Jay Gets Juiced at the Gym

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Authors note: The following contains the character Jay from the Masso Joe series. Although there are some references to this story, there is no requirement to read the series to get full enjoyment from the following.


As I looked up, all I could see were June’s bare pussy lips being lowering toward my hungry mouth. My eyes widened and my tongue was primed to deliver pleasure like I have never delivered before. I felt her engorged pussy lips pressed against my face. Her wetness drenched me as she ground her lips against my nose and mouth, her clit reacting to the excitement of her body.

Here we were both naked in the gym, me lying on my back on the bench press, June straddling me with her outstretched arms leaning over the secured barbell on the rack. My hands instinctively grabbed her muscular ass cheeks and pressed them harder against my face forcing my tongue as deep as possible inside her love canal. My nose was rubbing and stimulating her clit, inhaling her scent, providing the best aphrodisiac that any man could wish for. That taste of her fresh peaches and sweet honey were a feast for a king. I would suck her clit gently like a baby at his mother breast, enjoying the moans of pleasure coming from June’s lips. Looking up, I could she her hardened nipples jutting out from her prefect D cups, moving up and down with the grinding of her pussy against my active tongue. Her grinding became so intense that she cut off both air ways leaving me gasping for air. This continued for several minutes with the speed and intensity growing. I knew that soon she would be past the point of no return and give me her orgasm that I so wanted and desired. Her moans increased in volume and intensity. Now resting on one arm, her fingers of the other hand pinched and toyed with her nipples. I was racing to the finish line allowing the flat of my tongue to press from the base of her pussy to the top of her clit. And again… And again…With a gasp I felt her ass muscles clinch, a splash of liquid cover my face hearing her shout “FUCK!” as she succumbed to her orgasm. Her body quivered over me for what felt like a minute before she could catch her breath.

“Sorry I squirted on you” she said in an embarrassed voice. “It happens so rarely” as she wiped my face with her thumbs before lowering her lips and planting a passionate kiss. “Now I must return the favour to you”.

Her lips moved from mine, down my neck, and onto my nipples.

“Bite them” I said. “I want to feel the pain. Make it hurt so good.”

And bite them she did, with a greater intensity than I have ever felt before. With each bite I felt my rock hard cock jerk in reaction. I wanted to tell her to lighten up, but could not… would not. She then slid lower, kissing my abdomen and moving farther down to my cock. I watched her eyes looking over it deciding how she wanted to attack it. Then with no hesitation she dropped down to her knees and preceded to loving lick the sides of my shaft from the base to the tip. Her wet hands then followed where her mouth left off, stroking me in various ways, rhythms, tempos and firmness. It felt so fucking fantastic. With a gleam in her eye she rose up and moved her still wet pussy over the head of my excited cock. I was now going to receive the best fucking of my life. As she lowered, her tight muscles engulfed me, I came!!

“What the fuck!” as I sat up in my bed lifting the blankets and surveying the wetness covering my boxers. I haven’t had a wet dream since I was 12! Rising up and heading to the bathroom to clean my cum covered cock, soaking my boxers so mom wouldn’t know that I came in them. How did I cum? Was I touching myself in my sleep? Was it just my brain that triggered my release? Or did June have such a control of my fantasies, that the thought of fucking her had such an impact? And why did my nipples feel so sensitive?

About a month ago a new trainer joined the gym. Her name is June and she is a recently retired professional fitness and body building competitor. Some might think that her chiseled body shape and mass made her less attractive, but for me she was drop dead gorgeous. She stands about 5’4″ with a D cup, a tiny waist and a sculpted eight pack that jumped out from her tiny spandex tops. I have always admired the human body and being a massage guy, I have always wanted to massage, manipulate and toy with these bodies that are near perfection. She wasn’t one of these monstrous looking women with massive muscles but more of as fitness super lean, super defined type, although still quite muscular but with little or no body fat. In fact she looked like a walking anatomy model where each muscle was evident and clearly defined. I would often envision massaging that beautiful body. How my oily hands would roam over her muscled frame providing therapeutic and sensual pleasure as they explored each bump and crevice. My hands would cover her firm breasts and caress her sensitive nipples watching her body squirm with enjoyment. And finally the tantric experience, which I have well mastered, would allow me to bring this Antalya Escort fine lady to the brink of an orgasm and then beyond.

