Instant Messages, Emails, and Strange Text Messages 02

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DISCLAIMER: Parts of this story were REAL conversations that transpired between a BEAUTIFUL friend of mine who lives in Boca Raton, Florida and the conversations got SO HOT that I had to put them on Paper!

Dedicated to L.E.S. – you know who you are! Maybe some of the things we’ve talked about in the past will transpire ONE of these days!


My name is Elizabeth.

I’ve been a Med-Tech and a Medical Billing Clerk at the local doctor’s office for about the past year. There’s really nothing about my job that I would call ‘exciting’ or ‘thrilling’ but it’s a job, and I went to school for it, so I don’t rarely complain. I just go on about my day as it were, and go about my normal routine.

I don’t have a boyfriend, but not for lack of trying, but as I think about it, it’s probably for the better. It gives me more time to focus on my work and not worry about having to answer to a man.

Although I have been single, there was a really sweet person at my job who had been crushing on me for a long time, a year more or less. He started sending me emails, and text messages and Instant Messages on my phone and before I knew it, I was having the BEST SEX I’ve ever had in my life, with a guy that I’d known as a friend for a while but would have never guessed had any feelings for me.

He was one of the Doctor’s Assistants that has worked here. I started talking to him on a kind of regular basis, and the original encounter led to dating and so forth. But much to my dismay he was transferred to another office and my dreams came crashing back down to reality.

So with the realization that I would have to get over my disappointment, and after a couple of sleepless nights and wet pillow cases; I got back to regular daily operations and went back to being single and lonely.


One day, one of our Arab Doctors, Dr. Amit Almladi came up to me and bent over my cubical and looked down at me while I was preparing a billing statement for one of our clients.

“Elizabeth, I just got a call from one of our sister offices. I’m going to have to take a week off and go out of town. Don’t book me with any patients until Monday of next week. I am leaving Practitioner Nicole in charge, help her out in anyway possible please.”

“Yes Dr.,” I said. “Your practice is in good hands until you return.”

Although there was only an hour left on the clock, time seemed to tick by at half it’s regular pace. I didn’t have anything pressing to do with my time, but I didn’t want to be sitting in the Doctors Office any longer than I needed to be. Who REALLY likes to be at work?

The weekend didn’t bring much prospect either. I lived alone, there was never anything good on a Saturday (or Sunday for that matter) and my friends were always scarce when it came for something that I wanted to do.

I know you have a few of those friends… the ones that are around when you’re footing the bill for something, and that want you to help them out when they need something; and they’re no where around when it’s time to return the favor! So in essence, I’ve just put off friends, and I started worrying about me and only me. So with that mentality, who wants to dine alone, go to the bar alone, go to the movies alone, the bowling alley etc? SO I stayed at home! (I really need a man!)

Monday rolled around sooner than I had planned, but in a very strange way, I wanted to go back to work. My coworkers weren’t anything to brag about but at least they were conversation.

I booted my computer up and started the programs I needed to go about my daily work duties, and as I was checking my emails, a strange IM popped up. ‘Not this shit again’ I thought.

I didn’t want to open it up, I really wasn’t in the mood for more games, and if it was Landon again (the DA from the first story) I think I might cry, and I didn’t want to get into an argument with him over why he took the job and left me. (Why do men do that? Why do they always cheat or leave you right when you start falling in love with them?) So I left the IM bubble blinking at the bottom of my screen, unopened.

About 3 hours into the shift, Leslie came up to my desk. “Hey Lizzie, Where ordering in from Chang’s Thai House. Do you want something for lunch?”

“No thanks Lez, I’m probably going out for lunch. I’ve got to get away from this computer for an hour. I think Landon is IMing me again and the billing application is freezing over and over again, and if one more person calls and changes their appointment, I think I’m going to scream. As a matter of fact, Answer my calls on line 2 please, I’m going to go to lunch early. Tell Nicole I’ll be back please.” I said leaving my Blackberry on the desk and getting up to leave.


Lunch wasn’t even appetizing. I went to McDonalds and got a salad and lemonade and I sat at the table after I was finished eating with my head down. I felt like I had hit the wall. I needed a long vacation and possibly a change of venue; I had had about all that I could take of the life that I was leading that Samsun Escort was going no where! But where was I gonna go?


Nicole was at my cubical when I returned, and as I walked up towards her, she picked up my Blackberry. “This thing has been going off NON STOP since you left. We’re all sick of hearing Katy Perry’s ‘California Girls’ playing over and over. I wanted to answer it, but I thought again and didn’t. I hope everything is ok.”

