Introduction to sex_(1)

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Introduction to Sex
Hi, my name is Arnold, everyone calls me Arnie. In a few weeks I’ll be fourteen. I’m small for my age except in one category; I have a very large cock. Seven inches and about the size of a banana and still growing. There are only three things I think about, sex, sex, and sex. I jack off a lot and when my buddy Leon and I sleepover, we jack each other off. The last few times I’ve really wondered what it would be like to have his cock in my mouth when he shoots. I have a sister, Joy, who is almost 16 and from what I hear, has fucked a couple of guys. She is average looking but has a great body, nice big tits and nice ass.
Our parents both work so we really do try to help them. My job is outside maintenance Joy’s is taking care of things inside. Anyway, one afternoon I’m home from school at my usual time, about 3 and decide our patio needs some attention. It is enclosed on three sides with a small entry way on the 4th side. While setting on the swing looking things over our dog, Buster comes over for some petting. He is restless and keeps licking me and pushing his nose around my crotch. I asked Dad why he did this and was told it is because out neighbor’s bitch is in heat and Buster can smell her and wants to mate. I get down on my knees and start pulling weeds when I feel Buster’s nose pushing against my ass and I have a funny feeling in my belly. Then I’m mounted. Suddenly I have a 120 pound Rottweiler-lab riding me like I’m his bitch. I briefly consider pulling my shorts down so he can do what he wants to do but decide against it when I reach around and feel his cock. While not quite as big as mine its close. I want to examine it closer so tell Butch to lie down which he finally does.
I can’t believe what I see. About 7 inches of red, angry meat, thick as a big carrot with a flat end and little tip that sticks out. At the base are two ping pong ball size things in addition to his balls hanging below. Some of the big veins are blue but the smaller ones are black against a red surface. Buster seems entirely happy with my hand on it so I stroke him a bit. When I see a little liquid dripping out I, without thinking, bend over and lick the end of his dick. Buster’s reaction is to get up but he just stands there beside me. I still have his prick in my hand and continue to jack him. His cock is very flexible so I stick it out behind him. I have the sudden urge to take this piece of meat into my mouth. I bend over and lick the drops of liquid off the end and then take the tip between my lips. I can’t describe how it felt. In my mind I knew it was entirely wrong but it was weirdly wonderful. I soon had it all in my mouth and down my throat. Buster was whining as I sucked and I began to feel squirts of hot cum on my tongue. But unlike me when I cum, a few shots and it’s over, Buster would shoot quite a little bit, stop and then in a minute or so, start shooting again. I decided to keep him in my mouth until he decided he was thru.
So there I was, on my knees, one hand on the ground and the other holding my dog’s cock in my mouth, when I heard,
“What are you doing Little Brother?” My sister Joy had caught me.
“I was just checking a sore he has,” I stammered.
“You were not you little liar, you had his thing in your mouth, I could see it.” After what seemed like an eternity she continued, “You better come in so we can talk about this.”
I followed her into the house and up to her room. She sat down on her bed and directed me to join her. “I really don’t know what to do, I really don’t.”
“You aren’t going to tell the folks are you?” I asked almost in a panic.
“That depends on you, on what you will do for me. Number 1 will be that you will do my housework for me.”
I thought this is bullshit, why should I give in to her. If I agree to do housework then every time mom or dad asked her to do something she will expect me to do it for her. I said, “No way.”
She looked at me sort of startled and asked, “What, you’d rather I told them you were sucking Buster’s thing?”
“You tell them and I’ll tell them you have sucked Jason Miller’s cock.”
She turned sort of red in the face from embarrassment then asked, “Who told you that?”
“Jason Miller, he said his cock fits rather nicely in your mouth. Next time he’s going to see how it fits in your pussy.” I replied.
Joy was very silent. I was quite concerned for her as a tear started down her cheek. “I only did it once but now everyone is going to think I’m a real whore.”
“Did you fuck him?”
“Yes, he took my cherry. I thought I loved him but if he’s blabbing about what we did I’m not so sure.”
“Sis, don’t hate yourself. Nine out of ten girls at school have experimented one way or another.”
My sister just sat there thinking for a few minutes and then asked, “Have you done anything with a girl?”
“No,” I replied.
“Just with Buster?” she said with sort of a grin.
“Yes,” I smiled back.
