Jane’s Licking

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This story is a spin-off from the Jake & Jessica series and involves characters from the series. This is a short story, but gives depth to the characters and has a tie in with J and J Chapter 10. Thanks to Todger65 for editing. Votes and feedback are welcomed.


“Jane, are you here?” Melissa asked coming into the apartment they had together.

“In the shower Melissa! Why don’t you come join me?” She yelled. Melissa walked to the bathroom and opened the cracked door.

“I’m joining you!” Melissa said as she began pulling off her light blue shirt and her khaki pants. She pulled off her bra and panties and stepped into the shower. The warm spray hit her cold body. It was a very cold week and she had just driven from the airport.

“How was your conference?” Jane asked as Melissa had been in the sunny and much warmer Miami in Florida. She soaped her body planning on going out tonight with Melissa.

“It was ok, mostly boring but I can say that it would have been much better if you were with me.” She said as she kissed Jane on the lips. They opened their mouths and let their tongues taste the others. Jane pulled back from her after a minute.

“I missed you love. You wanna go out tonight?” Jane asked and saw Melissa nod her head to affirm her position. Jane lowered herself just a little and pushed her mouth to Melissa’s left tit and clamped on it like a baby sucking from her momma.

“Oh Fuck Jane. Suck my titties, finger my cunt!” With that, Jane proceeded to stick her soapy wet fingers into her pussy and finger fucks her. Melissa had so much tension from being gone three whole bloody days that this is exactly what she needed. Jane pumped into her faster and faster with her fingers, making Melissa’s cunt quiver and spurt, as her orgasm erupted, spraying Jane’s fingers with her juices.

“Did you like that Melissa? You didn’t even last five minutes once I got my fingers in you.” Jane said teasing her.

“I can’t help it; I’m a quick orgasmic bitch.” Melissa said and pushed her back and against the shower wall. She dropped down and went to work licking Jane seeking out that little nub of hers which liked to play hide and seek. She found her clit and began licking up and down and doing small circles on it.

“That’s right, lick my little clit. Fuck me like I just fucked you, you sexy little lover of mine.” Melissa obliged her and stuck not two but three fingers into her pussy and fucked her good. She also put her little pinky against her anus and pushed it in earning a yelp from Jane. Melissa returned the thrusting and fucking that Jane had given her only a few minutes ago. She sent Jane over the edge after nearly ten minutes of finger fucking and tit sucking. They both stood in the shower recovery from the ‘Nice to see you again fucking’.

They finished showering and got towels to dry off. “I think we just took all the hot water for the entire apartment building.” Melissa said.

“I guess it’s a good thing we don’t pay for water here.” She said and kissed Melissa who was a little shorter than her. “Let’s get dressed so we can go out to eat.” __________________

Jane and Melissa went to Buckhead Bar and Grill to eat a nice lovely meal together. They were nearing their fourth year anniversary as a married couple.

Jane Collier worked at Southern Company in Downtown Atlanta and was a Junior Member of the Human Resources Department and processed applications and new hires for Georgia Power and Southern Nuclear which are subsidiaries of Southern Company. She had been working for them for nearly five years.

Jane and Melissa met and were friends at Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. They hung out in groups but never found themselves alone. Jane graduated in 2013 and began working for ALFAC in Columbus, Georgia before she got hired on at Southern Company. She moved to Buckhead, Georgia and started going to clubs. The clubs she went to were gay and lesbian clubs and bars seeing how she liked girls.

She was at a club called A&L which was about 20 miles from downtown Atlanta when she ran into Melissa on that particular night. Seeing how Jane and Melissa knew each other they hit it off and went home together. That night sparked the relationship that they have today. Jane was a butch style lesbian who had short black hair and tended to wear pants instead of dresses.

Melissa worked for AT&T as a Call Center Shift Supervisor and earned a nice salary. She had begun working there right after graduating from Auburn. She was a passionate lady who was 28 years old. She had blonde hair which went down to her shoulders and liked to be a perfect lady. Her parents didn’t like the fact that she was gay but learned to accept her or else lose their one and only daughter.

After The Supreme Court of the United States made way for Gay Marriage which ended up being called Equal Marriage, they got married in January of 2017 at the Courthouse in Atlanta. It was a simple ceremony but none the less, Melissa took Jane’s last name and they became Mrs. Onwin Jane and Mrs. Melissa Collier. They had long ago moved into a Condo Apartment in Buckhead, Georgia. ______________

“So tell me, how was Miami really?” Jane asked wanting some details as to how the conference was.

