Jae-Sun: Toolbars

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Sarkopheros Says:

You guys wanted more gay. This gay story is soooo gay. There’s two dudes, and they TOUCH EACH OTHER and everything!

As part of the Jae-Sun series rather than the Jae series, this story is much more down-to-earth than those—but you should still expect huge dicks, cum inflation, and ludicrous amounts of fluid. What else would you expect from me?


Jae unfolded his laptop. It was a clunky old thing—not that Jae noticed or cared. The top was encrusted with band stickers.

Near his elbow was a printout of the instructions for his next assignment in Computer Literacy 101. On the plus side, he could take the class from home! On the minus side, computers weren’t something he naturally understood.

Students walked past his table, picking up plates of food from the university’s cafeteria counters. His own lunch was on the table. Pieces of chicken, broccoli, some salad with vinegar and chickpeas.

He’d just opened his browser when someone said, “Hey, are you in Gillespie’s class, too?”

He turned to find a pair of crystalline blue eyes looking at him. The eyes were of course set into a face … the smooth face of a cute guy with feathery black hair and bangs. Big glasses were perched on his nose.

Jae was taller and much more powerfully built than the slender boy. He also had many more metal spikes on his vest’s shoulders. The boy had exactly zero spikes and zero vests on.

Jae nodded at him. “Yeah, I am. I’m trying to understand this assignment,” he chuckled.

“Well, it’s not that hard,” said the anonymous cutie. “It’s just a basic spreadsheet and making a graph.”

“Yeah, I’m not very good at, like, computers,” explained Jae. “I’m trapped inside this cyber world. Consumed up as the web unfurls.”


Jae shook his head. “It’s a song.”

“Oh, well, you actually didn’t need to print it out, there was a link to a video that shows you what to do,” said the boy.

“Oh,” said Jae. “It’s just easier for me to read on a paper. Where is the video?”

“It’s in the email.” He pointed at the computer and added, “I could show you.”

“Okay. You wanna sit down?” asked Jae.

The boy nodded. “Sure.” He put his backpack down and pulled a chair out. His eyes rolled over Jae’s chest, his firm shoulders and biceps. “Uh. Do you work out?”

Jae nodded. “Yeah, and I do kung-fu.”

“Oh, yeah, you look strong.”

“Thanks. You look cute,” rumbled Jae.

“Uh, oh! Thanks! What a … nice thing to say,” said the boy, looking away and rubbing his cheek. “I’m, ah, Evan.”

“Jae.” He offered his hand, which Evan took. Rough fingers gripped the smaller boy’s soft hand firmly.

“Well, Jae, uh, you should, you know, open the email,” suggested Evan.

Jae nodded. “Okay.” He opened Internet Explorer.

Evan narrowed his eyes. “You know, Chrome is a lot—holy shit, that’s a lot of toolbars!”

Toolbars? “Uh, what?”

Evan put his hand on Jae’s firm shoulder before pointing. “Those bars across the top, the toolbars!”

“Oh, yeah, I don’t know, more of them keep coming,” said Jae. As far as he could tell, the toolbars just sort of … appeared every so often.

Evan gasped. “There’s like six of them!”

Jae looked at him. “Yeah. So Chrome doesn’t have these toolbars?”

“Why would it be something to do with the browser?” asked Evan, narrowing his eyes at Jae.

“They’re on Internet Explorer, right?” asked Jae.

“You think they’re part of … okay, wow, no, they’re nothing to do with the browser,” said Evan.

“You don’t need to talk down to me, dude,” said Jae, chuckling.

Evan blanched. “Oh, no, uh, sorry! I didn’t mean to. I mean. You’re so hot! I wouldn’t—” Evan went from ghost to tomato and buried his face in his hands. “So fucking stupid…,” he mumbled.

Jae put his big, coarse hand on Evan’s small shoulder. He smiled. “Don’t worry about it, just explain it to me like, you know, a human.”

