It wasn’t Pulp After All

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Never in my life have I been so angry, and for such a relatively insignificant reason. My now ex-girlfriend Andrea has always been slutty. A good type of slutty, I thought, but on this school excursion I seem to have been proven wrong by her deeds. I learned, from a good female friend of mine, that Andrea had decided to fuck with Theodore, another student from our school, whom I did not really know, but did not really mind either. While I never loved Andrea and only spent time with her so I could fuck her firm C-cups and her slutty mouth, it was imperative that I end the relationship, as she still wasn’t worth the cuckoldry that apparently came with her. That is what I was angry about, and not the cheating itself – I did not want to part from her body and go back to cumming in the toilet, yet that was what I had to do. I was flirting with the idea of having one last revenge fuck with her, where I’d be super rough with her and after cumming on her face I would throw her out of the room, into the hotel hall, for everyone to see. While that would have satisfied me, I wasn’t ready to face the consequences, should the teachers be notified and decide to punish me.

We were staying in a nice hotel in Italy. A small place, whose name I fail to remember. This was the last year of high school and this excursion was supposed to be the best one, where all of the girls were willing to give their bodies to us, and exchange bodily fluids. That may have been true, but I was having none of it, since I was too stressed out by something that should not have moved me at all.

I am a rather slim, but a generally good looking guy who is respected among his peers (except for Andrea, I guess!) and does not have trouble getting pussy, but is rarely satisfied with what he gets. I really am picky – that can be attributed to my strong preference for big tits that are not exactly rare, but certainly are not prevalent either.

After hearing what Andrea had done, I angrily entered my hotel room, where my only roommate, and a very good friend of mine, John, was hanging out. He was drinking from a rather beautiful and fancy bottle what seemed to be whiskey. However expensive it was, he didn’t mind offering me some of it when I entered. I refused as I wasn’t in the mood. Someone does care about me, however, and that is fortunate. Too bad that John was a guy and I was as straight as a ruler – I wouldn’t mind fucking him otherwise, as he was very kind to me, and always in a non-invasive way.

“Man, I told you she was a bitch!” John exclaimed, after being told what had happened.

He didn’t, but I let it slide, as he was right.

“If I knew I could get away with it I would surely drag her here and punish that slut. I would even let you join me, as two cocks hurt more than one. You have always wanted to fuck her anyway,” I said. He knew it was true, but that was cool. John was a virgin, but I understand that he didn’t want to mess with the bitches that populate our school.

We hanged out for some time, and I even took some of his drink that turned out to be brandy. It was a high tier drink, as it seemed. I don’t enjoy drinking all that much, but this one felt more drinkable than your average spirit. John had already drunk a sizeable quantity, which caused him to fail to react and put the drink (which was forbidden by school) away when our Math teacher, Anna, unexpectedly entered our room.

She seemed to feel that no knocking was required, and her long legs made their way into our room. She was drinking some orange juice from a plastic bottle. Her mouth wetly grasped the neck of the bottle, and I immediately started picturing her orally pleasing a well-developed member. I was horny but that did not matter now.

She saw the half-empty bottle of alcohol and demanded, with a slick gesture, that John give it to her. He decided to argue, which was not really smart, considering that she did not hold him in very high regard.

“Come on, Miss Baiche, we are adults now. And it is not like I did anything wrong to anyone,” slowly spoke John. Perhaps too slowly, as Anna quickly realised that he was drunk, which only helped her decide to confiscate the bottle.

She came to tell me that the Math competition which was supposed to be held the following month was postponed because of some influenca spreading. This actually benefited me, as I had more time to prepare. What also benefited me was the view of Anna’s tits as her straight, shoulder-length blonde hair was falling over them, further emphasising their roundness. She had big hoop earrings that moved when she moved, in harmony with Antalya Escort her perfectly straight hair. I found that to be very hot.

Anna was the first woman that I wanted to FUCK. Not the first woman I liked, or wanted to make love with, but the first woman whose insides I wanted to ravage with my throbbing cock until she bled and screamed of pleasure and pain. I wanted to fuck her in front of her family, to show how dominant I am while I shoot huge chunks of cum into her mouth, only for it to be swallowed by her hungry throat. I once fantasized of cumming inside her pussy and telling her husband that he was going to be a father soon. That thought turned me on very much, but I doubt I would really ever execute it, even if I could. I think Anna turned me on in such a way because she was my teacher (albeit rather young – about 30), and she excercized some authority. Damn you, Anna…

As she turned around, I could enjoy the view of another landmark of hers. Tight jeans wrapped around her round ass did it for me. My cock was very hard and I needed to empty my balls into something, preferably Anna. But, that was never going to happen, as I was a student, and she was a teacher. I doubted that she could even like me. She left the room and somewhat considerately closed the door, as they were before her arrival.

“Damn you, bitch!” John shouted when she left, “You really had to take it from me! You just had to!”

I did not know what to say, but I did not need to, as John noticed something important.

“Look, the bitch left her juice on the table! You know what that means?”

“Not exactly, no,” I answered honestly. John’s mind is sometimes tough to comprehend.

