Is Sex So Beautiful! Ch. 02

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Big Tits

I could not visit my cousin’s place for about a month, as I had to go out in connection with a project that was part of our course. The first taste of sex had awakened the desire but I neither tried nor got an opportunity to have a companion for the night. I had to satisfy my biological need through my own effort! As soon as I returned I rushed to the cousin’s house. I found the house locked but came to know through the neighbor that they had gone on a visit to his wife’s home and would be back by the weekend. I was disappointed but tried to concentrate on my classes and studies. I even did not go out with friends and sat brooding and reliving the experience of my first sexual experience.

As the weekend came I promptly reached their house about lunchtime. The door was opened not by her but a younger girl. I asked for my cousin and was naturally told that he was in office as he worked on Saturdays. I then hesitatingly asked for his wife and was informed that she has gone for shopping and would be back by the evening. As I wished her goodbye and started to return, she called out my name and said that her Didi (sister) had already told her about my visit and asked me to come in. I was relieved but only partially. In her presence I could obviously not have the liberty to have sex with my cousin’s wife. We spent the day, after taking lunch, in sharing information about each other. She was studying in the first year in a college in her hometown and decided to come along with her sister as she had a week off.

Kumi, my cousin’s wife, came home around 7 PM. I could see that she was as overjoyed as I was in seeing me. Without realizing her younger sister’s presence she came to me and hugged me and almost kissed my lips. But she realized her mistake and instead kissed me on the forehead, as is usually done to a younger family member. She announced her desire to take a bath after the day’s shopping effort, but her sister was already on the way to the bathroom and was in fact changed over to her housecoat. “Oh, she will take an hour for the bath, she cried.” But her sister promised to vacate the bathroom in half an hour.

As soon as she was out of sight, Kumi was back in my arms and kissed me long with a passion that she definitely would not be showing to my cousin. My response was equally hungry for her lips and tongue. There was not enough time to have sex but we spent some time-sharing the details of how we spent the month away from each other. Of course our hands were roaming about on each other’s bodies. As Escort Bayan Gaziantep we heard the bathroom open, we disengaged and started doing something. I had picked up the newspaper. I glanced at her sister as she came out and was pleasantly surprised to see her wrapped in the same smaller towel that had initiated my love battle with Kumi. Kumi pulled her near and said, “Let me dry your hair and back.” Her sister did not protest and turned around with her back towards us. Kumi partly pulled the towel and started to rub her hair and back. It was a fascinating sight as my eyes tried to catch a glance at her breasts or buttocks. As if knowing what I wanted to see, Kumi next turned her around and started to dry her front. Kumi was standing in between so I could only see a part of her right breast and nipple. She seemed to have round small breasts with pinkish nipple as she was fairer that Kumi. The show ended rather suddenly as Kumi’s sister pulled the towel and wrapped it around her and started to walk to the bedroom for dressing. However it still could not stop me from getting a look at her firm round buttocks. Since Kumi also left for her bath I was left alone to caress my cock that had become hard. I readjusted the pant to reduce the pressure.

Soon after my cousin returned from office and the evening passed without any further excitement. I retired to the guest bedroom and soon went to sleep thinking about the two beauties. My desire for sex with Kumi was in no way affected as she had initiated me to it and I was dying to have her again. At about 11 PM I was awakened by a soft kiss on my lips. Thinking that it was Kumi, I promptly caught hold of the beautiful intruder in my arms and called out her name (Babs, as I called her). I soon realized that it was not Kumi and instantly pushed her away. I saw that it was her sister. I wondered how she could take this step. She told me that she had come back from the bathroom to pick up her soap when she saw both of us in each other’s arms oblivious of the world around. Further the exposure of her to me after the bath and its result on my cock, as she spied and saw, gave her enough strength as she was attracted to me from the time she saw me when I came.

