Into The Sunset Ch. 01

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Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


I had not had a good week. Nothing went well at the office, where my thirteen employees seemed to be dead set on breaking my fledgling little company. Maybe thirteen was proving to be an unlucky number in many aspects … my girlfriend of thirteen months decided that she was ‘moving on,’ meaning that she had found someone else she wanted to be with instead of me.

I had worked every day for the last seven weeks and now I was going to take the next two days off, come hell or high water. I had decided that I needed the time off to keep my sanity so I had arrived at the marina early this morning to start a leisurely weekend.

I had brought plenty of provisions for meals and drinks, probably enough to last me for two weeks instead of two days but at least if I wanted variety, I would have it. After I stowed them in the galley of my 42-foot sloop, I got out the hose and pressure washed the crusted salt from everything on the deck and now it was gleaming white and shiny chromium silver again like it should be. It was already late morning by the time I finished these tasks.

Starting the motor, I had eased the boat over to the service area, where I flushed out the waste water tank, filled the fresh water tank and was in the process of topping off the diesel fuel when a gaggle of people came along the boardwalk talking about the various boats in the marina. Several of them stopped just a few feet from me and exclaimed about my beautiful little conveyance. They were all late-thirtyish or early fortyish, all very tanned, all wearing some kind of halter top, shorts, and deck shoes, a sort of non-uniform uniform for the coastal area.

I heard one woman say, “Aren’t those sleek lines?”

Another said, “I wonder how fast she sails.”

Still another responded, “I don’t know but it looks fast.”

One of the women spotted me watching them while I held the fuel nozzle. She asked, “Is this your boat?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded.

“Its very nice,” she said. “Are you planning to take her out today?”

“Yes, ma’am. Just as soon as I get her fueled up.”

There was a moment’s silence and then I asked, “Would you and your friends like to go sailing with me?”

Suddenly there was a hubbub of chatter among the women. A very pretty blonde leaned over and asked, “How long will you be out?”

“Well, I’m planning on making it a very leisurely cruise up the coast and back. I probably wont be back until late tonight or maybe even sometime tomorrow. But there’s room for all of you if you want to come.”

They turned to each other and began talking all at once. I heard someone say, “I’ve got to pick up the kids at 3 so I can’t go.” Another said, “Gary is taking me to dinner and the theatre tonight. I don’t think I’d better go but you all go ahead.”

By the time I hung up the nozzle and screwed the cap on my fuel tank, three of them had continued their stroll down the boardwalk. Four ladies stood by the boat and one asked, “Can we go with you?”

I walked to the ladder and offered my hand. “I would be most delighted to have you go. Please come aboard.”

As each one stepped aboard, using my hand to steady them down the short ladder, I had a chance to check them out. There was not one of the four that I would kick out for eating crackers in bed. They were mature women with large breasts, nice large round bottoms, and waists and legs that indicated that these ladies were active, probably tennis players or frequent swimmers. I could see that I would likely have a problem the whole trip trying to keep my third leg dormant. They introduced themselves as Glenda, Sherri, Laurie, and Abby.

I gave the women a quick tour of the boat, including the cabin and galley. They left their handbags on the bed in the cabin and followed me back on deck, watching as I cast off, and motored out past the breakwater. When we were well clear, I raised the mainsail and jib, cut the diesel and savored the light salty wind that took us cutting silently through the gentle swells of the ocean.

We’d been out for maybe an hour with the coast just barely in sight on our left when Glenda said, “I don’t know about you guys but I’m gonna work on my tan.”

With that she stood and unabashedly took off her halter top, revealing a pair of monstrous boobs that must have been EE cup or maybe even larger. Walking to the cabin deck she spread a towel just in front of the wheel where I was standing, then sat on the towel and proceeded to unbutton her shorts and slide them down her smooth legs. Right after that, she peeled off her tiny thong panties and dropped them on the pile of clothes beside her.

With a huge smile on her face, she looked at me and said, “I hope you don’t mind, captain. I can’t stand lines in my tan.”

I gulped bayan escort and managed to say, “Not at all.”

