“Innocent” teen Sammie’s very first gang fuck

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Cute little “mostly” innocent Sammie has many fantasies, but her most desired 1 is intense. The young Slutty Sammie would…

Like to be stripped down to just a thin bra and thin panties then laid on her back onto a bed as 1 by 1 each limb gets handcuffed to a corner bedpost.

Then as Sammie is softly moving her hips and eager to get to her penetration she looks to the door in time to see a group of men walk in. Every one of them already have thier dicks pulled through the hole of thier bottoms and each cock each bigger than the last. Then Sam’s completely helplessly watches the men surround the bed. Each man immediately starting to have fun using her body.

An eager man crawls between her restrained legs and tightly grips her panties and rips them off then without a waiting a second he spits on her pussy and very quickly rubs it around then uses his hand to pry her tight plump cunt open and without caring for her pleasure or pain at all he shoves his dick into Sammie’s tight teen breeding hole. Another man yanks her bra off and begins sucking a tit as another 1 sucks her other tit. Another man gets on his knees above her head then he tightly grabs her throat and pulls her head back then slaps her face with his huge black cock. He then presses the tip on her tongue and takes the plunge. Sammie is now having her pussy fucked like a toy from a man who only wants to cum and doesn’t care if he hurts her pussy and her face being fucked by a BBC. Another man is taking pics and videos, 1 video he gets a close up of her face, she looks into the lens of the phone with teary eyes as the camera is also seeing her mouth being held open, a black hand gripping her throat and a thick and at least 9 inches of dark meat forcing it’s way straight down her throat.

For hours Sammie experienced true dominance. A hard man’s cock would be buried ball deep inside her pussy without hesitation and completely empty every drop in his balls, the men’s cocks one after another would shoot strings of sticky, hot and potent cum into her. Her fertile pussy after some time became completely full…. and so on each new creampie she’d feel her inner most pussy being flooded with a new hot liquid and she’d feel like her womb was being inflated by cum shot after cumshot. Each new creampie would cause her poor little and abused teen pussy to make a gushing sound. As the camera quickly pans to witness it, Sammie’s pussy gushing out the excess cum of every new man to use her exposed and defenseless wide open cock sleeve as a fleshlight and cumdump.

She is continously getting men after men, new cock after new cock instantly replacing finished cocks. Young adult cocks, 50 year old men’s cocks, a few maybe even 60 years old get to abuse her pussy like they just bought it. The sound of men’s hips slapping the thighs of a slutty little teen fills the room for hour after hour. Then Sammie’s was about to get a surprise she couldn’t see thanks to the man forcing his eager hard cock quickly in and out of her mouth. The man smiling and moaning as he looks down to see with each plunge down her throat Sam jerks on her hand restrains and her throat is visibly being molded by his dick. He can see the slight details of his dicks head forming in Sammie’s throat. Filling him with desire and overwhelming strong urges to completely dominate her so….he does. The old man inside her face places a hand on each side of her face and grips her, he completely stops her from moving then he resumes abusing his plaything. Pulling every inch of his cock out till the head is on Sam’s tongue then robbing her of air and gagging her by forcefully ramming his dick down her throat. His hips slamming against her face. Within a minute the old man couldn’t take fucking someone so young and slutty so his cock began to fill his body with pleasure and lust then he started climaxing. The tip of his cock being halfway down her throat causing the first string of cum to coat her deep throat then he begins pulling out. Another throb and another string of older man’s hot cum, this time landing right on Sam’s tongue and fills her mouth till it neatly over flows. Then he completely pulls his dick out but grabs it and starts pumping it, causing many more strings of cum to shoot out and each one hits Sammie’s face. As the phone guy records young Sammie forcefully getting a facial from a man older than her daddy.