Evan nodded. “Okay, uh. Yeah, I … oh. It’s three twenty-four. I have a three thirty class! Shit!” He bolted upright. “I. Uh. C-can. Do you come here? Will you be here later?”

Jae grinned. “I’ll be in front. In my car. Around seven. And if you want, you can get in that car, too.”

Evan gaped at him. After a sufficiently awkward silence, he said, “Oh, uh, yeah! Sure, that sounds good!”

“Cool. My place is a couple blocks from campus. We can even get dinner, if you want,” Jae rumbled. “I don’t got much at my place but we can order something.”

“Uh, yeah, I’ll meet you here … around seven?” said Evan.

Jae gave him a little grin. “You better get to class, dude.”


There was a deep-throated rumbling as the ’71 Mustang rolled into the cafeteria’s small parking lot. The top was down, a cigarette was burning, the Priest was screaming, and Evan was waiting. Jae hung a sinewy arm over the door and waved him forward. The other hand turned the music down.

The boy had been standing there looking pensive, then gaziantep escortlar relieved once the car showed up. Then he looked surprised at the actual car.

He put his backpack in the back seat and took shotgun. “Wow, this is a … this car is in really good shape!” he observed. “Like you,” he mumbled. “Is this a Camaro?”

Jae chuckled. “I’m surprised. Most people see a muscle car and think it’s a Mustang. Which this one is.”

“I don’t know much about cars,” confessed Evan.

“Restored her myself,” said Jae, running his hand affectionately over the dashboard.

“Wow, thats really cool! I don’t think I can even change a tire,” said Evan.

Jae shrugged. “Most people just call AAA nowadays.” He pressed the clutch, shifted, and backed out of the parking lot.

A moment later, the car was roaring down the road. Jae’s jet-black hair blew in the wind as Evan looked straight up, his own hair ruffling. Jae looked sideways at him …. taking in his pale skin, smooth neck, and pretty eyes. “You ever ride in a ragtop before?” asked Jae.

“A what?”

“A convertible.”

“Oh, no,” said Evan. “Well, maybe a long time ago. When I was really little.”

Jae ashed over the side. “It can be a hassle, but it’s worth it,” he said, exhaling smoke from his nose. “So what year are you?”

“Sophomore. You?”

“I’m a part-time student right now, so I’m not too sure what I am,” said Jae. “Probably about the same, credit-wise.”

“Oh, so you have a job, or—oh my god!” yelled Evan, his eyes locked onto Jae’s lap.

Jae knew why the boy was yelling. It was probably the fact that he looked like he was smuggling grapefruits and a summer sausage in his pants! But he asked anyway, because he loved hearing them talk about it. “What?”

“Y-you … your … is … that … you?” Evan gaped at the massive, tightly-packed bulge.

Jae looked down. “Yeah? Should it not be?”

“N-no, it’s just. Holy shit, you’re huge! Uh. Not that I’m staring,” said Evan.

Jae spread his legs, ostensibly to get more comfortable—but it also gave Evan a better view. The boy’s lips shifted, and finally, he looked away—though he did spare a few sidelong looks.

They pulled up under a carport in front of an old bungalow on a corner lot. The grass was very well-kept and many plants hung in the front.

“D-do you have a girlfriend here?” asked Evan.

“No?” said Jae. “Why?”

“All the flowers.”

“I garden,” said the metalhead. His heavy boots crunched over the cracked driveway as he showed Evan to the front door. Jae unlocked it. “Welcome to my place. Ain’t much, but it’s home.” Jae bent down, undid his boots, and put them near the door next to a pair of flip flops and a couple sets of sneakers. Then he hung his vest. Evan followed his example—though he still had no spiky vest to take off.