However when she spread her legs and rubbed a hand along the neatly shaven crease, I had the feeling she had something else in mind. I reached over and flipped on the autopilot, noticing that Glenda was still watching me watching her.

She started to lay back and got as far as to support herself on her elbows before I grabbed her ankles and pulled her along the fiberglass deck toward me. When her bottom was at the edge of the deck I put her legs on my shoulders and licked a path from her right knee to her pussy. My tongue no sooner touched the top of her slit than she began to moan, “Oh, yes, yes, oh, yes, yes.”

I slipped my tongue into her slit and tickled her clit and suddenly she stiffened, pressed my head into her with both hands, and muttered, “Oh, baby, I’m cumming!”

A stream of clear sweet juice flooded my chin and dripped onto my hand holding her ass up to my face.

I probably could have had my own reward after that but I wasn’t satisfied yet. I kept licking her until all the fresh pussy juice was gone, then I dove into her cunt with my tongue, exploring every part of her I could reach. I licked and softly nibbled at her clit. Then, spreading her ass with both hands, I ran my tongue down her slit and around her tight little puckered ass hole. Once more she jerked her body out stiff and tried to stuff my head inside her cunt as she squirted another stream of pussy juice on my face and chest.

This time I figured it was my turn. I pushed her back up on the towel, then jumped onto the deck. Pulling her legs back up to my shoulders, I guided my stiff cock to her slick pussy, noting the lustful grin on her face as my cock slid into her. I pushed her legs forward until they were beside her head, raising her ass and opening her pussy until every last bit of my cock was buried in her. I bent down to kiss her ruby red lips and she lifted her head to meet me.

While our lips were still locked together, I began to fuck her hard, easing my cock out of her but ramming back in unmercifully hard. I felt a hand grasp my scrotum and looked around to see Abby on my right fondling my balls while Sherri and Laurie looked on from the left. I turned back to my work with a vengeance. In just a few minutes Glenda was just finishing one orgasm when another hit her, over and over until my balls could hold back no longer and they spit their load deep into Glenda’s hot steamy cunt.

I carefully rolled off Glenda and lay on my back to recover. I was surprised when Sherri bent over and put my deflated member in her mouth and proceeded to lick me clean. She didn’t stop then, however, continuing to suck my cock until I began to grow hard again. Sometime all three of the women had shed their clothes and I was surrounded by four beautiful naked women.

When I was hard, Sherri climbed on top of me and eased my cock into her pussy. She had barely settled down so that my entire shaft was inside her when Laurie straddled my face and pulled my head into her crotch. In self-defense, I spread her pussy so I could breathe and so my tongue could service her pretty rose-petaled twat.

After a few minutes of licking Laurie’s pussy, her crevice was so slick that I didn’t have to hold her open to find breathing space; I licked from one end to the other, took a big gulp of air and repeated the process. I used my hands to grasp a handful of each of her big tits, rolling her nipples in my fingers, pulling them unmercifully, then kneading the whole globe. By the time Sherri worked herself to a climax on my flagpole, I had Laurie cumming and cumming and cumming.

Both Laurie and Sherri finally rolled off me before I had a chance to cum again. I found Abby patiently waiting and watching and pulled her closer to me. Lifting her on hands and knees, I wiped my cock up and down her crease from behind her curvaceous bottom until she was slick with our combined juices. I pushed into her, amazed that she would be so tight. I had to stroke several times before I got my whole shaft into her pussy but did it feel good!

Concerned that Abby, having patiently awaited her turn, receive a just reward, I began stroking very slowly in and out of her pussy while my left hand fondled her tits and my right hand roved along her crease, occasionally just nudging her clitty. It took a while to get her there but the result was one wild explosion when it came. She was like a bundle of dynamite exploding and her cunt played the role of a milking machine on my rod, squeezing, tugging, releasing, then repeating the process over and over until my balls sent a high-pressure load through her pussy destined for her mouth. I was totally fucked out and the looks of the women indicated that no one was really disappointed.