I relaxed a bit and held her face in my hands and placed a soft kiss on her lips. She responded but with some reservation. On my further probing, I came to know that she had not had sex before. Here I was a first timer, so to say, given the chance to make love to a virgin! I ‘rose’ to the occasion literally. I made her sit in my lap and kissed her again, this time longer and with much passion. She was wearing a nightshirt and as soon as my hand moved to her breast, I realized that she did not have a bra. I played with her small, firm and round breasts, one by one and slightly pinched the nipples. This made her give out a soft cry. She had put her hand inside my shirt and was caressing my nipple. I then took off her shirt and examined her breasts closely. They were beautiful and soon my lips were sucking her nipples making her cry and breath loudly. Her one hand had moved to my crotch and she was softly rubbing the top of my cock that was already hard.

I made her lie down and pulled the pajama off her. What greeted me was a beautiful pussy; clear to look at as the hair had not yet grown long and even these were very soft inviting my fingers to play with them. I moved up and gave a long and hard kiss on her lips that I continued down to breasts, nipples, stomach and finally to her pussy. I played with her clit using the tip of my tongue. I kissed the lips that I had expanded by one finger. I spread her legs to get a better view and put my tongue at the entrance of her cunt. She was now moving her buttocks left and right and breathing hard. She whispered, “Oh, I feel so good, please do not stop.” I continued to mouth fuck, so to say, until she cried out and became tense and taught to indicate her orgasm as was explained by Kumi during our lovemaking.

After some rest she got up and asked me to lie down so that she can see and kiss my body. She pulled off my clothes and lay down on me for a minute to feel the full bode touch. My cock was hard and probing her cunt but she soon got up and started to kiss me on my lips, chest, nipples, stomach down to the base of my cock. She held the cock that was hard and slightly wet at the tip, in her hand and examined it, as it was the first time she had seen an excited hard cock. She then kissed it all over and finally took the tip in her mouth. I was relishing the touch of her lips. Kumi probably would have sucked my cock to its climax but neither she had experience nor I wanted to move too fast and preferred to concentrate on first letting her experience a good first fuck in the most common way in a missionary position.

So I softly disengaged her and made her lie down on her back and spread her legs. I sat down between them and started kissing her clit and lips on both side of her beautiful cunt. The main purpose was to make her ooze pre-cum to lubricate the passage. I also placed a pillow under her buttocks. She looked a bit concerned so I assured her that I will be very careful not to hurt her in any way except for the initial thrust to open her up. She smiled in the most innocent way, not as some sacrificial lamb but as somebody having the highest love and confidence in her lover. Her hand had moved to my cock and she was playing with my balls.

I knelt in between her legs and put the tip of my hard and extended cock at the entrance of her cunt. I rubbed the tip up and down to wet the entrance of her cunt as well as my cock further. I then entered her bit by bit until I reached the hymn considered sacred for only the husband to break until a few years back but now surrendered well before marriage either to a chosen lover like me or a colleague whose only aim is to conquer a woman without any real love for her. I bent down to kiss her and play with her nipples and thereafter in one swift, firm but controlled thrust entered her. A low moan escaped her mouth. I stopped totally with my cock half within her and again kissed her and simultaneously slowly continued to enter her further. I could see her face change from slight pain to a flushing pink color with a hint of pleasure.

I pulled out the cock almost fully, but she protested and pressed my bum to herself to indicate that she wanted my cock to enter her cunt to the fullest extent. I moved slowly all the way to the depth of her cunt and then started a slow in-out motion. With every stroke I could see her excitement rising until she tensed up and pressed her thighs to my sides to indicate her orgasm. After a slight gap to make her regain the strength I recommenced my strokes, this time with more pressure and faster to give her a good first fuck. She lifted her buttocks to meet me with every stroke and soon I felt that I would not be able to control any further. I gave a final stroke right up to her inner wall and pulled out my cock just in time. Surprisingly she caught hold pf my cock and placed it on her stomach. I continued my final stroke and ejaculated all over her stomach right up to her breasts. She picked up napkin from the side table and first wiped my cock and then her front, including her pussy. She went to the bathroom and soon returned to my bed to lie down next to me in each other’s arms. A satisfied look and a long kiss greeted me. I kissed all over her face and pulled her head on to my chest. Soon we both fell asleep. (Later around midnight I woke up to find her asleep in the same fashion. But there was one difference. Someone had covered us with a bed sheet. I smiled realizing who could have done it.)

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