Insatiable Lovers

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Please read A Serendipitous Weekend before reading this for batter appreciation of this story

Kyle returned home and told Shannon about the Serendipitous Weekend he had with Jit. Rather than being angry, she was jealous. There was no anger among them on these matters, as long as they did not keep it hidden from each other, as long they shared their experiences. Being what they had become in the past few months had made a lot of difference in their life, they looked at things from a different perspective.

“I am jealous.” Shannon said.

She was. She was in awe with Jit, who she considered to be very sexy, and womanly. Even the thought of going down on Jit, or having her going down on her was not distasteful, it even made her hornier. She imagined her hands cupping Jit’s tits, the full globes he had lustily sucked and kneaded. Who wouldn’t, Jit was that sort of a woman.

A week later as he sat at his work he got a ring.


“Busy?” He recognised Jit’s sultry voice filter through the phone.

“Not. At. All.” He punctuated each word, letting a deep breath, put his pen down.

“I will talk in Hindi, on the way to KL, thought would bore you a little.”

“Just listening to your voice could never be boring.”

“I was thinking of the weekend. I swear I have never enjoyed meeting someone so much. Thank you.”

“Thank you, Jit, you were and are amazing. Shannon was mad that she couldn’t have been there.”

“She knows. Rabba, she is going to kill me…”

“Why would she want to kill you, she thinks you are a goddess, she worships you.”

“Oh that beautiful woman, she is so pretty.”

“Yes she is. And if she got the chance she would really like to know you better.”

“I dreamt of your lund every night, even now I can feel it inside me.”

“Oh Jit, I can close my eyes and feel the heat of your sweet cunt on my cock. But you know what I can feel most, the tightness of your ass. That was a truly amazing thing.”

“Ohhhh.” She said her voice a little shaky. “I am shaking a little remembering that, the warm semen shooting inside me.”

“Oh yeah.”

“Does she really like me? Shannon?”

“You can’t believe how much. She has never done with a woman before, but she says, you are one woman she would do it with.”

“How nice, I am getting wet. You know I could teach her a few things. Haha.”

“I am sure you could Jit. But don’t underestimate her, she is a vixen, just get her heated up and she could teach a few things too.”

“She seems like a fantastic woman. I would like to know her. Say I will be back on Friday, why don’t both of you come to my house on Saturday? Dinner and drinks?”

“That would be fantastic. But on one condition. I get at least a kiss, warm, long and wet one.”

She laughed. “Okay I will give you that, and who knows a little more too.” Let us see how the night goes.

The Saturday took a long time in coming. Shannon selected several dresses and discarded them. Kyle had never seen her so nervous. At last she settled on a simple salwar khameez. It was the one that made her tits look good, one that made her ass look even juicier.

They bought a bottle of wine and reached the house.

Shannon looked radiant, the constant blush she had in Jit’s presence was making her even more delicious. Her eyes just glazed when Jit took her hand, or caressed her gently, with a smile. If she Jit had opened her arms, she would have melted into them with hesitation.

Jit looked great. Her upright posture, her disarming smile, her perfectly chiselled features were cock hardening. Kyle had a constant hard on. She looked old, compared to them, but she seemed to have that vintage beauty that made her look even sexier, even more alluring. Kyle was sure that Shannon would have such an effect when she got older.

“I heard you have taken a liking to me?” She asked Shannon as she showed her around the garden, the kitchen. Shannon blushed. “No seriously, you are so beautiful, I am actually flattered.”

“I am beautiful?” Shannon asked. Enthralled. She was now standing with her back to the kitchen counter, Jit was facing her.

“There is one sure way to prove it to you, no?” Jit said as her hand reached for Shannon’s shoulders and her lips came slowly down on hers. Shannon skipped a beat as the lips met. For a second she stood still and then her lips responded with a soft moan and opened up to Jit’s. Jit’s one hand slipped from the shoulder and reached to cup one tit. The moan got in her mouth got louder.

Moving just a fraction away, lips still touching lips, Jit said. “Just kissing you made my pussy wet.”

“Oh God yes.” Shannon felt weak in the legs, they felt like jelly. They heard a servant coming in and broke off. Washing hands.

“We should go away on a weekend somewhere? What do you say. I will arrange at some nice place.”

