Jenny The Intern Takes Control Ch. 02

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Jenny’s fourth day was a training day offsite. I felt like my old self again, challenging my team to do better work on a new campaign, and even closing a new client who had been delaying making a decision for several months. Of course, I did think of Jenny…especially her smooth white legs and her sexy smirk, but I was able to shake it off, even laugh as I told myself that I surely could handle an intern half my age.

The one small challenge I had was at the end of the day when I had a meeting with Bob and Val. It was all business, and Val was dressed quite conservatively, but as Bob went on about the need to keep travel expenses down for the quarter, Val took her bare foot out of one shoe and started to stretch her toes. I noticed how tiny Val’s feet were and the french manicure that carefully framed each toe.

Suddenly I looked up at her and realized she had seen me staring at her toes and I jerked my head back up, heart beating fast. Did she know what happened yesterday with Jenny? Her face gave no sign, but I quickly ended the meeting. God, this new intern was really playing tricks with my head.

Friday was casual day and when I saw Jenny, I realized she had taken full advantage, wearing a simple sundress, minimal Escort Bayan make-up and a pair of flip-flops. She looked even younger than her years and fresh as could be.

My calendar was jammed all morning and I had booked the afternoon to finish preparing for Monday’s board meeting. When I reviewed what had been prepared I realized there was a lot more work to be done. Normally I would have had this all wrapped up, but I had been rather distracted all week. I started to write out changes and additions and gave them to my secretary to prepare for the presentation.

At 6pm, she told me she had to leave to pick up her son, but Jenny had agreed to stay and get any further changes on to PowerPoint. I wondered if my secretary could see my heart start to beat out of my chest at the idea of being alone with Jenny.

At about 6:45 I walked to Jenny’s deck with a number of changes I needed. There didn’t seem to be anyone else around, but I was still cautious as I approached. “Hi…ummm…I understand you’re going to help out Jenny?”

Jenny looked me up and down then at the papers. “Hmm…looks like we may be here for a while…” There was a long pause as I waited for her to continue “…tell you Bayan Escort what, I’m hungry…if you run down and get me some pad thai, when you come back up, I might have most of these done, and…I’ll even let you give me a nice foot rub.”

My heart started to beat even faster and I felt my face go bright red. I couldn’t resist looking down at her feet and I saw that she had casually taken one foot out of her flip flop and pointed it up at me. It looked so soft and perfect I wanted to kneel down and rub it right away.

“Yes, sure, I…will go right now”. And I did, walking directly to the elevator, my heart beating fast. She had laughed lightly as I walked away, and at that moment I realized that I had lost any sense of decorum, any ability to deny that she could manipulate me as she pleased. It probably took me over 20 minutes to get her order, but I don’t really remember any of it. I do remember going back up the elevator, hoping she would be pleased with the drink I got her and the noodles, and imagining how nice it would feel to touch her, even her feet.

When I arrived back at her cube I took her noodles and soda out of the bag and carefully placed them on her desk. “Such a good boy” she teased Escort as I hoped desperately that nobody else was in the office. “I need to get this finished up, but you can get under there and rub them if you like.”

She kicked off both her flip flops then turned back to her laptop. She really wanted me to get under her desk to do this? Of course, she knew I would and I did, moving some wires as I positioned myself beneath her. It was cramped, and as I placed her little foot in my hand, my face was right in front of her sole. I started to rub the best I knew how, and when she moaned softly, I felt very proud to be pleasing her. I got very hard, looking up her skirt, catching glimpses of her white panties when the angle was right.

Jenny slowly pushed the foot I was rubbing forward until it was pushed against my face. As she started to wriggle her toes against my nose I felt a new wave of humiliation come over me, but I could not resist kissing her soft soles. I had lost myself in this, kissing and licking every inch of her foot, when I felt her other foot move along my leg until it was pressed against my hard cock. I sucked her toes passionately and felt my cock throbbing as she slowly stroked my cock with her foot. “Such a good bitch.” she said with a giggle and I felt myself immediately cum in my pants under her desk.

As I finished my spurts and breathed heavily on to her foot, I looked up at Jenny’s angelic face and we both knew she would be the boss from now on.

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