At this point of my day dream it would be my oily hands over my cock that would have me cumming in real time. Jerking my cock imagining something than would likely never happen. And thus my day dreams turned into a wet dream.

It was a Sunday evening. Tom was on a date and many of the guys were watching a big NFL football game which didn’t interest me. I decided to head off to the gym and at least get some sort of workout done. As I entered the gym I was surprised how quiet and empty it was. The normal receptionist was not there and as I scanned the room I saw June returning to the front desk with a laundry basket of dried towels.

“Hey Jay. Where is your workout buddy Tom?”

“Hey June. He is on a date and the guys are watching football. “

“So where is your date?” June asked coyly.

“I have many friends that are girls but not many girl friends if you understand.” I smiled.

“I understand that. In the body building world there are so many hunky guys but many aren’t interested in women if you catch my drift.”

“I caught your drift June.”

“So Jay, I know we haven’t talked too much. You seem rather shy. Let’s start by calling me by my nickname, Juice. I have been watching you and Tom work out and generally you guys put in a lot of effort but your form needs improvement if you want to get to the next level and reduce the chance of injury. I know a lot about injury, training for over 10 years. In fact that is one of the reasons I retired because of a strained back. Tom tells me you are a massage expert. So how about this? I give you a private weight training session and then we will see if your massage skills can help the tightness in my back.”

Amazed, but overjoyed at hearing her words. “Not and expert, but I think pretty dam good. Your offer sounds fair to me. So when?”

“Well the receptionist went home early with a cold so I am closing the gym tonight. Since it is so quiet maybe I will lock up early and we can do it tonight. That is if you don’t have other plans.”

“Tonight is perfect.” My body tingling with excitement.

“Go warm out on the bike while I close up.”

A few minutes later Juice came by and ushered me to the floor mats. “Let’s start with some ab work.”

“Ab-so-lutely” I replied back smiling.

“Let’s see how long that smile stays on your face. Lie on your back” as she straddled over me and motioned me to grab her ankles and lift my legs up to her waiting arms so she could push down my legs. I was to bring them up just so she could push them down again. After 20 or 30 leg lifts moving from side to side, my smile turned to grunts as my abs started to scream in pain. My only consolation was looking up and seeing a tight pair of boy shorts and the sweet pussy lips that they concealed.

“Not terrible Jay, I think we have something to work with.” Now she was the one laughing as I rolled over onto my knees and struggled to get up.

“Grab your usual barbell and show me your bicep curls.”

Being particular proud of my improvement in this exercise I grab my usual bar and proceeded you curl the weights.

“Use your arms not your back! No swinging!” Juice barked out like a drill sergeant. “Move up against the wall, back flat and give me 21’s. Seven bottom to middle, seven middle to top and seven bottom to top.”

In an area I thought I was strong, this was a humbling experience. Slight changes in my body position increased the load so much that I could not finish the exercise with a weight that I was accustomed to.

“Okay rookie onto the lat pull down machine. Sit and pull down the bar to touch your chest. Back straight and shoulders way back.”

As I pulled down I could see the dissatisfaction of Juice’s face.

“Get up and let me show you how.”

Juice stepped in front of me and stripped off her tight latex top. Turning her head around she said “Watch my back and see how my shoulder blades move closer as if they want to kiss each other.”

With that comment she turned her head forward and lowered the bar toward her chest. As she lowered the bar her back expanded accentuating the “V” from her shoulders to her waist. As her back muscles contracted they had more bumps than a mogul run on Mount Tremblant. Her shoulder blades inched closer together as the bar touched her chest.

Turning to me with her bare chest revealing her ample D cups, “Do you understand now? Looking down are her naked front she said. “I hope this doesn’t bother you. As a professional fitness person you are almost naked when you perform. Often we exercise topless so we can focus on specific muscles or muscle groups. I can put my top back on it you would like.”

“Juice, you have an amazing back. For that matter you have an amazing front. Actually you have an amazing all over.”

Feeling like a stammering 13 year old. Fuck Jay, you couldn’t think of something more mature to say, inwardly Antalya Escort Bayan criticizing myself.

