It Happened So Fast

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Written by SlenderChyld. All characters are over 18 during the time of this story. Read at your own will.


I was scheduled to stay over at my cousin’s house for over a week. I didn’t know that what I’m about to tell you all would ever happen.


My cousin and I were sitting on his couch flipping through channels. It was a Sunday, so typically there would be nothing on that would spark my interests. My girlfriend, Allison, told me she would come out and pick me up if any problems arose during my stay. I have to say, I was lucky to have her after all the shit I put her through. We dated for about two years, broke up, stayed friends with benefits for a couple months, and then before I knew it I was getting woken up at five in the morning being told that she was pregnant. It was the happiest day of my life.

“Man, you fucking got a bum deal right there!” My cousin joked with me as he opened the pizza box between us. It was ham and pinapple, Allison’s favorite. I wish she would’ve been there to share my half with me.

“The fuck are you talking about man? At least she actually cares. Some bitches wanna just fuck, and not talk for months on end. She keeps me informed on shit. I like staying informed on her.”

“Whatever, she made you soft as this stuffed crust.” He took a large bite out of the crust of his current slice of pizza. I guess he was trying to prove a point…

There was a single knock at the door. Almost imediately after, the door swung open; some beefhead walked in with a thin long haired red head. I call the guy a beefhead due to the fact that he looked like one of those stereotypical guys who worked out constantly. He also wore these ridiculously short shorts that were so thin I could almost see his cock. The keyword being almost; I’m not going to spend all day looking at another guys’ dick. His companion on the other hand looked peteite. Her breast were small, she looked about a half a foot taller than him, and the fact that her hair swept past her knees made her look shorter. She wore a poker oyna white sundress that paired nicely with her tanned complexion though. Needless to say the pair made me lose my apetite.

“Hey guys, look what I found.” The beefhead yanked the red head forward by the arm. I heard her yelp; it sounded so weak. “This is my new cock slave, Amy. Say hello, bitch.” He glared over at her, waiting for her to speak to us.

“Hello, gentlemen.” She said quietly as he turned her around. He lifted up the bottom of her dress, exposing her ass. She wore no panties. He pulled down his shorts, and like I said I really don’t like looking at dicks, but his just was… odd looking to say the least…

It looked like it was the cross between large anal beads and an oversized dildo. This guys’ dick had to be about 15 inches long and two inches wide where every engorged circular spot was in his dick. Hell the word deformed can’t even summarize how fucked up this guy’s cock looked. I sat there stunned as he pushed it into her unlubricated ass. My cousin also took of his shorts and started jacking off to the sight in front of us. His cock was a bit smaller than mine, with mine measuring in at eleven and a half inches long and one and a fourth inches in width. So I guess my cousin’s was around nine inches.

The girl started moaning uncontrolably as the beefhead started pounding into her ass. I was looking so intensely that I didn’t even notice my cousin had slipped off the couch and between my legs. He stroked my cock through my shorts like a wild animal, wanting to paw at my cock like a fiend. He yanked down my shorts and grabbed my cock so fast that it snapped me away from the fucking frenzy a couple feet away.

He started licking the tip, lightly spitting on it to get my cock lubed a bit. He took my cock in his hand and started jerking me off with wild abandon. “You wanna fuck my ass Chris? You wanna get gay with me?” My cock pulsed in his hand answering for itself.

“Dude seriously? You know I’m not gay. I mean I like anal, sometimes, but only with my girl.” canlı poker oyna I tried getting his hand off my cock, but he tightened his grip and jerked me even harder. A moan escaped my lips as he drooled all over my fat prick, his drool running all the way down to my balls and even down to my asshole. I shuddered as his finger probed my anal cavity and forced its way inside. His hand that had been clutching my dick started to fondle my balls as he licked at my engorged member like a lolipop. I moaned louder as he took my whole cock inside his hot mouth, deep throating me with ease. I was in heaven; I had never felt so sexually aroused.

“Are you two gonna fuck or just suck eachothers’ dicks all day?” The beefhead yelled at us. I wasn’t really paying attention so much to him as I was to my cousin. He was so skilled on how to finger an asshole and suck a cock. I didn’t even mind when he rotated into a 69 position and slid his dick into my gaped mouth. I sucked away at it, trying to swallow it all up. (Be aware I had never sucked a dick before this.) He started thrusting into my mouth making me gag slightly, but I was finally able to get his cock into my throat. I sucked at his dick like it was candy. He added two more fingers into my ass and started slowly fucking me with his long, thick fingers. I felt his mouth release my member as the beefhead started asking him something. I didn’t listen to them. I continued sucking at my cousin’s cock like my life depended on it.

Well, that was until I felt something large push against my anus. The beefhead was trying to shove his cock in my ass. I panicked hard. I shoved my cousin off of me and out of my mouth, grabbed my shorts, and ran to the bathroom. I slammed the door and quickly locked it behind me. I sat on the toilet, phone in hand, and called my girlfriend.

“Hello?” She calmly answered. I heard the wind as well so either she was outside gardening or pulled over on the road.

“Hey babe, do you think you could come pick me up?” I asked her nervously. Why was I being so nervous? This was my girl, internet casino not those fiends out in the living room.

“Already? But it’s only been two days. Did something bad happen?” She sounded worried now.

“No no sweetie, nothing bad happend. Things are just starting to get weird over here… by the way what are you up to?” Well, curiousity had to kill the cat at some point. Why not have it be now?

“Well I picked up your medication and was on my way to give it to you.”

“Thank god baby. How far away are you?” Relief filled my body as she told me she was only a couple blocks away and getting us lunch. “Thanks baby. I love you.”

“I love you too, honey bear. See you when I get there.” She hung up. This left me time to pull back on my shorts, and this time tighten the belt enough so they wouldn’t suddenly get yanked off… again…

I unlocked the door and slipped over into the guest room. I kept all my things in my suit case just in case I would need to suddenly leave. But to be honest, it never crossed my mind that this would happen. I whiped sweat off my forehead as I grabbed my suitcase and dragged it outside. I went out the back so those animals wouldn’t see or hear me. I mean how could they with the red head screaming ‘pump my holes with your potent jizz’?

Allison pulled up and climbed out od the car to hug and kiss me. “Oh baby I missed you so much! The baby has been making me feel aweful for the past few days since you’ve been here.” I turned her around and pushed her back to the car.

“No time to chat now sweetie, let’s get out of here.” I placed her in the passenger seat, threw my suitcase in the back, climbed in and shut the door as quick as I could. She handed me the keys and we sped off to the nearest gas station.

As we pulled in, she began to look concerened. “Chris, what was all that back there? Why did you want to leave so soon?” I held her tiny hand in mine, her thumb beginning to rub against my palm asking for my answer.

“Can I tell you about it later babe? The whole situation has me a little confused myself.”

“Okay sweetheart.”


I didn’t tell her anything for over a month. And when I did, she was delighted to never drive me out to my cousin’s house again.



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