Irresistible Ch. 02

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Once Zoe was on her feet and looking up at Jason, the taste of his cum clinging to her tongue and his growling words echoing around inside her head… The doubt kicked in. This was bad. This was really bad. Maybe she should just leave it here and pretend like… like… It’d never happened and like she didn’t want to know just how amazing it’d feel to be stretched around a cock that big. The thought of not knowing what being fucked by Jason after this sounded damn near unbearable, and she had already gone this far…

Jason didn’t give Zoe the chance to dwell on her guilt for very long, one second he was staring at her with those intense green eyes and the next he was yanking her body against his. His hands slid down to her ass, squeezing and pulling her ass cheeks apart as his mouth descended onto hers, unleashing all that pent up lust he had had for the woman since the moment he had seen her on his best friends arm.

Jason couldn’t get enough of her hot little mouth. He knew a few guys who thought it was gross to kiss a chick right after she had taken your load, but he thought it was hot. He could taste that lingering salt on her tongue, mixing with the sweet taste of Zoe and that hint of Champagne. It was fucking intoxicating.

He used his hands on her ass like a fucking handle, lifting her naked, lithe body up off the ground. She was a good girl and wrapped her legs around his waist without him even having to fucking ask. He held her in place, not taking his lips from hers even as he started blindly walking towards where he kind of remembered the sink to be. It was a public bathroom, finding the sink wasn’t that hard.

Zoe clutched at Jason, one hand on his shoulder and wrapped into a fist around the material of his suit jacket, her other arm wrapped around his neck, her fingers in his hair as he kissed her in a way she had never fucking been kissed before. It made her toes curl and her pussy clench. She was leaving a wet spot on the front of his silk shirt, probably fucking ruining it with every rock of her hips, but she couldn’t help herself.

All she knew was the need. It throbbed low in her body, pulsating with every demanding beat of her heart. Her cunt was contracting, the walls of her pussy undulating and squeezing around that emptiness where she so desperately needed something big and hard to squeeze around. The thought of Jason’s cock, and just how much bigger it was than anything else she’d ever put inside of her before, made her break their kiss just so she could get the moan out.

“Fuck,” Jason muttered under his breath, the sound of Zoe’s moan echoing through the bathroom making his hips thrust forward, his semi-erect cock brushing along her ass. It was almost animalistic, his need to be inside of her. But, he had other things to see too first and put a taper on the urge to just fuck her into oblivion.

With his mouth free, Jason takes a single glance to find the sink and then walks forward until the cold ceramic hits the back of Zoe’s thighs. He lowers her down by sliding his hands off her ass. They roam down her thighs, behind the back of her knees since her legs were still locked around his waist. Her fucking little mouth was kissing at his neck, sucking at biting at him between little panting moans and making his cock grow hard again before it even had time to get soft.

Zoe’s mouth found Jason’s once more, her tongue pushing into his mouth in a demanding way that made him groan. He loved that she was slowly coming out of her shell. He knew that behind that good girl, stuck up facade lived a slutty little thing. And he was fucking determined to bring it out of her. She kissed him in a way that was sloppy, desperate, and needy. He met her tongue with a dominating role of his own, growling at her taste and the feeling of just how hot her pussy was pressed to his lower abdomen.

Jason slid his hands down the curve of her defined calves, not stopping until he was reaching behind himself and could wrap his fingers around her ankles. He slowly unwrapped those long legs from around his waist as he eased his mouth from hers with several slow kisses that had his lips trailing along the delicate line of her jaw until he was sucking and nipping at the elegant line of her throat. He was careful not to mark her up as he found all the little spots that made her gasp and moan.

His fingers trailed up her legs, tracing the elegant curves, the insanely fucking soft skin. Fuck, he didn’t know skin could feel like silk, but that was the only thing he could compare it too. His mouth descended from her neck after a quick nip to her collarbone, trailing lower and lower until his mouth found one of her adorable, dusty pink nipples. He sucked it between his lips and was rewarded with a cry of pleasure from Zoe.

The sensation of Jason’s mouth on my body was electric. She couldn’t help but to squirm and moan, her hands grasping the edges of the sink at her sides, holding on as he kept finding little spots on her body ankara escort that made shocks of sensation flow through her. When he got to her nipple, she made a sound that she had never heard herself make before. It was loud, surprised, and needy as it echoed around the bathroom and back to her ears.