We chatted for some time about what we had done and not done. I admitted that Josh and I jacked gaziantep lezbiyen each other off and even admitted I had thought I might like to suck him. Joy told me about a couple of times she and Beth had played around but didn’t go very far.
“I know something that girl’s seem to really enjoy,” I said.
“What do you know about what girl’s enjoy?” she asked.
“When I’m with Josh we watch his brother’s porn.” I replied.
“What is it that you think girl’s like so much?”
“I’m not going to tell you, I’ll just show you.”
She just sat there like she was waiting for something to happen so I accommodated her. I put my hand on her chest and pushed her over on the bed, reached up under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off and the spread her legs. Her pussy glistened with anticipation as I kissed up her inner thighs and then pressed my lips to her pussy. I licked in and around her love box, enjoying her delicious juice. When I flicked her clit with my tongue I thought she was going to explode. She put her hands behind my head and pushed her pelvis hard against my face, rubbing up and down. Her big squirt of juice caught me by surprise but I drank all I could catch.
She was so quiet I thought she had passed out but the smile on her face said different. She whispered, “Where did you learn how to do that?”
“Your pussy is the first one to feel my tongue,” I said, “But it won’t be the last.”
She laughed and sat up. I was just about to show her my cock but we heard the folk’s car in the driveway. “You get cleaned up,” I said on the way out, “I’ll keep them busy.” When Joy joined us in the kitchen you had this really funny smile on her face. Mom looked at her sort of strange but didn’t say anything. I knew why she was smiling; it was because she had had the best sex of her young life even if it was only my tongue.
I got to spend some time with Buster in the next week or so but not with Joy. She was too busy with afterschool stuff. I did spend a night with Josh and we worked each other over pretty good but I still didn’t have the guts to tell him I wanted to suck his cock. We planned for me to stay with him again Friday night and his folks were going to be out of town.
I got to Josh’s place about 5:30 and he was alone. His folks had already left and his brother Dave was at work. As we headed for Josh’s bedroom he was quite excited. “We have about 6 hours to ourselves,” he said, “Dave doesn’t get off until midnight. I have an idea how to get things started.”
I followed him past his room into his parent’s bedroom. He went over to the dirty cloths basket and pulled out a pair of his mom’s panties, her bra and a nighty. I didn’t know what he had in mind but I was thinking I was going to like it. “I think one of us should wear these,” he said, holding them up for me to see. Without thinking or hesitation I blurted out,
“Let me!”
With a smile he handed them to me and said, “OK Annie, her you go.”
I was completely consumed by what I had in my hands. I took the panties and pressed the crotch to my nose. It was a bit damp and I could smell his mother’s pussy, her juices just like Joy’s after we had started to play and I took them off her. I couldn’t get my clothes off fast enough. The feeling of the soft material against my skin got me an instant hard on. The feeling of the bra around my chest made it stronger. I slipped the nighty over my head and then did a little dance for Josh. We went to his room where he pulled a couple of pair of his underwear out of the drawer and said, “Here, stuff these in your bra, Annie.”
Josh undressed and laid down on the bed. I joined him and just lay beside him for a few minutes thinking. I decided I was going all the way. If he didn’t like it I would stop. I rolled over on my side and snuggled with him, laying my head on his chest and putting a leg over his. Then I looked up at him and he was lying there with eyes closed but seemed very relaxed. I leaned up and pressed my lips to his and forced my tongue into his mouth. He reacted and pulled away from the kiss. “What are you doing? I’m not a queer!”
“I know you aren’t, you’re bisexual just like me. I’m kissing my lover,” I said. And I kissed him again. This time he didn’t react just let me explore his mouth with my tongue. While we were kissing my hand was gripping his cock. I moved and laid up on top of him, pressing my body against his and rubbing my hard cock against his thigh. I nibbled on his nipples and then kissed down his body and ran my tongue around in his naval.
As I moved on down he asked, “What are you going to do now?”
‘I’m going to suck my lover’s cock,” I replied and moved all the way down. Before he could react to my statement I took him all the way in my mouth so my nose was being tickled by his pubic hair. He relaxed and I started working on his cock. He seemed particularly sensitive when I licked and sucked is balls and took the end of his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue around it. I pushed up with his pelvis like he wanted to fuck my mouth so I let him. Unfortunately it also meant he was very close to shooting his load. When he pushed all the way into my mouth and then stopped I could feel hot cum filling me up. I swallowed a couple of times before he relaxed and wanted loose from me. I took his balls in one hand and cock in the other and refused to let him go. I continued sucking him until sure I had all of his sperm.