The house was mostly furnished by the upscale designer called “Craigslist.” There was a small computer desk against the wall, upon which Jae placed his laptop. An ugly, duct-taped couch was up against another wall with a mismatched armchair and loveseat. There was an amp, a rather fancy-looking guitar, and a music stand. The TV sat on a shelf that looked to be made of driftwood. A record player sat on top of a shelf full of vinyl. Heavy metal record covers and posters were on the wall. Boxes of car parts and a toolbox were lined up against the wall near the front entryway. The air in Jae’s home was spiced with red pepper and incense.

“So, uh. I guess let’s get started?” said Evan.

“Sure, you hungry?”

“I think I will be in a while,” said Evan. “But I don’t want to be trouble.”

Jae shrugged. “It’s no trouble, my treat.”

“You don’t have to spend money on me, I can pay for mine,” said Evan.

Jae shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. What do you like to eat? Chinese? Pizza? There’s a decent Japanese place, too.”

“How about Chinese?” asked Evan.

Jae nodded. “Sure.” He disappeared into the kitchen for a moment and came back, handing Evan a menu. “Let me know what you want.”

After he hung up with the restaurant, Jae told Evan, “They said it’d be about 20 minutes.”

“Uh, so … you play guitar?” asked Evan, shuffling awkwardly.

Jae smiled. “Yeah, heavy metal, you a fan?”

“Uh, I guess, sometimes, I’m more into electronic stuff,” admitted the boy, looking around, his hands clasped in front of him. .

“Put your backpack down, dude, wherever, get comfortable,” chuckled Jae. “What, like, techno or something?”

Evan put his pack down near the car parts. “That’s sort of like saying ‘metal,’ it’s a broad category.”

Jae nodded. “That makes sense. So you gonna show me how to get rid of those toolbars or whatever?”

“Sure! Turn on the computer.”

Jae brought over a plastic chair for Evan and sat in the rolling desk chair.

Evan pointed. “Open Internet Explorer.”


“Now open your tools.”

“Where is that?”

“It’s … hold on, I never use IE. I forget.” Evan stood up and moved toward Jae, pressing against his leg. He leaned over. It took him a moment to move his attention away from the massive bulge and toward the screen. Evan took the mouse from Jae and began to search. “It’s … do you mind moving?” asked Evan.

“You could sit in my lap,” offered Jae.

“I could … your lap?” repeated Evan, staring at Jae in disbelief before offering up an unsure chuckle.

“So you can see,” said Jae. He backed away from the desk some.

Evan bit his lower lip before asking, “Really? Can I?”

Granted, much of Jae’s “lap” was actually his massive bulge. Jae pulled Evan onto it. Its heat and bulk pushed up against Evan’s rear as the boy gulped and settled in. He let out a soft moan and put a hand on Jae’s solid forearm. “Ooh,” he gasped.

“Comfortable?” asked Jae.

“Y-yeah, yes, very,” said Evan, taking the mouse once again and shakily searching the computer. Finally, he found the right menu and said, “It’s here.”

Jae’s rough hand slid up his smooth stomach. His hot breath brushed against the back of the boy’s neck. “Now what?” he rumbled.

“We. It’s. Just here. We just uncheck these toolbars,” explained Evan as he went through the process. “And then we hit ‘okay,’ and … voila!” he said , cooing as Jae’s fingertips crept across his flat chest. “Ooh … mmh. Y-you’re very friendly with your guests….”

“The comfort of guests is very important to Koreans. Like the Greek concept of ‘xenia,’ ” explained the metalhead.

Evan seemed legitimately surprised when Jae mentioned that, though he hid it well. Still, Jae saw through the cover. Many people assumed that he was just some dumb metalhead—and usually, he was content to let them underestimate him. But this time, he said, “Hey, now, I may be bad with computers, but I read.” He nodded at the monitor. “That was easy. To take off the toolbars.”

“Th-they’re not gone. Now we need to uninstall the programs. Toolbars are programs,” said Evan.