We all scattered around the boat and found places to rest and recover for a while. I went back to the pilot’s seat and checked our course to be sure that the autopilot still had us on the right course, even though we could still see the shoreline on the horizon. The afternoon was slowly fading away with the soft breezes and gently waves of the early summer days.

After a while, I went down to the head to take a leak and then strolled back on deck. All of the women were laying around on towels, still stark naked and soaking up the sun’s rays, except for Laurie, who was still naked but had wandered to the bow of the boat and was leaning over the railing watching the water as the boat sheared through it. She had her legs spread to keep herself steady but it made me think other thoughts … about my cock splitting those lush globes, penetrating her body and using her as a receptacle for my balls’ next load of cum.

Slowly I worked my way up to where she was standing. When I was a few feet away, she looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, glanced at my newest erection that proceeded me and her smile grew wider. She said, “You must have great powers of recovery.”

“Well, I’ve always been able to get hard pretty quick after sex, especially when I see a beautiful naked woman.”

“Are you suggesting that you want to fuck me?”

“No, I’m saying it out loud.”

“Then by all means, do it.”

She wiggled her bottom at me and I could not resist. I rubbed my hands all over her soft, curvy ass, then gently spread them and worked my cock between the puffy lips of her cunt. She was already wet and the throbbing head of my cock popped into her pussy with little urging and I was soon buried inside her up to the root of my probe.

For a while I held us tightly together while I massaged her boobs and occasionally teased her clitty but she began wiggling her bottom around my cock and I could not resist starting to stroke in and out of her slick, warm cunt. She had a small orgasm almost immediately and then a few minutes later a larger one that shook her whole body for a few seconds.

I turned her around and, leaning her over the railing backwards, pierced her again. As I stroked her pussy, I gently thumbed her mound around her clitty and soon she had an even greater climax. When she came down, she said, “My husband never has learned how to make me cum like that.”

“Oh? You’re married?” I asked.

“Yeah, for 13 years. Not that you’d really know it if you could watch our sex lives. John’s married to his work and couldn’t care less about having sex.”

“Wow! I can’t believe a man would let a beautiful woman like you go without sex. If I were John, you’d probably have to drive me away from you every night.”

She laughed. “I don’t think I would spend the energy doing that. I believe I’d just let you do whatever you wanted to.”

“Really? You might not like some of what I would want to do.”

“I doubt if you could come up with anything I wouldn’t like.”

‘Oh? Do you like anal?”

“Sugar, I used to thrive on anal before I got married. I haven’t had it that way in a long time. Want to try me?”


I pulled out of her pussy and Laurie turned back over, lifting her ass high in the air as an offering to me. Putting my cock at her back door, I gently pushed inside, expecting a cry of pain but I could feel how she was already relaxing her sphincter and my cock penetrated her ass without that much fuss. She grunted once, then said, “It’s okay, baby. Bring it on.”

Even though Laurie was obviously experienced at anal sex and had taken my shaft without flinching, she was tight enough around my cock to send the most wonderful sensations to my overloaded brain and I knew I would not … could not … last long with the kind of squeezing my cock was getting from her anus. Even though I tried to go slowly, I could feel the pressure building in my balls. I gently rubbed my hands up and down her back and sides and grasped her tits, hoping to help Laurie get off too. However my balls began to contract and started spitting their load into her bowels. Maybe it was the heat of the sticky liquid or maybe it was something else but Laurie started to climax just a few seconds later, shaking all over and crying, “Oh, baby, that feels sooooooooo gooooood, honey!”

A few minutes later, we sat on the deck, our backs to the cabin wall as we rested. I asked, “How would your husband react if he knew I had just fucked you?”

She looked thoughtful for a moment before answering, “I don’t know but I don’t really think he would care. For some reason, sex no longer means anything to him.”

“Do you think he’s getting it somewhere else?”

“No-o-o,” she dragged out the answer. “I thought of that and a couple of years ago I even hired a PI to watch him but he just doesn’t seem to care anymore. Even my best blowjobs don’t even get him hard. I know he’s got some medical problems but I think he should still be interested in fucking me, don’t you?”

:”Why don’t you divorce him?”

