Insatiable: Beginnings

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Insatiable: Beginnings

Sunday mornings are the best. Waking up slowly before the kids get up, enjoying the calm before the storm. Being a blended family was tough sometimes, especially for the kids. Finding where they fit, figuring out where the boundary lines were drawn, sometimes hit and miss but we were all learning together, and with patience it was getting easier day by day. It was never going to be plain sailing with 7 of them to contend with. Just how it goes when fate doesn’t let you find your soulmate until later in life.

I open my eyes, the soft light breaking through the gap under the heavy deep purple curtains covering the double window across from the bed. I sigh contentedly, snuggling back into my love, his body curved perfectly against mine, as if he were made to fit me. His strong arm draped over me, his leg leaning gently on my calf, the weight of him comforting, protective. These are the moments I live for.

I wriggle my arm from under me, wondering what time it is and how long we have before the chaos of the day begins. I glance at my watch, 6:30am, still at least 30 minutes of peace with any luck. Doubtful we will get that long but hope springs eternal. I pull my mid length auburn hair around and under me so it doesn’t tickle his nose and move closer into him, his breath on my neck sweetly sending shivers down my spine. My back pressed against his chest. I slip my hand into his and hold it against my own chest, my thumb wrapped around where his should be, our fingers entwined. I giggle to myself as I stroke the little scar from his missing digit, my fisting hand, always makes me smile remembering how many hours we laughed over that joke so many moons ago. I feel him stirring, listening to the cute little noises he makes as he wakes. His arm pulls me closer still, I can feel his heart beating against me. It feels like home.

“Good morning beautiful.” He says, his voice low and sleepy. His accent, so different to my own, I’m in love with how he sounds. I smile, wondering for a moment how I managed to survive so many years without this wonderful man. I guess the old saying ‘you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince’ was true after all, and boy had I had my fair share of frogs.

“Good morning baby.” I sigh again, pushing back into his crotch, his morning glory poking me between my cheeks.

Unravelling his hand from mine he explores my chest, moving slowly from one breast to the other, pausing to tease each nipple in turn. I moan and sink into his touch, the longing for him growing in my loins. His lips on my neck making me squirm against him. His hand slides down my stomach and dips between my legs, which instinctively part as he approaches. Dipping his fingers in the wetness he groans deeply, an animalistic growl. Fuck! He makes me crazy. I push back harder against him, grinding my full buttocks in a slow teasing manner, another groan in my ear tells me how much he wants me too. His ample manhood pressed between my cheeks, how easy it would be to bend forward so he could slip inside……

The door crashes open, both of us startled back to reality, rolling away from one another quickly. Sara, his 4-year-old daughter, barrels into the room.

“Morning Daddy! Morning Tracey!” She almost squeals as she climbs onto the bed, grabbing his leg to pull herself up. He grasps the covers as she tries to slip in.

“Good morning monkey, not under the quilt remember?” He admonishes lightly, she pouts and her round face scrunches up in disappointment.

“Ok Daddy.” The tiny sigh in her voice apparent. I let out a little laugh, she’s so cute when she’s pouty that I can’t help it.

“Sorry angel. We’ll get up in a minute and get your breakfast done, want my phone a sec while we get dressed?” I say, the amusement still in my voice. Her frown turns to a grin as I hand over my iPhone, her fingers grabbing at it greedily. “Take it to your room a minute, we won’t be long.”

Clambering down from the bed she skips to her room, seconds later the sounds of CocoMelon can be heard.

I lean over to kiss him lightly, lingering for a second, the wanting still there but duty calls. I wrap my arms around him for a quick cuddle before stretching out.

“Come on then, little cock-blockers are up.” He laughs. “I guess THIS will have to wait.”

He gestures to his still engorged cock, clearly a little disappointed. I smile and shake my head mock sympathetically.

“I guess it will baby. Whatever will you do?” The teasing tone making him fake a disgusted face, I stick out my tongue, light heartedly mocking him. “Let’s get this day started.”

Reluctantly he climbs out of bed, still standing to attention. I roll across the bed so I’m eye level with his big hard cock, looking up at him suggestively. I lick my lips and lean closer, slipping just the tip of him in my mouth, lightly teasing with my tongue. I feel him tense and he reaches for my hair, I pull back, peck him lightly on his glistening eye and wriggle away.

“You fucking tease!” His turn to shake his head in a half mock indignation. eryaman escort He bends to poke me in the side as I roll.

