent me text. He arrive at the college and two students pick him up at airport. They are giving him special welcome party tonight. I guess they want him to play the football at their college.”

Young Tone, who has heard of those recruiting parties, has a feeling that his brother Marcus will be very busy the next few days. The University of Florida has a reputation of arranging weekend “dates” for the high school recruits with two or three of their sexiest cheerleaders.

“That’s cool. Here’s your shit.”

“Thank you Tone.”

“Inga…the shit’s on me this time.”

“No…I don’t want to do that. Here is money.”

She gives the boy $120 for each packet and $100 tip.

“Tone…the tip is for…quick service. Can I get you something to drink? A coke? Or you are old enough for beer…maybe…glass of wine?”

“I’ll have a beer if you got some.”

“Sure Tone.”

Inga goes and fetches the boy a can of beer. She smiles and adjusts her short silk robe. The boy can see her nipples poking through she silky material. Tone’s cock is getting hard looking at his brother’s girlfriend parading around in front of him like a whore.

“Tone I just put up basketball target and board. You and your friends can come over and shoot the baskets…sometime?”

“Yes…definitely. The boys would like that a lot. You gonna put on that orange bikini again and shoot some hoops with us?”:

Inga gives the boy a smile and nods yes. Inga is starting to get excited thinking about that day a few weeks ago. If Tone hadn’t gotten that phone call at just the wrong minute, what would have happened?

“Yes. I put on orange bikini again, or maybe I surprise you boys with another color…”

Tones cock is now rock hard hard as he looks at the sexy blonde milf. Shit, she’s classy, richer than shit, sophisticated, got big tits, a fine ass and she loves black dick. This lady checks all the boxes. Tone has a feeling that Inga wants something else besides a couple bags of cocaine. Thankfully he had taken a shower and put on some clean clothes before going over to this classy blonde milf’s house. If something happens, he just has to make sure that his brother doesn’t find out.

“So, Inga…are you gonna do some…Mellow Yellow?”

“Well, I was planning to. I’m all by myself in this big house. Marcus is gone and I am…well I am a little embarrassed.”

“Inga…don’t be embarrassed. Go ahead. Here, let me set it out for you.”

“Okay…I guess so.”

Tone lays two lines of the yellow Kadıköy Türbanlı Escort powder on the table and Inga snorts one line. She inhales the powder and Tone gives her a high five.

“Hey you go Inga! Shit! You took that shit like a pro!”

Inga smiles as she starts to suddenly feel the effect of the yellow powder.

“Tone…I feel so…warm…and so good…should I do…other line?”

“Not yet, give the shit a couple of minutes.”

Inga feels great. She goes over and sits next to Tone. She kisses the boy on the cheek.

“Tone, thank you…for giving me…such…good service.”

“Jesus Inga, you definitely are all warm and fuzzy, aren’t you?”

“Yes. Mellow Yellow make me feel…so nice. And you are such a…nice boy.”

“Maybe you…want to kiss me…again? This time like you mean it?”

Inga kisses the sweating teenager, this time on the lips. Tone knows the cocaine is starting to work it’s magic. He puts his hand on her bare leg and runs it up her thigh. Inga spreads her legs, giving the boy access to her panty clad crotch.

“Inga…I think the first one’s not enough. You better do the other line of the shit.”

“Yes Tone. You are the expert. I do other line.”

Inga smiles at the boy. takes the 20 dollar bill, rolls it up and snorts the other line, this time in her other nostril.

“Shit Inga, you love that shit, don’t you?”

“Yes. It makes me feel…warm…and sexy.”

Inga reaches over and kisses the boy again, this time running her hand along his bare leg. She reaches the slippery fabric of his black nylon gym shorts and runs her hand along the teenagers stiff cock.

“Hey! I better take a piss before things get out of hand. Where is it?”

“Tone, go down the hallway and it’s the last room on the right.”

The 18 year old black gang banger goes down the hallway and passes Inga’s bedroom. He sees the black dildo on the nightstand. Now he knows what she was planning to do tonight. She was going to fuck herself all night with that black rubber dick!

