Jacob’s Struggle Pt. 02

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Big Balls

Author Note: Hi everyone. It’s been years since I wrote anything like this, so bear with me if it is a little stilted or I’ve done a poor job editing. I’m writing the type of things I’d like to read, and I hope others enjoy! Everyone is consenting and 18+. xoxo

Mounting my motorcycle and following after his car, it was only about a 10-minute drive to his place. Once I parked, he was already standing next to me, collecting my jacket, helmet, and hand. He took my hand and walked me to his apartment, unlocked it, and let me in. It was a nice, clean place, though it seemed to be lacking personality. I shrugged it off as he didn’t have much time for that with his busy engineering position. He set my belongings down on a bench by the door and guided me to the kitchen. I sat on top of his counter while he put together drinks for us at his small bar.

“Dark N’ Stormy, just like you made me at the party. You remembered.”

He barked out a laugh, “How could I have forgotten? You put away almost as much rum as I did that night.” He slid his body into the space between my legs. Even with me on the counter, he still towered over me, in the sexiest way. I hooked my legs together behind his backside, trapping him in place. This effectively pulled his body in closer, where I could smell him, all cedar and cloves. Spice and warmth. It made my head spin.

That was until his lips pressed against mine, recentering my attention onto his physical presence. Where his hands rested on my hips, and the way that his tongue ran against the seam of my lips. kurtköy olgun escort How when my lips finally parted, our tongues fought for dominance and his teeth grazed my lower lip.

When he finally pulled away, a blush had crept up my neck and over my cheeks, further flamed by the hunger in his eyes. I carefully slid off the counter, leaving my drink there.

“Should we move this to the bedroom?” he asked as he started pressing feverish kisses against my throat, behind my ears, nipping at my earlobes. I ducked out of his reach and held up a hand for him to stop.

“You stay there. I want to play a little game.”

“The games I’d like to play require you to be much closer to me,” he said with a wolf grin.

Without breaking eye contact, I reached behind myself and unclasped my bra. He took this as an invitation, working to close the distance between us. Again, with one hand working the rest of the black, lace bra off, I held up the other to stop him.

“The game is, we each take turns discarding an article of clothing. The first person to break and approach the other loses.”

“I’ll play your game, but the loser has to give head first.”

“Deal. Now, my bra is gone. Your turn.”

We each took turns, with his socks going first. Then mine. He slowly undid each button on his shirt, revealing a strong set of muscles and a dark trail of hair leading below his waistband. That wolf grin reappeared when he noticed my eyes following the happy trail. “Suppose I have to one-up him,” tuzla escort I thought to myself, as I slowly turned around. Fingers deftly undoing the zipper and button on my tight jeans, I shimmed them down my legs, bending at the waist to give him a full view of my ass, framed in a matching black thong. That finally broke him. In 2 steps, he closed the distance between us. He whirled me to face him while backing me against the wall. My nipples harden, pressing visibly through my shirt, against his chest. With one hand against my waist, the other reached up to pull my nipple through my shirt.

“Fuck, please,” I whined out, needing him to touch me more.

“Please what, Alyssa,” he whispered into my ears, seconds before biting down on the place where my shoulder met my neck.

I bit my lip to the point of pain, trying to contain the cry of pleasure. Through my panting and mumbled begging, Jacob continued to kiss and nip down my body. “When did my top come off?” I thought to myself, seconds before his lips closed over one of my nipples. Between teeth grazing over one and fingers rolling the other, I knew I was already close.

With my brain in a pleasure-induced haze, I hadn’t realized he was kneeling before me. Once my attention was on him, he looked up at me, making eye contact.

“I do believe I was the one that lost your little game. What a pity,” he said. Without breaking eye contact, he raked his teeth against my hip, catching the waist of my thong, and pulling it down with his teeth. As I stepped pendik escort out of the piece of cloth, he guided one of my legs over his shoulder, exposing me. Before I could overthink every possible way that this was not a flattering angle for me, he kissed and nipped my inner thighs. I already had marks forming on the place he bit my shoulder and down my chest, and I knew my thighs were soon to follow. He made his way up my thighs, slowly, teasingly, with every movement, the pain was laced with pleasure.

“You asshole. You lost on purpose. You wanted to torture me.” I said, gasping out a laugh.

“Choose your words carefully, Alyssa. I seem to have the upper hand in this situation between us.” Those words were punctuated by him finally blessing me with his tongue. And what a blessing it was. My fingers immediately knotted in his hair, looking for something to hold me steady as he slowly worked 2 fingers into me. My back bowed against the wall, pushing me into him more. He groaned approvingly, curling his fingers in me while sucking on my clit.

“Oh fuck I’m close. Like that, please!”

Moments later, an orgasm finally washed over me. I almost collapsed from the pleasure tearing through me. My fingers still knotted in Jacob’s messy hair, I had to gently pull his mouth away from me, too sensitive from finally cumming.

“That was truly a lovely sight. A sight I’d intended to see over and over tonight, though it seems this one might have put you out for a bit.”

As I nodded in agreement and mumbled incoherently, he gently guided me to my legs and helped me to the bedroom.

“I haven’t cum like that in a very long time,” I murmured as I settled onto his bed. He slid into place behind me, with one arm draping over my waist. With his warmth wrapped around me and post-orgasmic bliss settling, I nodded off for a bit.

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