Iris Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: all individuals are 18 or above, the names of people have been changed to protect their identities and none of this really happened.


I watch her from the darkness, feeling my hunger to taste her creamy flesh between my teeth and hear her whimper in pleasure. She looks behind her, sensing my presence but I am darkness and she soon looks ahead again quickening her pace. I love the smell of fear on her, trailing behind her like a string to follow. She doesn’t see anyone on the empty street and yet she knows she’s being hunted. If only she knew that the beast in the darkness, the beast prowling and stalking her is her own best friend.

I get back to the hotel before she does. Sitting on the bed playing solitaire she walks in flustered, I look up with mock concern and ask her if everything is okay. She says nothing is wrong and gets ready for bed. I watch her from the corner of my eyes, I see her full lush D cups pop out of that stupid bra, watch as her panties slide down her plump full thighs and my mouth waters. She brushes her long black hair and all I can think of is sliding my hand up her back and into that hair, clenching my fist in it and hearing her gasp.

She climbs into the bed we share, we are best friends after all and there is only one bed in the room. She doesn’t see me that way at all, at least not yet. When she goes to bed I watch her for a while, watching her hefty chest rise and fall, listening to her deep breaths and little mumbles of sleep.

The next morning my plan has been made, and she will be mine. We tease each other about how silly we look this morning. It takes all of my control not to jump on her, the way she walks around naked flaunting her yummy body at me while she dresses. We spend the day with her sister and aunt, tagging me around Casibom for shopping and their ridiculous family gossip.

Later in the evening input my plan into action. I ask her to come to the beach with me to swim and see the sunset. Her precious face lights up and she eagerly agrees, changing into her barely covering blue and green polka dot bikini. Walking to the beach, seeing her chest moving sends heat down into my groin, making me walk funny.

We spend an hour or two playing in the surf and sand until sunset. Then we sit on the blanket we brought and watch the sun lower in the horizon. She tells me “Ivy I’ve had so much fun today.” And with my reply “So did I Iris.” Set her face a glow in the setting sunlight. With the sun fading she starts getting cold, and snuggles into my side, not unusual between us. I wrap my arm around her and hold her close, rubbing her should to keep her warm. Her scent so close sets a fire inside my stomach and I want to take her more now than ever. With her leaning on me I turn my head to inhale her scent from her salty hair, and kiss the top of her head making her purr softly.

With that one little purr I can’t wait any more. I nonchalantly pull the hair from her neck, exposing the tender flesh. With a sudden movement I’m sitting in front of her with my nose pressed to her neck and my arms wrapped tightly around her soft body. She’s surprised and cry out, pressing against my chest with her arms. Her struggling urges me to sink my teeth in deep, breaking the tenderness of her neck, causing a shriek of pain and fear to rip from her throat.

Pushing her back into the sand, I slide her top off, cupping her luscious breasts in my hands. Her cry starts to turn into a moan. With her blood on my chin and filling my mouth I set to work massaging and squeezing Casibom Giriş her lovely mounds. Now instead of pushing me away she’s holding onto me, pulling me closer, gasping and whimper in pleasured pain. To finally have a taste is bliss, pure unspoiled bliss, to feel her tremble with every caress and whine in pleasure sends heat right down into my loins, getting me throbbing in no time.

I pull away from her neck, kissing down her shoulder leaving a bloody trail down to her nipple, sucking the sweet raspberry into my mouth. She lets out a gasp and a loud groan of pleasure arching her back into the sand, and up against me. I gently nibble and nip her nipple, causing her body to jerk and tremble, listening to her cries of pleasure and feeling her hands cup my head. And press into my back, pulling me closer to her.

With a free hand I trail it down her side, over her full hips and thighs, to slide them lightly over her polka dotted mons. She gasps pressing her hips against my hand, bringing a soft smile to my lips. I lay my hand flat and start rubbing my middle finger down her slit, teasing her with the almost contact. Her hips grind mindlessly against my finger while I continue to torment her breasts, sucking and biting one, pinching and squeezing the other.

She tries bucking her hips wanting more, at this I pull away a little enjoying teasing my little toy. “Ivy,” hearing my name said with such desperation makes me pause, looking up at her I see her flustered face and her shining lust filled eyes gazing back at me. “please.” With that little word filled with so much wanting I rip her bikini bottoms off, sliding down to inhale the sweetness between her legs.

Her legs shiver with anticipation, I look up seeing her bite her lip waiting, wanting this. I slide my tongue Casibom Yeni Giriş slowly through her slit and up past her tender bud. She quivers and gasps, whimpering for more. I keep licking with this slow deliberate pace, tasting her getting wetter and hotter with each pass of my tongue. “Ivy, please!” her cry sends a shudder down my spine, and finally I slide a single finger deep into her virgin tightness while gently biting her clit. Her orgasm is sudden, making her body shake and sending her cries up a new octave. I gently curl my finger hitting her g-spot, turning her cries of pleasure into screams. I feel her nails dig into my shoulders, groaning into her moans I start licking the piece of clit I have between my teeth while looking up at her, seeing her eyes roll into her head and her body shake with another orgasm.

I smile fondly and slowly disentangle ourselves, letting her come down slowly from heights she’s never been before. I lay beside her, propped up on one arm and smile smugly down at her, she grabs my head gently and pulls me down for a soft kiss, nibbling at my lips tenderly. Breathlessly she says “Thank you Ivy.” To which I reply proudly “What are best girlfriends for?”

It’s dark now as I help her out of the sand and re-tie her bikini top. The walk back to the hotel is silent, and I fear she may start freaking out after what happened. While I brood we get back to our room and I see what I’ve done to her neck. Crusted blood around my bite mark, and already starting to bruise. Without saying a word I grab a small hand towel and get it wet with warm water. I move the hair out of my way and start to gently clean the wound. She stands still for me, and though I worry about what she’s thinking, I smell no fear from her, or repulsion.

It catches me off guard though that when I’m done cleaning her neck, she turns to me flinging her arms around my neck, pressing her body flush with mine and crushing her lips to me in a passionate kiss. I hold her to me tightly, kissing back deeply. It looks like the fun has just begun.

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