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She lay in bed; her legs twitching; the palm of her hand pressing deep into her thigh.

She shook her head, “c’mon all I wanted to do tonight was get some fucking sleep.”

She knew she wasn’t going to sleep; the urges she felt were too strong, always too strong. She had seen doctors about it; they had tried to help, but nothing worked.

She sighed and rolled out of bed, stretching her body while looking in the mirror. She liked looking at herself. Her D cup breasts were still firm and her rose colored, large nipples pointed to the ceiling as she stretched her arms above her head. Her skin was almost a translucent white. She looked back a little to see her round ass and smiled. She loved her ass; her hand came down and she rubbed it for a second before giving herself a slap and throwing on some jeans and a tee shirt. It didn’t matter what she wore; she was pretty enough and forward enough to get what she wanted without dolling herself up. She slipped on some heels. She was a very short girl, not reaching five feet tall; she needed the heels to help with her mission. She went to the mirror, and shook out her red hair as she giggled. Her hair was always a mess, always had that “just fucked looked.”

She got to the bar and ordered a vodka and seven-up. The bartender brought it over with a smile, “what are you up to tonight?”

“Not much, Josh, same ole same ole, you know.”

He gave a knowing nod, “yeah I know. You got your eyes on anybody yet?”

She tipped her head back and laughed, “I just got here.”

She turned her chair and looked out. There weren’t very many people there. She was a little let down by this; most of the time when these urges came she needed more than one person.

She turned her chair back around and caught the eye of a man at the other end of the bar. She smiled at him and bent down to suck her drink through the straw. She kept her eyes on him, both letting him know that she was interested and scoping him out.

He was a good looking man, shorter dark hair. He had a set jaw-line, she liked that, and though she were sitting, she could tell that he was about a foot taller than she was. She giggled to herself and thought how glad she was to have put on the heels. She stared at him a little bit longer before bringing czech couples porno her attention back to the bartender.

As she sat bullshitting with Josh, she’d ever so often look back at the man. She would twist her body so that he got a good look at her braless tits in the thin white, tight tee-shirt she had thrown on.

In the middle of conversation, the man called Josh over to him. She waited patiently, and soon Josh came back over with a new drink for her.

“From him.”

Josh always acted a little put out when things started to happen. She thanked him, then raised her glass and nodded at the man. He smiled and waved his hand to dismiss it. She thought to herself, “god I hope this guy isn’t a pussy. I don’t want to have to do all the work.”

Her thought slowly diminished when the man picked up his beer and headed her way. He sat down next to her, “hi.”

“Hi there. How are things?” “Better now.”

She laughed and put her hand on his arm, “oh stop it.”

He smiled and took a drink of his beer.

“So what brings a lovely girl out to this place so late in the middle of the week?”

“Couldn’t sleep.”

“I see, so you needed a drink to help.”

She let a slow smile cross her face and put her hand on his upper thigh, “no that’s not what I needed.”

His eyes widened as he caught on to what she was saying. His hand went down to rest on her inside of her upper thigh.

“What else do you need?”

An impish look crossed his face. She giggled and shook her head, “You know.”

Her voice had become raspy and she let her hand slide up his thigh. He pulled his hips forward as her hand reached the area of his cock. She liked the fact that he was in khakis. The thin material allotted for a better feel of what she was going to get. She pressed her palm down and slowly rubbed. She could feel his cock move, but this was a man that was going to need more than just an outside feel to get aroused. She liked that too.

She let out a small moan as she felt his hand cup her pussy.

“That pussy ready or what?”

She laughed, “This pussy is always ready. That cock gonna be ready.”

It was his turn to laugh, “if you can make it.”

“Is that a challenge?”

“Maybe.” czech estrogenolit porno

She slitted her big eyes at him.

“I’m-a go to the bathroom.”

She hopped of the stool and slowly sauntered toward the back of the bar. She knew he was following so there was no need to look back.