Shannon nodded. Jit turned to the servant and told her to do something that would take her away from the kitchen. As the cumlouder porno servant left, she kissed her again. “You know I have not been so fucking wet for a woman since I was in college. You are beautiful.”

She kissed her again, her hand reaching to squeeze Shannon’s ass. Shannon sighed and placed her head on Jit’s chest, feeling the warmth of her tits, the fleshy cushion felt heavenly. Jit said to her softly.

“I want to whisk away your husband into the study for a bit, okay? Promised him a kiss, though I might end up doing something more.” She lifted Shannon’s face so they looked into each other’s eyes. “Though I would rather spend this night with you, god, the things we could do…” She broke off and washed her hands again.

They went to the living room, where their respective husbands were drinking, talking of whatever came to the mind.

Jit put her hand on Kyle’s shoulders, bent a little and said. “Hey, I know you are good at computers, can take you away for a minute to ask something about the computers. Shannon, keep Bitoo busy for a while, please.”

They left, Shannon watched them go, for a moment she felt a twinge of jealousy, and she wanted to be there in that room with that woman, she sighed and turned her attention to the man in the room.

As Jit held the door to the study Kyle walked in and she closed the door and locked it. Her chest was heaving. “Your fucking beauty has set my pussy in flames; I am wet like a whore.”

“That is what you promised you will be. My whore.” Kyle replied, the cock throbbing in his pants.

“I am. And I think I am going to be Shannon’s too. She is so beautiful, God, kissing her was so hot…”

She took his hand and kissed him; her hands went to his pants, unbuckled him in no time and had his phallus in her hand. She moaned and went down on her knees, swallowing the throbbing cock, worshipping it and lathering it with her saliva. But she was too aroused for that to suffice that for long. She stood up and undid the sash of her salwar, let it all to the floor and stepped out. She planted her generous ass on the table behind her and put her arms around his neck.

“Fuck me man, just chod muhje.” Fuck me.

The carpet under the feet was plush, but a comforter had been thrown on the floor too, not a regular object surely, just for this purpose. He pushed her down, turning her around. He was taking her from behind, just as she liked it, even as Shannon liked it.

He entered her, ramming into her in one swift motion, filling her, completing her, she moaned, and fucked, ramming harder and harder. His hands were on her back, straying down to cup an ass cheek. He heaved into her, now thrust very hard, slowly, removing his cock till the tip and ramming back fast in with a force that shook her. Then he jammed as hard and as deep as he could and stayed there. His cock began to harden even more, and he began to spill his juice in her parched cunt. She bit her lips and moaned. When the throbbing began a little less, he pulled out of her, his cock dripping. She was on her knees again, cleaning away his cock, leaving it as spick and span as she had found it.

He pulled his pants up. She was still panting. He composed himself, willed to compose himself.

“You go and join them. I will be there in a minute.” She panted.

He left.

She joined them in ten minutes, she had redone her makeup. The smeared lipstick was gone; the bindiya that had been displaced was back in place.

They had a good dinner, a few more drinks too; Shannon had a nice buzz from the wine she drank.

As they said their good byes, the husband stayed at the door. Jit came to the car as Shannon took the wheel. She put her head in and kissed Shannon, a long lingering kiss, in which the tongue duelled, and moans were exchanged. She left her suddenly, the look in her eyes, or lust and arousal said it all.

Shannon started the engine and waving, silent, holding her breath, she reached the main road and her eyes on the road she shushed her husband when he wanted to say something. She shushed him again. They drove fast and in silence. As they reached home, he opened the door as she parked the car and went into his bedroom. The kids were all asleep. He was just unbuttoning his shirt when she came in, leaned on the closed door and looked at him, her chest heaving.

Without saying a word, she began to remove her clothes, threw it on the floor and seeing him undressing slowly, she helped him. Again he was shushed when he wanted to say something. This time with her lips that hungrily, attacked him. They fell on the bed, she was pushing his mouth down, making him find her crotch, and he could smell her, the familiar smell of her sex, her arousal.

“Kyle, please don’t talk, just fuck me okay? Suck my pussy.”

Then she turned on the bed, so she could bring her lips to his cock. As she held his cock, she asked.

“Did you fuck her, in the study?”

He lifted his head from her juicy cunt czech amateurs porno and replied. “Yes.”

“Oh you smell of her, you taste of her, you motherfucking fuck oh fuck fuck fuck.” Her ass rose and arched and she send a fresh supply of juice to his mouth as she came.

