Japanese Male Bisexuality Ch. 01

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Tomohisa “Tom” Yasimoto is a young Japanese Canadian man living in the City of Trenton, Ontario. He was born in the environs of Nagoya, Japan, and has lived in Canada for most of his life. Tom is married to a beautiful young Japanese immigrant named Mara Kuriyama, and for the most part, they lead a charmed life. They own a nice restaurant called Empress Jito’s Palace, one of the nicest eating establishments in the Trenton area.

Tom Yasimoto and Mara Kuriyama couldn’t be more different, in spite of their shared heritage. Tom Yasimoto was born in Japan, but he has lived most of his life in Canada. At this point, he is more Canadian than Japanese, and it shows in his every thought and action. For Mara Kuriyama, a proud native of Japan, her husband Tom Yasimoto may not be Japanese enough, among other things.

Tom Yasimoto is a very basic man, at least that is what most people think upon meeting him. He is five feet nine inches tall, stocky, bronze-skinned and dark-haired, slightly balding, but still handsome. Tom studied business management at the University of Toronto, graduating with honors before ditching the world of business for a career in culinary arts. Tom visited his hometown of Nagoya, Japan, and met Mara Kuriyama, a tall, athletic young Japanese woman who simply took his breath away.

Mara Kuriyama, the daughter of Nagoya metropolitan police chief Eli Kuriyama, is a young woman destined for greatness. Standing six feet tall, statuesque and sexy, with bronze skin and long dark hair, Mara Kuriyama is a gorgeous gal. She always wanted to be a model and an actress, even though she graduated with honors from the civil engineering programme at Osaka University. Mara wanted to be the face of Japan, with her combination of beauty, smarts and sex appeal.

Mara Kuriyama has appeared in a few Japanese television programs and TV commercials, but her acting career didn’t pan out. By the time she met Tom Yasimoto, Mara was rethinking her career plans. She wanted to live in the United States of America, but the American Embassy in Tokyo refused her a visa. America was not too welcoming of foreign visitors in those times. When Mara Kuriyama met the naïve Tom Yasimoto, the ambitious young woman saw her golden ticket.

Tom Yasimoto was quite surprised at how receptive Mara Kuriyama proved to be after they were introduced at a party in Nagoya. Tom was not the smartest or best looking man at the party, but he radiated North American coolness, and Mara Kuriyama was drawn to him. Feeling that this might be his lucky night, Tom Yasimoto hollered at the tall, beautiful model in the crimson dress, and that’s how the two of them met.

When Tom Yasimoto proposed to Mara Kuriyama after a summerlong romance, she accepted. The two of them got married, and then he sponsored her. That’s how Mara ended up moving to Ontario, Canada. As a permanent resident of Canada, Mara Kuriyama had a much easier time in her new environment than she would have if she’d come as a tourist or an international student. Mara thought Beylikdüzü escort she was going to have a great life, but fate had other plans…

Tom Yasimoto and his wife Mara Kuriyama are having marital problems, in large due to him being bisexual. Mara is having some issues with the fact that her husband Tom swings both ways. She’s worried that Tom might leave her and run off with another man. Lots of women married to bisexual men share the same fears as Mara, and this is most unfortunate. Tom, like the majority of bisexual married men, loves his darling wife Mara, and would never leave her. What’s a Japanese Canadian gent to do under such circumstances?

“I love you and would never leave you,” Tom assured Mara, on more than one occasion. Mara looked at Tom and frowned, not believing a word he said. Mara is far more attractive than her husband Tom, and she feels he ought to consider himself lucky that she deigned to marry him. In Nagoya, Japan, lots of handsome and wealthy young men sought Mara’s hand, but she wanted a life outside of her storied homeland and turned them all down.

“Tomohisa, I sacrificed a lot to marry you, and now, you can’t decide whether you like dick or pussy, I should have ignored you when you approached me in Nagoya,” Mara said angrily as she stormed off. Tom watched her go, wondering what he ought to do to salvage the situation. Tom suddenly wished he’d been more careful with his computer usage, or at least deleted his damned tracks. Fate can be such a cruel mistress sometimes…

“I am sorry,” Tom said sadly, as Mara walked away from him. He wondered how to show his wife that he was truly in love with her. Sure, when Tom was a student at the University of Toronto, he had a lot of fun with both the ladies and the fellas. Tom met a tall, curvy, blonde-haired and blue-eyed young white woman named Shelly Atherton, and the two of them dated for a while. Shelly was the first woman whom Tom had sex with.

The world simply ignores the fact that bisexual men have complex desires, and it really sucks for men in Tomohisa “Tom” Yasimoto’s position. Tom likes the ladies. In fact, he and his former girlfriend Shelly used to have a lot of fun together at the University of Toronto. The tall, sexy blonde gal gave killer head and rocked in bed, and in those days, Tom could not get enough of her.

“Asian guys rock,” Shelly said, smiling as she looked at Tom. They were in bed together, stark naked, and he was busy eating her pussy. A lot of white men steal Asian women left and right, and even gay Asian men go for white males. The way Tomohisa figured it, an Asian man who gets a sexy white woman in like a superhero. The bisexual Japanese student smiled inwardly as he ate the blonde lady’s pussy. Turnabout is most definitely fair fucking play…

“Amen to that,” Tomohisa replied, and he fingered Shelly’s pussy while giving her pussy a tongue bath. Shelly rubbed her tits together and moaned deeply as her Asian lover ate her pussy. Shelly likes men of all races, and Beylikdüzü escort even though Tom wasn’t exactly her physical type, he was smart and confident, and she liked that in a man. Tom ate Shelly’s pussy real good, and soon coaxed a wicked orgasm out of her. The Asian stud was full of surprises…

“Fuck me,” Shelly groaned as Tom put her on all fours, and inserted his thick bronze dick into her pussy. Tom smiled as Shelly began grinding her big pale ass against his groin. Asian dicks fit perfectly well in white pussies, and there is nothing wrong with that. Tom gripped Shelly’s hips and fucked her good, slamming his dick into her pussy. Shelly moaned in sheer pleasure as Tom fucked her. They had a great time together. All was well in their world.