I looked at my phone. It was my mother that called, she only called once, but I had the reminder on, so that’s why the tune played over and over again. “Everything’s ok Nikki, thanks, it was just my mother that called.”

“Ok, Let me know if you need anything Liz.” She said as she walked away.

I called my mom and she didn’t have much to say. Just that she was headed to Aruba and she was planning on leaving my Dad down there because she was starting to get sick of him. You know, the normal conversation that you have with your mother. “Oh and there was a letter that came here addressed to you. There’s no return address but the hand writing is awful pretty. Maybe a female, but I don’t know.”

“Thanks Mom, I’ll get it after work. Leave it on the front stairs.”

“Alright Lizzie, Mommy loves you.”

“You too, Mom,” I mocked.

By the time I was leaving for the night, I was about sick of the flashing IM on the screen, but I decided that I was going to leave it for the morning. It wasn’t going anywhere, and at most, if it was indeed important, I could just email the person in the morning.

Sleep came really easily that night because nothing was on TV. I flipped through the channels with my Miller Lite in hand and when I couldn’t find anything good, I settled on Anthony Bourdaine’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel, and before I knew it, I was waking at 2:45am with a beer in my hand that had gone from icy cold to panther piss, and rather than choking it down, I decided to pour it out and hit the sack.


Nicole was off the next day, something about a funeral for her friend or something of the sort, so the office was quiet. We weren’t taking walk ins and all of the appointments were handled by Leslie, and after noon, we were pretty much to ourselves because all of the patients had been seen for the day, so I finally decided to open the IM from the day before.

Shit! I should have opened this yesterday! It was my friend Michael from high school. We were friends for quite a long time, and although we never did get together he had always had a crush on me.

He was a black friend of mine, and we data messaged pics of our genitalia back and forth to each other and always talked about sex, and even made out a couple of times, but I always kicked myself because I never gave him the chance.

I finished my work quickly and then sent him a message and crossed my fingers that he was online to answer it.

e_lizlove1234: Michael?

Mstevens417: Hey Lizzie! How are you? I miss you!

e_lizlove1234: I’m wonderful. I hate my job and all, but things are well other than that.

Mstevens417: Good. Glad to hear you’re well. How are things going over all?

e_lizlove1234: Still single, still living at the apartment… wait you haven’t seen my new place.

Mstevens417: No, I haven’t, I haven’t seen you in a dogs age. The last time I saw you, you were still at mom’s place.

e_lizlove1234: Yeah, I moved out, I couldn’t stand living under them. I wanted to get out and find my own place.

Mstevens417: I’m sure you’ve heard about me right? I got married to Meghan Kingsley. We had a place and were doing well, and she was killed in a car accident last year. She was hit by a freight train.

e_lizlove1234: SHUT UP, I didn’t know that! I’m SO sorry!

Mstevens417: Its ok, thanks for your sympathy. The first couple of months were the hardest, the nightmares were almost too much at times. I’ve have gotten over her loss, I still love her and miss her but I’m not going to live in a depression all of life.

e_lizlove1234: Wow. Well, I’m about to leave for home, I am done with my work day, but I would love to meet up, possibly for drinks or something, and catch up.

Mstevens417: I’m still out of state, I plan on moving back soon, but until I can all that I can do is IM. Are you alright with that?

e_lizlove1234: Yes, I’m ok with it. I’d love to hear from you tomorrow if you can!

Mstevens417: Sure thing. I’ll talk to you later. Have a great evening.


I was on cloud nine for the rest of the evening! I went home and made a small dinner, one of those frozen pasta dinners that they have in the bag, and I sat down to watch ‘Sex in the City’ with a glass of Pinot Grigio. TBS was playing a marathon of reruns so I ended up drinking a couple of glasses and before I knew it, I had finished the bottle and had a slight buzz about me.

My mind started wondering and I started thinking about Michael. It was weird because I was never in love with him, but I’d Samsun Escort Bayan always known he wanted me and at that particular moment. I would have done anything to get him inside me. I wasn’t sure whether it was the alcohol talking, or if it was pure sympathy for not getting with him and now knowing he was a widower, but either way. I knew I wanted him and I wanted him right then.

I reached into my back pocket and pulled out my Blackberry and prayed he was on Instant Messenger. I scrolled down my contacts alphabetically until I found his name. Surprisingly he was on but his profile was idle.

