It Could Be Fun Ch. 2

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Jim and I sat and had a couple more beers, we agreed that what had just happened had been really erotic. Our plan was that we would tell our wives, later this evening, about what had occurred while they were gone. Then next weekend when they went shopping we would get together again, and jack off together while we each told our story of how they reacted.

Dinner that evening and the usual card game that followed was typical evening that we had enjoyed for years. The exception being that Jim and I looked at each other’s wife in a different way than ever before. Once while the girls were in the kitchen we mentioned it to each other, and found we were having the same thoughts. That being how the other’s wife would react. All week we felt like school kids. Jim would call me at work or I would call him, the conversation being always the same…

“Did you tell her?”

“Oh yeh!”

“Me too! Can’t wait for this weekend! You wouldn’t believe how turned on she was!”

“I know what you mean! She has gotten off every night… and me too!”

Saturday finally came and the girls were heading out for the day and not be home until late evening. There were a couple things that I had to get done, but found that mowing a lawn with an erection wasn’t the most enjoyable thing! Jim was out working in the flower bed and called over.

“When you get done come on over!”

I waved, “Let me get cleaned up. When are they supposed to be back?”

“Around 9 or 10 tonight. That gives us plenty of time. “

We both headed into our homes to clean up. My cock was rigid as I showered and thought of how Jim was going to react when I told him about how much Jan had enjoyed knowing what he and I had done. As I soaped my cock it felt so good that I didn’t want to stop, but forced myself to dry off and head over next door. I was surprised when I walked in and he was standing in the kitchen naked, his cock hard and pointing straight out from his thighs.

“I guess you have a story to tell me too!” I looked down and nodded towards his hard prick. Undoing my shorts I stepped out of them and my cock sprang erect. “It’s been a long week! You won’t believe what I have to tell you. “

Jim laughed and looked at my hardness, “It’s going to be a fun afternoon! Here have a sandwich. ” We both sat down at the table and for as fast as the sandwiches disappeared I don’t think we even tasted them. We threw the dishes in the sink and headed for the den and got comfortable on the couch.

“I can’t believe how turned on Sue got! She’s jacked off every morning and evening!” Jim gripped his cock in his fist and slowly stroked the length.

“Same here! All week at every chance she has had my cock out and sucking it. ” My own hand found my cock and I joined Jim in stroking. “She even took one of her dildos and shortened it, then pushing it in her pussy has pulled her panties on and kept it there almost all week. ” Precum leaked from Jim’s prick and he stroked faster.

“Wow! Damn! How did she take it when you told her what… damn!” The phone rang. “Let the answering machine get it… What did she do when you told her about what happened… Be right back. ” It was Sue’s voice on the answering machine so he reached over and grabbed it. “It what?… Can’t you find somebody to fix it?… ok… ok… See you shortly then. “

“What’s going on?” As he talked his cock had deflated so I knew something was going on and my own hard-on had gone down.

“Something about the car. SHIT! They are about half way there and Sue thinks it’s the radiator hose. The car overheated so they pulled into that little town that has a gas station and motel. All they do is have gas there so they want us to come up and get parts and fix it. They got a room at that little motel and will wait for us. From what she said it’s raining there and if we get the car fixed they will spend the night and go shopping tomorrow. “

“Well we’ve waited this long, so let’s go get it done and we can be back here by dinner time. ” I laughed. “Besides at our age the longer we wait the hornier we get! I’ll go over and get dressed and pick you up in 10 minutes. ” Pulling my shorts on I headed towards the house.

We drove as fast as we could. monsters of cock porno We wanted to find out what had happened to Sue’s car and we also were in a hurry to get back. It didn’t take but a few minutes to find the car parked in front of their motel room and we hurried to the door and knocked.

“Just a minute. Is that you Jim?”

“Yes honey, we’re here. ” Jim called through the door.

As the door opened and we stepped inside both of us stopped short and stared. We couldn’t see Sue as she was partially hidden behind the door, but on the bed was Jan. She was lying completely naked with her legs spread open; her pussy glistened from her juices that coated the outer lips.

“It took you two long enough, did you both already jack off together before coming up?” Sue laughed and closing the door moved to the edge of the bed. She took was naked, the nipples of her small breasts stood rigid. Between her thighs protruding lewdly was the strap on that Jim had talked about. It too glistened wetly with what could only be Jan’s cum. Jan leaned forward and holding the fake cock began licking her juices from it while her fingers found her clit and moved slowly up and down over it.

Still standing dumbfounded Jim and I could only nod and mange a, “No… ahh… no-o-o. ” I hadn’t looked at him but my own cock was hard and pressing against my pants!

“It’s been a long week for Jan and I,” Sue continued. “After seeing you two jack off we have planned this all week… and yes, if you are wondering, Jan and I have been doing each other for about six months now. ” Sue smiled and then they both laughed at the apparent looks on our faces. “Why don’t you get comfortable and come sit on the bed with us. ” She stepped away from Jan and pushing the strap on down her thighs let it lay on the floor. She moved up next to Jan as they both watched us.

