Jared Ch. 01

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Water splashes over his face; he stares into the mirror. For 5 minutes he stares wondering how he got there, only hours before he was sitting at home wishing he was in this position, but now it’s here he isn’t so sure. He looks at his ‘cute face’ and brushes his brown hair to one side of his forehead. He adjusts his glasses getting ready to go back to his host.

He isn’t what you’d call handsome or good looking, and with his height being only 5ft 5 he didn’t get many people hitting on him. Now, 18 he was desperate to lose his virginity. He knew he should wait till he met the right person but he was sick of hearing how his friends had lost theirs years ago.

So here he was, standing in a stranger’s bathroom getting ready to lose his virginity.

“Are you alright in there?” shouted a voice from outside the bathroom.

“Yeah,” he replied, “just preparing myself.”

“Don’t take too long!” retorted the voice.

It was time; he fixed his hair one more time and left the safety of the bathroom.

“Hey! Big boy, I was starting to get worried,” said the naked man lying on his bed. Jared replied with a nervous laugh, he hadn’t expected the man to be naked already.

“Get your clothes off then and let’s get started!” the naked man smiled as he said this.

“Erm… ok…, just remember this is my first time” stuttered Jared; he was having doubts already gaziantep escortlar should he let this man take his virginity. Jared slowly started taking off his clothes, first his shirt revealing his slight pot belly and hairy chest. He was never the sporty type always into computers and watching shows like doctor who. He was bullied and called a nerd all his life one of the reasons he hadn’t come out why add fuel to the fire?

His pants followed and soon his underwear. Jared stood naked in front of the naked man who was slowly stroking his dick making it stand to its full 7″ length. The man was very hairy and quite chubby but he was the only guy within walking distance that Jared could meet up with. He was 45 and very purvey.

“Mmmmmmmmm, I love nerdy guys,” moaned the man.

Jared stood not knowing what to do till the man patted beside him. Jared lay and slowly moved his hand to his own cock trying to get hard.

“Thats it baby get hard for daddy,” the man was getting into this. “Why don’t you stroke me?”

Jared moved his hand over the man cock, he slowly gripped his thick 7 inch monster, the feeling was weird. He had never touched another man’s cock before. He started to kind of enjoy it. The man started stroking Jared’s penis until it was he was hard.

The man started to push Jared’s head towards his penis, Jared knew what he wanted. He kissed the top of the one eyed monster being pushed in his face, he took the head into his mouth and slowly licked it with his tongue making the man moan with delight. By the moans Jared guessed he was doing it right. He started going further down until the whole cock was in his mouth. He started sucking on it like it was a lollypop; he’d seen enough porn to guess what to do.

“That’s it baby, suck Daddy’s cock and make him feel good. Mmmmmmm, wow! You sure you’ve never done this before? You’re a natural!”

Jared started going faster, he was getting into it. He decided to try something new, he took his mouth away and started licking and sucking the man’s big hairy ball sack. He popped one and then other into his mouth making the man moan hard. The man stroked Jared’s cock harder as he sucked the man’s balls harder and harder.

“Right baby bend over for daddy,” the man moaned.

“Erm… can we just do this please I am not ready for anal,” Jared replied timidly.

In a flash the man hit Jared over the head, in the confusion he was flipped face down on the bed and the man was on top of him. He couldn’t think or breathe.

“You’ll do as daddy says bitch! You’re going to take my cock and love it. I am going to pop your virgin hole,” the man maliciously told Jared.

Jared was in a state of shock, he tried moving but the man had him pinned. The man grabbed a bottle from the side and poured liquid into his hand. He then slid his hand between them and lubed his cock and Jared’s hole. Without warning the man stabbed Jared’s hole and pushed his cock all the way in the virgin. Jared screamed with pain and nearly blacked out. He cried and cried begging for the man to get off him. The man just laughed. He kept methodically pounding Jared’s tight hole. His fingers slipped into Jared’s mouth telling him to suck them as he fucked him.

Jared had lost his fight; he lay there crying knowing he could do nothing. All he could do was try to deny this was happening, thinking how he should be at home watching DVD’s. The man got faster and faster until he moaned and shot a hot creamy load inside the innocent teen.

The man rolled off him, as soon as he could Jared jumped up and grabbed his clothes, ran to the door while frantically pulling his clothes on.

“You were a great fuck, I hope to hear from you soon,” called the spent man on the bed.

Tears streaming down his face Jared managed to get home, he went to his room to clean himself up. He got changed and jumped into the shower trying to clean away the smell and cum from the man on the bed.

Water splashes over his face; he stares into the mirror. For 5 minutes he stares wondering how he got there, only hours before he was sitting at home looking at porn. Now he was in his room tears streaming down his face having been raped by a man he’d never met before.

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