“It was okay, they told us that our customer satisfaction was at 92% which I’ll be honest with you, I don’t see how!” Melissa paused taking a sip of her red wine, “If you heard all of the complaints I get and review calls, you would have laughed at that conference.”

“I bet! So, how many guys hit on you?” Jane asked.

“Oh Gawd! It was like they were looking at a buffet line when it came to me and about four other ladies. I got hit on like 15 fucking times even when I flashed my wedding ring.” She took a bite of her salad as Jane listened. “They would all respond with “What happens in Miami, stays in Miami; or He won’t know, besides I bet you would like my big stick more.” They were so lame that I nearly threw up.”

“I can only imagine! Perhaps you should have taken one of them up on the offer so you can pop a kid out of that little pussy down there!” Jane said as they had discussed having a kid and raising him or her together.

“I don’t want it to be just some random guy. I want us to choose him together and get his permission.” Melissa replied.

“I know; we could always go to that sperm clinic down in Florida and select our donor that way.” Jane answered.

“In Vitro will be costly and it could take several tries. We would be spending probably 20 to $30,000 for me to get pregnant at the very least.” Melissa replied knowing they didn’t have a lot of money.

“Okay, I will start to be on the lookout for a hot stud who meets our criteria.” Jane said and took a bite of her Sirloin Steak. _________________

Jane was working one day several months later when she had a wild idea. Jake Edwards was an ideal candidate for their donor. He was young, handsome and fucking hot if she swung that way. She also knew a secret which she could use as leverage but decided that it would be totally wrong of her to do that. She instead decided to find another bargaining chip if she could get Melissa to agree.

“So, what do you think?” Jane asked Melissa as they were looking at his Facebook page which showed a photo of him and his wife Jessica.

“I don’t know; where does he work?” Melissa asked wanting a full detail of Mr. Jake Edwards.

“He works at my building on the 8th floor and is a Nuclear Engineer.” Jane replied.

“But why him?” Melissa asked.

“Because I have a bargaining chip I can use.” Jane replied and saw a perplexed look on Melissa’s face.

“I kind of found something out about him and his wife when I did his new hire packet a couple of months ago.” She paused and made the image of Jake and Jessica full screen on her tablet. “What do you see?” She said to Melissa making her look very hard at the picture which was a face cuddle picture of the two.

“They both have Blue eyes.” Melissa said.

“Keep looking!” Jane said with Melissa looking back at the screen.

It took almost a full minute before a light went on in Melissa’s head. “Holy Shit! Are they brother and sister? They have the same eye color, same nose, and the same smile.” She stopped breathing for a moment. “Holy Fuck; that is a first.”

“Yeah according to their Facebook page, they have been married since 2016. I made the connection when I was putting in his beneficiary info. His social and hers were nearly identical minus the last digit.”

“What were you planning?” Melissa asked.

“I was planning to trade favors and I believe they could use some friends.”

“Oh, how so?”

“You know how Judge Ramer married us. I was thinking that I could go to him and get them a marriage license. Jake said they are married but it is complicated. I take that as they got married in a ceremony of friends and maybe family but don’t have a license. Since the judge owes me a favor from saving his ass in a car wreck, I figure I can get him to make the license.” Jane replied as she had performed CPR on him after he was in a car wreck last year. He had a heart attack which caused him to wreck. She got him out and performed CPR which saved his life according to the paramedics and doctors.

“Well, I guess we could try. That way it would be a win-win for everyone involved. I say we do it!” Melissa said and moved to her, grabbing her face and locking lips with her. She pressed her tongue into Jane’s mouth and held the passionate kiss with her for a minute before pulling back.

“I love you Melissa, you make me whole.” Jane said before continuing, “Come on, let’s go get in bed.” They walked down the hall and into the bedroom closing the door. _____________________________

A few days later she went to meet Judge Ramer in his Probate Court Chambers.

“Hi Mrs. Collier, how are you doing?” Judge John Ramer asked.

“I’m doing fine and so is Melissa. We are having a blast together every Onwin giriş day. I was wondering if I could use my favor I have saved up?”