Later that night after many loads to the pussy Sammie is about to get a surprise she can’t even see coming. After her next creampie a man crawls onto the bed and between her spread and restrained legs. Her very first black man. He pulls his already hard cock out and slaps it down onto her stomach. His cock is already making her tiny pussy look much, much smaller. The phone guy took a picture then showed Sam it, his black cock is reaching inches passed her bellybutton and as thick as her wrist. london escort The camera then pans down to get her next pounding on video. The black man slides his thick head up and down her pussy’s slit. She can feels her pussy becoming sore and she can feel as soon as his cock’s head parts open her pussy lips then loads of strangers cum begans running out. Cum running down her pussy and over her asshole then forming a big wet spot on Sammie’s favorite “Frozen” themed bedsheets. The black guys cock can feel her pussy oozing cum out and all down his thick inches. He gently wraps his hand around his cock as he uses his hips to repeatedly push the tip of his cock into Sam’s pussy lips and causes the creampies of countless men to reemerge from her deepest depths and then the huge amount of cum coats her thighs, assholes and bed.

The black man catches some of the thick globs of cum her pussy leaks on the tip of his cock. He then runs his hand up and down his shaft. Completely coating it in a sticky yet slippery coating of fertile cum that has been deep inside Sam for hours.

The black man pulls his hips back, presses the tip to her very slick and cum covered cunt. Without much resistance his huge cocks tip slips into his new fuckdoll. As the man keeps throat fucking Sam you can still hear her groan in protest to the big black cock already stretching her tight white teen pussy pass it’s limit. The black guy doesn’t even acknowledge Sammie’s groans of pain and just keeps slowly sliding inch by inch up inside her already sore pussy. Due to all the creampies his BBC is covered in lube however her young white pussy still can’t take it, her pussy lips are bring parted wide open. The plump, smooth and white skin next to her slit begins forming small rolls from the center of her slit out from the sheer girth spreading her open. After a drawn out minute of slowly sinking into her Sam is heard groaning louder and louder, as her feet and hands are rattling the chains of her cuffs. As the camera man gets a close up shot of her pussy the black man moans with satisfaction as the last thick, pussy wrecking black inch vanishes up into her tight and trembling teenage BBC virgin pussy. Right before the BBC starts pulling out the man using her throat as a pussy let’s out a loud moan. He pulls his dick out untill just the tip is on her tongue and he starts having the best orgasm of his life. Sammie’s cheeks become slightly bulging out as his cock force feeds her another fresh load of a man’s cum, and holds his cock in her mouth and pinches her nose shut until he sees her swallow once, twice, three times to get the whole load down then she opens her mouth and takes a deep breath. The next man up to explore her throat with his cock sit by her head but didn’t begin fucking her face. Instead he places a hand under her head and lifts her head up so she can see what is about to happen to her overly confident teen pussy. He looks at her and in a low voice says “You’re not woman, a slut for sure but your pussy is that of a inexperienced 16 year old. *He leans close to her cum covered face* You’re teen pussy is about to be truly destroyed so you need to see it”. Then he pulls her head up more and she gets a full view of the black man between her legs, his hands gripping her hips and nearly causing her to look like a midget from how big his hands are. Then Sammie see her flat belly….the black man buried in her flexes every muscle in his cock, causing it to bend upwards and thicken and even grow slightly longer. Her flat cute belly then quickly shows a bulge, in the obvious shape of his cock’s head, and as it bends upward the bulge grows bigger and bigger as the camera pans back and forth between the huge black cock completely owning the white slut completely restrained and helpless in front of him and to Sammie’s face, a face showing fear, pain, each time her eyes blink more tears roll down her face, Her head is being forced to stay up and watch the show and as soon as the black man begins moving Sam tightly bites her lower lip and every man can see the large amount of pain her pussy is in by her face. The BBC then proceedes to pull his hips back, his dick being so tightly gripped by her pussy that her pussy lips are being pulled out and dragging along each black inch as it exits her body. But Sammie wasn’t close to ready for his next move… with a man’s hand forcing her head to stay up she had not choice but to watch him start fucking her. Her eyes tightly closes and she let’s out a groan/scream of pain as soon as the black man violating her for only a quarter of his cock into her. With the camera man recording and the other man forcing her to watch the BBC began having fun with his new inexperienced white teen slut. He let’s go and starts fucking