Jim and I began stripping as fast as we could, until we both stood naked and hard! Jan motioned us over and we sat cross-legged facing them from the foot of the bed. “Show us how you two boys do it. We couldn’t really see last week. Have you guys been doing this long?”

As if in a trance Jim and I took our cocks in hand and began stroking. I finally found my voice, “No, last week was the first time. We didn’t really plan it but just kind of happened. “

Nothing was said for a few minutes, we just all kind of sat looking at each other. Sue and Jan sat against the headboard with Jim and I at the foot of the bed. Sue and I were facing each other as Jim and Jan sat, one looking at the other. The girls watched our cocks intently. The nipples of Sue’s small breasts stood rigid while Jan’s nipples were like hard pebbles on her pendulous breasts. Jan had a thick bush that she kept neatly trimmed and you could see the swollen lips of her slit forcing the dark patch of hair to separate. Sue was different, along the slit she was completely shaved and you could see the individual folds of her wet slit. As your eyes traveled up the length she opened the top of her pussy with her fingers and exposed a long slender, hard clit. At the point where her slit began was a small light tuft of hair.

“You… you two have been… been… getting together?” Jim stammered. I glanced over and could see his eyes darting from one pussy to the other as the girls fingers moved tantalizingly slow along the swollen lips. He was squeezing his cock and precum flowed from the tip over the head of his prick.

Jan nodded, “Yes we have. Every morning after you guys left for work one of us would go to the others house and join them in bed. Until last weekend we didn’t know how we were going to involve you two… ” She laughed, “you solved that problem for us though. “

“We’ll tell you all about it later,” Sue stared directly at my cock as she spoke, her finger making small circles around her clit. “Right now though we want to see you two jack off and cum for us. Straighten your legs out. ”

As Jim and I moved our legs they slid forward and spread our legs wide until Jim’s lower right leg was over my left one. They then moved closer and opening wide slipped there legs past our waists. Both of us had an unobstructed view of their open naught america porno slits, not even twelve inches from our hard throbbing pricks.

“Jim loves to cum on my little breasts, and has had a fantasy of cumming all over Jan’s big areoles and nipples… and Dave, I know you would love to cum on these little ones of mine. ” As she spoke she took her fingers and circled the hard nipples. “That’s it guys, cum for us… shoot your hot cum for us… “

The bed moved as Jim and I slammed our fists up and down our cocks. Jan and Sue caressed one another’s thighs and we both jerked faster as their fingers found the others clit and began massaging. What a sight!! They were jacking each other off! I could feel my balls tighten and from the sound of Jim’s fist slamming his cock he wasn’t far off either!

“We do have one favor to ask you though. ” Jan was staring down between her legs watching Sue’s finger do her and Jim’s fist stroking his cock. “It’s a real fantasy of ours… “

Sue watched Jan’s finger working her naked clit, her hips bucked each time Jan flicked her finger over the hard nub. The outer folds of both slits glistened with their juices. The precum that coated our cocks made a slick sound as we jacked off. “We… we… have a fantasy… we… want to see you two… ” Jan’s finger was a blur as it rubbed Sue’s clit. “You guys jack each other off!”

I don’t know if it was watching them do each other, or the breathless sound of her voice asking, or just the scent of sex and lust between the four of us at that moment. Without thinking I reached over and took Jim’s hard prick in my fist. He had to have the same thoughts as his hand moved to my cock at the same moment. The feeling of his hard thick member felt strange yet erotic in my fist. I pumped his length. His fist jamming the length of my cock felt fantastic and my balls erupted immediately. “OHHHHHHHHHHFUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!” Cum shot from the engorged head and load after hot load spread across Sue’s cheek and down over her breasts. “GAWDFUCKINGDAMNNNNN… “

I felt Jim’s load travel his shaft as he climaxed only seconds after me. “ggggrrrrrRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHH… ” His cream colored load covered the slope of Jan’s breast and nipples. She was approaching her climax and her mouth was open in a silent scream as she watched Jim and I. One load landed in her open mouth as she swallowed.

Their fingers were buried in one another pussy and thumbs were furiously rubbing clits. Their bodies shook as orgasms overtook them as they stared at Jim and my fists jacking each other off. One scream filled the room as they came together, their bodies convulsing as wave after wave of orgasm took them. As they recovered Jan reached out and covered my hand that still held Jim’s still semi hard cock. Sue did the same to mine, gently squeezing Jim’s hand then rubbing her fingers over my still cum leaking cockhead.

Breathlessly she whispered, “I can’t believe you did that. It was so fucking erotic. “

“Yes… ” Barely audible Jan stared at Jim’s cock and ran her fingers along his cock and hand. “And it deserves a kiss. ” Leaning forward she licked around his cock head and along the top of my fingers. Slowly moving my hand away she sucked his cock deep into her throat. Following Jan’s lead Sue leaned forward and I felt her lips close over my cock and as Jim moved his hand she held the base and gently sucked my semi-flaccid length.