“That means we are going to cum in her juice and then return it to her! Let the bitch drink our sperm because she deserved it!” John said as if it were an ordinary gesture.

At first I disliked the idea as I did not dislike Anna. However, I really needed to empty my balls and the thought of Anna gulping it down was as hot as ever, even more so because it was the real thing. I whipped my cock out and started furiously masturbating with the bottle.

It didn’t take long for me to start squirting my dense, white cum, enriching the flavour of an otherwise rather bland commercial juice. John soon followed, and the juice was ready for consumption. We agreed to give the juice to her, and then linger around to see her drink the semen rich substance.

We started looking for her in the hallway, and managed to find her rather quickly. “Here is the juice you forgot, Miss Baiche. You left it on the table,” John said to her with a smile.

“Thank you, I was looking for this! You are still not getting the whiskey back, however, as I am not allowed to give it back…” She smiled.

“It is okay, have a nice day!” said John, somewhat unconvincingly.

She took a large sip from the gourd and I felt my cock harden painfully. It was THAT satisfying to see. I believe John felt the same, if not better. I went back to my room, and John decided to hang out with his friend from another class, whom I honestly despised. Oh, well…

I checked my Instagram. I remember then to remove Andrea from my followers list, as I did not want to have anything to do with her. I suddenly felt horny again. Perhaps it was the ego boost that I got from dismissing my ex lover. It may have something to do with the hormones, but I am unsure. I just knee that I needed to fuck something instantly. As nothing was in sight I resorted to my right hand. Its main advantage was that it could become whoever I wanted.

And again, I was fucking Anna. Her tits wrapped around my cock, which was bigger in my fantasies than in reality. Not that it was small in reality, mind you, but I usually imagined fucking girls with a 20 inch cock, which was medically impossible, but hot nevertheless.

Anna was furiously molesting my cock head with her tongue, and I sprayed the warm, sticky cum into her mouth. Or, rather, wetted the bed sheets, as it turned out.

I put my pants and trainers back on as if nothing had happened. I was bored, so I decided to go out and find John – maybe his friend is not as bad as I thought!

I was, however, interupted by a familiar figure outside the room door. Anna was standing there when I opened it, and requested to talk to me. I agreed (did I have a choice!?), and she closed the door behind us.

“Is everything alright with you?” she asked, somewhat intimidatingly.

Still, I held my ground and asked what she meant. “Do you realise that I could hear everything you and John Antalya Escort Bayan were discussing?” she asked. I did not realise that at all, but it seemed to be true at that moment, as she was serious.

“What exactly are you referring to?” I asked, hoping it was not the juice. “It’s the juice, my dear, and you know it.”

Oh, the irony!

“And I came because I want more of it.”, she said with a grin. I thought I had misheard – this was even more inappropriate than the juice “prank”! Still, did she not have the leverage to act like so?

Before I could say anything, she said evilly “You are not in the position to refuse, as I can gravely punish you for this.” she lifted the empty bottle where her juice and our sperm had used to be.

In a blink of an eye, her tongue was dancing with mine, with saliva dripping out of our mouths. I always liked wet kisses, and this was definitely one of them. I was hard and she felt it with her left hand. I undid her bra through her white shirt and removed both. Her fantastic D-cups were not only big, but also firm – they didn’t sag at all. That made me ask myself if they were fake. But, truth be told, I cared not. If they were fake, the surgeon must have been a god. Either way, they were God’s creations.

Anna’s nipples were very hard, and I was licking the left one with my tongue. Anna moaned and started stroking my yearning cock through my pants even harder. Her orange nail polish contrasted well with my pants, accentuating my glorious erection.

“Now you will fill my mouth with your seed. I want to taste and chew your dense, sticky cum,” she said as she was getting my cock out of my pants.

Precum had already wetted my head. “Make me,” I said daringly.

She was looking at me with her black eyes as if she was saying “I am your bitch. You are my master.” Her blonde hair was gently massaging my balls as her lips were wrapping themselves around my cock head. She wasn’t blinking at all – she was mine. Or, perhaps, I was hers?

She wasted no time and quickly stuffed my whole cock into her mouth and throat. I had never gone this deep (Andrea could barely swallow more than 3 inches). I guessed this is what they learn in college. I could see the bulge on her throat and decided to press it down.

Her eyes watered, but she smiled – as much as she could, considering she had a mouth full of my meat. The bitch was enjoying this more than I did!

I put my hands behind her head and prepared to fuck her mouth. She understood this and started stroking her nipples.

I started moving my cock up and down her throat. Her earrings bounced like crazy, hinting the force I was using to ravage her mouth. Every time I moved, she made a gulping sound, which turned me on even more – I was fucking choking my bombshell teacher with my cock and she was loving it.

“Anna, tell me who your master is,” I demanded. She let out a sound that was supposed to be my name, but was muffled. I wonder why. “I don’t fucking hear you, bitch!” I slapped Anna, but she surprisingly managed to hold on to my cock and keep sucking it. I was close to cumming and Anna felt it.