“I’m sorry baby!” I smirk, clearly not sorry at all.

He laughs, quiet frustration apparent in its tone, pulls on some grey cotton shorts and a white tee, and walks towards the door. I watch his taut little ass as he moves, grinning to myself. Pausing in the doorway he turns.

“See you downstairs sweetheart. This isn’t over!” He winks and disappears round the frame, pulling the door to so I can get dressed in privacy.

I lay in bed, listening to the sounds of them walking down the stairs. The back and forth chitter chatter, mixed with the inane singing from my phone, making my heart swell. Their voices fading till they reach the bottom. I cuddle the blanket for a few more seconds, lost in the warm fuzzy feeling of being loved, the warmth in my groin still glowing like an ember. I stretch out before throwing it back and getting up. Throwing on some light green cotton gym shorts and a mismatched lilac tank top, I slink towards the bathroom to brush my teeth. Time for the fun to begin.


The morning passes quickly, barely time to sit. Between dealing with drama, watching mind-numbing kids shows and prepping lunch, it’s a blur. Scott was in the kitchen turning his signature roast potatoes for, what felt like, the millionth time, so I manage to breathe for couple of minutes. Sat on the heavy black leather sofa, my legs curled under me, giant Homer mug in hand, I watch Jazz and Sara play.

“Would dolly like more tea?” Jazz proffers the white plastic teapot to a naked baby Annabelle, asking in a sing song voice.

“No, she has some!” Sara shakes her head, irritated at Jazz’s obvious lack of observational skills. “Teddy needs some though.” She adds, thoughtfully.

“Oh! How silly of me!” Jazz mock gasps, and turns the teapot towards the teddy. “One lump or two, Sir?” She asks, the serious look on her face makes me giggle to myself.

“It’s spoons silly!” Sara replies, her frown deepening, little furrows in her brow, such a little diva. I’m taken back to when Jazz was that age and my heart swells again.

“Oh, is it now?” Jazz responds, placing the pot on the cool laminate floor she reaches over and tickles Sara till the frown is replaced by a huge toothy grin, the sweet sounds of her laughter like a bell in the air.

I place my cup on the glass topped coffee table and rise from my seat, padding across the lounge towards the delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen. I reach the doorway and stop, leaning against the wooden frame, watching as Scott moves the tray back into the oven, places the tea towel on the counter and picks up his phone. I smile, drinking him in. He truly is a sight for sore eyes. The crisp white t-shirt snuggly fitting his strong shoulders and slender back. His arms, though not overly muscular, toned beneath the short sleeves. The tattoos adorning his skin dancing as he scrolls. He leans forward, his elbows on the cream marbled counter top, back hunched and head bowed. His ass poking out invitingly, as if asking to be grabbed.

Barefoot, I sneak across the room, silent like a ninja on the white tiled floor. I stand behind him, poised ready to cup his cheeks, I reach forward, reconsider and quickly slap his butt, running back across then kitchen towards the door.

“What the?!” He makes chase, I barely make it halfway when he catches up to me, spinning me around by my arm, turning me to the side and bending me half over, raining his hands over and over on my peachy mounds.

I’m laughing uncontrollably, but the contact of his hand on my cotton clad butt is reigniting the passion from earlier.

“Mmmmm, kinky! Don’t stop now I’m already getting wet.” I say quietly, standing to face him, smirking wantonly, I raise my eyebrows.

“That makes a change sweetheart.” He quips, a sarcasm filled response that has me trying not to smile.

“Cheeky fucker!” I pout, lightly smacking his arm playfully.

He grasps my arm gently and drags me forward, I shy my head away in pretend indignation, looking towards the ceiling like a child in a strop. He slaps my ass again, the smirk still adorning his face, grabbing me by my derrière, he pulls me to him.

I reach up to kiss him, his lips soft and yielding, our tongues dancing a slow sweet tango, the wetness pooling in my pussy, my head clouding with wanting. I slide my hand down his chest, his thick dick springing to life against my hip as I near. Palming him gently, one finger teasing his balls thru his shorts, slipping under him and rubbing painfully slowly. I wanted him so badly to bend me over the counter and take what he wants from me. The need for him growing so strong I moan involuntarily. I slide my my hands under his shirt, his skin is warm beneath my touch, pulling him closer into a deeper embrace. I could stay here forever….

The oven timer pings, breaking through the fog. I release him from my grip and sigh. Back to reality.