“Oh, no, I can’t do that. I still love him. And I think he loves me. He just doesn’t have any sex drive.” She laughed, although it sounded a little bitter. “Can you believe it? A woman wants more sex than her hubby can give her.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and she leaned into me. “I really can’t understand it. How can any red-blooded male let such a sweet sexy woman like you starve for sex? I would have cum running out of your ass all the time if it were me.”

Laurie reached over and squeezed my limp cock, which started to grow again. She grinned and said, “Yes, I believe you would. And you know what? I would let you, too. Gawd, that felt so good. You want to go clean up and do it again?”

We both went down into the cabin where she insisted that she wash me, after which she softly sucked my cock until I pulled her off it and tossed her onto the sofa. Pushing her legs back, I let my dong again slip into her still wet twat. But this time, instead of being hard and demanding, we both made it sweet and loving … and long-lasting. Laurie had four orgasms before my nuts again spewed their hot load into her willing body.

I was still bent over her kissing her tonsils when a voice behind me said, “Hey, you two love birds. We’re getting hungry. You guys stop eating each other and let’s find some food.”

I climbed off Laurie and turned to see Glenda heading toward the galley with Sherri and Abby not far behind. Sherri had a towel over her shoulders but that was the only thing any of them was wearing so I didn’t feel out of place following them without putting on any clothes.

Sherri opened the fridge and rummaged through the meat tray while Glenda and Abby opened cabinets and checked out the pantry. Spotting the steaks I had brought on board just this morning, Sherri asked if I liked to grill. I confessed that it was my favorite way to cook so I was assigned to get the grill set up and going while Sherri seasoned five steaks, Glenda and Abby cut up fresh produce for a salad and Laurie set the table and selected a bottle of my best wine.

Later as we sat around the table finishing a great meal and watching the fading light show of the sunset, Glenda leaned back and said, “Ya know, a good fuck always gives me a great appetite.”

There was a chorus of agreement among the women as they all finished off the last bites of their steaks. Glenda looked at me and asked, “Well, lover, are we going to make this an overnight voyage?”

The other women looked up expectantly. I said, “I think its too late now to make it back tonight so … I guess you’re stuck out here with me tonight.”

There was a bit of laughter and Abby said, “I don’t mind sleeping with you. Are you up to another round before bed time?”

“With you lovely ladies? I don’t think that will be a problem.”

Having found a small harbor before dinner, I had anchored just inside the breakwater and insured that the marker lights were all lit. Now we cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen in record time and all five of us headed for the king-sized bed.

Over the course of the next three-plus hours, I fucked my way through the four women again, pounding all four pussies at one time or another. The action was sometimes frantic, sometimes languid depending on the reaction of my partner at that time. I managed to find lots of time for sweet, sloppy kisses with each of the women as time passed.

Besides the information I had already learned about Laurie, I found out that Sherri was also married and, although she and her husband still had sex regularly, she knew that her husband was regularly screwing at least two other women that worked for him. They had confronted each other some months before and finally agreed that each of them had the right to screw other people but she had never taken advantage of the opportunity until now, when it just seemed like the right time and place to do it. While I stroked my cock in and out of her sweet pussy, I sucked and sucked on her enormous tits until I thought she would beg me to stop but she just kept egging me on.

Glenda was long divorced, having married when she was a teenager only to find out that she and her husband had virtually nothing in common except love of sex, which really wasn’t all that good. She had had a few boyfriends since then but none of them lasted long. She said that she had always loved being fucked in the ass and watching me do Laurie that way had given her an itch in her bottom that could only be scratched if I stuck my cock in her butt. It led to another great piece of ass.

Abby was a widow of six years. Her beloved was killed in a car-truck highway accident and she had not felt much like having a relationship since then. However she did frequently masturbate and often felt like she’d like to have a man in her life, if only to give her a good fucking every so often. Now for some reason she was feeling like a teen-aged girl again and when I climbed into her saddle, she wanted me to pound her hard, harder, and still harder. With one of the other women sucking each of her tits and the third finger-fucking her ass while I slammed into her pussy as hard as I could, Abby finally screamed out in exquisite pleasure as she came and came and came.

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