It’s Time Ch. 04

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It wasn’t but a few minutes of listening to the steadiness of your breath that I found myself falling into a deep sleep. I had never been so at ease, so comfortable with another. Yet with you I simply let myself go, felt I could just be me.

The night gave way to early morning and our bodies moved, rolling around the bed. I woke while there was only a faint glow of morning to find your hand resting on my stomach, my legs tangled with yours. Turning ever so slightly I had to watch you sleeping, resting, my fingers run over your hand that’s still on me.

I replay last night in my mind. How we spoke so few words and yet shared so much. I had always thought with you there wouldn’t be many words just action. I smile my eyes looking you over. My body responding, the familiar ache beginning. I don’t want to wake you so I quietly move to the bathroom thinking a shower may do me some good.

I turn the water on, running it till its warm. My fingers test it before stepping in. I can feel the heat washing over me, droplets clinging to my body. My hands move, softly, my mind still replaying your touch, your tongue. My finger grabs my nipple, pinching it slightly, rolling it around.

My head falls back and a sigh escaping my throat. I can picture you standing just outside the glass shower door, watching me as my fingers move over the soft planes of my body, down my breasts, lightly over my stomach, touching the softness of my mound.

There is a sharp intake of breath as my hand moves farther, deeper into the wet warmth waiting between my legs. My fingers moving, opening my folds, seeking to be deeper, to be fully inside the way your cock was.

First one finger and then another fills my pussy, my thumb lightly pressing against my clit. My body tightens in response. Sinop Escort Silently thanking me for filling it. The water still falls over me as my fingers move, beginning their dance. I find my voice and can’t help but voice my desire.

It’s only then that my eyes open and I see you standing there, watching. The heat and desire is so evident in your eyes. Your fingers wrapped around your thick, hard length. My fingers have stopped moving as I take you in, not sure if you want to join or not.

Shaking your head you whisper, “I want to watch you. Show me.”

Again my fingers begin to move. My body reacting even more knowing you are there. Your hand slowly is pumping your delicious, mouth watering cock for me. I turn my body, back leaning against the shower wall, lifting one leg, letting you see exactingly how deep inside my pussy I am.

Rubbing, moving, and pushing deeper, over and over fingers, hands moving. Our eyes locked on each other. Those soft little moans of mine are getting louder, harsher. I’m moving so close to that peak, wanting to cry out, needing to. It’s your voice in my head I hear, whispering, telling me, and making want it.

“Cum for me baby. Let me see you…”

I do. I fly apart. My fingers continue, moving me through the orgasm as you watch me. My body writhing, the simple flow of the water over me is sending sensation after sensation through my body.

My breathing is heavy, labored. I open my eyes slowly. You’ve moved closer, so near to me. I slip my fingers out and move them to lips, wanting to taste them, taste me and have you see, watch. I can hear you groan as I suck the sticky sweetness from my fingers. Then your lips are on mine, devouring me as you step into the shower.

My hands press against your Sinop Escort Bayan chest. Running over it and then lower until I reach what I want most. My hand closing over you, trying to put my whole hand around you is impossible. I kiss my way down your neck, over that amazing chest, stopping only when I reach my hand.

My tongue flicks out over my lips, wetting them as my hand and fingers move over your cock. Kneeling before, my mouth inches from your length; I let my tongue taste you first, a little flick at the head and then moving down leaving a glistening trail over your throbbing cock.

Only then do my lips surround you and suck you into the waiting warmth of my mouth. My hands holding onto your thighs as I only want you to feel my mouth, my lips, and my tongue. I take you as deep as possible, only it doesn’t seep deep enough. I’m starving for you.

I can feel your eyes on me, your hands balled into fits, contemplating moving into my hair. Over and over I move, lavishing attention on you, on your glorious cock as it continues to grow. Then finally your hands are in my hair, pulling my mouth to you.

So close, each movement your hips are making bringing you to the brink. Then finally with a groan I hear your voice and taste the saltiness of your release. My lips stay wrapped around you, wanting to taste every drop this morning.

Your eyes lower and look at me. A smile on your lips as you give me your hand, helping to my feet next to you, the water, which has turn slightly cold, moving over us. My body shivers and you hold me there before turning everything off.

We step from the water and dry our bodies, both of us looking at one another. It seems as though we can’t stop. We crave the looking, the touching of each others Escort Sinop bodies. You take my hand and we walk back to the room.

“Would you like breakfast or the bed?”

“Breakfast in bed perhaps,” I smile.

You laugh and pick up the phone and order a variety of things. I crawl across the bed, your eyes heating with each move I make. Settling in I pull the blanket around my wait, only my breasts visible now as you join me.

“So now we wait,” I say, this being the first real time for any conversation between the two of us.

“Will your friends be missing you?”

“Not really missing as they will be wondering. I’m sure there are several messages on my cell phone by now asking questions.”

“What will you tell them?”

“That I ran into a friend. I trust them. I have no reason to tell anything but the truth. Don’t you have business?”

“Yes. Only that business is you.”

I sigh and smile. It’s something utterly girly and so me that I even let out a giggle. That is answered by the door and food being brought in. The blanket is pulled up to my neck and a towel wraps around your waste. The smells filling the room are wonderful.

“It looks like enough food for a small army?” I say.

“I need your energy up,” you say with a grin.

“Understood,” I laugh.

We eat, conversation taking a back burner to the glorious food. We are starving it seems. The sex has had that effect on us. Every so often we make a comment, share a laugh. We slip into our “normal” conversation routine that we’ve shared so often.

We talk about various things. I mention that I’ll need to make it to my room sometime for clothes and you agree. You tell me we have dinner plans and can’t wait to have me on your arm for at least one night.

I stretch and yawn loudly and you smile my way. Obviously I’m tired and needing a nap as you move the plates and remaining food into the hall. Then remove the towel and lay back in bed. My head rests on you chest and soon my eyes are closed and I’m drifting off to dreamland.

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