Jae looked down. The boy was shifting his little butt and his legs. And there was the reason! His khaki shorts were tented upward. Jae let out a rumbling purr, and his fingertip very lightly brushed the tip of that eager cock.

“F-fuck. A-and. And we go. Control panel,” grunted Evan. “That’s my cock, Jae!” he cooed.

Jae chuckled. “I know, and that’s mine underneath you,” he said. His fingers deftly unzipped Evan.

“You’re huge,” groaned Evan. “It’s like my arm!”

Jae’s rough fingers coaxed Evan’s eager little cock free. “Little,” of course, meant that it was a fairly normal size—but in comparison to Jae’s, almost any cock is “little.” Evan’s was cut, with a blushing pink head and a sparkling pearl of pre at its tip. Jae smiled down at it. “Mmmh. And who’s this cutie?” Those rough fingers wrapped around its silky skin.

“Mmmmh!” groaned Evan. “Hah! D-do you always do this to tech support?” he asked.

“Only when they’re cute little things like you,” growled Jae, his chest resonating against Evan’s back. His free hand slipped around Evan’s side and grabbed the mouse. He browsed to a folder with dozens of video files in it and played one.

Before Evan’s eyes, there was suddenly an amateur video of Jae pumping every inch of his monstrous cock into a tan, brown-haired boy. The bottom’s cock flopped up and down as his lips pulled back, crying out in ecstasy as his belly bulged out with the giant Korean cock he was taking. Jae’s powerful muscles glistened with sweat, his grapefruit-sized nuts swung. Then the bottom erupted, white jets of spunk splattering on the very couch that was on the other side of the living room! It even got on the lens.

Evan bit his lower lip, letting out a throaty little mewl of need. Jae growled behind him as his hand began pumping faster. The noise turned into a moan. Jae’s other hand reached down, cupping Evan’s balls, fingers probing up behind them, rolling them. Schlick-schlick-schlick. Precum rolled over Jae’s digits, moistening their course.

“Do you want me to do that to you?” asked Jae, kneading the boy’s balls faster. Evan spraed his legs. His tongue’s tip traced up along Evan’s neck as he watched the video.

“Yes, that! Do that! Mmm!” He started to pump his hips, reaching back to caress the back of Jae’s head as he thrust into the hand.

Jae could sense the tightening of the balls, the arching of the back. Evan was practically burning with heat!

Then, at the crucial moment, Jae aimed the boy’s cock back towards him just as—SKLRRT! SKRRT! SKLRRT! Pearly wads of jizz shot from his overexcited erection, spunk leaving stripes down his shirt, splattering himself in the face and glasses. Evan gasped. Jae grinned, even as some of that hot seed splattered on his face. He wiped it off with a finger and licked it up as Evan watched.

That was when the doorbell rang. DING-DONG!

“That was fast,” mumbled Jae. He stood with Evan in his strong arms and carried him to the couch, handling his body lightly as a doll. Evan touched his chest. Jae set him down. Ploomf! In that position, he wouldn’t be visible from the door … unless the delivery person leaned in even the slightest amount.

Jae grinned and put his hand on the doorknob. Evan gasped. “My dick is out!”

“I know, and it’s a nice dick,” said Jae. Klik! The door opened. Jae was greeted by the usual delivery boy, who handed over a couple large bags of fragrant food. Jae set them by his feet and paid him from the wallet chained to his pants.

After the door was closed, he looked back to see that Evan had hastily closed his pants again.

“Imagine if he came in and I was balls-deep in you,” chuckled Jae.

Evan groaned. “F-fuck….”

“That’s what we’re about to do,” Jae chuckled, coming over to the couch. Evan let out a little gasp.

Jae stood over Evan, running his tongue over his teeth as he looked down at this evening’s treat. Evan’s eyes darted down to his bulge. Jae’s belt buckle jingled as he began to undo it. The zipper growled as he opened it. Evan bit his lower lip in anticipation.