She primped her hair in the mirror and turned to see the door open. She saw him try to lock it.

“No, no don’t do that. It’ll ruin all the fun.”

“What if someone walks in?”

“Maybe they would like to join.” She said with a wink

“We could be kicked out, arrested…”

She put a finger to his lips, “don’t worry, Josh ain’t gonna do anything.”

She trailed her finger down his lips, to his chest, slowly moving it down to his cock.

“Now you gonna be a pussy all night or are you gonna fuck mine?”

She moaned as his hand went up into her hair and he whipped her around. She could feel his cock on her ass and she slowly moved her hips, grinding it into his semi-hard cock.

“You sure are a disrespectful, forward bitch, aren’t you?”

“Yeah you gonna do something about it?”

He shook her head by her hair which caused her pussy to moisten even more.

“I’m gonna shut you up!”

He whipped her around again and dropped her to her knees. She let out a grunt as her knees hit the hard floor of the bathroom. She thought to herself that he may be all she needed tonight and that was good.

With his other hand, he took out his cock and began to jack it off. She watch his hand move along the big, thick cock and her eyebrow raised as she noticed just how big it was getting. She couldn’t help but to egg him on, “I don’t see how jacking off is making me shut up.”

He let out a growl and forced his cock past her lips. She let out a moan that was cut off when he jammed his cock down her throat. She looked up at him; this is what she needed, what she couldn’t sleep for and he knew exactly how to give it to her. Most guys wanted to be quick or to go slow, she needed it rough.

He grabbed her by her ears and slammed his cock into her throat. She choked and felt hot tears fill her eyes. Her pussy was pulsing; she knew she’d come off sucking his cock if he kept it up like this. czech first video porno

“Yeah, you little whore, you like that?”

She nodded and brought her hands up to his ass, helping him thrust into her throat. She wanted him to keep it up; she needed to come so bad.

Her body shook and when his cock was pulled from her throat, she had seconds to moan before it jammed back in there. He looked at her, his eyes widening, “Oh fuck you’re gonna come off of this aren’t you?”

She nodded and pulled his hips in closer.

“What a fucking slut!”

She looked up at him and saw him smiling as she shuddered with her first orgasm.

He pulled her back up and lifted her shirt over her nice, round tits. He fondled them for a minute, “You want this cock in that cunt, don’t ya, slut?”

“Yes, I need it. Give it to me. Fuck the shit outta my pussy.”

“I’m-a fuck you whore. I’m-a fuck you hard. I’ll have you screaming by the time I’m finished with you.”

She nodded and moaned as she felt his hands pull down her jeans. He turned her around and pressed her against the bathroom wall.

“You ready, bitch?”

“Yeah fuck me. Stick that big motherfucker in this cunt right now!”

She let out a long, loud moan as he thrust his cock into her pussy. Her pussy grasped his thick cock tightly and she heard him whisper, “aw fuck.”

She giggled, “that’s a tight pussy isn’t it?”

“Oh my god! It’s so fucking tight! ”

He pounded his hips into hers and she fucked him back. She knew how to make a man come in a matter of minutes. She never liked these sessions to last too long. She gripped his cock even more, tightening and releasing her pussy with a fast rhythm.

“Oh fuck bitch you’re gonna make me come.”

“Yeah, come for me. Come on! Do it!”

His hands came down on her hips and he thrust hard and deep into her. She felt another wave hit her and her body tightened as she screamed out, “fuck yes! C’mon fuck me!”

She felt his cock getting ready to explode, “come all over my fucking ass!”

He pulled out and she felt his hot cum hit her skin; she moaned again and rubbed her ass against his cock until he was completely finished.

She turned around and smiled, “Thank you.”

He laughed while she grabbed some napkins and wiped the now cold, sticky seed from her skin.

“No, thank you. We should do this again.”

She laughed, she never made any promises, “You know where to find me.”

She left the bathroom, downed the rest of her vodka and headed out the door. She could sleep now. She knew it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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