Jack n’ Coke Ch. 02

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Warm silky sheets enveloped her. She felt so comfortable, so cuddly in the warmth. Suddenly she began to feel trapped in the endless silk. These sheets were warm and the air that did come through was humid. Jackie felt the weight of these sheets begin to choke her. She was fighting against the tangled, humid trap. The blankets got wetter and hotter. The weight was getting unbearable. Jackie felt like she could not take another breath and then she breathed in. Deep. The air was suddenly crisp and the sheets were pulling away. The silk was cool and they rubbed against her nipples making them stand up, erect. She started to raise her hands up towards her breasts to grabbed the suddenly stimulated buds. She felt her pussy start to drip.

Slowly, Jackie opened her eyes just a bit. Just enough to see light but no images. The sensuous feeling of her erect nipples and wet pussy lingered. There was a breeze slightly blowing. She could hear the breeze. Suddenly she sat up. Eyes wide open. Realizing where she was. She realized how different this room was from hers. Her dark room. This room was bright, with a huge window, wide open. Jackie slept with her windows closed, curtains drawn tightly closed. She noticed also how quiet it was. So different from her own which was right across the street from a diner. There was never a quiet morning like this.

Jackie slowly turned her head to the right and saw a flash of red hair against the white silk sheets. She looked down and saw one small tanned foot peaking out of the bottom of the sheet. Jenna was snoring quietly, with her face pushed up against a white feather pillow. “Good.”Jackie thought. She gave her clit a quick squeeze. She gave a soft moan. Then she remembered “Oh shit!” She whispered fiercely.

She looked at the clock on Jenna’s night stand and it read 10:06am. “Fuck!” Her Saturday morning class started 30 minutes ago! She couldn’t miss this class! It was a midterm! Jackie was kicking herself yet again for taking this Saturday class. She knew she liked to party on Fridays but this class worked well with her job schedule and plus, the teacher was cute. She was definitely not giving up on this course if it killed her!

Jackie had to think fast. She jumped in Jenna’s shower and took a quick cold shower. Her nipples were even harder than before. Damn, even a cold shower was not easing her hungry pussy!

Jackie dried off quickly and grabbed a short black sun dress from Jenna’s closet and put her own sandals on. She did not have time for underwear this morning! She loved the feel of a breeze on her hot pussy all day anyway! Running her fingers through her wet brown hair Jackie grabbed her purse and ran out the door. She was glad she insisted on bringing her own car from Craig’s party last night. She jumped in her old ass Chevy and started the engine.

-click- Damn! She pumped the gas pedal and tried the key again. -buuuurrrscreeech- “There you go baby. Thats my girl!” She backed out and hit the road with a vengeance! She drove 90mph all the way to class running stop signs and nearly getting into two accidents and made it to school by 10:40am.

She climbed out bursa otele gelen escort of the car spreading her legs she felt a lovely breeze. An older professor, about 65, stopped to stare and narrowed his eyes away from the sight between her legs. Jackie giggled grabbed her purse and ran towards her class. On the way there she unbuttoned the top two buttons of the dress and lifted out one breast halfway, just enough so the nipple peaked out innocently.

Jackie yanked the door open, and stumbled inside. The door had a spring loose and swung hard against her ass. “Ow! Dammit!”

“Quite a mouth young lady! Watch it will you?” Jackie heard the voice of her accounting teacher say.

“Sorry Candy.” Said Jackie breathlessly.

“I told you, its Mrs. Reynolds. You are an hour late Jackie! What is the matter with you! Everyone else is already finished with the test and gone. Do you care about your education at all? I mean you give half ass attempts on your homework and now you are an hour late for your midterm. You’re lucky I waited for you. You need to do well on this test or you can kiss this whole semester bye bye. If you do not get at least a B you might as well drop the course! How are you going to explain this to me?” Said Mrs. Reynolds, her glasses slipping down her nose. She pushed them impatiently back up and curled her lips into a disappointed frown.

