Innocence Lost

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Dust motes slide down sunbeams that slip between the old boards of the barn. The lady stands beside her mount’s stall, letting the mare nuzzle oats from her cupped palm. The scents of horse, hay, and her perfume fill the hot air as sunlight and shadows play in the curls of her loose, breeze-swept hair. The cooing of doves in the eaves is suddenly interrupted by a heavy footfall.

She gasps in surprise and drops the bag of oats she holds. Kneeling quickly to retrieve it, she finds another hand has been quicker. A blush blazes across her cheeks at the touch of their hands. She rises unsteadily and gives a slight curtsy, finally meeting his eyes with a small shy smile. She takes a quick step back, away from the intensity of his gaze which locks with her own.

So caught in his gaze is she that she fails to notice the trailing reins which now tangle around her slim ankle making her stumble. He reaches out with a strong, sure hand, grasping her elbow to steady her. She is ignited beneath his touch, her eyes fastening upon the long fingers which encircle her arm, supporting her. Loath to separate from his touch but disturbed by the disquiet it’s causing in her body, she takes a tiny step backward, seeking to sever his hold upon her.

He watches the struggle in her face, wanting to touch her and reassure her with soft, gentle hands. He lets her break away from his touch, allowing her that, hoping it will calm her. His regard draws her eyes back to his, and he offers her a small smile. Relieved, she returns an abashed smile and blushes prettily at her earlier silliness. Her smile quickly fades, however, as he again moves toward her, his hands reaching out to take hers and pull her closer to him.

One hand reaches up to stroke her flushed cheek, his thumb feathering along her full lower lip. As her eyes sink closed, he feels a sigh escape her lips. He lowers his head to replace the soft touch of his thumb with the even softer touch of his lips. She gasps at the kiss, her body aflame again. He slides one arm around her waist, pulling her against himself as he deepens the kiss. The tip of his tongue slides over her closed lips, teasing and silently asking for admittance. A soft moan slips from her, and he takes that as the only invitation he needs, finally letting his tongue dip into her sweet mouth, tasting her, savoring her.

So weak in the knees she can no longer stand, her hands slide up his arms and clasp around his wide shoulders, holding onto him like a drowning child. He senses her welcome and tightens his hold around her waist, pulling her sharply and snugly against himself, feeling the long curls of her hair brushing against his arm even as his other hand continues to stroke her burning cheek and push the short, soft curls away from her temple. He breaks the kiss and smiles at the tiny empty whimper she makes. He wraps his hand in her hair, tugging gently, making her tilt her head back and open her eyes in silent question. Her eyes shine up at him, dilated with desire. Confusion and want mingle in her expression as the tip of her tongue darts out to moisten her swollen lips. She draws her lower lip between her pearly teeth self-consciously. Seeing her nervousness, Antep Bayan Escort he cups one finger under her chin and smiles at her before lowering his head to kiss her again, this time drawing her lip between his own teeth and nibbling softly before sliding into her mouth again. His tongue swirls around hers, then teases the curves of her mouth.

Her arms tighten around him even as he pulls her against himself. Her knees melt, and she leans against him, feeling his strength support her. He lifts her to him, not breaking the kiss, and carries her back a few paces to an unused stall filled with a bed of fresh, sweet-smelling hay. He lowers her to her feet and feels her sway unsteadily towards him. His arms wrap around her as he lowers and guides them both down, sinking into the hay.

As he moves gently over her, she opens her eyes to look up at him. His eyes lock with hers as he sees straight into her soul, the soul of her desire and need. A single ray of sunlight glints off his hair making a halo around his face. She cradles his cheek in her warm palm and draws him down to resume the kiss which has stolen her reserve and replaced it with an aching want, the innocence replaced with wantonness.

His hand roams up and down her side, from curve of breast to flare of hip, letting them learn her shape, memorizing with touch what he has already memorized with sight. He cups her breast, thumb moving across her already aroused nipple. She gasps and arches against him as his touch sends a shock of sensation to the very center of her. Pleased by her response, he presses his hips downward letting her feel his hardness, the response she has created in him.

Smiling down at her, he moves to unbutton the row of tiny buttons on the bodice of her blouse. Warm fingers part the two sides as each button slips free, exposing inch after inch of smooth creamy skin and, finally, the inner curves of her breasts. He kisses her softly once more then trails his lips down the pale column of her neck and across her chest, placing one final kiss between her breasts, feeling her heart racing beneath his lips. He raises his head and smiles down at her as his thumb flicks across her hard nipple. She gasps as the heat rushes into her cheeks again.

He moves to her side, leaning on one elbow. The warmth of his hand cradles and teases her breast as he lowers his head to kiss her again. He nibbles at her lower lip for a moment before tasting her again. He sucks lightly on her tongue as his hand slides along the length of her body, molding his palm to her curves. His firm touch follows the line of her body, from swell of breast, to tiny waist, over the flare of her hip, and along her strong leg to her boot clad ankle. His fingers tug at the hem of her skirt finally sliding beneath to touch her warm flesh.

She sighs into his kiss at the feel of skin on skin again. She shivers beside him as his fingers tickle back up her leg, pushing the skirt upward as he goes. Her hand cradles his cheek as the kiss continues, lips sealed and tongues dancing. Her gentle touch traces his ear and finally curves around the nape of his neck, her fingers combing through his hair, nails teasing his scalp. She trails her hands down over his shoulders, fingernails scratching lightly across his shirt.

