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I wish to thank LadyPineRose74 for her suggestions but especially for those kind words of encouragement.


Taking a sip of his drink he reflected on the evening. He had been getting on very well with Christine and had hoped he could have tempted her back to his flat for a coffee. He had made the invitation, and she had promised to drop by. That had been an hour or so ago. Sitting in the pitch black, his thoughts wandered. He had been on a couple of dates after they had been introduced a few weeks ago at a party by a striking dark haired girl. Chatting, they had quite a few things in common. Tall, blond, and slender; she was quite beautiful, if a little distant. He had seen her friend and thanked her. Being honest, he had really wanted to talk to the dark haired girl with the beautiful eyes, but then life never worked out the way you wanted!

Nodding off at the table, he admitted defeat. Finishing his drink, he started to stand. He froze. He heard the click of the door as someone un-latched it. Relaxing back into the chair, he waited for his visitor. In the still, cool air, the scent of perfume was heady. She gracefully crossed the room and softly spoke his name.

Fearful of breaking the spell, he said, “I’m here,” under his breath.

Anticipation rising, he stretched out my arm and took her hand in his. He stood before her and kissed her tenderly on the lips. She smelled divine, and he felt the passion rising uncontrolled within him. Responding, she slipped her arms around his waist, drawing him to her. He gasped as she reigned kisses to the nape of his neck, nipping the skin lightly with her teeth.

He felt her body against him, lithe and almost fluid like. Unbuttoning her blouse, he slipped gaziantep escortlar it off her shoulders. Kissing her bare skin, he felt it goose-bump to his touch. Undressing in silence, they kissed and fondled one another with increasing urgency. Moving to the bedroom, he removed her bra and released her breasts. He took each in turn, caressing their soft yet firm form, and taking the nipples between his lips. She sighed at his touch and rewarded him by rubbing his cock through the boxers causing it to stiffen even more. It was his turn to gasp when she slipped her hand inside and pumped his manhood.

He gently pushed her back upon the bed. Kissing and caressing, he paid attention to every part of her. He feathered kisses to her neck and to her magnificent breasts. Her nipples stiffened again to his tongue, and he descended to her stomach. His hand moved from her breasts to her hips. Taking his time, he gave baby kisses down to her groin. She felt amazing. The unmistakable musky, sexiness of her made him lightheaded. Ever lower, he skirted past her pussy. Smiling, he felt her squirm to his touch. Teasing her, he kissed along the inside of her leg all the way to her instep of her foot and working his way up her other leg. He paused before pushing his tongue inside her. Her hips rose and pushed against him. He heard ‘ahh’, as he entered. Seeking her clit with his tongue, he was gratified to feel her tremble, as he flicked against her hard bud. She was so wet, and that turned him on yet more.

She had been waiting for this moment, longer than he would ever know. She had wanted him since the first moment they had met. Her knees trembled each and every time she saw him, even if it was only a brief nod to each other across a crowded room. She panted as his tempo increased. Reaching beneath him, she rubbed her foot against his cock and felt it bob and heard his appreciation. A finger entered, probing and stretching, working in tandem with his tongue. She felt the heat rising within her and knew it was only a matter of time. Her hands ran through his hair and fondled his ears. Pushing his mouth against her pussy and at the same time lifting her hips, she felt his reach deep within her. Wide eyed with the sudden sensation, the breath spilled from her, and she cried out in pleasure. Falling and falling further, she began to buck as her orgasm flowed without end. Sliding up her body, he kissed and held her tightly. As her climax subsided, he could see her eyes sparkling in the darkness, and a grin of contentment upon her perfect mouth.

He had known he was not about to make love to Christine from the moment he had undressed her. The difference in height had not alerted him, but like a bolt of lightening the memory of her scent had given her away. More surprising was his feelings for her. More aroused than ever, he did not know why or how she had come to him only that he was a lucky, lucky man. He desired her and wanted to make love to her. More than that he wanted to satisfy her and see the look of contentment upon her beautiful, feisty face.

Her head against his chest she got her breath back and touched the tip of his cock with her palm. He twitched to her touch and grasping it she pumped it back and forward. The head of his cock and her hand were slick with pre-cum, but she felt it needed more lubrication. Taking him between her lips, she felt him grow even more. She kissed underneath the head and down to his balls, before taking him deep inside her mouth. Moving her head up and down, she held his balls and tasted his saltiness. She felt his fingers touching her pussy again- rubbing and teasing. She wanted him inside her and wondered what would happen when he realized who she was? She knew without doubt he would cum inside her mouth if she continued. Perhaps that could come later.

His disappointment gave way to complete lust, as she let his cock slip from her mouth and whispered, ‘fuck me’. He sat up, and she straddled him, wrapping her thighs around his waist. He entered her effortlessly. The mixture of saliva, and her juices and his, eased his penetration of her until she felt him nudging her deep inside. Fuck, she felt sexy. At that moment, she would have done anything, her inhibitions totally repressed. Her breasts pressed against his chest and her hot breath on his neck made him dizzy with desire. Grasping her bum cheeks, he helped her lift off then plummet back on to him. She felt velvety soft against him, frictionless. More than the raw sex, he had craved this intimacy, this feeling of oneness that so often eluded.

She leaned away from him and giggled. Her breasts were so inviting, and he kissed them, marvelling at their pertness. Smiling, he shuffled to the edge of the bed and stood with her impaled upon him. They held on to each other fiercely, as her pubis bore down on him. ‘Oh my god’, she shrieked, as she began to climax. Her orgasm was too much, and he too came violently. Knees buckling, he placed her on the bed and continued to fuck her. The hot feeling now within her prolonging her pleasure until two, three climaxes merged. Both exhausted, they lay upon the bed cradling each other, a sheen of sweat cooling upon their bodies.

Pushing himself up onto an elbow, he asked her, “would it be rude to ask your name?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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