“It’s Been a Long Time…”

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Emily heard her front door shut as her teenage son left without saying a word. She rolled her eyes but she’d become accustomed to it. He went to her kitchen and checked the cupboards, but there was no wine and no beer. At least there was some Diet Coke but it was hardly something to give her a buzz on one of her nights in. The tennis club was closed for season so she had nothing to occupy her evenings, but then her phone buzzed in her pocket.

She fished it out of her jeans and checked the message, Mike, asking what she was up to. She smiled as she replied. She’d met Mike at the club this year, a new member. A 25 year old with a hard serve and a wicked habit of making her run for tricky shots. Every time she played against him he always left her sweating and laughing.

They’d found themselves at a table together, alone at the Christmas party and they’d got talking. She was in her mid 40’s and yet she found herself feeling half that when he talked to her. She had his attention. After the years of living the single life it was nice to find a man who spoke to her like a person, not just dismissed her as a single mum.

After a short conversation over text, he’d asked if she wanted a change of scenery and she bit his hand off, glad to be out of her cramped flat. She probably should tidy up but tonight is for socialising. Emily stopped at the hallway in the mirror and fixed her black hair, tutting at the grey hairs in the the fringe.

Emily got in the car, suddenly glad she hadn’t found any wine before Mike’s messages, but it was a short drive to his flat. They hugged in the doorway and she found herself getting comfy on his couch. Mike put something on Netflix for them to ignore, and she caught herself thinking “Netflix and chill”, then dismissing it. This handsome young man hadn’t got her round for that. She relaxed into the couch and they chatted.

Emily was getting lost in the conversation, it was such a refreshing change to be sitting, talking to someone and to feel like the centre of their attention. Mike made her laugh, and she made him laugh. Soon she found herself wondering why he was single, and she worked up the courage to ask him.

Mike shrugged, “I’ve not been single too long, just a few months. I’m not really dating these days. What about you?” Emily almost choked on her drink, they both laughed as the coke dribbled down her chin and onto her bright red top.

“Sorry!” She said, “I think some got on your couch.”

Mike waved it off, “don’t worry about it. Was that too personal a question?”

“Oh no, no, I just can’t remember the last time I had a date!”

“A few years then?”

“Not since before my son was born. My last date was his dad.”

“Wow, that’s been a while.”

“Yeah, but you get used to it.”

“Still sucks though, do you miss it?”

“Not really,” Emily said, taking another drink, this time without disaster. “The guys I’ve dated didn’t really make me too enthusiastic about dating.”

The topic changed, and they relaxed a bit more, but Emily was very aware of the wet patch on her top. She tried to rub it, hoping to help it dry faster, but instead she just spread the patch around.

“Good thing that landed in the middle,” Mike joked, and Emily blushed.

“Yeah,” she giggled. “You owe me a rematch, by the way.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Definitely. After what you pulled in our last game.”

Mike grinned, “That was 2 months ago. How are you still sore about it?”

“I’m not sore. I just want to get me own back. You know you don’t play like that with everyone else?”

“Play like what?”

“Don’t act coy. You get me running all over the court.”

“It’s fun teasing you,” Mike shrugged, still smirking.

“Oh is it?” Emily said, feeling a little wicked. She jabbed him in the arm.

“Oi,” Mike exclaimed, and he jabbed her back.

Emily giggled and went for him again, but he blocked, so she lunged with her other hand, poking him gently in the side. Mike laughed and reached for her, catching the back of her arm and making her giggle.

The two went back and forth, their jabs turning to pokes, their pokes turning to tickling, until they had leaned in close to get the best angle while they laughed uncontrollably.

“Ok, ok,” Mike panted, his cheeks red, and only an inch away from Emily’s rosy red face. “You win, you win.”

They giggled a little longer, but neither moved away from each other, until Emily realised Mike was gazing Yeşilköy escort at her lips. Her breathing deepened, her chest rising and falling faster. She watched his eyes until they moved to meet hers, and they both knew what they wanted.

Their lips met, and her hand was on the back of his head within a moment, taking a handful of his beautiful brown hair and holding him close. He put one arm around her while his other hand brushed her black hair from her face.

For a moment, Emily pondered what on Earth was happening. This man was closer to her son’s age than hers, but here he was, kissing her passionately. Her train of thought was derailed as she felt his hand travelling down her face to her chest, his fingers drifting over the coke stain on her top and resting on her right breast.

Their kissing intensified and Emily felt Mike’s tongue carefully exploring her mouth. She met him with her own and he took that as the encouragement he needed, his hand gently squeezed her breast, massaging it. Shivers went up and down her spine as her nipple poked out over the top of her bra and brushed against the cotton of her top.

Mike kissed her cheek on his way to her ear, nibbling her earlobe as his warm breath washed over her. Emily lifted up the bottom of his T-shirt and her hands explored his chest. She felt the thick hair over a well-toned chest and quickly found his nipple. At her touch, Mike matched he step, moving his hands from her breast and her back and taking hold of the bottom of her top.