She couldn’t help it, it felt so fucking good the way he sucked as much of her breast into his mouth as he possibly could. Which, was damn near the whole thing. She wasn’t busty by any means, but Jason didn’t seem to give a shit and sucked at her nipple and breast like it was something worth paying attention too. He bit down, and the sensation was a mixture of pain and pleasure, the two so finely entwined that Zoe didn’t know if she liked it or not.

She parts her lips to tell him to stop, only for him to let go and start lapping his tongue across the hard, sensitive peak, easing the memory of the ache from her mind altogether. His mouth moved to her other tit, and it received the exact same treatment, though this time it was more rushed, more frantic.

Zoe gasped as Jason pulled his mouth off of her nipple, sucking so hard that his lips left her flesh with a little pop of sound. She looks down to meet his gaze and the devious smirk on Jason’s lips stole Zoe’s breath and made it hard to think.

“Mm, fuck, babygirl,” Jason said, his voice low and husky. “I’m going to fucking devour every inch of you.” He promised before his lips returned to her skin.

Zoe leaned backward, the back of her head rested against the mirror behind her as Jason trailed his warm lips down the center of her body, he made it to her belly button with a quick flick of his tongue before he stood back up. The whole time he had been caressing her legs, tracing the curves and contours, but now he let go of the left one and raised her right leg up, lifting her ankle to his lips where he kissed right above the strap that wrapped around to secure her ridiculously sexy heels in place.

She sighed and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of Jason sucking and kissing his way down the inside of her leg, his tongue dipping and sliding across that sensitive, ticklish spot just behind her knee that made her squirm so nicely for him. His mouth didn’t stop there, either. He slid a wet, licking, sucking trail up the inside of her thigh, stopping to suck and bite and taste all that smooth skin.

Jason could smell her arousal, even inches away from her pussy. It perfumed the air and made his cock throb with the need to be coated and dripping with her honey. He wanted to smell like her for days. He wanted it to linger on his skin so he could remember this, their first time. First, but far from last. he had told her it was a one-time thing, but there was no fucking way he’d only be able to live to have her once. He had some serious plans for her and that cute little slit.

Fuck, she was perfect everywhere. Her pussy was adorable. This tiny, puffy lipped little thing with her pink clit just barely peeking out, smooth, hairless, and fucking dripping with her need. He could see her clenching, this weird flexing of muscles that let him know her cunt was dying to be stretched out around his cock. Fuck, it was hot.

He had wanted to go slower, to tease her endlessly, but that sight was hard to resist. Without any more preamble, Jason parted his lips and wrapped them over her pussy, his big tongue pushing between her lips and lapping at the slick juices that dripped from her, a growl reverberating against her skin as her taste flooded him. She was so fucking sweet.

Michael had gone down on Zoe plenty of times, and… he had gotten her off that way once or twice. But, Zoe could always tell he either didn’t want to do it or didn’t know what he was doing. His tongue would just kinda flop around down there. He paid more attention to her opening than her clit, for the most part. She’d assumed she was weird or something, and that was just how all people did it.

Oh, boy. Was she wrong? She was so, so, so very wrong.

Jason tried to take her entire pussy into his mouth and damn near succeeded. It helped that she was fairly petite and he was pretty fucking big. Even his tongue was big, or it felt that way as it parted her pussy lips and rubbed along that wet, throbbing pink flesh between her legs. He lapped at her from cunt to clit before wrapping his lips around her clit and sucking so hard that Zoe saw stars.

Jason growled, sucking all that pretty pink flesh between his lips. He wasn’t shy about rubbing his entire face into her pussy as he hooked her leg over one shoulder and went to fucking work on her. He moves his head from side to side, giving her clit even more stimulation as he sucks on it like it was fucking candy.

He pulls his mouth off of her, his hands sliding under her thighs to lift her ass up a little off the sink. Zoe makes a surprised sound and grips the ceramic sides a bit harder like she was worried she had fall or something. He suddenly pressed escort ankara his face lower, his tongue hit her asshole and the sound Zoe made surprised them both. He had to go back and do it again, licking at that hidden little pucker between her legs, willing to bet that Michael hadn’t ever even touched her here.

