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we’ve both looked forward this this night all week, me being on nights an you being on long days, we’ve really not seen each other, other than a quick hello/goodbye as we pass in the evenings. you leaving for work before i return in the mornings an me heading out to work as you get in at night, but we’re both nearly finished for the week an tonight is our night in, we’ve planned to locked the doors, take the phone off the hook an just enjoy each other….

leaving each other sexy little notes round the house all week, an today sending each other flirty text messages an making each other so turned on for this night…. i pick up my mobile, i instantly smile as i read your text ‘hey sexy, neary finished…. cant wait….’ i check the time, still a little while before you return, i’ve picked out your favorite lingerie an bought your favorite wine.

i go to the bedroom an change…. taking time to put on my white silk stockings over my long smooth legs, enjoying the feeling of my own hands caressing my soft skin, making myself tingle at the thought of your hands over my body in a less than an hours time. slipping my suspender belt round my waist an attatching the stockings to the clasps before slipping into my pure white lace panties. my white basque fitting nice an snug as i do up the front fastening clasps an laces, i check my look in the mirror an smile, my cleavage perfectly highlighted by my tight basque, my legs looking long an sexy an my bum seems so cute covered in white lace. i complete my look with high heels an a short sky blue silk kimono.

the wait is almost over, i watch the clock, like a child waiting for end of class…. i can feel my heart start to gallop an my body tingle for your touch, just the thought of it is putting my mind an body into the first stages of ectay, an can feel my pussy begining to get damp an pulsate. then the clock chimes 6 o’clock, i smile as the wait is over. you always arrive home at 6. my body starts to quiver with the anticipation of whats to come. looking out of the window i see you car pull into the driveway, an feel my heart skip a beat. all i can pay attention to is how good you look. noticing the little details, my eyes starting at your head as you exit your car an walk down the drive way. standing a little taller then me (hense the heels), with a muscular body which looks amazing in your suit an tie an stumming eyes that can stop me instantly in my tracks. hands that are stong an yet soft an gentle, a walk that shows off your amazing body. then the final bursa eskort straw, as i open the door, our eyes meet an theres not a word needed to say hello, you smile…. an my heart melts. you move inside the door, smiling as it closes behind you. we stand apart but interlock our fingers, wanting to savor this night for as long as possible. caressing each others fingers an hands, i slowly lead you into the living room, turning my head an looking at you coyly over my my shoulder, playing with my hair. i see you running your eyes up an down my body. you have a lustful hunger in your eyes.

you sit down on the sofa still holding my hands an gently pull me towards you, allowing me to straddle you. as i look into your deep sexy eyes i can tell you’ve craved for this moment as much as me, as you wrap your arms round my waist it sends shivers throughout my body an i tingle with goosebumbs down my spine. i moan softly as i feel your hands gntly squeezing my ass. i tilt forward an start to kiss you, sensing you shudder as we share our first intermet moment. you can feel the ampleness an silkiness of my lips as we embrass, searching an exploring each others mouths. as we continue to kiss, i delicately place my hand on your cheek, an caress down to your neck, i can feel my clit becoming inflamed, saturatd an pulsating an my breath quickening with every second that passes. pulling back sligthly, i look into your eyes an can tell you’re ready for more, not only by the lustful gaze i recieve but also by the bulge that can’t be concealed.

you invite me to stand an we make our way up to bedroom, my hand in yours, you turn an smile at me as we climb the stairs, i cant help but watching your sexy body move as you walk. as we enter the bedroom i watch you take off your tie an jaket, leaving you in your black silk shirt an pinstrip trousers, my heart skips a beat as you unfasten your shirt buttons revealing your toned abs. i cant help but smile as your sexy body is slowly revealed to me. you smile sexily as you undo your belt an trousers letting them fall to the floor, leaving you dressed only in your tight boxers. my heart is pounding with excitement…

i watch you sit on the edge of the bed, i seductively slowly walk towards you playing the belt of my silk kimono, slowly letting the silk gown fall open, you smile as you get a peek of my white lace lingerie. i stand before you an bite my lip at the feel of your soft tender touch, your strong hand brushing my gown open fully an then gliding your hand slowly bursa escort bayan up to my shoulder an smiling as my kimono falls off my shoulders an allowing it to float gently to the floor. i moan softly on my breath as your hands stroke down my front, brushing your hands lightly over my lace basque, running your fingers back an forth tracing the outline of my cleavage before gliding your fingers down the front an tugging on the lace fastenings, smiling as the laces undo releasing my ample breasts. i moan as your hands stroke back upto my breasts coming to rest on my nipples. i gasp as you pinch my hard errect bullets before leaning in an pressing your hot lips against mine, feeling you warm tender kiss.