Sammie’s poor pussy like all the other’s. His hips begin to slam into Sammie’s small and thin and cum soaked thighs. Each london escort agency thrust rattling her asscheeks and giggling her exposed tits. Sammie tries her best but can’t help but groan in pain on each thrust and gasp when he pulls out because he’s so thick she can feel his cock yanking on her pussy’s walls. Sammie look at the camera crying and begging for the first time “Please no more. My pussy is fucking killing me! It hurts SO much having a nigge* fuck you”. The black man pounding her clearly gets upset and groans angrily “Look at the white bitch stating her opinion. You’re a fucking whore and WILL keep getting fucked like one you dumb slutty bitch”. He instantly began slamming his hips forward. Sam’s entire legs being thrown around from how brutality hard hes bottoming out up inside her. After she catches her breath from the intense deep raping she goes to scream but the man holding her head has other plans. He throws her head back, sits over her head with a knee on each side of her head then very tightly pinched and pulls her little pink nipples untill Sammie opens her mouth to scream in pain but instantly the older man on her head uses his hand to push his dick down and penetrates her lips then instantly bucks his hips forward and in seconds every inch of his dick is forcefully shoved down her throat as his cock is filled with intense pleasure because Sam’s throat muscles freak out from his cock invading her throat like that and he let’s out a proud moan “Bitch’s throat is like a vice grip” then he begins fucking Sammie’s face and just eager to deposit another load of man’s hot cum into her stomach. With Sammie’s moaning and bitching shut up by a cock her BBC master resumes punishing/torturing her aching pussy. He thrust so hard deep into her that her body is rammed up the bed. His black cock inching closer and closer to completion. The black man moans as he is buried ball deep inside Sam and is thrusting in and out of her pussy with the last 1-2 inches of his dick, “Fuck Sammie, I’m getting close to exploding inside you. You’re white cock milking hole down here between your legs really works. Now stop trying to scream with that cock down your throat and enjoy the biggest creampie you’ve gotten tonight you fucking slut”. With just a few very hard and deep thrust the black man begins moaning loudly as his hand keep tightening thier grip around her hips, his pure strength is easily begins contorting Sam’s belly as his huge cock continues deforming it by plunging deep inside her, rearranging her organs as his cock is forced deeper than her pussy can swallow and the bulge in her belly reaches its peak as the black man’s cock powerfully shoots out the first huge string of sticky, warm and overly potent black baby seed right inside of her. Sammie groans in intense sexual pain and protest as she can feels loads of black man’s cum filling her womb against her will. Shortly after her groans start they are quickly silence as the man on top of her face sinking his dick into her throat begin moaning loud too. Sam is instantly scared because she knows what’s coming…..as a huge load of another man’s cum is now being squirt at the back of her throat and straight down, forcing her to swallow against her wishes. More and more cum keeps shooting out of the cock down her throat, she panics and tries to get her hands free but of course she fails as her nose is pinched close again and the old man in her throat continues feeding her his hot cum. As the black man’s cock has been neglected. He hasn’t cum in awhile so he knows what’s happening. His dick keeping pulsing, each 9ne lunching a huge load of cum deeper and deeper into Sam’s nearly wrecked pussy. The black man reaches down and moans as he flicks, twists, pulls and pinches Sam’s clit. After his 5th pump of cum inside her pussy he keeps pumping more each second but her sore and stretched pussy lips give out and loads of cum gushes out of her as her belly is still being filled with warm cum. After both men shoot their last pump into thier defensely, teenage fuck doll they both hold thier dicks inside her ball deep. As Sammie fights to get out of her cuffs the cock planted down her throat doesn’t budge even as she tried to take in a breath. The camera man begins uploading all the pictures and videos of Sammie being destroy by a group fuckijg from grown men. The cock in her throat is finally ripped out as she coughs up fresh cum then looks at the man still inside her pussy. With a shaky and scared voice Sam says “I didn’t mean anything by it…”. The black man responded “Shit the fuck up, next time I’m fucking your ass you bitch”. Then he yanks his cock out, causing Sam to convulse and fall backwards onto the bed. As all the men besides the camera man leaves. Sam looks up to him, confused as he shows her that hours of video and many pictures of her being owned was uploaded across many sites.

He escort london then proceeds to slide his pants down, gets between her legs as Sammie begs “Please! No! I’m so fuckimg sore….and you violated me, recorded it… AND put it online…”. The man simply responds with “Keep bitching and I’ll send it to your family.”