Jim and I stared watching each other’s wife go down on us. I stared at Jan’s bobbing head and caressing hand as Jim’s cock began to grow firm. Sue’s gentle sucking of my own prick had started the flow of blood back into it and I felt myself grow in her warm mouth. They both continued to suck and stroke until both of us stood hard in their hands.

Sue sat back while holding my prick and lay down on her back, Jan didn’t release her grip on Jim and moved to straddle Sue’s face. She lowered herself onto Sue until her cum covered breasts and body joined Sue’s. She moved back and forth mixing our loads between them. I could see Sue’s tongue working up and down Jan’s open slit.

Jan looked over at us, “Why don’t you guys fuck us with those hard cocks of yours. ” Turning her head nubiles porn she sucked Sue’s hard clit between her lips.

Jim and I both sat momentarily watching the girls lick one another’s cunts. It was as if in a trance we moved off the bed, our cocks jutting straight out in front of us. Jim stood behind Jan’s upturned ass and stared down at his wife licking my wife’s swollen pink pussy. I watched as he took his prick in his hand and moving forward pushed the thick head into my wife’s opening.

“ummmmmohhhhhh… ” Jan groaned as Jim pushed deeper into her until his entire length was buried.

Jim looked over at me, his eyes wide. “So fucking tight… Sue… Sue is licking my balls-s-s-s… ohhFUCK! She’s tonguing my asshole!” Closing his eyes tight he could only groan.

I looked down at Sue’s naked pussy and Jan’s tongue working over her clit. Grasping my hard rod I stepped forward and as the tip touched folds Jan, using her fingers, opened them and guided my cock into Sue’s depths. As my cockhead disappeared I could feel Sue’s muscles grasp it and pull it deeper. I buried my cock until all I could see was my lower belly and the top of Jan’s head as it bobbed and sucked Sue’s clit. I could feel her tongue working the clit and top of my cock.

“AHHHHH… JIM… DAMN JIM!!” I stared across at him, and our eyes met. “She’s… damn!… she’s… fingerfucking my ass!!… ohhhhdamn-n-n-n… “

“fuck me… FUCK ME-E-E-E-E… so is Sue! YESSSS… ” His eyes were wide and I could see Sue’s hand moving rapidly as she fucked him. Jan’s finger was buried in my tight hole and doing the same thing!

The girls moaned in unison as Jim and I slammed into their swollen holes. Their bodies slid easily back and forth mixing our cum that coated their breasts and bellies. Jim watched my cock pump his wife’s tight cunt as I watched him violate Jan with his thick rod. Jan’s finger continued to fuck me and I felt my cock begin to throb. I didn’t think I could cum again so soon, but as my balls tightened another hot load traveled my cockshaft.

I stared at Jim’s cock as he fucked my wife, “Jim… oh damn! I’m going to cum in Sue’s cunt! I… can’t hold it-t-t-t-t-T-T-T!!” Jan buried her finger deep and my ass and pumped it with short strokes as my cock shot three hot loads into Sue. “Damn! DAMN! OH DAMN!!” Spent my cock softened and slipped from Sue’s wet cum filled pussy. “Do it Jim… that’s it cum in Jan’s hairy pussy. ” Jan’s finger slipped from my tight hole and I leaned back against the wall totally spent.

Jim looked at my flaccid dripping cock then at Jan’s head that was now buried between Sue’s thighs. The sound of her sucking my cum from her pussy could be heard throughout the room. From their moans and the jerky motion of their bodies it was evident they were rapidly approaching another orgasm.

Jim’s eyes went wide and his mouth fell open, but not a sound was emitted. Beads of sweat broke out along his forehead, every muscle stood out as he gripped Jan’s upturned ass. You could hear Sue’s hand slapping his asscheeks as she finger fucked his ass faster and faster. A deep growl sounded from his throat. “grrrr… ahhhh… rrrrrrrrrr… ” He stood completely still and slammed Jan’s asscheeks back against his thighs. The slapping changed to a wet sound as his cum filled her and then leaked along the sides of his buried cock.

Jan lifted her head and wailed. “He’s cumminggg… hot… ohhhfuckkkk… I’m cumminggggtoo-o-o-o-o… ” Her groans continued as she buried her mouth back against Sue’s naked slit.

Jim fell back against the other wall and a resounding ‘plop’ could be heard as Sue’s finger exited his back hole. He too stared down and watched his cum flow from Jan’s pussy into his beautiful wife’s mouth. We both stood transfixed as both women attained a shattering climax. Their moans filled the room as their pussies ground into one another’s open mouths and busy tongues.

Both Jim and I slowly slid down the wall and sat on the floor staring at the girls on the bed. Jan lifted her cum covered face from Sue’s slit and rolled off. Cum glistened off their entire bodies. They lay quietly caressing one another’s soft bellies.

Finally Jan sat up leaning on her elbow. “How about if we get cleaned up and go home. Then tomorrow we will get together at our house and Sue and I will explain to you guys about us, and then we’ll see what else might come up. ” She smiled.

I glanced over at Jim and knew his thoughts were the same as mine… ‘our lives had changed forever.’

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