Intimidation by the Big Blue Rabbit

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Tasha was a beautiful, well aged cougar and she had almost forgotten how to lust. She couldn’t actually remember the last time she wanted to beat off.

Her secret lover had given her the wonderful gift of a lovely eight inch vibrator. Except this vibrator wasn’t just any vibrator, it was THE vibrator. A rabbit vibrator, her perfect toy! It was big and all veiny plus she didn’t care that it was all blue either. She was fascinated that it had beads in the tip which rotated and would indeed reach her g-spot. It also had a traditional vibrator near the base that was ideal for pulsating her hardened clit.

The only toys she had before was a simple bullet that probably had more dust on it than usage. She didn’t even have any lingerie but now she couldn’t help looking in the mirror and fantasizing about possibilities.

She had a little problem though, she already had a boyfriend named David, who just didn’t or wouldn’t perhaps match up to her libido. Call it complacency or whatever but sex between them had just become ordinary.

It was no wonder she caught the eye of another man. Although she wasn’t really looking for a new lover, she was glad she found a someone to entice her and awaken her sexual prowess once again. He persuaded her and she was honest to him that it would be on her terms.

If all she wanted was the thrill from his ideas and dirty talk, then so be it, If she wanted more, she could do that too. The problem was she couldn’t physically cheat on David, no matter how strong the lust grew in her loins.

When she brought the new toy home from her lover, she simply explained that she went shopping and wanted to spice things up. She wouldn’t dare say where she really got it and had hoped David would show enough interest to actually go to a sex store with her.

Surely if she could just get him to pick her out a sexy little number, she could have him drooling over a picture of her in it. Especially if she added stockings and garters. Oh the thoughts that ran through Tasha’s mind.

She didn’t quite get the reaction she wanted out of David though. He was actually intimidated, which frustrated her deep down inside. She had to secretly masturbate with the rabbit vibrator just to keep having the best orgasms she could remember ever having.

One day after she masturbated herself to squirt, she laid there exhausted and wondered what she could do to change her situation. Tasha decided that she and her lover had an understanding. She figured she could call him to chat and ask his advice.

They had a very interesting conversation with so many flirtatious moments she couldn’t even begin to count. When she got off the phone she was flattered and now had an idea on what to do.

When David returned home from work that day, she took him on a road trip and didn’t exactly say where she was headed. About two-thirds of the way there, he figured it out and asked with a gruffy tone, “You’re taking me to the porn place aren’t you? What, you don’t have enough toys?”

She smiled and grabbed his inner thigh, “Don’t worry baby, we’ll look for something for you first, “she tells him. In the back of her mind, she was practically creaming herself thinking about him squirm while walking into the adult toy store and taking it all in. Hell, she may even be squirming herself because it had been so long since she had entered that kind of store.

When she pulled into the parking lot, she put it in park and barely had the keys out of the ignition when she leaned over and poker oyna gave him a deep, passionate kiss. He asked, “What was that all about?”

“Just wanted you to know that I love you and that I am really excited to be going in together. We can get you a heated pocket pussy if you want but I’m definitely getting some lingerie for me to wear and feel sexy in.” She looked so sultry at him, teased him as she grazed his cock with one finger, then she quickly slipped away and exited the car.

Inside she was a bit nervous but also mixed with anxiousness and arousal. She did indeed have a little bit of a squirm or at least a little jolt electrifying up her spine.

Behind the counter the woman was slightly attractive but not really cute or pretty in the face. She was very friendly though and seemed knowledgeable in her field. She was talking to other customers and excused herself to assist Tasha and David.

Tasha felt comfortable right away with the clerk but she wasn’t so sure about David being at ease. The clerk asked if they were looking for anything specific and Tasha replied that they were looking for something for him. Then the clerk lead them over to the toys for men.

The clerk convinced Tasha to stick her finger inside “the real vagina.” It had the soft feel of skin plus a vibrating motor inside. Tasha laughed when it grabbed onto her finger but was kinda turned on at the same time.

She watched David’s expressions specifically to see if he was at ease or uncomfortable. He only showed his poker face but did sqinch his nose at the price. Tasha picked out a cheaper pocket pussy for David and smiled before asking him how big of a bottle of lube would he want. David smiled back almost embarrassed and told her to get the biggest one.

The clerk offered lingerie, noting that is was 25% off today. Right away, Tasha took David by the hand and made a B-line straight towards the sexy undergarments. She picked out a few, asking his opinions. It did seem to pique some of his interest but not much until she held up a sexy leather top to her chest that would compliment her bosoms.

She saw his cock quiver in his pants and immediately licked her lips before whispering her hot breath into his ear, “Just thinking about wearing this is getting me hot and I really want to be fucked in it.”

They chose that top and quickly found some stockings and garters to go with it before rushing towards the counter to finish their purchases. She purposely stopped to buy another rabbit in a different color along with some sleeves to go with it.

Tasha’s hormones were on high alert by now and she seemed frantic or at least really eager to get back to the house. She was settled down though and got a laugh to herself when a man came in asking for anal toys.

She knew David was squeezing inside and thought she might die laughing. She managed to only make a snort while smirking back at David. She then lead him out and was smiling ear to ear. She even had a sway about her walk.

She was in a daze all the way home so it was a quick and quiet ride. When they pulled into the driveway and she shut the car off. She pulled the keys out quickly while David still had on his seatbelt. She stopped him and told him that she was going to get a shower. She wanted him to have a beer, then get comfortable watching whatever on TV.

Tasha instructed him that when she was ready she would text a picture of her wearing the sexy new getup for him and he was to enter the bedroom immediately and David canlı poker oyna was all for it.