I rolled off him after a couple of minutes and we both were lost in our own thoughts. Mine of course were how much I had enjoyed this brief blowjob. I didn’t have a clue as to what Josh was thinking but was about to find out. He got up and went into his bathroom without saying a word. He remained there for probably 10 minutes or so. I could see his feet from where I lay and he didn’t move off of the toilet. When he returned to the bedroom went around and sat on the other side of the bed with his back to me.
“What’s going on?” I asked. No answer.
“Josh, what’s wrong? Are you pissed off because I sucked your cock? Or is it because I kissed you a couple of times? Talk to me.”
He didn’t move, didn’t say a word. I thought well fuck you, if you enjoy what I’m doing one minute and then get a guilty conscience the next I’ve had enough. I got up, picked up my cloths and was just about to shut the bathroom door when he turned and asked,
“Where are you going?”
“Home,” I replied, “I can’t put up with your silence. If you are sorry you let me make love to you say so. Don’t just give me the cold shoulder bullshit.”
“Everyone will think I’m a queer,” he sort of whispered.
“Why, are you going to tell everyone about tonight? Cause I’m not. I’m not going to say a word to anyone about the fact that I kissed you and pushed my tongue in your mouth. And that I played with your tits and pulled your nipples. And that I ran my tongue around in your naval before I took you cock in my mouth, played and sucked and then swallowed your load. I’m not telling anyone.”
I was standing there while we were talking. Josh sort of lay over on his elbow on the bed and I could see that his cock was rock hard again. What the fuck is going on with my friend I thought to myself. It was time to find out for sure. I dropped my cloths, walked around to where Josh was, got on my knees and took his hard cock back in my mouth. He laid back on the bed and was entirely into my sucking him. But I had another idea. I got up and went to retrieve my pants.
“Move over here,” I ordered, pointing to where we had made love before. I pulled a rubber I had taken from my Dad’s stash and some lube and got between Josh’s legs. I put a little lube on my finger and then leaned over and took his cock back in my mouth. While I was sucking him I fingered my ass and got two in as far as they would go. I reamed around and fucked myself for a bit. Then I picked the rubber up and put it on Josh’s cock.
I moved over to the middle of the bed and stayed on my hands and knees. “Get up here and fuck me,” I ordered. Josh hesitated so I almost hollered, “Do as you were told before I get really pissed off.” When I felt the head of his cock enter my boy pussy I pushed back against him, not waiting for him. I cannot describe the feeling overtook my body. I loved it and knew this wouldn’t be the last time a cock entered me. It must have been good for Josh too; he started really hammering me and then was very quiet. I reached around and grabbed his ass and wouldn’t let him pull out. Even though his cock was wilting it felt very good. When I let him go we both fell to the bed and relaxed. I was looking at Josh’s face trying to understand what he was thinking. I moved up and kissed him, complete with tongue and he didn’t push me away. That told me he enjoyed it too.
I awoke with a start. The clock said 8:15 and I thought Oh shit; I’m still in his mom’s clothes. I grabbed my cloths and went into the bathroom. When I came out dressed Josh was putting on his shoes. I looked at him and smiled which was returned so I went over and kissed him.
“Quite a night.” I said.
“Yes it was. We’ll have to do it again sometime,” was his reply.
I laughed and asked, “Would tonight be too soon?”
I walked home with a smile on my face. I had really enjoyed my session with Josh. I got to wondering what it would be like with other guys but also thought about what would happen if it got out that I loved to suck and fuck. And then I thought to myself let’s face it, you are a slut.
Everyone was gone when I got home so I had a bit of breakfast and went outside to do some work. Buster was being lazy so I left him inside. I heard the bitch next door whining and barking so looked over the fence. She is a black lab but when she turned away from me I saw a brilliant red pussy with swollen lips. It looked like a tennis ball with a hole in it. My filthy mind immediately wondered if she would taste like my sister when she is hot and ready.
