Introduction To Julie

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Coincidence, good fortune, happenstance, they all occur at sometime in most peoples’ lives. Whenever something in the good fortune department came my way, I tried to make detailed and lasting mental notes of the circumstances, sights, sounds, smells and the like for pleasant recall at a later time. My relationship with Julie was a great example and I relish remembering out time together. Simply said, Julie was a real character.

When I arrived on her scene, Julie had experienced a short but apparently tempestuous marriage and, following its dissolution, she apparently went on a sexual rampage. She had been a “good girl,” educated in parochial schools and imbued with the wisdom of repressive religious instructresses (if there is such a word—but you know who I mean!). Prior to her marriage Julie became adept at fending off suitors for her virginity by learning and administering the fine art of the blowjob. Julie regaled me with great stories of penis sizes and shapes and how she made her boyfriends cum before they could think of getting into her pants.

Julie reveled in manipulating those same suitors into reciprocating; she loved the sense of dominion and control she felt having her pussy licked while screaming obscenities — it made her feel powerful. Accordingly, Julie entered her marriage with an un-ruptured hymen. Following its dissolution, however, she did whatever the fuck she pleased… so long as it pleased—her.

As is appropriate in these matters, her stats were: then 30 years old: 5’6″, about 120 lbs, attractive but not pretty in the classical sense; longish nose, high cheekbones; she had a beautiful sensuous mouth and pouting, un-enhanced lips.

Perhaps her best (facial) feature were forthright, bright blue eyes. She had long, always tussled, from-the-bottle-blond hair. Below her longish neck flowed down to well formed but not large breasts; I loved her very round but compact ass and long, well-muscled legs.

I met Julie at the local grocery store. Spotting her, and then, smooth talker that I was,I smashed my cart into hers, profusely apologized, checked her left hand for a ring and her shopping cart for Pampers.

After recoiling from the collision, Julie smiled, I babbled and somehow we went for a glass of wine and made a date for dinner a few days later. It was at my apartment; I cooked, albeit badly, but the presentation was marginal enough for Julie to overlook the pitiful meal.

At the time we met, Julie was employed as the general manager of a very upscale condo building, 40 stories high, two pools, etc. She loved her job and the frequent “power perks” it afforded her (some very good material to come later).

To my delight, Julie was as sexy as they come (perhaps pun intended).Although we rapidly progressed to mutual manual manipulation. Julie gave my cock a quick lick but would not yet suck it. She was postponing our closing “until she was ready.” She simply just loved to drive me nuts.

Then, one Sunday night after 60 Minutes, right after Andy Rooney’s nonsense, Julie grabbed my hand and led me into her bedroom.

“Take off Şanlıurfa Escort all your clothes and lie on the on the bed.”

“NOW!” she scolded.

I was nonplussed but compliant and obliged. I was supine on the bed, my head on a big pillow, iced vodka in my hand, when Julie huskily whispered,

“stretch out and spread your arms and legs, if you promise not to move. I won’t tie you up.”

I must have looked even more puzzled but then she smiled and said softly,

“We’re going to do it now, Michael.”

It’s always difficult to remember specifically what occurs in any given situation, but that evening is emblazoned in my skull. While focusing her gorgeous blue eyes on my cock, Julie smiled in her sensual but mirthful way and began to slowly strip.

She was wearing a white see-through blouse with dual breast pockets preventing a head on look at her nipples although the darker coloring of her areoles and the protrusion of her nipples could be discerned through the thin fabric. Her skin tight jeans sculpted her slim body.

Julie loved Frank Sinatra. One of his throaty CDs was softly playing as I raptly watched her long manicured fingers begin to unbutton her blouse. Her hips were moving suggestively and in time with Frank’s lyrics.

I’m not the most well hung in the world. “Average” seems about right for me as per locker room comparisons over the years. But my dick does get pretty fat when hard and it stands up—kind of promoting a faux largeness.

My cock did its stuff when Julie undid the last button and pulled the blouse tails out of her jeans, I saw the flash of one bare breast, milky white with light brownish areole and a stiffened, erect nipple.

A feeling of warm lust encompassed my loins. Julie smirked as my dick rose, licking her lips while shrugging off her blouse; the movement was tantalizing- the shrugs caused her breasts to sway and jiggle, mesmerizing me.

I started to reach for my dick but Julie scolded, “NO, do I have to tie you down?”

Ruefully, I retracted my arm. Julie was now topless, back to me, peeling her tight jeans over her slim hips, the beautiful orbs of her ass coming into view. She was wearing pink bikini panties, which were riding down her slim hips together with her jeans.

Continuing to move with the music, Julie rolled her jeans further down her rump with panties accompanying, until her bottom was completely in view. She looked over her shoulder, winked and softly laughed.

Pushing the jeans to the floor, Julie kicked them off, fluffed her hair and slowly pirouetted to face me, her hands remaining in her long mane. It was one of those moments when one doesn’t know where to look first. I remember looking immediately at the union of Julie’s legs. I saw a dark triangular patch of thick but well trimmed pubic hair leading down to a discernible slit with prominent labia on each side.

Roused from my voyeuristic trance by,

“Michael, there’s more of me here,”

I looked up to find Julie mimicking a stern school teacher. She cupped her breasts offering her lovely Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan nipples to me while doing a soft, smooth bump and grind, moving with Sinatra’s words.