“Yeah, what is it that you need? Wiping away your speeding tickets is not in my field.” He asked and replied.

“Well, this favor is questionable.” Jane replied knowing he might reject her favor.

“Ok, what do you have?”

“I have a friend who wants to get married, but the person he wants to be married to is related to him. It is his twin sister!”

“I see, does he know you are asking?” The Judge replied.

“No, in fact they do not. You see, Melissa and I want to have kids. We have decided that we would like this guy Jake to be the sperm donor. However, we know that we need to bring something to the table for them.” She pulled out her smart phone and showed him Jake and Jessica’s Facebook page.

“Well, I must say they are a cute couple. What you’re asking would violate State Law and I could lose my License if I get caught.”

“I know sir; I think that sometimes there should be exceptions to laws. Just look at them, they are truly a unique couple. Can you imagine that your soul mate just happens to be your twin sister and the only thing that separates you from the rest of the world is a piece of paper?” Jane replied knowing that if it wasn’t for social change back in 2015, she and Melissa wouldn’t even have a marriage license for themselves. She knew that Judge Ramer was happy with the equal marriage ruling which made his Probate Court a lot busier and he was a believer in true love.

“Okay, I will do it. But I have to do it in a unique way. I need an original copy of both their birth certificates. I will also need to perform the ceremony to make it binding. So, I will leave that part in your most capable hands.”

“Thank you Judge! I will get the ball rolling.” She got up and shook his hand and left. She texted Melissa as she was walking out of the courthouse.

‘We have a GO from the Judge.’ She sent.

‘Great, let’s get this party started.’ Melissa replied. ___________________________

Jane walked out of the elevator and onto the 8th floor. She swiped her badge and opened the door to the Southern Nuclear offices. She walked to Jake Edward’s desk and stood in front of him.

“Hi Jake.” She said and sat down in the chair.

“Hi Mrs. Collier, what can I do for you.” He asked.

“Um, I hate to ask but as of 2020, primary beneficiaries are required to submit a copy of their Birth Certificate. I need a copy of Jessica’s in order for it to be active. I apologize for the inconvenience.” She said bullshitting that it is a requirement.

“Um, ok. You’re just going to submit it right?” He asked with a little concern on his face.

“Yeah, it’s no biggy.” She said to him and got up walking to the door and went back down the elevator. _________________________

A few days later he brought her a copy Jessica’s Birth Certificate. She looked at it and went into action taking it along with his which was on file down to the Probate Court. She took the stuff which was in an envelope to his clerk and told her to give it directly to him.

She then went home and talked with Melissa as they drink a glass of wine to relax for the night. “Phase I complete, beginning Phase II.”

“What’s Phase II?” Melissa asked.

“Phase II is where we make our offer. Phase III is where we knock you up with his little swimmers.” Jane said as she began to lick Melissa’s face, which tasted a little salty as she was running earlier. She licked up and down her face and from ear to ear. She then worked her way down to her tits which were equally covered in sweat. She pulled down her sports bra and latched onto her nipple biting it gently with her teeth.

“Oh Jane! Keep that up baby!” Melissa said as Jane sucked her left tit. Jane sucked and also pulled on it with her awesome sucking power.

Jane released her tit and sat up. “You know, I’m going to enjoy that a hell of a lot more when you are pregnant. Enough of this, we need to get some sleep.” She said and started walking to the bedroom. ______________________

“Hey Jake, I was wondering if you and Jessica would like to join me and my wife for dinner one night?” Jane asked Jake while they were in the Cafeteria.

“Uh, I will have to ask Jess.” He responded.

“Okay, it will be my treat.” She responded.

A few hours later, he called her extension.

“Hey Jane, I talked with Jess and she said that it sounded good. How about tomorrow night?” Jake asked.

“Sure! 7pm and at Red Lobster on East Peachtree?” She responded.

“Works for us.” ________________________________

The next night they met as scheduled at 7pm. Jane met Jessica for the first time and Melissa met Jake and Jessica for the first time. They sat down after greeting one another and shaking hands. They chatted about jobs for a little while before diving into much deeper topics.

“We have been together for 5 years, and married 4. In fact, we want to begin a family.” Jane said.

“Well, I hope that works out.” Jessica said knowing she was carrying her first child which she didn’t inform them of yet, only being 4 months along.

