Jake and Tiffany

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All of my life I have wanted to fall in love and give myself to the right person. The problem was that I compared all men to one person: my best friend, Jake. Jake is 6’1″, very muscular and looks just like Paul Walker! I have been told that I was pretty. I’m 5’8″; I have long curly brown hair, hazel eyes, 36D breasts, a tiny waist, and big ass and hips. I always seemed to attract the wrong types of guys…mostly the little geeks. I had never done anything sexual, but French kiss. Gosh…looking back I see what a dork I was!

The summer I turned 20 and Jake was 21 our lives changed. One night we were sitting outside when he looked at me and said, “Tiffany, what do you think everyone would say if we got married?” I was shocked! “I guess they would all think it was about time,” I told him. The next thing I knew he was slipping a HUGE rock onto my hand!

It took us six months to plan our wedding and finally we were crossing the threshold into our honeymoon sweet at a hotel in Australia. During our entire engagement, we had hardly had any time alone; but here we were all alone and Jake looked so damn good in his tux.

My heart began to pound and my body began to tighten and tingle when Jake pulled me into his arms and finally kissed me the way I had always wanted him to. His tongue touched mine and my nipples hardened and my nearly came right Kartal Escort there just by being kissed. I pushed my body closer to his and felt for the first time, his hard cock. He moaned and said, “Tiffany, I’ve wanted you forever and now you’re going to FINALLY be mine!” He unzipped my white wedding dress, but I pulled away and whispered, “I have something special to show you.” I grabbed my suitcase and ran into the bathroom. I yanked down my long, curly hair and slipped into the sheerest white nightgown I had ever seen.

When I walked back into the room, Jake stood there naked. When he turned around to see me, my mouth wasn’t the only one to hit the floor. His cock was at least 9 inches and had to be as thick as my wrist. We both groaned at the same time and Jake yanked me against his hard body. We kissed almost frantically, barely getting enough of each other. He ripped my little nightgown off, and gently started caressing my breasts. He lowered his head to the right nipple and began sucking. I felt that same pull in my pussy and came without him ever touching my pussy. He scooped me up and laid me on the bed, I knew what I wanted to do, but I was scared that Jake would be shocked. I reached out and began to stroke the monster between his legs that was drizzling pre-cum. He moaned, and I knew I had to taste him. I leaned down and Yakacık Escort wrapped my lips around the head…

He pushed his hips up and began to slowly fuck my mouth. He tasted too good and I was swallowing him inch by inch down my throat. “Tiff, you are such a good cock sucker. Keep sucking, ohhhhh Tiff, I’m about to cum! Let me pull out.” Put I gripped the base of his dick and kept him in my mouth. He came with such force that I thought my head was going to explode from the warm, salty, sticky cum he had just blown into my mouth. I barely swallowed it all, but I tried to catch every bit of it. He grinned when I was done and said, “You didn’t have to swallow, baby, but I’m glad you did.”

He then grabbed me and said, “Now it’s your turn!” He pulled my legs part and looked for about a minute at my wet and hot pussy. He moaned my name and went to work. He licked up and down my hot snatch for a little while, before he started sucking on my clit. I began bucking my hips moaning “Jake, yes, OMIGOSH JAKE YES!!!” He stuck one finger then two into my virgin hole and began finger fucking me. “I’m cumming, please Jake, and fuck me NOW Jake!” When I finished cumming Jake had this wicked smile on his gorgeous face and said, “What was it you wanted me to do Tiff?” “Fuck me Jake.”


He grabbed his hard cock and placed Kadıköy Escort the head just into my hole. “This is going to hurt sweetie, but once I get it in it will feel so much better!” He pushed a little into me and I felt like he was ripping me open. Soon he had sunk down to my virginity. He then pulled out and slammed through my cherry. I screamed. He muffled my cry with the sweetest kiss ever. I began tightening my pussy around him to let him know that I was ready. He began fucking me so slowly until I was begging him, “Harder, Jake, fuck me harder! Make me cum!”

He started slamming into me and I came twice within seconds of each other. I now wanted him to cum. With every stroke I rose to meet him and tightened my pussy around his throbbing cock. I knew that he was close because I could actually feel his balls building with pressure every time they slapped against my ass.

“Tiff, I love you! Gosh, you are so fucking tight! I’m cumming baby, let me cum inside you!”

“I love you too Jake! Please cum inside me. I can feel you throbbing in me! Fuck me harder Jake! I-I-I-I-‘MM CUMMING!”

His hot cum splashed right into my womb and both of screamed together as we climaxed. As we both sank down to earth, we realized that we had loved each other forever. “Tiff, I’ve loved you since we were kids. I only went out with other girls to make you jealous!” “Jake I was always jealous! I’ve loved you forever too.” We both fell asleep with him still on top of me and inside me. About an hour later…


“Yeah, Jake?”

“Wanna make a baby?”

You better believe I did!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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