My heart dropped but I figured I could at least try and see if he was on.

e_lizlove1234: Mike

Mstevens417: yes??

e_lizlove1234: Hey! I was so hoping you were on. I am bored and can’t sleep.

Mstevens417: Well I’m about to take a shower, that normally helps me go to sleep. Or there’s the tried and true method that always seems to work.


Mstevens417: you know.

e_lizlove1234: not really. I did just question it.

Mstevens417: masturbation. I didn’t want to go there because it’s been all of this time and we haven’t spoken about sex, I didn’t want you to think that was all I think about.

e_lizlove1234: well I know that it’s been a while, but I’m not a prude Mike. You of all people should know that. You’ve seen my cooch, remember?

Mstevens417: Yes, I remember! I don’t remember what I did with those pics but I remember!

So when are you going to bed?

e_lizlove1234: Pretty soon. The bottle of Pinot that I polished off is starting to make me woozy and I’m actually pretty horny too!

Mstevens417: awe. Well I wish I could help you out, literally.

e_lizlove1234: well I’m all alone

Mstevens417: well get off thinking about me…

The truth was, I wanted to. What’s worse, I wanted to get off with him inside me. I love feeling the weight of a man on top of me as he thrusts inside of me, delivering blow by delicious blow deep into my hot wet center, or my tight bowels. (yeah, I am one of the few that still like to get it in both holes. I know of many girls that don’t and that think it’s gross, but sex is sex in my eyes. Whatever makes me cum is what I’m gonna do!) – So I fed into his conversation!

e_lizlove1234: Well I like to sleep naked occasionally, and I’m kind of horny.

Mstevens417: mmmm I would pay good money to fly up there and see how horny you actually are. Just think about this hard cock slamming in and out of your wet dripping pussy, and your dreams will be sweet, and wet, all at the same time.

e_lizlove1234: mmmm, I think I’m going to get undressed and hop into bed listening to you talk like this! I’ll be a big puddle of mush in the floor really soon if I don’t.

I stripped out of my clothes so fast and was in my bed, stark naked in record timing. I wanted Michael with me, but instead I was stuck reading IM’s but I thought if I concentrated well enough and buried my vibrating bullet in the right place, I could visualize Michael on top of me buried up to his balls. And maybe I could have an earth shattering orgasm in no time, and drift to sleep without major hindrances.

Mstevens417: Think about my warm tongue pressing against your hard nipples and my hot breath bringing the tiny hairs on your body to attention, and think about me shooting my hot fiery juices deep into your hot pussy.

e_lizlove1234: Talk about pent up frustration in the sex department, it sounds like you’ve wanted me for a long time mister man! Do you usually wear a condom or prefer bareback?

Mstevens417: Well you have teased me for all of these years, so it kind of is pent up, and it depends on the woman whether I wear a condom or not, and how well I know them.

Mstevens417: Are you touching that hard clit of yours? Are your fingers deep inside of you?

e_lizlove1234: yes

Mstevens417: Are your nipples standing at attention for Daddy?

e_lizlove1234: You are getting me so wet!

I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I was so turned on there was a wet spot underneath my ass where my juices had run down my legs and started to pool. I wanted him so badly and I couldn’t do anything but answer IM’s and finger myself! I had turned the bullet on and slipped it inside of me right at my G-spot and let its slow rumble penetrate my core and vibrate my insides.

e_lizlove1234: Yes sir

Mstevens417: Can I bite your nipples? Sending the feeling from your juicy tits through your body to your juicy twat? I want to be behind you, holding your beautiful tits in my hand, and pushing my cock deep inside you; breathing hard onto your neck, and sinking my teeth into your neck!

e_lizlove1234: yes sir

Mstevens417: Tell me you want me to fuck you! Let me hear you moan

e_lizlove1234: Oh yes I want you to fuck me so bad.

Mstevens417: Cum for me! I want to feel you shaking in my hands.

e_lizlove1234: mmmm so close

The sad part was, I was Escort Samsun ready to cum. The bullet was rocking my world. I was on the brink of orgasm and I was diddling my clit hard and fast wondering what it would feel like to be wrapped around his hard cock.

Mstevens417: Come on, cum for Daddy

e_lizlove1234: I know you will feel so wonderful when you fuck me

Mstevens417: I want to feel you cum

e_lizlove1234: mmm, Do you cum a lot?

