Jason + Sarah Ch. 03

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Sarah had been running round like a chicken with it’s head cut off the past few days. She’d got this idea into her head that because Ben was going to be away on a cruise with his mates for two weeks, that the rest of the house needed to get away too. She’d been organising Ellie and me ever since. As far as I could work out, she’d arranged that the three of us were going to be staying at her brother’s girlfriend’s father’s cabin on the lake. Whatever. I was cool with being where I was told to be at any given time… Just leave me out of the organising bit. I think Ellie pretty much felt the same as me.

The Friday before we were all supposed to be taking our little road trip out to the cabin (Ben had already been a week on his cruise – and I had the bawdy MMS messages to prove it) Sarah and I bunked off work early. We do this every now and again so we can have wild untamed sex in an empty house. It’s good to be alone sometimes, you know. No comedy show in the background with your housemates giggling while you’re trying to get it on with your girlfriend, if you know what I mean. The giggling can be very damaging to a man’s ego! Sares and I ended up having sex in the shower – all hot, steamy and soapy, not to mention slippery. It was a good way to start a three day weekend.

I came strutting out of the bathroom, all refreshed, with a towel wrapped around my hips, and nearly collided with Ellie, hurtling down the hallway, sleeping bag in tow. “Aaaarrrgh,” she squealed. “Mr Mason kept me late, the bastard! He knew I had to leave on time today too! I think he does it deliberately!”

“You probably owe him the overtime anyway, you slack bitch!” I called after her hurrying form. She turned back to me, stuck her tongue out and disappeared into her room.

“You know, you shouldn’t be so rude to Ellie,” came a voice behind me, and without a second’s notice Sarah had whipped the towel from my waist and ran into our bedroom. After a stunned moment I raced after her, had a brief struggle opening the door (she was pushing on the other side,) and managed to get my naked body inside.

“What was that?” I asked, snatching the towel back from her while she rolled about on the bed laughing. “You just leave me there, naked and vulnerable in the hall! Ellie could have walked out and seen me!” I tried to look hurt but couldn’t resist cracking a smile at her obvious enjoyment over the incident. Pouncing, I pinned her arms above her head and started nuzzling her neck in that way I knew she found unbearably ticklish. Giggling she got away from me so I just lay there holding her.

“Mmmm, well ‘poor Ellie’ may have enjoyed the view!”

“I hardly think Ellie needs to see my sorry arse, just moments before we head off on a weekend together. She’d be put off her whole weekend!”

“Well you never know what goes through people’s heads sometimes.” Sarah smiled at me minx-like.

“And what’s going through your head, missy?” I asked suspiciously.

“I was just thinking, it might be a novelty for Elle to see a man’s naked body. When was the last time she had a boyfriend? You could have been doing her a favour. Maybe you should flash her this weekend, really make her day?”

“I’m not about to flash her! Well, deliberately,” I corrected. “I’m sure if Ellie wanted to see more naked male bodies there would be plenty of men lining up to oblige her. Though I’m sure she’d appreciate your concern for her.” I shook my head at my girlfriend. She was a mad one sometimes. I’d think we were just playing, but I couldn’t be quite sure Sarah wasn’t serious sometimes.

“If you flashed her she might flash you back,” she continued coyly.

“Bloody hell Sarah! I don’t want to see Ellie naked!” I jumped up, grabbing my overnight bag, and started throwing random clothes in. “Geez!” I didn’t like the way Sarah was looking at me, all smug like. Okay, so maybe I did want to see Ellie naked, but what red blooded male doesn’t want to cop a view of a pretty brunette every once in a while. It’s not like I fantasised about her! Okay, so there was that one time that I’d got myself off thinking about poker oyna sucking her breasts, but I really didn’t obsess about her. I loved Sares and she was more than enough woman for me.

“You don’t want to see her naked?” she asked, jumping off the bed and wrapping her arms around me, her chest pressed against my back. Leaning up on tiptoe she whispered in my ear, “Really? ‘Cause I do.”

The drive to the cabin was only an hour and a half, but it seemed like an eternity, with Sarah’s words swimming round and round in my head. Thankfully I was driving, so I could concentrate on that, while the two girls giggled and talk nine to the dozen, interspersed by rowdy renditions of school camps songs. By the end of the drive I’d been able to put it all out of my mind and was caught up in the girl’s silly mood.

We arrived at the cabin. It was right by the lake, with a little pontoon jutting out over the water’s edge. There was a little boat shed nearby but otherwise no signs of human life. The bush crackled around us and the birds chattered non-stop, trying to get in as much talk time before the sun set on them, I expect.

The cabin itself was quite small, with just one main room, and a small kitchen and bathroom sectioned off. There were no separate bedrooms, just four single cots lining two walls. There was a sofa and a couple of armchairs in the centre of the room, facing a fireplace that looked like it hadn’t been lit in a decade.

Sarah busied herself unpacking the essentials; vodka, bourbon and tequila. Ellie grabbed an old tea towel and started flicking it about the room, dislodging dust and cobwebs. I was ordered outside to bring in the rest of the bags.