“Thank you Jay. You are sweet” giving me a warm smile. Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t built in a day, be patient” Juice continued trying to ease my frustrations. “Onto the bench press.”

With a plate on each end of the bar, I proceeded to do my reps.

After the third rep Juice barked out. “Lift with your arms and your shoulders. Back flat on the bench.”

After the fourth rep she barked out the same instruction. After the fifth rep she straddled her leg over me and sat squarely on my pelvis not allowing my back to lift off. As I lowered the bar I felt my arms give out and the bar lay squarely on my chest. As I tried to press it up, I knew that I didn’t have the strength.

“You’re not focused Jay.”

“How could I be focused when I have this gorgeous bare breasted woman sitting on my pelvis with the crack of her ass pressing on the base of my excited cock!!”

Did I actually say that out loud!, I screamed to myself.

“I am sorry Juice, I am just frustrated with my performance.”

“Trust me, I have had many frustrating sessions… minus the excited cock part” she laughed warmly trying to allay some of my anger.”

“Juice, you have to help me lift the bar back up” I said meekly as it still pinned me to the bench.

Juice lifted herself up and grabbed the bar and with little effort curled the bar up to the support. At this moment her pussy was inches from my face. I could literally inhale and smell her sex. This was the exact position that I imagined in my wet dream, except in my dream she was naked and wanting to be touched and tasted. Now she was rescuing from an embarrassing situation.

Looking down at she must have been aware of how close her pelvis was to my face, but she showed no emotion. Lifting one leg over me she held out her hand for me to grab as she helped me to my feet.

“Okay Jay, I think we did enough for now. Why don’t we head off to the shower and meet in room

. There is a massage table set up there.”

“Sounds like a plan” as I headed off to the men’s showers and Juice to the ladies.

In the shower, I made sure that I scrubbed all over. I checked my cock and balls and was glad that they were recently shaved. My cock remained rigid throughout in anticipation of the upcoming massage and was not sure if I should masturbate to help reduce some of the excitement. I toweled off and changed into a clean t-shirt and shorts and checked my bag to make sure that I had the massage oils and lubes that I usually carry with me. Checking the mirror and combing my hair with my fingers, I headed off to room


Juice was already there with a towel wrapped around her chest looking like she was wearing a terry mini-dress.

“Jay, I think there is massage oil in that plastic container.”

“If you don’t mind, I have some all natural massage oil, and some personal massage products that I prefer to use. I also have a massage playlist on my phone that I think you might enjoy.”

“You do come prepared, I bet you were a boy scout growing up” she smiled.

“Let’s just say I like being prepared. Now lie down on your stomach and let’s get started.”

On hearing that, Juice opened the towel, threw it into a corner and lay down on the table. To me looking at a woman’s naked body is like a painter looking at a bare canvas. We both want to be creative and cover the full area, delivering pleasure to the person receiving or viewing it. No part of Juice’s body would remain untouched by my skilled hands.

Pouring oil unto my hands and forearms, I knew that Juice’s muscular body would need and could handle additional pressure beyond most of the woman I had massaged. As usual I would start with light pressure, move around the body to warm it up before adding additional pressure from my hands, forearms and elbows. I could tell that Juice was appreciating my movements as I could feel her body begin to purr. I am always amazed how I never get tired of feeling I get when my oiled hands are pressed against naked flesh.

“Jay, your hands feel lovely. In the gym you seemed awkward, shy and unsure. But here you seem to have a confidence that I haven’t seen before.”

“Juice, your comfort place is in the gym. My comfort place is any room that has a massage table. You just need to tell me if I am giving you enough pressure.”

“The pressure is delightful.”

After several minutes of massaging the upper back, I moved to the lower back which I remembered needed additional attention. My hands moved over the lower back down her glutes and to her upper thigh. I repeated this using several different pressures and stroke patterns, eventual letting my hand slide down the crack of her ass with every pass. As I massaged her lovely ass I let one hand rest against her pussy letting her feel the vibration caused by the rubbing of the other hand. As then Juice gave me the sign that I have been accustomed to seeing as she opened her legs slightly Escort Antalya to allow me greater access. Now my hands were more sensual with their movements as I dragged my hand ever so slowly down the crack of her ass over her ass bud and alongside her outer pussy lips. This one pass would take a full 5 seconds to cover an area of only a few inches. After the second or third pass I would see her ass lift up from the table trying to add to the pressure of my hands. I could tell her pussy was glistening and not from the oil but from her inner excitement.