In a moment, my cock was contracting inside Anna’s mouth, squirting big quantities of happy milk onto her tongue. She smiled, but could not open her mouth. A small drop of cum was dripping down her cheek and eventually fell to the floor. I ordered her to lick it up so that nothing goes to waste. Of course she listened – after all, she said she wanted more of it.

She opened her mouth to show how full of cum it was. I couldn’t see her tongue as everything was covered in white, sticky fluid. I ordered her to swallow it, and swallow she did, with a very satisfying sound.

“I want a titfuck. Do you have any oil or anything similar?” I asked.

“No, but I can spit on it,” she said and quickly put my cock between her tits. She put her finger inside her mouth, and when she took it out it was wrapped in her sticky spit, ready to lubricate her big tits.

She squished my cock and it felt tighter than any pussy I had ever fucked. She started moving her tits, and even managed to lick my swollen head simultaneously. I was also thrusting my hips in order to go further into her mouth. I was fucking her mouth and her tits at the same time and she was just staring at me with her black eyes without blinking, just like a real fucktoy. She was nothing but my fleshlight.

I suddenly felt the urge to fuck her throat again. I wanted to do it differently this time, so I opted for standing 69. I removed all of her clothes, took her by the legs, Escort Antalya lifted her up and turned her upside-down.

Her head was just above my cock, and I was similarly staring at her dripping pussy. We started sucking each other out and I felt how tasty my Math teacher’s pussy really was – the scent and the taste were strong, but not unpleasant. She handled herself well down there, and I let out a big groan. I was cumming again. I was roughly fucking her throat from below and her earrings fell off from the motion. My cum started flowing into her throat, which caused a rather funny, but ultimately hot situation. The cum started coming out of her nose, as she was unable to swallow it due to being upside-down. Anna was humiliated and that is how I wanted to experience her.

I decided I was done fucking around. I still had vigor in me, matched only by Anna’s need for more cock. While she was licking cum off of her fallen earrings and proceeding to put them back on, I was preparing to abuse her pussy.

I do not remember the part when I entered her, but I do remember ravaging her once I was inside. Her intestines were being moved, as I was inserting my painful, thick pole into her young, fragile body, causing her great pain that was kept in balance only by the overwhelming comfort that she experienced from being treated as what she really was – a worthless piece of human meat used for sexual stimulation.

She came multiple times during the intercourse, which prompted me to ask once again, “Tell me, who is your master?”

To my surprise, she answered stubbornly that she had no masters. This angered me and I felt insulted. She had to be gravely punished, and I happened to have a method.

I took my cock out of her swollen pussy, and inserted it into a neighboring hole that was, for some silly reason, a much less popular option. I was going to anally punish my teacher for disrespecting me.

I was not taking it slowly, as anal is supposed to be performed at first, but instead, decided to slam my meat right into her intestines.

“Please, do not, I never did anal,” Anna said. She was scared.

“Oh, but you will now. It will hurt, but you need to stay strong – you are a brave girl,” I told her. She was clearly uncomfortable, which made my cock even harder. She was going to pay for every awkward erection I had during her class, every dirty thought that crossed my mind when she bent over, shoving her ass into my face.

I really started furiously. I shoved my cock deep into her ass with the first thrust. She screamed, more of pain than of pleasure, which suited me. I groped her tits and felt her nipples harden. They were still sticky from Anna’s spit.

Anna started stroking her pussy, but I forbade it – I slapped her and put her hands behind her back. I was going to be her only source of sensations, good or bad.

I took my cock out for a second, and saw I had made quite a gap in her anus. The blackness of her intestines was ready to devour my red head with its thick shaft once more. Anna was in pain but I pressed on. Her eyes were watering, and her mouth was drying while I was rapidly drilling her anus. She did not bleed, but I felt that I had hurt her.

I never stopped stroking her nipples and they were more protruded and harder than ever. The series of anal thrusting and nipple stroking caused Anna to squirt all over the floor. I had seen a girl squirt, but never this much. She came from anal torture, like a well-behaved whore. I, of course, did not stop ravaging her anus, and consequentially, she did not stop cumming either.

I finally sprayed my hot cum into her even hotter ass. I had never come this much before. I filled her whole rectum and some of the semen even managed to pour out. I was exhausted, but my cock was not. I requested another blowjob and Anna obeyed.

Anna was vigorously sucking the cock she was given. Her eyes were starring directly into mine, fuelling my drive. Anna’s earrings were, again, bouncing like crazy and I quickly realized that Anna’s blowjobs were the best I had ever had in my life.

Not long had passed before I was ready to cum again.

“Give me your pussy, bitch!” I ordered, and after a few seconds her pussy was wrapping around my rock hard cock. I slammed relentlessly into her.

“Give me your phone,” I said.

She took it out of her trousers and handed it to me.

I dialled her husband (they had the same surname, so I assumed their relationship).

“Hey,” said the male voice.

“Hey,” I replied.

“Who is that?” he replied logically, as he did not recognize his wife’s voice (and I also doubt that he had any idea how much of a slut she was).

I waited for about 10 seconds.

“Hello?” the now unsettled voice said. I was happy to answer.

“You’re going to be a father soon.”

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