“I can’t believe there’s no separate rooms,” Ellie was saying as she came in. “It’s hardly going to be a romantic weekend away for you two with me in the same room.”

“Don’t worry,” Sarah replied. “We’ll make you go sit on the jetty till we’re done,” she teased.

“Yeah,” I joined in, “you can catch us some dinner while you’re at it.” I winked at her while I unloaded myself of backpacks and a … makeup cases? “Who brought the makeup case? Who are you trying to impress?” I asked bewildered. Ellie looked guilty.

With a final dusting of the coffee table, Ellie plonked herself in one of the armchairs while Sarah brought over glasses of vodka and orange.

“To friends!” Sarah toasted.

“To friends,” we echoed, clinking glasses.

“So when’s dinner?” chimed Sarah, looking at me pointedly.

“Aaaargh! I stink!” Ellie moaned sniffing cautiously at her armpits. “If Mr Mason hadn’t kept me so long I could have had a shower before I came. What am I going to do?”

“Well, we can head down to the lake and bathe while the boy gets to where he belongs and cooks us some dinner!” Sarah answered.

“You’ve just had a shower Sares,” I complained, “and why am I cooking?”

She sidled up to me, kitten like. “You can sort out the barbeque babe. I’d have no idea what to do. I’ll just go for a quick swim. I won’t be long.” I ignored her batting eyelashes but nodded all the same. But I’d be making sure she was waiting on me hand and foot for the rest of the weekend.

“Come on Ellie!” Grabbing her towel on the way, Sarah was flying out the door.

Down by the lake Ellie caught up with Sarah who was cautiously sticking her big toe into the water.

“Is it even safe to swim in?” Ellie asked.

“Yeah. Joe’s family have been swimming here for years. It’s perfectly safe.” With that, she had whipped her shirt off and was in the process of unbuttoning her jeans. With loud splashes she started wading into the water.

“You’re swimming naked?” Ellie squeaked.

“Well we are ‘bathing’ aren’t we? Do you usually wash with your clothes on?”

“But I brought my swimmers…”

“Well you can wear them when you’re swimming with Jason. Right now it’s just me. We’re both girls for god’s sake Ellie!” Sarah was frowning at her, then she got a mischievous look on her face. “Unless you think you’re going to ravish me and I’d be safer with clothes on. Come on Ellie! It’s a holiday. canlı poker oyna Live a little!”

Ellie looked around and nervously. “And Jason won’t see?” she asked.

“Nope. Even if he comes down, you’ll be under the water and we can just tell him to sod off!” Sarah was splashing around doing some kind of strange doggy paddle. As Ellie was slowly stripping off her clothes, the last thing she saw was Sarah’s round lily white bottom, sticking up in the air as she did a cute little dive.

Running like she was on fire, Ellie sought the cover of the water and was soon neck deep under the surface. Head above water again, Sarah was looking at her blankly.

“What?” asked Ellie.

“Did you bring soap stinky?” With a groan Ellie left her blanket of water and dripping wet dragged herself back to land to where she’d left her things.

This gave Sarah a good view of Ellie in all her glory. She had smooth pale skin and tiny, fragile limbs. As she turned back around, Sarah could see her pert, small breasts, with their puckered pink nipples. She was so tiny and well formed…and so shy. It was just delicious! She was very different from Sarah’s own strong limbed form. Sarah was blonde and golden skinned. She had flaring hips and large voluptuous breasts with big brown nipples. Where Ellie had a soft thatch of black hair between her legs, Sarah was shaved clean.

Grinning ruefully, Ellie held the bottle of shower gel high. They both squirted soap onto their hands and started lathering up. Unnoticed, Sarah watched Ellie soaping herself and started to feel a stirring in her groin. Sarah had had few dealings with woman as lovers. In fact, she’d never really had a woman as a lover at all, but she’d had her fair share of feeling around and experimenting, and she felt no shame that the sight of Ellie running her small soapy hands across her breasts and her tight stomach turned her on.

“Here,” Sarah said holding the bottle of gel out to Ellie. “Can you soap my back?”

Ellie squirted the gel onto Sarah’s back haphazardly, laughing, and started rubbing it all over. Sarah closed her eyes as she let Ellie’s soft touch consume her. With one hand beneath the water she touched herself briefly, and felt the slick, hot wetness that had nothing to do with the lake.

“Done!” announced Ellie.

“Let me do you,” suggested Sarah. Apparently over her shyness, Ellie willingly turned around, offering her back.

Pouring the liquid into her hand, Sarah began soaping Ellie’s back. She was slow and methodical, leaving not an inch of skin untouched. Sarah started massaging Ellie’s shoulders. Ellie moaned softly and Sarah could feel her relax beneath her ministrations. Inching imperceptibly closer, Sarah was now close enough that her erect nipples grazed the plains of Ellie’s back, as she leant into her massage. Biting her bottom lip, she waited to see if Ellie would move away. She felt her still, but she didn’t move away. Sarah didn’t press it any further yet, and took her time still massaging Ellie’s shoulders and the back of her neck, all the time her nipples casually teasing at her back.