“Now Juice press up and touch your butt to your heels. Knees open, toes touching”

As she slid into the position she said “You know this is called child’s pose in yoga.”

“Yes I actually know that but I wasn’t sure if you did.”

Juice, with her body stretched out as if she was praying to some god, looked like the most gorgeous submissive slave that I could ever imagine. Knowing that her back needed some real work I used my hands and forearms to stretch her tight muscles. I could feel her muscles relax as I continued to work them. Once satisfied with my therapeutic work, I now wanted to venture into places that gave me more enjoyment. I wiped the oil from my hands and poured a few drops of personal lube. From here I ran my hands down her ass cheeks and between her legs, just grazing at her pussy lips. I repeated this several times, each time moving closer to her most sensitive area. I could tell by Juice’s reaction that she was enjoying my touch. I then moved my thumbs and rolled them over her lovely ass bud. At first she jerked involuntarily but them her body became accepting and relaxed at being touched at a place not usually touched. I continued to rub and began to probe with my finger finally inserting one into her ass to the depth of my finger nail. It took several passes before her sphincter began to accept my intrusion. But throughout I could hear the muffled moans of her pleasure. The more she moaned, the more excited I got. The more I wanted to press forward with the goal of providing her the ultimate pleasure.

I now focused on her outer pussy lips, sliding the meaty flesh between my thumb and forefinger. My actions always slow and confident, since things like this need not be rushed. As I continued to probe my fingers moved toward the more sensitive inner pink lips. Juice’s body would sometimes twitch with pleasure and as she twitched my cock would jerk in response. I didn’t need to look or feel to know that I had shed precum all over my shorts. I inserted one finger into her pussy wondering if her cunt muscles were as strong as the rest on her body. I got my answer when I inserted my second finger and felt her inner muscles forcefully clamp down on them and then release drawing them deeper inside her. Her moans of pleasure were only an encouragement for me as I continued to probe and stroke her spongy G spot. My other hand continued to play with her ass star. Prepared to go all out for this lovely lady, I spread her ass cheeks and flittered my tongue along this sensitive channel. Juice jerked reacting to this unknown feeling as I continued to lick and probe rimming her like I have never rimmed before. Having previously been on the receiving end of this treatment, I know how good this feels.

I felt Juice’s body actually heat up with my fingers probing her sopping wet pussy and my tongue invading her restricted area. But even in her child’s pose position, she was still able to rock back and forth to meet my tempo. Her back would rise and fall as her breathing became more rapid. Her moans became louder and less inhibited. Normally I would back off at this point only to bring her back to this level of excitement a little later. But in this case, I knew she wanted to cum and I would not deny her that privilege. I continued to stimulate her G spot and finger her ass, meeting her every thrust.

“Don’t Stop” she cried out in a voice just louder than a whisper.

I had no attention stop now. She was reaching the point of no return and I wanted to help her on that journey. And with a gasp of air, Juice’s body began to shake as if a volcano erupted inside her stomach sending shock waves throughout her body. Her cunt muscles clinched shut as much as they could with my fingers trapped deep inside and a warm gush of fluids flooded her canal. There were three gasps of air before her body spasms began to subside. I withdrew my fingers and slowly stroked her back giving her a chance to recover.

After about a minute and without changing her position Juice spoke up.

“Where the fuck did you learn your massage and tantric techniques?”

“Mostly from You Tube, and a massotherapist friend. In fact I have a massage table at home and practice with my mom.”

“I am sure you don’t practice all those techniques with her” Juice laughed.

Letting her words fade. If you only knew… I said to myself.

I gave Juice a playful slap on her ass and told her to turn over unto her back, that we were only half done. As she turned over I finally got a glimpse of her full naked body and what a body it was. Her breasts were large and firm, her nipples semi erect. Her abs showed her 8-pack even in this relaxed state. Her pussy was smooth and soft as any baby’s bottom. In fact her whole body seemed to be lasered smooth and hairless.

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