It Feels So Good

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The darkness swirls around. You do not know what will happen. The cold air tingles your flesh as the expectation of what might happen grows. You have finally allowed your hidden fantasy of being forced and punished to surface. You hope it was not a mistake.

I strip you bare and let my gaze linger on your breasts. They are perfection defined. I look forward to punishing them and you for your beauty. Your long hair will provide a great attraction and tool.

You feel my forceful hands grab at your breasts. Your nipples stand out at attention with the unwilling desire you feel blossoming in your body as I tug at your nipples and pussy lips. Your naked body glimmers in the pale moonlight streaming in from the window. You know not my name only that my hardness has pressed into your back on multiple occasions.

Your whimpers get louder as my pinching turns harsh. You can feel your nipples ache for release. I lower my mouth to one and gently suck on it. Your swollen mammaries leak a tiny bit of milk in the olgun porno relaxation my mouth gives. Your tits are swollen with milk because you have just given birth a few months ago. Your body craves another child and your breasts desire relief from the weight of your life sustaining fluid. I drink from you, taking your essence with me. The tingling grows so greatly though out your body. You whisper your desire. I pull away from your breasts and I slap you hard. Twice. I tell you that your place here is for my pleasure and cum not for talking.

I force you onto your knees with your ass arched high into the air. I violently slap your ass making tears well up into your eyes. Again and again my hand slaps your butt inches from your now glistening pussy. My hand has left its mark and your body has welcomed it. Your pussy aches with desire. I slap your cunt twice reminding you that you are here for my desire. You struggle with the thoughts of being violated and your own mounting desire. You can feel the outdoor sex desire of your body betray your thoughts. I tell you how wet you look. With out warning I plunge my penis deep into you. You cry out as I violate you. My thick shaft pulls your lips further apart than anything before. You feel like a massive bat has been slammed into your pussy.

I fondle your clit roughly as my dick continues its drilling. You can feel the rawness of your pussy lips. They suck at my cock like your mouth would. I can feel the walls of your tight pussy keeping me in your as deep as possible. You begin to cum and beg me to cum in you. Your wanton lustfulness wants to feel my seed swim into your womb. You can not believe that you feel the need to have my sperm swim into your fertile body. I slap your ass hard and tell you not to talk. I pull your hair making you cry out in surprise and pain. I tell you that you are a slut in heat and will get what I give you. I push your head back down and pull out of your public agent porno gaping pussy. Now is not the time for your body to have the reward of my child. You may have that in the future but not now.

I push my cock head right into your tight ass. In a few moments I have buried myself in to my balls. You can feel my hanging seed carriers slap along your pussy lips. My hair is tickling your clit as my fingers still dig into your cunt. I can feel myself approaching climax. I push deep once making you scream in pain. Your voice is rough and guttural. Your desire for more punishment mixes with the pain your body is experiencing. Grabbing your hair I bring your head back as far as I can. Tears are streaming down your eyes as I punch the back of your head. Stars erupt in your vision as everything swims to black.

Your body goes limp while at the same time your ass clenches tightly. The contraction of your anal cavity sends shooting spasms into my dick. I unload spurt after spurt of cum as the donkey punch I administered does its intended job. I pull my softening cock from your abused body. I can see you stir. I know you deserve a reward for the punishment I gave you. As you slowly awake you feel my gentle tongue caressing your swollen pussy. Your desire builds again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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