The light around them was growing dim, and the air had cooled a little, leaving their skin goose bumpy and alert. But Sarah took no notice and didn’t stop. She gently reached for Ellie’s upper arms, and started massaging them. This time there was no mistaking the feel of Sarah’s breasts, up against Ellie’s back, as she reached over her shoulders for her arms. With her eyes closed and her mouth partially opened, Ellie felt guilty pleasure rush though her in a wave of heat. It was so wrong for Sarah to be doing this to her, but she didn’t want it to stop. She didn’t want to be the one that drew away.

Sure of herself now, Sarah’s hands left Ellie’s arms and moved to the small, firm breasts, cupping them gently. With her thumbs, she grazed the hard bud nipples. With a sharp intake of breath, Ellie’s knees trembled slightly. Sarah pressed herself hard against Ellie’s back now, her entire length. Her breasts were squashed up against Ellie’s shoulder blades and her groin was grinding into her internet casino firm, tight ass. Leaving one hand kneading at her breasts, Sarah’s other hand traveled over Ellie’s stomach to the mound between her legs. With two fingers she spread the lips of Ellie’s vagina. Almost whimpering, Ellie unconsciously opened her legs to give her housemate better access.

As her middle finger traced around Ellie’s clit, Sarah felt Ellie’s legs wobble and almost give way. With two fingers she slipped inside her, and felt her tight, warm softness. Ellie gasped, almost whimpered. Sarah could not believe how good she felt. She was so hot for Ellie, but she wasn’t exactly sure what to do. Slowly she finger thrusted Ellie from behind, all the while aching between her own legs.

At last Ellie moved. She turned to face Sarah who straightened in surprise. Sarah looked guilty, almost shameful. “Ellie….I’m…” she began. Ellie cut her off. Lifting her chin she captured Sarah’s mouth and kissed her. Their tongues met, soft, wet and erotic. Ellie’s hands came up and entwined themselves through Sarah’s damp golden hair. Moaning Sarah broke the kiss. With small feathery kisses, Sarah trailed her lips down Ellie’s neck and shoulder, to one perfect breast. Tentatively, she took the hard pink nipple into her mouth and rolled it upon her tongue. Ellie’s hands held Sarah’s head fast to her chest, so Sarah continued her exploration of Ellie’s breast. Licking all around her areola she enclosed the whole nipple in her mouth and sucked, loving the feel of Ellie’s cool white flesh pressed up against her chin, and the dainty nipple being flicked and sucked inside her mouth. Once again Sarah’s hand moved to Ellie’s groin, two fingers slipping easily inside and then slowly withdrawing before plunging deep inside again. Ellie’s head flung back, she cried out loud and shoved herself deeper on Sarah’s fingers.

Sarah was excited. Ellie was impaled on her fingers, her eyes closed and her mouth open, softly whimpering with the pleasure. Alternating between kissing Ellie’s soft mouth, and sucking and teasing each of her nipples in turn, Sarah was beginning to feeling desperate to get to wherever she and Ellie were going. Withdrawing her fingers, she whispered, “Come with me,” into Ellie’s ear, and turned and started walking to the shore of the lake, not looking to see if she was being followed.

Ellie stood in the water, legs trembling, watching Sarah walk away, water streaming from her hair and off her supple golden limbs. Turning back to face her, Sarah stood like an Amazon queen upon the shore, her legs slightly apart, breasts thrusting forward. Sarah cocked her head to one side and Ellie felt herself move instinctively toward her, no longer in control of her own body. Reaching her, Sarah drew Ellie to her in an embrace, and kissing they fell to their knees upon the coarse, sandy soil. For a moment Ellie looked back toward the cabin, where they had come from, but she could not see it from here, and she soon became lost in Sarah’s renewed onslaught of caresses.

Ellie found herself being gently pushed back upon the ground, Sarah straddled over her with one knee firmly between her legs. Leaning over her, Sarah continued to kiss Ellie, both hands now upon her breasts, cupping gently at first, then kneading as if trying to feel every part of them at once. Ellie was overwhelmed. Sarah’s continuous assault on her breasts was one thing, but the kiss….kissing a woman…kissing Sarah was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced. Sarah’s mouth was so soft, and her tongue so gentle, her lips gently sucking and nibbling at her own lips. She found herself arching her back, hungry for Sarah’s hands on her breast, but even more so for her kiss. The ache in her groin was becoming too much to bear, and she started grinding herself against Sarah’s knee, pushing into it, feeling her clit rub against the smooth skin.

With a moan, Sarah lowered her own vagina onto Ellie’s slightly bent leg, feeling herself be spread open against Ellie’s skin, rubbing and dragging and making Ellie just as wet and slick as she was making Sarah’s leg.

Darkness creeping across the sky, a light breeze rippling the water, and two girls laying upon the sand, their bodies entwined, rubbing and kissing and needing each other desperately.

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