Tone now knows that Inga is totally under the spell of the Mellow Yellow. He sits down next to the horny blonde beauty.

“Let’s see, what were we doing? Oh yes, you were kissing me. And your hands were…where?”

“Tone…I was feeling…your cock.”

“So, bitch…you want…my nigger dick, don’t you?”

The thug from the gang knows that the gorgeous blonde’s brain is fried on the Mellow Yellow. It’s time to make his move on the sexy Swedish milf.

“Yes…I want big black cock.”

“Shit bitch, if you want this nigger dick you gotta say the words. You want this nigger dick, bitch?”

“Yes, I want…your…nigger dick.”

“Well bitch if you want this nigger dick, i ain’t just gonna give it to you for free. You gotta…earn it.”

“Tone, please…”

“Bitch get up and dance for me. Tone wants a show.”

Inga gets up and goes over to put on some music. She hopes the boy will like her dance moves. After she dances a bit she will take off her clothes for the boy. The music starts and Inga starts dancing.

“Hey bitch! You ain’t gonna dance to some lame ass shit like that. Tell Alexa to play…Fuckin My Blonde Whore.”

Alexa then plays the rap song from the newest Dr Feelgood album. The music starts and Inga dances to the rapper’s rhythm.

“I fuck her hard, but she wants more, she’s a classy slut, she’s my fuckin blonde whore…”

Inga spreads her legs, facing the boy on the couch. The red silk robe falls to the ground, giving the boy a perfect view of her big tits. Inga runs her hand over them and smiles at the teenager.

“Turn around bitch, show me that fine white ass…”

Inga turns around and slowly pulls her panties down, the two tiny round ass cheeks swaying with the rap song.

“Shit bitch, you really got a beautiful white ass. I bet Marcus likes getting his nigger dick up that fine blonde ass, doesn’t he?

“Yes…Marcus and I like…butt sex.”

“What’s this butt sex shit? You love nigger dicks up your pretty little ass. You want me to stick my nigger dick up your little ass?”

“Yes. Please..stick your…nigger…dick …up my ass.”

“Well, bitch I saw something on the way to the bathroom. I saw that rubber nigger dick in your bedroom. What were you going to do with it?”

“Tone, no one supposed to see that. I was going to…masturbate…all night.”

“Masturbate? Shit. You were going to fuck yourself with that rubber dick…gonna scream like a bitch, right?”


Tone pulls down his black gym shorts exposing his dripping black fuck stick to the horny blonde. Tone’s cock is a bit smaller than Marcus’ massive pole. But Inga can’t take her eyes off the throbbing red cock head, already leaking a trail of sweet cock butter from the boy’s piss hole.

“You want this nigger dick now, don’t you?”

“Yes. I want your…nigger dick now.”

“Shit Inga if you want it, you better go to your bedroom and get that rubber dick and put Kadıköy Otele Gelen Escort on a show for me. I want to watch you fuck that thing and want to hear you scream like a bitch. If you do a good job on that rubber dick then I’ll give you the real thing.”

Inga Swenson feels totally debased and degraded by the black teenager. The boy is treating her like a two dollar whore. But the classic blonde beauty has never felt more alive in her life! She actually loves being under the boy’s total control. The Mellow Yellow has totally taken away any inhibitions she may have had. She actually wants the youngster to watch her.

She goes into the bedroom and comes out with her black dildo. Thankfully Marcus never found her black dildo, and now she’s going to fuck herself with that thing, right in front of his brother!

“Tone. I hope you like…watching me. I put on…good show for you.”

Tone tells Alexa to play another rap song and Inga dances some more. She puts the black dildo in her mouth, smiling at the boy on the couch. Tone pulls off his shorts and takes off his shoes. Inga can clearly that Tone doesn’t have the muscular physique of his brother. He’s short and skinny, his cock doesn’t measure up to his brother, but Tone does have a huge pair of balls. Inga senses that the youngster has quite a bit of semen stored up in those delicious looking testicles.