Tomohisa Yasimoto lots sex, and doesn’t care whom he gets it from. Ladies or fellas of any race were welcome to his bed at the University of Toronto student dormitories. Yeah, Tomohisa used to hook up with a lot of black guys, especially those handsome, well-endowed hunks from places like Haiti, Jamaica, Eritrea and Mauritania. What ended Tom’s relationship with the sexy blonde goddess Shelly? Masculine indiscretion, of course.

“We need to be careful,” said Bastien Eliphet, and the tall, dark handsome young Haitian student looked nervously at his surroundings as he reached Tom’s apartment. Tom and Bastien met one fine day at the University of Toronto library. Bastien was hanging out with his girlfriend Josephine Simpson, a tall and sexy young black woman of Jamaican descent. One look at Bastien, and Tom guessed that he was bisexual, and discretely went after him.

When Bastien’s girlfriend Josephine went to the ladies room, Tom approached him and gave him his business card, pretending to be a student tutor affiliated with the campus. A few days later, Bastien and Tom met for drinks, and then went back to Tom’s place for some fun. Tom’s girlfriend Shelly was supposed to be visiting her family in Brampton, so they had the place to themselves, or so they thought. Life had a few surprises in store for them.

“Fuck me,” Tom groaned as he stroked himself while getting ass fucked by the tall, dark and very well-endowed Bastien. The bisexual Haitian stud gripped Tom’s hips and fucked him good. Like a lot of Asian guys, Tom could not resist the awesome power of black dick. Tom likes pussy of all colors, but when it comes to dick, he prefers it black. The two bisexual men were so into each other that they didn’t notice when Shelly came home…

“What the fuck?” Shelly screamed as she walked into the apartment, and found Tom getting fucked by Bastien in their bedroom. Tom looked at his shocked girlfriend, and did not say anything. Shelly stormed out of the apartment. She vowed never to return. What did Tom and Bastien do after Shelly left? The two bisexual men kept on fucking. Tom lost Shelly that day, but figured he’d meet another lady. After university, of course, Tom forgot the fellas and looked for a wife, like any proper Japanese Escort Beylikdüzü gentleman is expected to do.

Tom Yasimoto graduated from the University of Toronto and moved to Trenton, Ontario. He learned from his mistakes with Shelly and Bastien. He married Mara Kuriyama and stayed faithful to her. Instead of sneaking around with other bisexual men, Tom watched gay porn and bisexual porn and sometimes transsexual porn. He only had sex with his wife Mara Kuriyama. Of course, he had dozens of steamy porn videos saved on his laptop, and one day, Mara found out…

Mara Kuriyama sat in bed, wondering what to do about what she found out in her husband Tom’s computer. So many videos of men having sex with both women and men. In one of the videos, a skinny Asian guy got fucked in the ass by a big black man while a chubby Latin woman sucked the Asian guy’s dick. Mara was shocked to discover that Tom was bisexual. He was very masculine, and had a normal voice and normal mannerisms. Tom was not like the effeminate men whom Mara sometimes saw at the hair salon, gossiping and doing hair. What the fuck?

“My life sucks,” Tom said to himself, and he decided to go for a drive. He got into his red Lexus and went for a drive around the City of Trenton. There aren’t a lot of Asians in town, and even fewer black folks, but Tom liked Trenton. It didn’t have the massive LGBT scene of Toronto, or handsome minority men on every corner, so it was easier to escape temptation.

“Tom, I’m done with you, if you ever approach me or my lady Josephine again, you’re a dead man,” Bastien told him, after they finished fucking on that fateful night. Tom nodded understandingly. Tom realized that his relationship with Shelly was over. Tom wanted to marry a woman and start a family. He didn’t want a relationship with a man, only casual sex. Why complicate one’s life?

“Dude, I’m mostly straight, I prefer women, I don’t want anything permanent with a man,” Tom replied, and Bastien seemed reassured by that. The two bisexual men parted ways, never to see each other again. Tom learned his lesson, avoiding the fellas and pining for the right lady. It was this yearning for the right woman which drove Tom to return to Nagoya, Japan. While there, Tomohisa “Tom” Yasimoto met the lovely Mara Kuriyama and for a while, life seemed perfect.

As Tom Yasimoto drove around the City of Trenton, Ontario, he thought of how much his life had changed since he met Mara Kuriyama. The tall, beautiful young Japanese woman could have been a TV goddess, but she chose to marry him. Leaving the beauty and culture of Japan for small-town Ontario, Canada, couldn’t have been easy for Mara Kuriyama. Tom vowed to have a talk with her and get her to give him another chance. Tom would show Mara that he loved her, and only her. Once that happened, everything would be alright.

Tom Yasimoto closed his eyes as he remembered the time he and Mara Kuriyama shared their first kiss, one magical evening in Nagoya, Japan. They’d gone to the movie theater and watched the epic movie Masquerade Hotel. It was one of the best moments of Tom’s life. He was still smiling when his red Lexus slammed into the back of a parked U-Haul truck on a corner of Trenton’s Main Street. Tom felt the impact, every bit of and then everything went black.

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