He drags his tongue from her asshole all the way back up to her clit, the muscle forming a stiff point as he starts to rub it around her clit. He wasn’t the type to write the alphabet, Nah. He just moved his tongue in rapid, demanding ways, paying attention to the sounds that Zoe made. If she liked something he did it again. And again. And again.

Zoe was reduced to nothing but a writhing, squirming, moaning puddle of fucking need. She could feel the orgasm building, everything he was doing was just… Fuck. It felt amazing. It felt so fucking good. Even when his tongue dropped down to lick her asshole, something she never in a million years would’ve considered letting happen. She had heard Jessica talk about it with Dana a few times, and they both had said they loved it

Well, now she knows why. Because it was fucking amazing.

She wanted to cum so fucking bad, she could feel it, the pressure building and building until it was almost too much to bear, but still, she wasn’t quite getting to that point. And then Jason did something… Interesting. He let her ass hit the sing again, his left hand sprawled across her inner thigh as his tongue kept expertly working her clit. His big thumb slid across her pussy lips, rubbing them back and forth right over the entrance to her achy little cunt before he sinks his thumb inside of her pussy. He makes a satisfying sound against her clit as her little hole squeezes down around his finger in a hungry demand. He then curves his finger so that the pad of his thumb is just… Pushing against her from the inside. It felt nice, but it was distracting Zoe from her impending orgasm and the nice things he was doing with his tongue…

Until he found that little spot inside of her. The second she touched it, Zoe practically screamed. It made Jason smile against her pussy and press the pad of his thumb against that little rough spot inside her, where the texture of her inner walls was just a bit different from that around it. Her fucking GSpot.

He kept that pressure there, his lips wrapping around her clit and sucking. Hard. It was like he knew exactly what to do. He played her like a fucking violin, hitting just the right notes in her body, notes that Zoe didn’t even know she had. The orgasm that smacked into her was better than she’d ever had before, so fucking intense she ended up tensing her arms, gripping the side of the sink and lifting her ass several inches upwards, pressing her spasming cunt against Jason’s face, her hips grinding as her legs fucking shook from the damn force of it.

Jason didn’t let up, either. He didn’t ease off, pull away. He rode out her orgasm, his thumb rubbing against her walls as they contracted, his mouth sucking at her clit with more vehemence and fierceness than ever before. It was like he was dragging the orgasm out, making it stretch for a god damn eternity. It felt so fucking good that it started to hurt. Zoe let herself fall back to the sink, trying to squirm away from his ravenous mouth, his evil thumb, but he wouldn’t let her getaway. She tried to close her legs, gasping for air so she could manage to get words out of her lips. “Jason, stop, fuck, it feels too good… I can’t take it, stop.”

Her whimpers, her begging, and her breathless little moans were driving Jason fucking crazy. He loved riding the clit rodeo. Sucking at her pussy until it was oversensitive and then having to hang on as hips bucked and legs tried to close around his head. He finally relented, however, because her panting, begging words sounded so sweet. He slides his thumb from her cunt and eases his mouth from her pussy with one lock lick from asshole all the way to her clit. She gave a full-body shudder and pressed her eyes closed, her chest rising and falling with every deep, panting breath she had taken.

She looked beautiful like that, laying there, exhausted and trying to breathe through the aftershocks of her pleasure, her legs spread wide, her pussy soaked and her clit swollen from having his mouth on it. It was a shame she wasn’t sprawled across his bed with her hands tied to the posts. he had made her cum over and over again. He wondered how many orgasms it’d take to make her cry.

He stood up slowly, pulling her leg down from his shoulder and letting it fall. She didn’t even twitch, so cum drunk opening her eyes seemed like too big a hassle. Jason wanted to move fast, he wanted to shove his dick inside of her while she was still contracting with pleasure. Luckily, he was always prepared and kept a condom in his pocket. He wasn’t that big of an asshole to shove in without some kind of protection.

He opened it and had the rubber covering his dick. ankara escort bayan Jason didn’t like to brag much, well, about his cock anyway. But, it was huge. He knew it was huge. Not painful, can’t fit your mouth around it huge, but damn close. He often got a ‘Wow’ from girls when they saw it for the first time. He knew for a fact, through a few years of friendship and some drunken conversations, that Michael was working with about five inches.