Later that evening escort ankara we sit snuggled on the sofa, Sara on both our laps, always wanting in on the action. Her tiny arms wrapped around Scott, her feet draped across my lap. My head on his shoulder and an arm resting on her calf. She looked so angelic with her sweet face pressed on his chest, straining to see the tv, one of her whiny kids shows on YouTube keeping her occupied. Her hair wet from her bath, donning Disney princess pjs, her bedtime milk cup on her own lap now empty, she lets out a yawn.

“Time for bed princess.” He says, I move away slightly to let him up.

Taking her under her armpits he picks her up as he rises.

“Goodnight angel. Sweet dreams.” I smile up at her, her eyes already starting to close with her head on his shoulder.

As he leaves the cold hits me, I grab the multicoloured crochet popcorn blanket I made from the back of the sofa and pull it over my goosebumped legs. Our BJ blanket, I chuckle to myself at the thought. I absentmindedly grab the remote and turn off the childish show, scrolling thru Netflix to see which adult show we can watch this evening to pass the time. I pause on a documentary we had noted the night before and set it up for when he returns. Leaning forward I pick up my glass of water, scrolling thru my phone lazily. I couldn’t wait for bedtime later. Images of us together naked flooding my thoughts. I squirm, my thighs pressed tightly, the creamy flesh rubbing against my already throbbing pussy, the moisture seeping onto my shorts.

Minutes later he returns, walks around the sofa and plops himself down next to me.

“She went down fast tonight!” I exclaim, impressed.

“Must have been all the tea.” He jokes.

“Could be.” I say, my head nodding in faux thought.

I take the remote from my lap, point it at the tv.

“Ready?” I ask, giving him a questioning look, my eyes serious and brow furrowed.

“Ready.” He nods, pulling the blanket onto his own lap and slipping an arm around me.

I snuggle into him and press play. We banter back and forth, random conversation, laughing intermittently, teasing pokes and little touches. This is my happy place. Kids all doing their own thing and us just being us. I slip my hand across his waist, grazing his groin as I do.

“Someone’s awake, huh?” I chuckle lightly. “And I’m the easy one?”

“Well YOU decided to wake him up! Don’t blame me!” His mock indignation makes me giggle more.

“Oh, I’m not taking the blame for THAT! Credit maybe but not blame!” I catch his eye, he’s trying his best to look innocent and I’m definitely not buying that act. Something about the look, I don’t know what, but instantly the atmosphere changes, like a switch. I want him badly.

Turning to face him, cross legged, I kiss him quickly before sliding onto my stomach, legs stretching back like a cat, face to face with his shorts. I pull the blanket over me, just my calves and feet visible above. I slip his waistband down, freeing his hardness. He lifts a little and wriggles his shorts down further allowing me access. I run my fingers over his length, teasing slowly. Flicking my tongue at the tip in a snake like manner, barely touching, just tasting its metallic head.

I grip the shaft gently, moving my thumb along the centre as I twist. I feel him relax, sinking into the sensations, wriggling lower in his seat, knowing that will spur me on to take him in my mouth. He knows me so well. I slide forward, raising up so I’m looking down on his fullness, the saliva building up in my mouth. Moistening my lips I lower onto him, taking just the tip inside, sucking on him soft and slow, tracing my tongue along his salty ridge. Pressing his engorged end against the roof of my mouth, my hand continuing it’s slow twisty assault.

I stay this way for a few minutes, feeling him urging me to take his throbbing cock deeper, holding him down with my free hand. I love to tease him, love how it makes him lose control, the power dynamic shift when he can’t hold back gets me hotter than I ever have been before. His hand drifts under the blanket, into my hair, gently caressing, I know he wants to force me onto his big hard dick, but is also aware he has to be patient. He’s my favourite game to play, and we play it well.

He tenses below me, still sucking gently I contemplate if he’s ready. Lapping the precum from the tip from inside my mouth, I pull back releasing him from the torture and slide him all the way in. He’s so big I can’t help but gag a little as he pushes against my throat, my eyes water and I can’t breathe yet I suck harder. His hand grips my hair tighter and he yanks me onto him, shoving deeper into me with every thrust, mumbling that sexy ‘fuck’ as he ravages my throat. Moving faster up and down, I’m moaning hard onto him, the vibrations echoing along his throbbing veins. The salty sweet taste of his precum preparing me for my reward. His stomach tenses and I know he’s close…

*SLAM* the front door bangs shut, fucking kids!!! Zac is back. Great timing sincan escort kid, I think to myself, torn between disappointed and annoyed at this interruption.