Emily expected him to reach under her top but instead he started to lift. Mike broke their kiss and a thin sliver of saliva lingered between them, until he lifted his hands and removed her top, Emily raising her arms to aid him. Mike moved into her but instead of kissing her waiting lips, his mouth went to her chest, kissing the spot between her breasts as his hands played with a breast each, the fingers of his left hand pinching Emily’s exposed nipple.

He kissed across her chest until his mouth was on her hard nipple and he began nibbling and licking the tender flesh. Emily shuddered, but continued her exploration of Mike’s body’s he reached behind her and undid her cheap, comfortable bra. The first man to see her breasts in nearly 16 years threw her bra to the floor and returned his attention to her neglected breasts. She lifted his T-shirt and exposed his chest too. He paused for a moment to watch her checking him out.

“What?” She giggled under his gaze, her hands travelling over his chest. Mike took her hands in his and guided them down. She thought for a moment he was getting her to stop, had she done something wrong? But he moved her hands to the buttons of his jeans. Emily needed no more encouragement from this hot young stud.

She popped each button of his jeans as he did the same for hers, and as the last buttons popped, Mike stood up. Emily reached a hand into her jeans and touched her pants, already damp. Mike pulled down his jeans and his boxers in one move, and his hard cock sprang to attention. Emily gasped at the sight, 7 inches long, girthy and veiny, with a nice round head. A little bit of pre-cum shined in the light of Mike’s living room. Emily reached out her hand and wrapped her fingers around his cock.

Mike lowered himself, his cock pulling away from her grasp, and took hold of her jeans and her pants, pulling them down. Emily pushed her bum off the couch and let him drag them away, they quickly joined the pile of clothes massing on the carpet.

Mike knelt down and ran his hands up her thighs. Emily couldn’t remember the last time she was this turned on, and her instincts told her what to do. She opened her legs slowly, revealing her wet pussy to Mike, the tuft of black pubic hair and the sliver of juice leaking down.

Emily ran her fingers over her pussy lips, dipping a finger into herself and playing with her breasts. Mike watched, biting his lip and massaging her thighs. He leaned down and kissed up her thighs, and as he reached her pussy Emily took her hand away. He quickly lifted her legs over his shoulder and attacked her with his tongue, his energy taking Emily by surprise. His tongue lashed against her clit and she started rubbing both breasts.

Mike opened her lips with his thumbs and licked deeper, his tongue caressing every single fold of her pussy. Then she felt a finger slide inside her.

“My god,” Emily panted. “Nobody’s ever Yeşilyurt escort bayan touched me there…”

“Never?” Mike replied, his tongue swishing against her clit as he spoke. Emily shook her head.

“Never…. Ive only ever fucked and sucked dick.”

“Do you like this?” Mike teased, the bastard knew the answer.

“You know I do, Mike. Don’t stop. Oh god, don’t stop.” Emily threw her head back and melted into the couch. She reached down and took a handful of Mike’s soft hair. He stopped for a moment and she started “Hey, don’t stop…” but Mike moved up to her face and kissed Emily deeply. His kiss tasted different and she realised she was tasting herself on his tongue. It felt so sordid but it made her heart beat even faster.

Mike moved back down to her pussy and slid two fingers inside her, as he resumed sucking on her clit. Emily felt the pressure inside her building as Mike stepped up the pace, his fingers slowly moving in then out, as he licked faster and faster.

“Oh god, oh god…”

“Cum for me, Emily.”


“Cum for me, go on… cum for me…”

His soft voice washed over her and pushed her over the edge into an orgasm. She felt her juices dribble down her pussy and felt his tongue cleaning her up. Emily wanted nothing more than for him to kiss her again.

Mike slowly caressed her as her orgasm subsided, then joined her on the couch, his arm around her shoulders. Mikes fingers drew a pattern on her skin and Emily felt herself relax. She turned to look at him, her eyelids heavy.

“Kiss me.”

Mike leaned in and their lips met. That same sweet taste was stronger this time. Mike started playing with Emily’s thighs, gently massaging her until she felt ready to let her legs fall open again, granting him entry. Mike wasted no time in touching her pussy, running his fingers through her soaked folds.

Emily closed her eyes and moaned with Mike’s tongue in her mouth. She reached over to his stiff cock but he shifted out of her way.

“Not yet,” Mike whispered in her ear. Emily felt a pang of disappointment. She wanted to touch him. This was a new feeling for her. When she’d had sex before it always started with a blowjob, then she got fucked, and that was it. But Mike took so much time and effort to make sure that she enjoyed herself, she wanted to return the favour. Emily was sure this was the first time she’d ever wanted to suck a cock.

Mike’s fingers pushed deep inside her, snapping her out of her stupor. They kissed again and again as he fingered her, his thick digits parting her wet pussy expertly and the palm of his head rubbing against her clit.

Emily felt another orgasm building, quicker this time, and she began to move her hips, grinding down onto Mike’s fingers. He responded by pushing deeper into her, his fingers touching something inside her that sent a surge through her body. She’d only ever hit her g spot herself but when someone else was playing with it, this was an entirely different sensation.

Emily moaned into Mike’s kisses until he broke away, and went back to sucking on her tits. Emily said his name over and over, but when the intense heat inside her began to build again, she bit into her hand to stop herself screaming in ecstasy. Emily clenched her legs around Mike’s hands as she writhed on his couch.