Panting, she scrambled away, caught his hair and pulled him to her face. “Fuck me; fuck me like you fucked her.”

They fucked, hard, lasted way past midnight and then in the bathroom as they had after sex cigarettes, they told each other of what had happened in Jit’s house, she closed her eyes and shivered as she remembered the kiss.

They went back to bed and cuddled to sleep.

The night must have been hot for Jit too. Later when she recalled it, they could piece together the events and while Shannon and Kyle were in bed, fucking away, both filled with images of Jit and her nudity and her sensuality, Jit was fingering herself in bed. She got out a long unused dildo from a drawers and sitting on the bathroom floor she closed her eyes and was in a world of her own, Shannon and Kyle kept flitting into her mind, with an occasional image of herself as a young girl just starting her college, with her room mate and nights of torrid lesbian sex.

She came loud, very loud. It was a good thing that her husband had had a little more than his usual quota of drinks and was snoring away.

Even the shattering orgasm did not bring the relief she had wished for, even the taste of semen than still lingered in her cunt and from there to her fingers and mouth did not pacify her lust. She just wanted more. She slept fitfully.

The next few nights were equally fitful to Jit, on Thursday, as Shannon and Kyle sat on the swing after dinner, she arrived. They were delighted to see her and a little piqued at what had brought her here.

She hugged them both, her lips lingered a little longer on Shannon, and there was a wistful look in her eyes.

“I have a request, a proposal. Can I be candid?”

“Of course.” Kyle replied.

“I want of take away Shannon for the weekend on Friday afternoon. Yes, just her. I have been with Kyle, I really enjoyed the weekend but what I have missed is the beauty of being with a woman, and I just can’t wait for the planned holiday. I just want a weekend alone with her.”

“I am okay with that. It is up to her.”

Jit turned to Shannon, held her hand. “Please, don’t refuse. Have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, never.” Shannon answered; her throat dry.

“Then let me be the one to show you the immense pleasure that it can be, how sublime the togetherness is, please.”


And that weekend they packed and left.

The air was one of nervousness in the car, they drove for quite long in silence, and occasionally Jit’s hand would rest on Shannon’s knees, massaging her gently. In an hour’s time they arrived at the resort in Johor Bahru. A newly built water front resort, she had obviously been here before and knew which chalet to book. She had chosen one that was the most secluded, with enough room to hold a family, with a small pool, a swanky Jacuzzi, and a large bed in the master bedroom. It was a warm day.

“Let us go for a dip in the pool, it is quite private, the walls are high.” Jit suggested, and then added. “Wait.”

She got closer to Shannon, whose heart began to race as Jit took her face in her hands, leaned and kissed her gently. Then as their eyes locked and the that primeval passion began to boil, she began to unbutton Shannon’s blouse, and then as the blouse fell to the floor, the bra clasp snapped and it too followed the blouse. Jit’s hands cupped the fair sized tits, cupped them with just the right roughness and gentleness, then she bent to take one in her mouth. Shannon moaned, she had done this in many of her lucid imaginations, but the lips of the woman she was so in awe with just made her cum.

Shannon tried to back pedal, to the large couch, Jita sensed it and led her to the couch and sat her down. She knelt on the floor and began to suck the other tit, and then kisses spread, to the underside of her tits. She just seemed to know where to kiss her and as Shannon lay back, her eyes closed, her breathing harder by the second, Jit reached the edge of the jeans. She licked and kissed the belly button, and her finger had undone the jeans button and the zipper was down.

Shannon’s cunt juice was flowing by now and the whiff of her arousal was in the air as Jit pulled and tugged the pants down. She was kissing the bare thighs, the inner thighs and she was kissing the calves, and the sole of her feet. The kisses were so unlike her husband, who did the same things too, but these just lit her skin up, set it on fire. Then her mouth reached the pussy, and Shannon bucked as the big one got her, sending a spray of juice to her lover’s face. The licks were long and gentle and the kisses hot. Shannon came again, and as Jit’s lips wrapped around the bud, she came again.

Jit czech casting porno began to kiss her way up, till she reached the lips, and they shared the odour and taste of the pussy. The kiss was passionate, the lips moved to Shannon’s throat and she gurgled.