It made Jason a bit worried that he was going to hurt Zoe, and that was the last thing he wanted. she had been tight around his thumb, tight and so fucking wet. He was almost too horny to be careful, though. He could feel that building pressure at the base of his spine as he pulled her leg up, rising it straight in the air to rest against his shoulder, spreading her wide for him and giving him all the access he could ever want to that pretty pink cunt of hers.

That made her eyes open, her gaze flicking to Jason’s face before traveling lower. The sight of that big cock, hard and covered in a condom and ready to go hovering so close to her wet, still twitching pussy made Zoe whimper. She couldn’t help but to want it. Every damn inch of it. She wanted it inside of her. She needed it buried deep and forcing her open. She squirmed a little, exhausted but feeling a second wind coming as one of Jason’s big hands wrapped around her ankle and held her leg in place while his other hand grabbed the base of his fat dick.

He stroked himself a little before lifting his cock up and pushing his hips forward so that when he let his cock go, the heavy weight of it slapped down against Zoe’s swollen little pussy. He grabbed the base of his dick and smacked it against her a few more times, enjoying the way she moaned for him, her body rolling and pressing forward.

He didn’t spend long teasing her, he was too fucking impatient because teasing her was teasing him, too. He slid his cock down to her entrance, nudging the fat head of his dick against the little opening to her cunt. He should have taken his time. He should have eased in an inch here and then an inch there. Instead, Jason slammed his hips forward and forced every thick fucking inch of his dick inside her spasming little pussy.

As her walls were forced to stretch around the sheer girth of Jason’s cock, Zoe couldn’t help but to scream out in pleasure. It felt better than she could have ever imagined, being stretched around something so fucking big and hard, having it push so deep that if he was even a bit bigger she wasn’t sure he’d be able to fit.

“Jason! Fuck, you feel amazing,” Zoe said, her words holding a bit of amazement to them.


Dana had felt awful about Zoe’s dress, and how she had embarrassed her in front of everyone like that. Michael had force-fed her some water and a piece of cake. He was so… Nice. But, Dana wasn’t Michael’s biggest fan and never had been. He was just so… Bland. Like a bowl of oatmeal. On the one hand, the man went with Zoe perfectly. She was very… Well, holier than thou. A goody goody who didn’t know how to have fun. She was so perfect, down to her manicured toes. She never did anything wrong.

And she held everyone else to that standard of perfection. She had lectured her and Jessica anytime one of them made even the slightest mistake. She was also a bit of a control freak. If you were cooking dinner at your house, and you invited Zoe, Dana would put money on the fact that Zoe would walk into the kitchen and tell you what you were doing wrong and then take over.

But, she was an amazing friend. Her faults only made Dana love her more. She wished she had loosened up and had a bit more fun, experience life before becoming an old lady, but Zoe was Zoe and there wasn’t any changing that. After years of suggesting fun things, trying to get her to let loose and have fun, Dana and Jessica had decided to give up on trying.

After Michael had made her a bit more sober, he and Jessica gave her a little lecture, though, Jess was just as guilty as Dana was. Why was she always the one to take a shit? Ugh. They had convinced her to go find Zoe and apologize.

That was easier said than done, however. This place was huge. Dana stopped to ask a few people if they had seen an Asian girl, and one of the idiots just pointed at her. It was very very helpful. After that, she just started asking people where the bathroom was. Well, no one was in the first bathroom, and she had even walked into the males. The dudes overreacted, but Dana thought it was pretty funny.

After having no luck there, she pestered someone until they told her there was a bathroom down another hallway outside of the ballroom. A dark creepy-ass hallway. Ugh, if Zoe wasn’t down here she was going to be murdered and so pissed off about it.

It was quiet, quiet enough that she could hear the faint echo of music from the ballroom, her heels clicking against the marble floor sounded like little gunshots with every step she took. If she was getting chased by a murderer, she had totally had to ditch her beautiful Jimmy Choo’s. And that would be a big travesty. If you’re gonna be murdered, you may as well do it in a pair of thousand-dollar heels, right?

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