Mstevens417: I cum a decent amount but nothing that will drown you if you had my cock lodged deep in your throat.

e_lizlove1234: I’d love to try to deep throat you?

Mstevens417: Oh GOD I wish I had my face deep in between your legs.

e_lizlove1234:: mmm would love to 69 you too

Mstevens417: I want to pull out and cum all over your tight stomach

e_lizlove1234: cum with me

Mstevens417: Come on baby. Cum for Daddy

e_lizlove1234: cummingggg

Mstevens417: Come on, give it all to me, God I wish that orgasm was wrapped around my cock. Your pussy convulsing all over me!

e_lizlove1234: I needed that.

Mstevens417: I’m so glad I could help you! I just wish I could have been inside you when it happened, I hope you can sleep better now that you’ve cum for me!

e_lizlove1234: I hope so too!

And with that, we both signed off and now that I was exhausted, I couldn’t do anything but sleep! I got up and placed my wine glass on the dining room table, and marched to my bed and fell face first on it, and before I knew it, I was waking up the next morning wondering what Michael had planned for the day.


I went to work Tuesday morning a little peppier than I normally did and there was a slight bounce in my step. I sat around all day waiting on an IM from Michael and before I knew it, it was the end of the day and nothing had come from him.

I felt slightly betrayed but I left it alone and busied myself in cooking dinner and watching a little bit of TV. 27 Dresses was on FX so I watched contently. I wanted to IM Mike, but it was soon enough that my Blackberry was vibrating in my lap, and it was none other than…

Mstevens417: hi honey

e_lizlove1234: we meet again

Mstevens417: after much anticipation

e_lizlove1234: lol

Mstevens417: so what are you up to this evening?

e_lizlove1234: give me five need to go change, get out of my panty hose etc, brb

Mstevens417: I would love to help!! And your panties can go too!!

e_lizlove1234: Panties are gone too, just a night shirt, I never changed from work.

Mstevens417: Stop it… you’re making me hard! How was work?

e_lizlove1234: Great, Couldn’t stop thinking about you! So what makes you think I was wearing panties under my hose?

Mstevens417: Just a guess… don’t know if you were providing easy access to a friend or FB not

e_lizlove1234: Lol, no, Hose are not easy access, Crotchless hose are meant for that though… but I’m single, no friends or fuck buddies here.

Mstevens417: They are if you’re being rubbed through them… or if there is a gapping hole that’s ripped in them so I can get my eager fingers to your wet dripping center.

e_lizlove1234: But wasn’t wearing them, but I’ve placed a quick hole in them before lol, a nail file comes in handy!

Mstevens417: Or fingernails… but I don’t have any holes to finger so it doesn’t matter.

e_lizlove1234: True, my hole is too far away.

Mstevens417: way too far away!!! But June is coming, I gotta move back home, my mom is sick! Maybe I can get to it then!

DID I Just here that correctly? Did he just say he’s moving back up to our home town to take care of his mother? I might get to see him after all, maybe our chance meeting wasn’t in vain.

e_lizlove1234: Mmmmm

Mstevens417: Just a thought.

e_lizlove1234: A lovely thought, at that!

Mstevens417: Good you think so

e_lizlove1234: I know you will feel good

Mstevens417: I’d at least hope so, I’ve never gotten to touch you other than a hug or the occasional kiss. And I’d love to actually taste you instead of just seeing all of the pics.

e_lizlove1234: I have no doubt, and just be patient.

Mstevens417: the thought alone is keeping me straining against my pants

e_lizlove1234: Mmmmm

Mstevens417: So what are you doing at the current second… dressed in just your nightie?

e_lizlove1234: Playing with my nipples and clit

Mstevens417: tease

e_lizlove1234: Teasing me? I sure am!

Mstevens417: My pierced tongue would feel good on either or both of those!

e_lizlove1234: mmmmmmm, Never felt a pierced tongue b4.

Mstevens417: I’d love to help with that

e_lizlove1234: I’d love to let you!

Mstevens417: I love eating my women out until they cream all over my face and are grabbing for things that aren’t there!

e_lizlove1234: mmmm yes

Mstevens417: Or pushing my face deep into their pussy… or away from their pussy because they can’t handle anymore!!!

e_lizlove1234: I love the thought of it!

Mstevens417: mmmm I’m remembering the taste now and I’m so hard thinking about it!

e_lizlove1234: I like it hard

Mstevens417: I’m sure you do! And you like it hard in between your creamy legs, in your wet pussy.

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