Jeannie’s Journey Pt. 01

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Prior to coming to college, I had never really shown interest in other women, sexual or otherwise. I was always a boys’ girl who’d rather hang out and watch my brothers and their friends play video games than hang out with a group of girls who most likely would’ve hated me anyway.

I knew a lot of girls from my hometown hated me because I started developing in seventh grade, and, boy did I develop-Jennifer Lopez’s ass with a 50’s pin-up model waist, and 34D chest by 8th grade, 36DDD’s in senior year, finally settling into perfectly round and supple 34DD’s in college. I am a big fan of my boobs, they’re a huge pleasure spot for me, so it always turned me on to know when people were staring at them, and it made it hard not to imagine whoever their most recent admirer was tearing off my shirt and lacy bra and holding them tightly, sucking on one of my nipples and pinching the other, just how I like it.

When I turned 18 my senior year of high school I felt a stirring inside me that was at the same time confusing, worrisome, and arousing. I found that I couldn’t stop touching myself at night, and that the porn I found myself continuously drawn to was of the lesbian variety. I got so wet watching one girl eat another out, while the girl receiving was writhing in pleasure and moaning so, so sexily, I always tried to time my orgasm along with hers, even going so far as to rewind the video if I knew she was going to cum before me.

I never acted on any of these feelings, aside from a circle of guys instigating a make-out between another girl and I (okay, maybe that happened more than once…and maybe it wasn’t just for the boys…), until my junior year of college came along. The ironic thing was, it wasn’t until I got a steady boyfriend that I really got the opportunity to explore my sexuality and find that sweet release that is orgasming from the touch of another woman.

My boyfriend’s ex-hookup was hard to escape. She was at every party we went to, every pre-game, every event where I was just over the edge of fucked up and could barely control my emotions around her. She’s pretty tall for a girl, with small but perky boobs, probably 32B’s, a small waist but a generally athletic build that I was so jealous of in my shorter, curvier body. At first, I thought I had so much negative energy generated toward her because i was jealous that she got to fuck my boyfriend-that she got to ride the same cock that I ride so orgasmically deliriously every night. He was the first guy to ever make me cum, from fingering, fucking, and eating me out like it was his goddamned job; I couldn’t get enough of him, and it killed me to think he gave her the same special treatment in bed. Did he tie her to her bedposts like the way he ties my wrists so tight and fucks me relentlessly? Did he finger her and play with her clit for hours til she’s writhing and moaning so loud she wakes up his flatmates? I had to know.

I finally decided I had to be nice to her and wanted to become friends with her to sort of get inside her head. Manipulative, I know, but I needed to get this girl off my mind for good; I was using her for masturbation material in a way that I had never experienced before. I had images flashing in my mind of her licking and sucking my clit, pumping her fingers in and out of my dripping wet pussy as she toyed with my nipples and brought me over the edge. I even started thinking about it while I was having sex with my boyfriend-it was getting out of hand.

One day there was a concert at our school, and my boyfriend Escort bayan and I got more than a little tipsy, and he brought up possibly having a threesome with her. I tried to hide my excitement as I pretended to fight him on it at first, saying that was absurd and I’d never have a threesome.

“Come on Jeannie,” he pleaded. “You know she’d say yes, too.”

“I don’t think she’d…do you really think she’d say yes?” I asked him, desperately trying to hide the lustful hope in my cloudy eyes.

He raised his eyebrows and looked me right in the eyes as he scooped me up and took me behind a giant tree where no one could see us, before shoving his hand down my pants and playing lovingly with the pubic hair he’d asked me to grow out recently, a request to which I happily obliged.

“Oh my god, you’re soaking wet. You really want this don’t you?” He stuck two fingers inside me and started pumping. I shuddered with delight and he roughly, drunkenly grabbed hold of my sizeable breast, nipples hard as though we were in below zero temperatures.

“Go ask her.” I could tell it was a demand, not a request from the seriousness on his face. He led my hand down to his stiff cock, growing by the second, which excited me even more. “Go ask her or I’m ripping your pants off and fucking your tight pussy right here where we could get caught any second.”