She kissed him then grabbed his pecker. Tasha bent down and kissed his manhood. She was being such a tease but it felt so good to have it harden in her hands.

Tasha tried to get a quick shower but the advice of her lover was obsessing her and she could feel her pussy on edge. She wanted a little taste of what was to come but she didn’t want to go all out either. She decided a little bit of water pressure from the shower head on high would be just right.

It totally made her pussy lips swell instantly, she almost burst right into an orgasm right then and there. She rubbed her engorging clit just a little but quickly turned the water off before she got too excited. She got a few trickles a cold water splashed on her but at the moment she somehow still found that exciting.

She dabbed off just enough that she wouldn’t drip water on the floor while tiptoeing back to the bedroom. Tasha ripped the packages to her new outfits open with hurried enthusiasm. She had them out and was trying them on in no time. She wished she had done this sooner because she loved the way the fabric felt against her skin. She looked damn good in it too.

She opened the new rabbit, which was clear and fondled some batteries into it. She turned it on and compared it with her blue one. Sure enough, it did have all the same features. Of course, then she had to see how the sleeves looked. She took a few minutes changing them back and forth between the two toys and just let her mind race.

Before she knew it she had bunny

with a sleeve on and was rocking it back and forth inside of her pussy. She hesitated long enough to get adjusted to the rhythm of its pulsations and started rubbing bunny

along her asshole. She was getting really turned on and imagined having a cock grow right in front of her face so she could suck it while she got off.

Tasha didn’t like giving head, in fact she might even loathe it. Yet, here she was beating off while wanting very badly to taste a cock. She imagined feasting on it and watching it explode while she was being a bad girl. So much for taking off just a little of the edge, she had soaked the bedsheets with her squirt and had to rush to change them.

She composed herself quickly, then threw her wonderful masturbation machines under her pillow. She took a deep breath and told herself that it was time to break David of his intimidation. Tasha put a robe on over her lingerie and tied it up. She pulled out her phone and made sure to only get a picture of the cleavage.

She took another one from upskirt position and at an angle that only showed the top of her legs outlined in the stockings and barely showing her beaver. She remembered her lover’s advice, not to show too much but to show the outfit accenting her voluptuous curves.

Tasha sent David the first pic of her cleavage. He answered back immediately, “What am I supposed to see, you’re teasing me?”

Tasha loved how quickly he responded, right then she knew it was her game to win. She texted back, “You’re only teasing yourself if you can’t use your imagination.” She then texted the second picture to get a reaction.

As quick as the first came, the second response was, “Babe, you’re killing me!!”

She then bent over doggy style and took a picture from underneath that showed a clear view of both her gorgeous ass and pussy in it. She texted it with the caption, “Is your imagination hard yet?” internet casino

David leaped off the couch and headed to the bedroom without even replying. She stopped him in his tracks and made him undress. She took her robe off very seductively, then she reached back with her hands and guided them up and down the stockings clinging to her legs. She practically purred about how good they made her skin feel.

Next, she spread her ass cheeks so David could have a peek. Then she tightened her cheeks and asked him if he’d like to squeeze them a bit. David went to touch her and she sternly told him, “No no no, you called me a tease and didn’t even say nice outfit. Now you can use any sense but touch until I think you’ve earned it.”

He was stunned and just stood there with a raging hard-on. She reached in like she was going to suck him but instead blew a quick breath crossed the head of his manhood.

She told him to lie down on the bed with his feet at the pillows. He did and she mounted overtop of him to make him watch her finger herself.

She questioned, “How’s the view?”

David instinctively started jacking off to the very same cadence and rhythm as Tasha’s masturbation. They both felt the rush and suddenly both were close to climax.

“I want to fuck you,” he screamed out watching her pussy get so wet.

“Not yet, we will. Cum if you want but you better save something for this pussy,” she declared.

Tasha watched his expression turn to ecstasy and knew he was soon going to blow. She was almost overwhelmed by excitement that she just barely remembered that she was going to break the intimidation factor.

“David, stop worrying about your cock and get up in here and smell this pussy,” Tasha commanded.

Like an obedient soldier, he was right there sniffing deeply and she could even feel a warm breeze as he breathed heavy into her muff. She wanted him to bask in her aroma even though instinctively she started to goosebump and yearned to be touched. “You love that smell don’t you?” she quipped.

She knew she had to keep control and really had to concentrate on her implementing her next step. This was going to be torture to her to add some intensity without totally losing her focus.

Her next instructions were, “David hum.”

As he did, he sent tremors through her already throbbing pussy only causing her snatch to become sloppy. She even allowed him a few licks that he managed to sneak in.

She loved it but he was about to make her squirt. She pulled off just enough to make her mess on his chest.

David was rock hard and she knew he was going to have to suffer a bit more. She told him that he was amazing but the show wasn’t over quite yet.

She pulled out rabbit

and plunged it right into her cunt without turning it on. David started going limp almost right away. She wanted to lick it back to complete hardness but stroked him instead. Her efforts were failing and she remembered the words her lover spoke to her and just decided to repeat them.

Tasha stopped working in and out of her pussy and turned both settings on low.

Tasha spoke and her words were, “I want you to fuck my pussy with rabbit

and work the controls while I work rabbit

into my ass. When I say I’m ready, I want you to choose one to pull out and put the other on all highs. I want you… I need you to double-penetrate me and fuck me in the other hole. If I have to I’ll beg, but you better show me what a good slut I am for not submitting and making you wait.”

David jumped right in, ripping her clothes off and everything. Tasha now stays stocked in batteries and David has even gone to the porn place without her just to refill on the big ass bottle of lube.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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