Then he hits record on his phone, points it at Sam’s face and in a sinister voice says “Come on slut. Make sure to show me some emotions and the pain you’re feeling.

Then the guy grips onto her thighs and spreads her legs super wide and forces her muscles to stretch because he forces her legs up, once the cuffs stop them from going up more he unlocks only 1 then shoves that legs up above her head then cuffs it by her hand then does the same to the other leg. Using his phone with the flash on he begins taking pictures of her super exposed asshole. The man gets super excited as he snaps more pictures and he sees that due to load after load of cum forced into her pussy’s walls she leaked out and the hot sticky cum has completely soaked her asshole. He leans down and licks her asshole as Sam squirms and groans from her uncomfortable position. She’s completely overwhelmed with feeling powerless and embarrassed from taking 20+ loads of hot cum tonight. The man then leans up over her face, places his hands on her asscheeks and squeezes as he smirks in her face and say “Your night’s just starting. For a slut your ass didn’t take a cock yet so we must fix that”

Sammie quickly shakes her head but before she can get a single word out she feels a sharp pain shoot up inside her. He had been able to easily penetrate her clenched ass because of all the cum soaking her asshole. And before his hips meet her ass Sammie begins loudly grunting in pain. He smiles at her as she continues begging for mercy and screaming/groaning/grunting in pain. Not knowing it turns him on. His hips slam against her small asscheeks, rattling her whole body, her ass violently shakes her tits giggle, Sam drools In terrible pain from just the first plunge into her asshole. But he refused to let absolutely anything stop him from taking his chance to violate Sammie’s deep innocence and forcefully take her ass’ virginity.

He starts pounding her like every other guy did. Only difference is that with each thrust his hips slam her and cause her hips to get forced even closer to her head but the angle prevents anything from stopping his cock from reaching as deep as it can. Sam’s small asschecks provide no protection. The man holds the camera up to her face and moans “Cry for me you young slut” as for the next 30+ minutes he captures all of her gasping, shouting in pain as his cock slams ball deep, all her tears, all of her begging for mercy or for him to pull of out her ass. Sam’s face covered with mixture between anal pounding tears and cum that gushed from her mouth. Then as the man raping Sammie’s last bit of innocence from her approaches climax he moans to Sam “Here comes your gift you teen slut” as she can only manage to get a whimper of pain out as her deep bowls are repeatedly invaded by a old stranger’s cock, causing Sammie’s to whimper in defeat and shame as she prepares to for the first time feel cum shot into her ass.

The man pulls the camera down and holds it inches above her asshole that’s completely exposed for the whole internet to see. As her asshole is visibly being pulled in as he thrust in or getting pulled put by his dick as he pulls his hips back. The sight of it instantly drives him over the edge. On the next thrust he uses all of his body weight and collapses onto Sam. His 200 pound body forced his cock to drive as deep as it’s ever been up Sammie’s asshole and as soon as he does it he begins to uncontrollably moan as both of them feel the flood of hot, thick cum shoot up into her bowls. His cock reaching deep, the tip penetrates to the 1st turn of her bowls then erupts. Causing loads of thick cum to flood up inside Sammie’s teenage asshole by force. Due to the awkward position she’s being forced to be in gravity is actually pulling the hot cum deeper and deeper into her. His balls pressed between Sam’s all asscheeks as his cock is held completely buried up her ass even as she cried and grunts in pain and begs for him to pull his dick out of her.

His phone captures all if it. For nearly 60 seconds the man held his throbbing cock inside her freshly abused and raped asshole. Sammie cries as she feels how huge the amount of cum is inside her. Deep inside her because he held her ass in the air as he held is cock in it and gravity kept shoving it deeper. Right before he pulls out he puts his camera just an inch away from her swollen pussy and then sinks two fingers down her pussy without warning. Then he spreads those fingers apart, opening her breeding tunnel for the camera to see. He looks at Sam as says “I can see the overwhelming amount of cum drowning your womb. Have fun finding the Dad you fucking slut.” Then he yanks his cock out leaves her there, restrained, with her bare ass and pussy wide I’m the air.

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