I couldn’t figure out what I wanted more, his huge, hard dick inside me or her tongue on my aching clit. I was writhing against him and the tree, so close to cumming as he had started rubbing circles around my hard little nub, when all the sudden he took his hand away. He grabbed my hair, shoved his fingers in my mouth, and pulled me in close to whisper roughly in my ear, “Go ask her, right fucking now babe. Holy shit go ask her or I’m gonna cum where we stand. Now lick my fingers clean so you can get used to the taste of pussy, and then you march right up to her and pull her to your room. I’ll be waiting.”

As I hungrily licked his fingers sparkling clean, I thought about what he said. I never considered that I would have to eat HER out too, and that thought scared me. I wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted, but I knew I had to go get her to find out.

I found her lying on the grass alone in a tight white top and shorts. She had long, thin legs that I was oh so jealous of, and her boobs looked perfect even though she was obviously not wearing a bra, her nipples teased to attention by the slightly chilly breeze that had just come on. I could tell she was drunk too, which was perfect-I could not imagine asking her sober. I took a deep breath, composed myself, and tried to hide what I could of my obvious arousal, including the growing wet spot on the silk shorts I had so foolishly decided to wear. I knew there was a chance she could smell it on me, my scent was pungent, and it was on my own breath too, but there was no turning back now.

“Tyler?” I asked shyly, as I watched her open her beautiful blue eyes and look up at me.

“Oh…hi Jeannie. What’s up?” She rolled over, obviously annoyed that I’d disturbed her.

“Um, oh nothing…um…Jack and I were wondering…”

“Wondering if I’d come have a threesome with you?” She asked with a smirk on her face, already knowing the answer.

“What..?” I stammered, caught off guard by how forward she was being. “What makes you say that?”

“Jeannie I can smell your arousal from here. Plus your nipples are hard as rocks, and I know how horny Jack is, and he definitely Escort worked you up like this to come ask me.”

“I..I’m sorry..I should leave..”

“No.” she said firmly, sitting up and turning to face me. “Jeannie, you’re sexy as fuck and I’ve wanted this for a long time. Did Jack never tell you I’m bi? I didn’t know you were too.”

“What? Bi? No, I’m not bi…I’m straight…” I wasn’t even convincing myself at this point as she shocked me by reaching up to her breasts, which I now noticed I could see perfectly clearly in her pretty much see-through t-shirt, and rubbing her nipples sensuously.

“Oh, come on Jeannie. We both know that’s not true. Now why don’t you come over here, take off those wet shorts of yours, and show me that giant ass I’ve been dying to shove my face into all this time.”

Without thinking, I just did what she said. I tossed my soaked shorts aside, knowing the silk was ruined forever. Before I could do the same with the lace thong I had just taken off, she grabbed it from my hand and shoved the whole thing in her mouth, closing her eyes and savoring my scent as she beckoned me over.

My mind and my body were on two totally different wavelengths. “Taylor, I don’t know about this..” came out of my mouth as I straddled her. “We’re out in the open..what if somebody sees?” I whispered, yet I did not resist as she took off my shirt and bra, leaving me completely nude.

“Let ’em watch,” she winked as she used her strong arms to shove me back against a tree. She spread my legs and dove headfirst into my already quivering pussy. I was at the same time scared and the most aroused I’ve ever been in my life. She was licking and sucking and biting and making me feel so fucking good it was unbelievable. I had never had a climax reach so fast in my life, but before I knew it I was rhythmically grinding my hips onto her face as she greedily lapped at my pussy, knowing very well how mentally reluctant I was to be having relations with a woman when my body wanted it so so badly.

She shoved a finger into me and curled it up in such a way that it immediately sent me over the edge. I knew I was moaning way too loudly for us not to get caught but I couldn’t stop myself. I grabbed onto her hair and rode her face as I convulsed and trembled and waited out the best orgasm I’d ever had in my life. As I was coming down I opened my eyes and looked over to find a campus safety officer, not posed to write us up for public indecency, rather with his pants down furiously pumping his cock at the sight of two gorgeous women engaged in such a lewd public act.