“Tell me what you’re gonna do bitch.”

“Tone, I’m going to lay down in front of you and put dildo in my pussy. Then I have orgasm while you watch. I hope you like.”

“Inga…get on your hands and knees for me, like a fuckin bitch.”

Inga does what she’s told, gets on her hands and knees on the soft carpet in front of the boy. She slowly puts the ribber dildo inside her swollen dripping wet cunt. The dildo slides easily into her warm wetness.

“Tone, you like?”

“Shit Inga…go ahead and fuck yourself with that fake nigger cock.”

The blonde milf reaches behind and works the dildo in and out, slowly building up speed and intensity. Inga Swenson is totally under control of the skinny black teenager. But the gorgeous Swedish billionaire has never felt more alive in her life! The rubber phallus feels wonderful in her warm pussy.

“Tone…watch me…I want your big black cock.”

“You want my fuckin nigger dick? Then go ahead and fuck yourself for me first. Get that blonde pussy all nice and ready for me.”

Inga now fucks herself hard with the dildo, She is getting ready to orgasm in front of the youngster.


“Now bitch, get on your back, and spread those pretty white legs for me…and go ahead and do a job on that rubber dick.”

Inga turns over, spreads her legs and puts the dildo inside, burying the rubber phallus all the way inside. She screams as the dildo hits her cervix.


“Inga, you gonna let me stick my nigger dick up your pretty blonde ass?”


“Shit Inga…go ahead bitch…cum on that rubber dick…”


“Inga you’re gonna scream for me? Scream for that rubber dick? Scream like a fuckin bitch?”


Inga’s long tanned legs are spread wide, the red high heels flying in the air as Inga Swenson, wealthy blonde Swedish widow, has her first orgasm while the teenager watches. Inga’s high pitched screams fill the whole house.

“Shit Inga! You fucked that dildo like a real nigger lovin whore. You are a nigger lovin whore, aren’t you?

“Yes, I am..nigger lovin whore.”

“You gonna be my nigger lovin whore, at least till my brother gets back?

“Yes…I will be your…slave…your personal whore.”

“Okay then bitch, come here and get it. My nigger dick is all yours.”

The teenager is sitting on the couch, his black cock standing at full attention. The red dripping wet cock head, throbbing shaft, and big dangling black balls full of teenage sperm make an inviting feast for the lovely blonde. Inga kneels down on the carpet right in front the boy and for the first time feels the boy’s hardness. Inga is amazed. The youngster’s cock is harder than a piece of steel pipe!

“Tone, can I suck cock…? Please? Now?”

“Bitch go ahead. If you want my big black nigger dick in your little ass you better suck it real good. Otherwise I’ll get out of here. I got important business to take care of.”

The beautiful blonde milf gasps and licks the precum off his cock head, tasting the boy’s essence for the first time. Then she suddenly goes down on the boy, taking half of Tone’s hard cock in her sweet mouth. Her tongue runs along the sensitive underside, her gorgeous big blue eyes making contact with the youngster who scoots down on the couch.

“Comon bitch, you can do better than that.”

The totally aroused teenager grabs the Kadıköy Ucuz Escort back of Inga’s head forcing the widow’s mouth further down the boy’s cock. Inga relaxes her throat muscles, allowing Tone’s black cock to totally fill the sweet blonde’s warm mouth.

“There bitch, now you’re a nigger lovin cocksucker. You’re my nigger lovin cocksucker, aren’t you, bitch?”

“Yes Tone. I’m your…nigger…loving…cock…sucker.”

Inga looks at the boy who suddenly scoots down in the couch.

“Bitch, lick my big nigger balls.”

Inga does exactly that, putting one of the boys swollen testicles in her mouth sucking gently and running her tongue along the youngster’s scrotum. Tone is starting to moan his approval. This high class beautiful blonde milf from thousands of miles away is kneeling right in front of him, and fondling his sweet teenage balls with her tongue.

“You like those big nigger balls, bitch?”