“Jit, Oh Jit…”

“Shannon, beautiful, pretty Shannon.” Jit murmured back to her. “Undress me baby, undress me and see if you like what you see, tell me you like what you see…”

There was a urgent heat in her voice, there was a desire on her face.

Shannon, her hand shaking, undid the buttons of Jit’s T-shirt, and then peeled it over the head. Then she paused to look at the magnificent globes, held together in a black lacy bra, the clasp was in front, she undid it, and pushed away the bra. Her nipples were thick, twice her own size, and Shannon leaned forward, and with her eyes closed took the first ever nipple in her mouth, at least sexually. And the moan from Jit just spurred her on, as her heart raced and she cupped the tits and sucked first one and then other nipple.

She looked up, into Jit’s eyes. “You are beautiful, truly beautiful, Jit.”

“Not as much as you baby.”

Shannon’s hands had undone the button of the jeans, and she pushed Jit back on the couch. She had to get help to get the tight jeans down. The skin was flawless; the legs were long and lithe. She pulled off the panty, and the crotch was meticulously shaved. As she touched it, she realized that the whole crotch was hairless, carefully lasered off, only a triangle thatch of dark black hair was left. The belly was flat, with a ring in the belly button. Shannon kissed it. And the aroma of the lover seemed to make her a little heady. Jit gently put her hands on Shannon’s head and guided her down to her pussy. A little unsure now, never having even seen one in this proximity, never having smelled one and tasted on, Shannon was a little lost. Jit perhaps sensed it and guided her mouth to the thick dark lips, now engorged with blood.

As her tongue parted the lips, flicked at the large clitoris, then clutch on her head got stronger, her ass rose to her mouth and she yelled out, the pent of orgasm of many nights just burst out on Shannon’s mouth.


Now, as if a switch had just been switched on, Shannon was in her element, her tongue lapped at the juices that began to flow, her two fingers slipped into her tight pussy as her lips locked on to the clitoris.

Jit was writing, her head rolled from side to side and she called out.

“Shannon, yeah, baby, love, fuck, yeah, yeah yessss.”

Then Shannon’s probing finger found her G-spot, it had been so many years since the spot had been loved, until Kyle had found it in the island and showed her the pleasures it still held. Now his wife had found it too, and as she massaged the spot, as her mouth sucked the clitoris, she began to move her ass up and down, slamming it into Shannon’s face. She was coming harder, and then she fell limp. Shannon let go of the clitoris and slow lapped away the cunt juice, enjoying it as much as she thought she would have, even more.

Then just as her lover had done, she began to kiss her way up; till they were face to face and she shared the pussy with her lover.

She loved this face. Shannon looked at the naked lover. She had a perfect nose, and lips, and the nose ring just made her look even more womanly, so sexy. Her hazel eyes just made her melt.

She kissed the nose, wetting it, then her cheeks and chin and the entire face was wet with Shannon’s saliva. Both started laughing. They untangled themselves from each other.

“Now we can go for the dip.” Jit said as she took her hand and led her to the pool.

They swam for a while, each admiring the other’s body. Shannon specially commented on her hairless body, and Jit offered to remove it by laser. They swam till the limbs began to tire and they towelled.

It was nearly five, they now checked the master bedroom, and then lay on the bed, Jit spooned her and cupped her breasts.

“Mine are so tiny.” Shannon mumbled.

“Shush. They are perfect size for you, do you fret about that.”

“Kyle likes bigger ones.”

Jit kissed the ear, nibbled at it. “So he can play with mine as much as he wants, just keep yours as firm and round and perfect as they are.”

Shannon took a deep sighing breath and let her hand move to Jit’s ass. “You have a nice ass, Jit.”

“I know my love; you too have a sweet ass.”

They drifted off to sleep.

They woke at six thirty, took their bath. They unpacked and at Jit’s insistence, she wore a very short dress, Jit got out one that matched the style and they wore them and drew to the restaurant.

“Some wine?”

“I prefer Margarita.”

“Then Margarita it is for my beautiful lover and me.”

Shannon felt liberated; she was sitting in a swank restaurant, with beautiful men and women dressed in rich clothes, with beautiful and awesome women by her side. She felt liberated that she had the most amazing orgasms just hours ago, and had given a woman the same. She had tasted her first pussy and loved it. She had fingered her first pussy and made her cum. Here now they sat, drinking their Margaritas, talking of subjects like world weather, politics, and their work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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