Jae dropped his pants and kicked them aside. Now that they were gone, he knew that Evan would be able to smell the hot, fresh scent of a big cock. A virile, sexual musk released. That monstrous organ radiated warmth from beneath the red boxers.

Evan’s pants were once again a tent as he leaned in, cooing as he cupped Jae’s huge nuts. Each one would have taken both hands to hold properly.

The twink’s eyes got bigger and bigger as he pulled Jae’s boxers lower and lower. The lines across Jae’s hips lead down to a neatly-trimmed patch of jet-black hair. And that gave way to inch after fat inch of monstrous cock.

It just kept going and going as the smaller male pulled the boxers down. He gulped audibly. “When does it end?”

“Keep going.”

Now, the bulge of the huge nuts. Evan inhaled deeply. Finally, when the boxers were near Jae’s knees, the tennis-ball-sized head of the cock and its hood of skin were revealed. He dropped Jae’s underwear. Jae kicked them toward his pants.

“It’s f-fucking huge!” moaned Evan. “You could choke a horse! Mmmh. And it smells … mmmh!” He hefted the cock with one hand. “So heavy….” He pushed his face up under that heavy organ. Jae felt his cock tousling through soft, black hair, laying over the top of Evan’s head. He felt it as Evan buried his face in his enormous nutsack, inhaling deeply as he took in the thick scent. His hot tongue slipped from his mouth, and he ran it up through the grooves of the sack, sighing in pleasure. “It tastes so good….”

“That feels pretty fuckin’ great, too,” rumbled Jae. “Mmmh.” His cock began pulsing heavily, its surface getting hotter and hotter against Evan’s head. It started to grow, pushing forward. It dripped beads of glistening precum that rolled down onto the boy’s scalp, soaking through his hair, hot syrup on his head. Schliiph. Jae’s glans slipping slickly out of its cloak, already shining with a veneer of pre. Heavier and heavier, it pressed down on Evan.

Evan continued to rub his face into Jae’s balls, letting out a low groan. His own cock was raging, desperate to escape and meet Jae’s. Both of his soft hands caressed Jae’s organ, unable to encircle it. It was fatter than a coke can, a third again as long as a ruler. Evan pumped it with long, slick strokes. Schlick! Schlick! Schlick! Clear droplets of pre spattered on his face and glasses. His tongue trailed up its underbelly till his lips met its tip and he slurped loudly.

“Mpph! Mmmh. Schlurk. Schlurk.” He slurped down mouthful after mouthful of hot, slick precum. The tip of his tongue teased Jae’s tip. Jae ran his fingers through Evan’s hair and gently rubbed the swollen, pulsing glans against his soft, inviting lips. Clear slime rolled down over Evan’s chin, coated his cheeks. Stretching ropes of the slime rolled down and soaked the shirt, sticking it to his chest. Doing pretty good for his first time handling a big cock, mused Jae.

“Augh, this stuff is so thick and slippery,” grunted Evan.

“All the better to lube that little ass with,” growled Jae. Evan’s body was looking more than inviting right now. “You’re working my cock so good, but I want to blow my load inside you. I bet you want it, too. Gallons of hot jizz in your belly, making you look pregnant?”

Evan stared at him, slowly biting his lip. “Y-you’re kidding? How can anyone cum so much?”

Jae hefted one of his balls in response. “Drop those pants,” he rumbled. “I’ll show you.”

Evan watched Jae for a moment before biting his lower lip and standing in front of him. He undid his pants and started slipping them down, hooking his underwear in his thumbs at the same time.

“I … uh … well, I didn’t groom myself … didn’t count on getting laid today,” he apologized. Indeed, he did have a wild black bush growing, but it was hardly the first Jae had seen.

“Heh. Sex is often inconvenient,” said Jae, speaking from experience. His eyes roaming Evan’s slender body, bared before him. His rough hands caressed the hard little cock for a moment before he pushed the boy back onto his couch.

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