“That is why we wanted to meet both of you.” Jane said leaving an opened ended idea.

“Why? How would we have anything to do with it?” Jessica said worried.

“Jessica, we both find Jake very attractive and think he would be an excellent candidate for our needs.” Melissa said.

“We would like Jake to be our sperm donor.” Jane said.

“You What!?” Jake and Jessica said simultaneously.

“We would like you to be more or less the father of our child. All you would have to do it give us your sperm.” Jane replied.

“Why would I want to do that?” Jake asked.

“Because you would be doing us a gigantic favor, and we would also be willing to give you something in return.” Jane replied and pulled out of her purse a Vanilla envelope which she put it on the table.

“This is a sample.” She said pulling it from the envelope and handing it to Jake and Jessica. It was a sample of a Marriage License with the names Jake and Jessica Edwards. Married on Blank/Blank of Blank Year. Presiding Judge Jonathan Ramer.

Jake and Jessica just looked at it realizing that they had been caught red handed. They did not know what to say to Jane and Melissa.

“I realize what you two were when I was doing your benefits Jake. It surprised me until I realize what you said about it being complicated. Consider this a gift.” Jane said.

“You don’t despise or hate us for being related?” Jessica asked.

“Jessica, I’ve been gay for as long as I can remember. Even with the Equal Marriage ruling we are still treated differently when we go certain places. I can understand why you’ve both hidden your relationship the best you can. I am willing to bet that the number of friends you have is pretty low.”

Jessica nodded her head as Jake was still somewhat perplexed. “We on some level understand what you two have gone through and also been afraid of. The big difference is that only certain religious groups would hate us enough to kill us, while you and Jake risk everything to be together. Judge Ramer owes me for saving his life and I figure that helping you two is worthy of my chip.” Jane said.

“Is this Blackmail?” Jake asked, not catching on really.

“Not at all; whether you decide to help us or not, the Marriage License is yours. All you two have to do is go to the courthouse and get married. We will even be your witnesses.” Melissa said.

Jake looked at Jessica and saw her thinking. They had a way of communicating without talking, as they had always been with one another since before they were born. She nodded to him and he nodded back.

Jessica began to speak, “Ok, we will help you since you have been nice to us and also have not tried to blackmail us or anything. You two are also a lovely couple.”

Just then their food arrived also with 4 shots of Tequila. “A toast to future families.” Jane said as they all raised their shot glass. They touched glasses, with Jessica setting hers down in front of Jake.

“Jessica, you are not drinking?” Melissa asked.

“I can’t, we have already started working on our family.” She said and rubbed her belly softly through her shirt. Jane and Melissa’s eye went wide.

“Congratulations!” Jane and Melissa said at the same time. “How far along are you?” Jane asked.

“Four months, I’m just starting to show.” Jessica said smiling.

“Well, at least we know Jake has good stuff.” Melissa said batting her eyes at him which earned her a punch in the arm from Jane.

“Oh don’t worry! He could knock up an entire army of girls if need be.” Jessica said and kissed Jake as he had downed Jessica’s shot.

“Well, to family.” Jessica said and drank some of her water.

They left in agreement; Jake giving them his seed with Jake and Jessica getting married in front of the Judge. ___________________

A few weeks later they went over to Jake and Jessica’s home to try to get Melissa pregnant.

“Are you ready?” Jane asked Jake.

“Oh, don’t worry about me. Just make sure you pour every drop into her.” Jake said and walked back down stairs to his and Jessica’s room while Jane and Melissa stayed upstairs waiting for the important package.

Thirty minutes later Jake came upstairs and knocked on the door. Jane opened the door slightly as Melissa was naked and upside down a few feet away. Jake held the cup up which was very full of his milky white cum. “Holy Shit! That sure is a whole lot.” Jane said as she grabbed it and closed the door.

She moved to Melissa and began a process of pushing his sperm into her vagina and made sure it went for her cervix. In all, nearly 10 milliliters of his semen made it into Melissa. “I love you Melissa!” Jane said to her. Melissa then lay upside down to allow his sperm to float directly above her cervix. About 45 minutes later they came down and joined Jake and Jessica along with their friend Amy in the living room.

“Jane and Melissa, would you ladies care to join us for dinner?” Jake asked. “I’m cooking some nice steaks on the grill.”

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