He slowly removed his fingers and Emily watched as her juices dripped from his coated fingers. Mike brought his fingers to his mouth and sucked them clean. Emily was so turned on that she couldn’t think of anything to say, she just watched him, panting heavily.

Mike leaned down to her ear and whispered, “I’ll be right back”. He planted a soft kiss on her lips and left the room. Emily touched her skin, the warmth of the orgasm still washing through her, and Mike soon returned, a condom wrapper in hand.

Emily bit her lip and reached down to touch her pussy again, still soaking wet for him. Mike sat next to her and they kissed again. Emily could feel that Mike was probing, waiting to see if she wanted to take control, or let him continue. She decided it was her turn to dictate events, and she pushed him back. Mike rolled onto his back, sitting up on the couch.

Emily slid off the couch and onto shaky knees. She licked her lips as she licked the entire length of his shaft. Mike closed his eyes and relaxed much as she had as Emily took the head of his cock in her mouth. Emily Escort Zeytinburnu placed her hand on his and their fingers played together, until she came away with the condom.

With one last deep mouthful of his cock, Emily removed the condom from its wrapper and placed it on the tip of his member. She rolled it down and climbed up, straddling him. Mike reached for her pussy and played with her again, Emily gasped but playfully pushed his hand away.

“Nuh uh, mister. My turn.”

Emily positioned the thick head of Mike’s dick at her entrance, then slowly slid down. Her lips parted as she was spread open. His entire shaft slid slowly into her as her breathing quickened. She placed her hands on his broad shoulders for support, and as she became accustomed to his length, Emily rose up the down, over and over.

Mike placed his hands on Emily’s breasts and massaged her tits as she rode him, taking him deep inside her. Mike explored her body, touching her all over as they fucked on his couch.

“Emily…” Mike gasped, Emily leaned in to kiss him as he said “You feel so good…”

“Fuck, Mike. Your cock is so good!”

Mike put his hands on Emily’s hips and pulled her onto him harder. Emily ran her fingers through her own hair as she straightened up, riding him harder. Mike suddenly grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed, Emily cried out and put her hand on his chest to steady herself. She was on top, but Mike was in control again. Emily figured, if he was going to be in charge, he may as well do it properly.

“Bend me over,” she panted to him, and she dismounted. Emily knelt on the couch, facing the wall as Mike stood behind her. She felt him rub the tip of his cock up and down her pussy, coating it in her juices before he penetrated her again, this time pushing deeper than he had before.

Emily’s buried her head in the couch cushion as she moaned loudly. She slapped the couch and squeezed the cushion as Mike put his hand on her shoulder and pulled her back hard onto his cock, thumping into her over and over again. She felt her juices running down the inside of her legs. Emily looked down and saw that she was dripping onto Mike’s couch.

She felt another orgasm building as Mike quickened his pace, thumping his cock deep inside her. He reached around her leg and started rubbing her clit.

“Oh god, fuck me Mike. Fuck me hard!”

No sooner had the words left her mouth than Emily felt a pang of shame. She was talking dirty, another new experience for her. She wanted Mike to do everything to her. She wanted him to do things to her that she didn’t even know existed. She wanted….

Another powerful orgasm hit her and she closed her eyes. A bright flash erupted behind her eyelids as everything went limp. Her body slumped down onto the couch, Mike’s still hard cock slipping out.

Emily mumbled as he sat down next to her, kissing her gently on the shoulder and the arm as she shook.

Emily couldn’t think of anything but Mike’s cock. He hadn’t finished, he was still hard, but her pussy was sore after the deep fuck he’d just given her Emily pawed at his dick with shaking hands, and Mike knew what she wanted. He removed the condom and she slithered to the floor, propping herself up on his legs and opening her mouth for his cock.

She took his cock in her mouth and sucked all of it that she could. Emily wasn’t well experienced but this was the first time she’d ever been keen to pleasure a man with her mouth. She wanted to repay the pleasure he’d given her, and so the movement came naturally.

Emily licked the tip when it was inside her mouth, flicking the opening with her tongue and tasting Mike’s precum. She couldn’t wait to taste the real thing. Emily rubbed his balls as she took his cock a little deeper. Emily reached up to touch Mike’s chest and she watched his chest heave with his laboured breathing. He was close.

“Cum for me, Mike,” Emily repeated his encouragement from earlier, remembering how it had pushed her over the edge.

“I’m going to cum,” Mike warned. Emily stopped sucking and started rubbing his cock until he moaned and thick white ropes shot from his dick. Emily let the first spurt cover her chest then took his cock in her mouth again as the rest erupted from him. She savoured the taste and sucked hard, swallowing the rest of his load as she rubbed the cum across her chest. The warm fluid coating her nipples made her so excited, and she loved the way he tasted.

Emily climbed onto the couch and she and Mike kissed again. They stayed wrapped in each other’s arms for a long time, kissing and gently teasing each other.

Emily felt a chill across her chest and whispered softly in Mike’s ear, “can I use your shower?”

Mike grinned, “Only if I can join you…”

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