“Yes Tone. Inga like…big…nigger balls…”

“You know bitch, they are all full of nigger nut. I’m gonna unload a huge nigger nut in your mouth and you’re gonna eat it all aren’t you bitch?”

“Yes Tone, Inga going it all…”

“You know, Tone doesn’t want you to waste any of my nut. You better eat it all, or you don’t get my dick up your ass.”

The aroused teenager pulls his legs back, his asshole now pointed directly at the lovely blonde. Inga wonders if the boy wants her to…

“Comon bitch. You’re my nigger loving whore. You know what to do.”

Inga Swenson finally comes to her senses and suddenly realizes that Tone Jefferson wants her to…lick…his ass! The classy blonde milf has never done that to anyone. She has seen quite a few porn videos with her online friend Judy and has seen that she has licked her lover Ben Pounder’s ass quite a few times. Inga realizes that black males must love having their asses licked. She closes her eyes and her tongue runs alongside the edge of the boy’s ass.

“Shit yes, bitch…comon…get that nigger ass. You know how much you want it…”

Inga’s tongue finds the tight hole and she pushes her sweet tongue inside, driving the boy crazy. The black teenager has totally controlled everything so far, but for a minute, Inga feels that she has control of the boy. She jacks the boy’s stiff black cock as her tongue pierces the boy’s ass. Pulling his ass cheeks apart, she buries her tongue as far inside the boy as she can.

“Shit bitch!! Eat my fuckin nigger ass…!”

The blonde milf looks at the boy and licks her lips and smiles.

“You LIKE it don’t you bitch?”

“Yes…Inga like…nigger ass…very much.”

“Get back down there then. I’ll tell you when I want you to eat my nut.”

By now Inga knows that she has control of the teenager. She pulls his cheeks apart again and her tongue fucks the boy’s ass, licking the boy with increasing intensity. Tone Jefferson, the skinny black thug who has totally dominated the beautiful blonde milf, is toast. He can’t stand it anymore. He has to have Inga’s mouth back on his throbbing black cock.

“Shit bitch…get back on my nigger dick. I’m gonna nut a big one in your pretty white mouth.”

Inga goes back down on the boy’s cock, feeling the teenager’s heartbeat with her tongue. Up and down she goes, knowing the gang banger won’t last too much longer. Tone grabs the back of her head and thrusts upwards, trying to bury his black cock deep into her sweet mouth.

“Shit bitch. Gonna shoot a big load of nigger nut in your mouth…right…NOW!! SHIT YES!!”

The teenager starts to orgasm. Inga feels the first blast of teenage semen hit the back of her throat. She pulls off the boy just a bit, allowing her to swallow the first blast of warm sperm.


Another blast fills Inga’s mouth, than a third, fourth and fifth. The youngster holds on for dear life as he closes his eyes and writhes in pleasure, his fists pounding the couch. Inga swallows mouthful after mouthful of teenage sperm, her eyes watching the boy’s contorted face as he orgasms in her mouth. After a minute the boy is done, his whole body relaxes. Inga, still with the boy’s cock in her mouth, gives Tone a sexy smile.

“Tone, did…you like? Did I do…good job?”

“Shit bitch, you are the absolute best…cocksucker…I have ever…shit!”

Inga licks the boys cock and balls, in the afterglow of the intense blowjob. The Mellow Yellow and the boy’s cock has made her hornier than she’s ever been before in her life. Even Marcus, her muscular teenage lover has never made her feel like this! Even though the youngster has just shot a huge load into the pretty mouth of the smoking hot blonde milf, this kid is already starting to get hard again.

“Tone…can we go to…bedroom? We have…the…butt sex?”

“No. I’m gonna get my nigger dick in your pretty white ass right here. Gonna fuck the shit out of that high class ass of yours. Get your ass on the couch. Bend over and show me that high class I’m getting.”

The blonde milf gets on the couch, gets on her tummy and points her ass at the teenager.

“Now, bitch, open that fine white ass and tell me what you’ve want.”

She reaches back, spreads her tiny round ass cheeks. The milf’s asshole opens up for the teenager.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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