We have a gate between our yards so I went into her back yard. “Come here, girl,” I called. She came over to me her whole body wagging not just her tail. I petted her and then ran my finger down over her pussy. I brought that finger to my nose and it smelled weird but not too bad so I tasted it. You are fucking weird I thought to myself as I turned her around. When my tongue touched her pussy she pushed back against me so I licked hard and entered. Her whining changed to pleasure. I thought to myself you are absolutely the worst kid in the world. But that didn’t stop me, I pulled out my hard cock and pressed it against her. Once again she pushed back and I was all the way in this horny bitch. I didn’t last much longer then a dog normally does before I filled her with cum. She seemed satisfied because as I let go she moved away. I tucked my cock in and headed back to my house.
I never thought for a minute what I smelled like but knew I had her juice on me so decided on a shower. I was undressed walking toward the bathroom when I was attached from the rear. It hit me that Buster finally got a whiff of me and wanted some. I couldn’t get him off of me and he finally got me to the floor. I was mounted and after a few jabs around my rosebud I felt the head of his cock enter. In two or three quick strokes I was taking all of that doggy cock I loved to suck. It hurt like hell when he would be all the way out and try to jam it home and miss a little but there was nothing I could do about it. Then, too late, it hit me, HIS KNOTT. He had pushed it into my ass and I was dying of pain. For 8 or 10 minutes I was tied to Buster and couldn’t do a damn thing. And the pain got worse as he tried to pull it out. He got off of me and we were butt to butt for two or three more minutes before it popped out. Oh man my ass was sore. I could feel stuff running down my leg and put my hand back there. It had blood and cum on it. I decided a shower was definitely needed.
I washed the bitch off my front and then directed the hand shower to my sore asshole. The relief was wonderful. I finished, dried off and went to my room. Before I sat down I checked and found no blood. And I really wasn’t that sore. When I walked by Buster he lifted his head and looked at me and I said, no more today. I went back outside and worked for awhile and then went in for some lunch. I was just finishing a bowl of soup when the phone rang.
“Hi,” I said.
“This is Dave, I need you to come over.” The voice said.
“Right now?” I asked.
“Yes, I need to talk to you about Josh.”
“Well, OK,” I said, “See you in a bit.”
I knocked on the door and was told to come in so I did. Dave was setting on one end of the couch and lying next to him was the bra, panties and nighty I had worn last night. He didn’t say anything, just looked at me with a smile. Finally he said as he pointed to his Mom’s clothes, “Get dressed and come down to my room.”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“What I mean is I got home from work early last night and heard you and Josh as I walked by so I looked in saw you giving him a blowjob. I got a chair and enjoyed the show including him fucking your ass. I think he was enjoying it cause he thought of you as his mother, so now I want a little of mother. Get dressed.”
Dave headed down the hall as I stripped and put on the bra and panties. I didn’t have anything to fill the bra with so just put on the nighty and headed down the hall to Dave’s room. He was stretched out on his bed with a nice, really nice hard on pointing at the ceiling. He pointed to some briefs on the bed and told me to use them for tits. I stuffed the bra and then laid on the bed beside him.
“You want me to be your lover?” I asked.
He just smiled so I took it as a yes. I laid up on him like I had Josh, nibbled on one nipple and tweaked the other one and then moved up to kiss him. “No, I don’t want a kiss,” he said as he moved his head to the side. OK I thought, I’m fine with just a blowjob.
I kissed down his body until I was between his legs. His hard cock was like a post, longer and wider than mine. The head was slightly larger than the shaft and felt wonderful on my tongue. I licked the shaft and sucked his balls before I took as much as his prick in my mouth and down my throat. I was getting a great reaction from Dave as I played. He was getting quite tense but I really wasn’t ready for him to cum so I just gently stroked him for a bit while running my tongue around the head. Dave was ready to give me his load and took my head in his hands and began fucking my mouth. In just seconds I could feel his warm juice filling my mouth.
After a few minutes of recovery my love got up and said he was going to shower and go to work. Just to leave my outfit on his bed and he would take care of it. As he headed for his bathroom he turned and with a smile said, “Thank You, that was great.”
When I got home Mom was there, I gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed for my room. I lay down on my bed and thought about the last couple days of my life. I told myself I had to stop being such a sex hound. If anyone ever found out what all I had done I would be the laughing stock of my school.
Next chapter will show that I don’t slow down one bit.

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