I leap up from my position and quickly straighten up my hair. I can’t help but giggle as Scott struggles to get his shorts back up before Zac comes in for his nightly two minute chat. He enters the room but instead of hovering in the doorway as he usually did, he saunters over to the oversized armchair and sits.

“Ok so what’s up bud?” Scott says, the frustration more than a little apparent in his tone. He breathes and forces a smile, trying to cover up the annoyance.

“Well…” Zac starts.

We settle into the sofa, it’s gonna be a long night…


An hour later the conversation was still flowing. I check my watch, almost 11pm, and stifle a yawn. Snuggled into Scott’s shoulder I can feel myself drifting off. I sit up and shake it off, waiting for a pause in the conversation before excusing myself.

“Goodnight boys. I’ll see you in a bit baby.” My voice dripping with exhaustion.

I place a light kiss on his forehead, trailing my fingers across his chest and make my way upstairs, leaving the low toned chatter below. I step inside the bathroom, deciding on the dimmer lights around the mirror so as not to wake myself too much while I get myself ready for sleep. The soft hue is calming, almost candle-like, shadows dancing off the egg shell blue walls as I wash the day off. I take off my shirt, tossing it towards the laundry basket in the corner, my shorts following it in quick succession. I catch sight of my reflection in the slightly steamy mirror, a lacy black bra encasing my heavy breasts, the nipples straining at the fabric like twin petals reaching for sunlight. Tiptoeing so I can survey myself a little more, I twist at the hip to get a better look, the matching black lace french knickers framing my full round ass, the cheeks peeking out from below the scalloped edges of the lace. My grey blue eyes scanning my curves, definitely not perfect but could be worse. Satisfied, I grab my red satin dressing gown from the hook on the glossy white door, slip it on and head to the bedroom, my bare feet sinking into the carpet, masking my steps. I didn’t want to risk waking anyone right now.

*Beep* my phone startled me, and I cursed whoever was messaging at this time of night. Frowning I step into the bedroom and close the door lightly behind me. Pulling my phone from my pocket my frown turns to a smirk.

*You’d better still be awake up there sweetheart*

My heart skips a beat and heat floods to my loins, flashes of he and I naked……. Shedding the red satin I climb on top of the covers, sliding across on my stomach, my calves floating in the air like a teenager with a crush, leaning on my elbows with my phone clasped in my hands, rereading the message in my head. I lean over to switch on the lamp next to the bed, the soft light bathing the room in a warm yellow glow.

*I’m still awake baby* I reply.

Positioning the camera over my shoulder so he can see what he is missing, I take a quick pic and press send. Crossing my ankles over one another, my thighs rubbing the lace against my wetness as I move. I know it won’t be long before he is up here with me now, and I’m having a hard time thinking of anything else. My phone lights up again.

*Fuck baby! Don’t you dare fall asleep now! I’ll be up as soon as I can*

Squirming into the quilt, thoughts of what I want to be doing with him taking over my mind. No one had ever had so much control over my body, just one look, one message, one call, instantly had me ready. I slip one hand under me and press the sodden lace against my already throbbing clit.

*I’m all ready for you baby, one finger sliding against my wet pussy just for you* I send, I need him up here so badly.

*Fucking kids!* His reply is fast, I know how much he needs release too.

I let out a little laugh, my head still cloudy with wanting. After all the teasing today I know what is in store for me and I’m anxious to finish what we started. I continue pressing against the lace, squirming into my hand, the pressure deliberate and slow. I lift my hips and slide onto my knees, chest pushed into the mattress, fingering the moist fabric between my lips, my hand sticky from the heat.

*I’m still waiting baby, position assumed ??*

I snap another pic, surveying the smooth arch of my back and round lace covered buttocks, and press send. Seconds later I hear the click of the bathroom door and the rush of water. My phone buzzes and a picture flashes up, I raise my eyebrows and smirk. I start to slide back onto my stomach and a message pops up below the image.

*Don’t move a muscle, and keep that pussy wet for me.*

Fuck! I need him badly now! I slip my panties off and angle myself on the bed so that my wet pussy can be seen from the door. I spread my legs wider, my fingers moving the moisture from my slit and back to my throbbing nub. The door clicks shut and I can’t help but smirk into the covers. A sharp intake of breath and a low moan signalling he approves of my offering. I turn my head to see him, fingers moving slowly. The desire very apparent in his eyes as he watches me play. I love how much he craves me, it feeds my soul.

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