you gasp under your breath softly at the feel of my soft touch, my fingers lightly stroking up over your hard cock concealed within your tight sexy kalvin clines, i pull away from your kiss slghtly leaving an inch gap between our lips an smile… ‘my god i’ve missed you baby….’ you smile back, a smile i cant resist.

i lean forward kissing your lips, then pulling away an moving down to kiss your chin, looking up at you as i move further down your hot sexy body, kissing you slowly inch by inch as i lower myself to my knees, my lips gently pressing against your skin, kissing your chest, my breath on your stomach as i continue my soft gentle kisses. you gasp an jump with excitment as you look down an feel my hand gently squeeze your concealed cock, slowly inserting my fingers into your waist band an pulling your cock out into veiw, it twitches an jumps gently tapping against my lips, i smile. knowing that we’ve both waited for this all week an we wanna savor the moment but sheer animal pasion an lustful pleasure will grip hold an take over.

i insert yoour cock into my mouth an begin to suck, swirling my tongue round the head. i sense you growing as i increase the rate an pressure, stopping only for an second to completely remove my basque, allowing you to feel my soft naked breasts on the inside of your thighs as i continue to suck you. Putting my hand at the base of your cock pulling the skin tight i place my mouth over you so i can experience your hard throbbing cock running in and out of my throat as my hand follows in unison. i run my tongue up the shaft of your cock and back down where i can put your balls in my mouth making sure i neglect nothing. As i continue sucking on your hard cock a little more i hear you moaning softly, looking up at you an seeing görükle escort you let a shakey lustful slow breath.

I stand up an kiss your lips once again, i feel your hand on my shoulders an without a word being spoken know instinctively you want me on all-fours. i giggle softly as i move onto the bed, twisting an offering my pussy to your cock. i turn my head looking at you over my shoulder as you move in behind me. i smile seeing you slowly pull down my little lacey knickers. you proceed by teasing my hot cunt with the tip of your cock. feeling my sticky juices covering the head of your shaft, you use your hand to guide it up an down my slit. my body has been yearning for this moment, as you place your hand on my shoulder an guide yourself inside. i gasp in pleasure as my pussy stretches open to acomodate your hard lenght and my pussy tightens around your throbbing cock. plaing both hands on my shoulders, fucking slowly an deeply at first, but with every thrust becoming more forceful than the previous one, making me moan in pleasure with a hint of pain, the louder i moan the harder you thrust. Feeling your cock thumping my hot wet cunt, hearing your breathing rate increase an grunting as you slam your hips harder against mine. i move my hand to my clit, an can feel how hot and swollen i am. i begin to play with myself letting my clit role among my fingers, turning you on even more, the thrust of your cock intensifying an becoming harder and faster quickly sending me over the edge, my legs start to buckle under you and gasping i stand on my knees with you holding tightly onto my hips. Wrapping your arms round my tits, i feel your fingers teasing my nipples an your lips kissing my neck as you support my quivering body in your strong arms. i interlock my fingers with yours an squeeze your hands against my breasts, them slide your hands down my front, down my stomach an between my legs, i press your fingers against my hard clit, you gasp at my soaking wet hot pussy as my juices flow over your fingers. the banging of your solid meat inside me an your fingers teasing my clit sends me over the edge again, my hot cunt clamping down on you, causing us both to tense up an explode together ‘ooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yyeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!’ I can feel the pulsing of your cock as you explode into me filling my hot pussy up with your juices.

both of us exhausted, our movements become slow once again, i turn an look at you over my shoulder as you lean forward an we kiss, you gasp as your cock slowly slips from the grip of my pussy. i feel cum dripping down my legs as we stop an catch our breath, both of us collapsing on the bed, staring at each other, smiling, wondering how long it will be before we have strenght to continue….


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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