Jackie sat down the desk directly in front of Mrs. Reynolds’ desk. She spread her legs just a little. Letting the cool air from the air conditioned room tickle her pussy lips. Innocently she said, “I worked late at the bar last night Candy. I’m sorry I’m late again. I am sure I can do well enough on this test. I really know this stuff despite what you’ve seen from me on homework assignments.”

“It’s Mrs.–” Jackie saw with triumph Mrs. Reynolds glance down to the beautiful image she was innocently showing Mrs. Reynolds. Mrs. Reynolds cheeks got red and she looked to the ceiling as if rolling her eyes. “Oh forget it! Here is the test!” She shoved the test forward and seemed to be straining herself not to look up Jackie’s skirt again. Jackie sat there long enough to make Mrs. Reynolds get another look. This time Mrs. Reynolds licked her lips. Jackie noticed for the 200th time how full these lips were. Mrs. Reynolds never wore any makeup and still Jackie thought she was so fucking sexy. She would just love to crawl across this table and kiss her. Jackie knew better though. She would have to make Mrs. Reynolds make the move or she was at risk of a very defensive and hysterical lady on her hands. Jackie was becoming very experienced with “virgins”. She decided she liked them inexperienced. She loved the passion of being someone’s first lesbian encounter. She was obsessed with being obsessed over. Jackie was like poison. You could only touch her once and then it is over.

Jackie did not get up, she reached irrationally across the stretch between her desk and Mrs. Reynolds’ so she could give Mrs. Reynolds another beautiful image to get uncomfortable about. Mrs. Reynolds mouth opened a little in awe. Jackie could see a little escort bayan saliva start to pool from her gaping mouth before Mrs. Reynolds shut her trap and dropped the test papers on the floor. Jackie waited a couple seconds for Mrs. Reynolds to get up for the papers. Then when Mrs. Reynolds was beside her desk getting closer to the papers Jackie got up and bent over right in front of Mrs. Reynolds. Jackie was really getting horny now from all this teasing and when she exposed her ass to Mrs. Reynolds she could smell her sex and wondered if the teacher did too.

Mrs. Reynolds whimpered quietly to herself “ooh…” But Jackie heard it and smiled.

“Oh my! I’m sorry I was in such a hurry this morning I must have forgot something essential!” Said Jackie with mock embarrassment.

“It’s– It’s okay.” Said Mrs. Reynolds blushing scarlet now. “I will be right back.”

“Oh wait Mrs. Reynolds!” Jackie grabbed the teacher’s trembling shoulder lightly. “I do not have a Scranton and I forgot my pencil.”

“Oh of course… Let me see if I have some.” Mrs. Reynolds shuffled over to her desk and started searching for the requested items. “Oh here!” She held up a pencil and Scranton for Jackie.

“Thanks.” Jackie made sure to brush the teacher’s hand when taking the items from her hand.

Mrs. Reynolds left to compose herself and Jackie managed to get a hold of herself enough to get the test started. But not before slipping one finger into her wet little pussy. “Ooooooooh.” She moaned. ‘K now I got to get down to real business.’

She was busy with the test for 20 minutes before Mrs. Reynolds came back. Mrs. Reynolds face was still slightly flushed and her hair around her face was slightly wet as if she had rinsed her face. She sat down at her desk and grabbed a book. Jackie took the opportunity to take a look at Mrs. Reynolds sexy legs under the desk. God she was sexy.

20 minutes later Jackie finished and handed Mrs. Reynolds the test. “Can you grade it now so I know if I am passing this class? I can’t wait any longer.” Said Jackie with a strained voice. She knew she aced it. Like she said, she got this stuff but had a hard time finishing homework.

“Alright then.” Said Mrs. Reynolds, completely cool now. She took 15 minutes and started walking slowly towards Jackie her high heels clunking on the linoleum. Just in front of Jackie Mrs. Reynolds bent over and placed the test on the desk. She did not stand back up. She just stood there bent over in front of Jackie. Jackie looked straight down Mrs. Reynolds’ shirt and saw there was no bra. She could smell the sweet smell of perfume coming from those soft little breasts. Slowly, with much effort, Jackie looked up at Mrs. Reynolds face.