I looked up at him wide-eyed, ready to defend myself, and he just looked me right in the eyes and said “if you don’t tell I won’t.” Taylor and I nodded and got a slight amount of pleasure as we watched this older man cum in his own hands, knowing we were his real life porn for today.

She looked at me and smiled. “Off to Jack?”

I smiled back weakly. “Off to Jack.”

We got up and ran to my room, myself only having recovered my top from the whole scene as I let the campus safety officer keep my bra as a souvenir. We stumbled into my room to find Jack naked, sprawled out on my bed, angry at first because we had taken so long, but his anger broke when he realized that we were both there, and both there for one reason.

“Oh baby…” was all he could muster before he grabbed me and almost stuck his dick right inside me before I stopped him.

“I’m a little sensitive right now Bayan escort ’bout you fuck Taylor first and I’ll find a way to involve myself.” I leaned in to whisper so that only he could hear this part. “Fuck her in the ass and then I’ll give her a surprise. Put a condom on though so you’ll last longer.”

In his delirious state of excitement he grabbed a condom, ripped off Taylor’s pants to find no underwear, but a large, unkempt bush underneath, put on the condom, and shoved his dick right in her ass. At first she looked surprised and not very into it, but as he was pumping in and out of her on all fours, I slid under them so that my face was right in line with her pussy, and gave it a big, long lick.

“Ohhh fuck..” escaped her lips as she looked down at me. I took that as a cue to keep going, as I dragged my tongue from where my boyfriend’s huge dick was tearing into her tight asshole, all the way up to her little bundle of nerves, which was hardening by the second. I swirled around her clit with my tongue, and sucked and nibbled it and I knew she was getting close. She started to grind her soaking pussy onto my face, and as I was about to thrust a finger inside her, she hurriedly reached her hand down to my swollen lips and dipped her fingers in. She gathered juices from my aching pussy to use as lubricant on my already sensitive clit. I was writhing in pleasure within seconds, even more so when she shoved her finger inside me, adding another with each pump until I had three filling me up in an orgasmic way. I returned the favor and dipped two fingers inside her, trying to keep up with her expert rhythm, as it was becoming more and more evident just how many times she had done this before.

I was in pure ecstasy, and sure I was about to cum, when my boyfriend decided he didn’t want her to make me orgasm without him, so he shoved a finger in my rarely visited asshole, unknowingly fulfilling a double-penetration fantasy of mine that I had been afraid to share with him as of yet. As I was reaching my pre-orgasm breaking point I decided that he should not be the only one not having all of his lower pleasure centers being stimulated, and I took the hand that was currently pumping in and out of Taylor’s pussy, and stuck the pre-lubricated finger in his asshole, being sure to quickly replace the fingers of my other hand inside Taylor, so that she could continue building her orgasm, even though I had deliberately slowed down so that we could cum at the same time, just like the girls in the videos. Jack usually would never allow something like this, an invasion of his asshole, because he thought it was “gay,” but tonight was different, it was anything goes.

Taylor let out a cry like I had never heard before as her body shuddered violently and she struggled to keep herself up. Jack let out his signature guttural yell as he came, which always turns me on so fucking much, and with that I came as well, whimpering and sweating and writhing and moaning and we all finished together, entangled in each other’s sweat and cum and skin and all of the pleasure that was radiating from each of our private parts, which were not so private anymore. We fell asleep and when Jack and I awoke next morning Taylor was gone, and as I went to check the time on my phone I noticed a note that said “That was fucking great. Same time next weekend? XOXO, T”

I showed the note to Jack and he looked at it, eyes wide as he realized that what happened last night was not just the best sex dream of his life but an actual reality, smiled at me, nodded, slapped my ass and rolled over as I heard him whisper “Fuck yes.” as he immediately fell back to sleep. I read the note once more, put it down, and happily rubbed my pussy in silent agreement and anticipation for what was to come next weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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