Julie started towards me and hissed,

“Don’t move, I’m in charge here.”

I started to ask a question and heard her whisper,


Julie was now along side the bed on my right; her loins were inches from my face and I could see a very slight glistening of moisture closest to her slit and the adjoining pubic hair. Julie’s woman’s scent was wafting in my nostrils as her right leg spread from the left as it rose coming up onto the bed. Her inner pinkness came into view along with the hood of her clitoris. Rapture was mine.

Julie continued climbing onto the bed. Remarkably, her calves somehow became positioned under my arms with the bottoms of her thighs pinioning my upper shoulders.

She was straddling me, her open mons directly in front of my lips. Looking up, I saw the underside of her breasts with nipples pointing straight outward. Julie made eye contact and began to lightly roll her left nipple between her long fingers. My cock was throbbing with a need to be touched but the game had to be played (after all, my arms were indisposed).

“Eat me, Michael, lick my cunt.”

Pleasantly surprised at her use of words, but not at the request, I licked my lips suggestively (at least I had hoped so).

She moved her pelvis closer to my face, her mound now easily reachable by my tongue. Ever so lightly I teasingly licked up and down the length of her slit tasting her juices and smelling her essence. I felt I would come with one stroke of my engorged cock.

I increased the pressure just a bit while lapping up to the hood from whence the pink nub of her clit had emerged. It was much larger than any I had then seen and looked like a tiny penis. I licked all around Julie’s clit and then sucked on it. Her body bucked as if she were on a pony; I heard a guttural moan emanate from above me.

“Yes, yes, that’s it, don’t stop.”

Employing my long tongue and large mouth I filled myself with Julie’s mound licking and sucking her and orally impregnating her now soaking cunt. Julie’s moans and gasps were increasing, peppered with more cries of

“Yes, yes.”

A wondrous moment occurred: I felt a hand on my cock. First it grabbed my shaft in its center and then began to stroke, somewhat furiously, but nonetheless heartily welcomed by me. Losing track of reality because my whole world was Julie’s mound, I went all out, sucking and licking the upper half of Julie’s opening and her clit. She moved on my face as if she were on a Brahma bull.

I heard Julie scream:

“oh God, oh God, I’m there.”

She let go of my dick and collapsed forward, all but smothering me. Luckily for me, Julie immediately rolled over and stretched out alongside me almost falling off the bed. She was gleaming with a light coating of moisture, ostensibly from her exertion, which made her look incredibly erotic. Her areoles were puckered as if chilled, nipples Escort Şanlıurfa distended; her shapely legs were akimbo exposing her mons, wet and glistening around the engorged pinkness of her vagina.

About to stroke myself, I heard Julie’s now husky voice,

“Fuck me with that fat cock.”

Not one to disobey orders, I rose up on my knees and positioned myself between her legs.

My left hand was holding my purple cock as I moved towards Julie’s entrance. She whispered,

“Rub it on my clit; I want to fuck you first.”

I moved my hard dick up to Julie’s clit and slid it around feeling the wetness and exquisite sensation on the ultra sensitive head of my cock. She moaned and began moving under me tantalizing my dick.Julie then grabbed my dick pushing my hand away and moved its helmet knob onto her distended clit. She began to writhe under me pushing her clit into the tip of my very sensitive cock. I could no longer hold restrain myself. I had to make a move, when…

…an inner demon in me reacted and I instinctively pushed my throbbing hard-on down slightly and pushed it forward mightily and, with a squish, into Julie’s pussy. Her lubrication was such that it was a smooth entrance, but she was tight and it felt marvelous!

My balls were slapping lightly against Julie’s ass. I pumped Julie’s magical center oblivious to her moans and gasps. My orgasmic feeling was approaching when I heard Julie yell,

“Yes, fuck it, yes.”

After waiting so long, I wanted to make the voluptuousness last. I slowed and curious as to what I might see, I raised myself onto my elbows. Julie’s eyes were wild and unseeing. She was making the same noises as earlier. She roused me saying,

“Don’t stop, fuck me.”

I realized that I had paused in my thrusting. I resumed pumping my cock into Julie again sensing the excruciating pleasure of release.

“I’m gonna come,” I politely informed Julie, who ignored me, picking up her pace under me.

Julie then exclaimed:

“Me too, pull out, I want to see.”

She gently shoved me away and rammed her right hand into her crotch and grabbed my exiting dick in her left hand. I lifted my hips and upper body in pushup fashion so we could watch her hand bring me off. She then gently touched my balls with her right hand while jacking my cock with her left.

Her fondling pushed me over the edge: I exploded all over her pussy, pubic hair, legs and tummy (although not near as much as the guys in most of the stories one reads).

Julie took her hand off my balls and returned it to her mound. She resumed the violent rubbing of her mound; she was still holding my dick in her grasp. She started to shudder, moaned and went limp once again.

That’s my introduction of Julie. I’m no judge, but in my opinion she was terrific at roles, fantasies and stories. I wasn’t the only guy she was spending time with; Julie liked to say “life is not a dress rehearsal.” She was merely sampling the herd.

Julie loved to tell me about her other conquests and I was reasonably certain that she did likewise with others. Who knew or cared? She did promote me to her Saturday night man and we took a few trips together, including one to the south of France. That was quite special and a bit bizarre. Such a sequel would serve as a wonderful remembrance of Julie’s charm and her charms.

More later.

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