“Two can play this game bitch.” Said the teacher and then she stood up and sat on her desk and hiked her knee length skirt up enough so when she sat she exposed her bare shaved pussy. It was glistening and smelled heavenly.

It was Jackie’s turn to gape in awe. Her saliva started to come towards her lips. She got out of her desk, knelt before the teacher, and stuck her head up her skirt mudanya escort and took a smell pressing her nose deep into her wet pussy. “mmmmmmm” She rubbed her nose on Mrs. Reynolds clit. Then flicked out her tongue lightly, licking the throbbing nub.

Mrs. Reynolds pushed her cunt closer to Jackie and moaned “Oh Goooooood. Lick that pussy. I’ve wanted you to for so long! I finger myself at the thought of you you fucking slut!”

This language from Mrs. Reynolds surprised Jackie but excited her as well. She licked harder and started sucking that beautiful swollen clit.

Just then Jackie heard something buzzing and she looked up. Mrs. Reynolds giggled and held up a purple vibrator. “You carry that thing to school???”

“Fuck ya. Sometimes after you leave I sit in your seat while it is still warm and fuck myself. You drive me mad you are so fucking sexy! Stick it in my pussy! Now! Do it! God I need to feel it in there!”

Jackie grabbed the vibrator and plunged it with ease into Mrs. Reynolds soaking pussy. “Oh fuck yaaaaaa! I want to come hard all over your face you fucking slut! Oh god! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Jackie was now pounding the vibrator into her pussy. “I’m going to cum! Now suck my pussy! Oh Goooood!” Jackie stuck her face back in the teacher’s pussy and sucked hard on the clit. She plunged two fingers into her pussy and fucked her hard. “Oh ya ya ya!!! God ya!” She felt Mrs. Reynolds’ pussy start to contract on her fingers and pulled her fingers out so the juices would flow all over her thick lips and face. “Ohhhhhngggg!” Mrs. Reynolds was convulsing from her orgasm.

Jackie pushed Mrs. Reynolds down on the table and straddled her so her pussy was rubbing the teacher’s pussy. She was already very close and was rubbing her pussy on Mrs. Reynolds’ pussy like crazy. “Fuck ya. Ohhhhh Your pussy is so wet.. mmmmmmm” Their pussy juices were mixing together and making a lot of noise. “Oh yaaaaaa” Jackie kissed Mrs. Reynolds hard on the lips and plunged her tongue and swirled it around making her taste her own cum.

“mmmmmmm good mm mm” Moaned Mrs. Reynolds into Jackie’s hot mouth. Jackie climbed up to Mrs. Reynolds mouth and sat on her face rubbing it like crazy into her mouth. Mrs. Reynolds licking like crazy plunged in two fingers. Jackie could feel her orgasm begin to take her and she came hard on her teacher’s face. ” Fuck ya!! Ohhhhh…”

Jackie rolled to lay beside the teacher and shivered with pleasure. “God damn. Was that your first time?”

“My first time with a student you little slut. Just for the record you aced that test fair and square.”

Jackie giggled, “Well. I have to say you surprised the hell out of me.”

“The only thing that surprised me was the orgasm you gave me. That was the best I’ve ever had. I knew you were a slut the moment you walked into the class and shamelessly checked me out. I thought ‘She wants to fuck my pussy but she’s going to have to earn it. Fucking bitch.”

“Ha. How did I earn it?” Asked Jackie.

“You aced my midterm. I don’t fuck losers. You better ace this class or you won’t see this beautiful pussy in your face ever again.”

“And so modest too.” Jackie laughed.

“Thats right. So I will see you next Saturday 9:40 sharp?” Asked Mrs. Reynolds.

“We’ll just have to see. I make my own fucking rules. Who says I want any more of your sweet delicious pussy anyway?”

Ok. Advice is much appreciated! Thanks.

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