His hand finally returns to the fullness of her hip. Slowly, he slides his palm around to flatten against her tummy. He feels her muscles tense and quiver beneath his touch as he backs away from the kiss to look down at her, watching her sooty lashes flutter against her cheeks. He continues to watch her as his hand crawls lower, cupping her body in his palm. A soft sigh passes her bruised lips as he finally cradles her heated flesh. She gasps as one strong finger slips into her and brushes over the sensitive bud that hides between the petals of her flesh. Her eyes fly open as his finger teases this new sensation from her body, and she stares up at him wide-eyed, amazed.

He smiles down at her and again claims her lips in a deep kiss. Trailing tiny nibbling kisses down her throat and chest, he hears her moan softly as his hand holds her. His lips close around one hard rosy nipple, and he sucks lightly, pulling another gasp from her. Her back arches like a strung bow as the two sensations mingle, his tongue flicking over one hard little bud in time with the caress of his fingertip on the moist, swollen bud between her legs.

Her hands frame his face, fingers pushing into his hair, as she holds him close to her breast. She rolls toward him and presses against him, seeking she knows not what. He releases her body and begins undoing the buttons on his shirt which were so much easier to do up that morning. Her hands join his, freeing button after button, watching the fabric part to reveal the broad expanse of his tanned chest. She pushes the shirt back and glances at his face, meeting his eyes for a brief moment before dipping her head and using the pink tip of her tongue to tease across his nipple, wanting to know if he will like it as well as she did. Her answer is his low moan. She sucks lightly as her tongue flicks back and forth. Finally, she bites him gently, feeling him jerk against her as his arms circle her tightly and he presses against her urgently. He breaks away from her and frees himself from the constraint of his breeches. She watches his movements and gasps, frightened eyes flying to meet his. He laughs softly and kisses her, reassuring her again, calming this new fear. He takes her hand in his own and guides her to himself, curling her hand around the length of him. He moans quietly at the feel of her soft palm and slim fingers. She answers his moan with one of her own as he begins to move their joined hands against the hard, silken heat of him.

Unable to wait any longer, he pushes her back into the hay and rises above her, settling between her legs. He kisses her hungrily, and she answers the passion with her own. Her arms slide around him again, holding him close as they kiss. She moans softly, feeling him slide into her and then hesitate as he meets the resistance of her maidenhood. He separates from the kiss to look down at her, remaining motionless, waiting to claim her. A soft sound of protest escapes her as her eyes flutter open to stare up at him and her hands flatten against his back, trying to pull him closer still. He kisses her tenderly with smiling lips, then with a sudden thrust, he steals her innocence. A sharp cry from her startles the animals, making the doves rustle above them and the horse snort softly beside them.

He seals his lips over hers, taking her small scream into himself, swallowing her pain and replacing it with pleasure as he begins to move slowly inside her. He soon feels her start to move beneath him, her hips meeting his as a quiet purr vibrates in her throat. He looks deep into her wide eyes, past tear-dampened lashes, seeing himself in the dark pools. She gazes back, already beyond the pain of a moment before. Her lips spread in a delicate smile as she nods slightly, and one full tear slips onto her cheek. He lowers his head and kisses that one small reminder of her pain away.

He rocks slowly into her, over and over again, sliding deeply inside her, feeling the moist heat of her gripping him tightly. She lifts her hips, meeting each thrust with a welcoming tilt. Her hands roam across his chest, toying with his nipples, then slipping under his shirt and around him to pull him close to her. He moves above her, inside her, feeling her hard nipples tickle his chest with each movement. His hand strays down her side again, retracing his course to the crook of her knee. He lifts her leg, feeling her muscles jump beneath his fingers as the soft skin of her inner thigh glides against his hip. She slides her leg around him, hooking behind him, holding him deep inside. He drives into her, pulling a low moan from her as her arms tighten around him and her legs circle him and lock together at her ankles.

Surrounded by her, wrapped in her, filling her, the scent of her skin and hair filling his nose, the feel of her skin against his, the sounds of her beneath him all fill his being as he pushes as deeply into her as he can, wanting to possess all of her. She reacts to him, her body clenching tightly around him, arms tightening her hold on him, her nails scoring his back, her legs locking behind him, allowing him no escape. Her head is thrown back and mouth open in a small circle as the first waves crash over her, and she falls willingly into the flood of sensation. She cries out with a tiny sound of pleasure, of amazement, and arches upward against him, holding him tightly both within and without. Feeling her clenching around him and listening to her voice her pleasure pull him over the edge, and he follows her, letting his release consume him. A deep moan slips from him, mingles with hers, then drifts to the rafters where the doves rustle on their perch.

She holds him tightly and closely against herself, cradling his body with her own as they float back to land. He relaxes into her embrace, lowering his head to kiss her tenderly. Her hands frame his face as she returns the kiss then draws his head down to her shoulder. Her body envelops him, arms around his neck, hands playing with his hair, legs still around him, him still within her. His arms slide around her to draw her close as their heartbeats slow and their breathing becomes deeper and slower. They doze in the late afternoon sun that throws long shadows across them, holding each other close, listening to each other breathe, calming heated bodies with soft caresses. The soft fluttering of the doves lull them to sleep in each others’ arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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