Jess the Medic Ch. 01: House Calls

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He Tai

“This is the spot right here Kyle.”

Kyle pulled the ambulance to the curb, the red flashing emergency lights bathing the evening darkness of the quiet neighborhood in neon light. Tapping the brake as the engine began to rev higher, cutting the high pitched roar to a slightly less intrusive rumble, he double checked the address on the computer while glancing toward the house they had been called to.

“Dispatch, 218 on scene.” Jess said dropping the mic on the clip, reaching to her side to turn on her portable radio.

“Copy that 218.”

Opening the heavy door of her ambulance and hopping down, she took a moment to stretch her arms over her head and twist side to side. Looking around the neighborhood seems pretty quiet at 11pm, typical subdivision with rows of houses on their postage stamp sized lots. Looking down the road she noticed the shapes of people in the windows checking out the activity, fading back to the darkness when they realize they can be seen.

Jess had been a Paramedic for four years, tall and solidly built with shoulder length black hair pulled back in a ponytail for night shifts. Her snug uniform pants accentuated shapely legs and well-rounded butt, with the snug white shirt she was wearing she had already been ogled a few times this shift.

Opening the side door of the ambulance she picked out two of the medical bags as Kyle approached from the front of the vehicle, reaching past to grab their monitor and the third bag.

“Another party call,” he said chuckling as he slipped the strap for the bag over his shoulder.

“It is Saturday, you remember Saturday night’s, right? Did they have them back then?” Jess replied laughing at her older partner’s eye roll.

“Damn you’re on a roll tonight,” he said laughing as they walk up the lawn to the well-lit front door. The sounds of music was audible on the lawn, loud but apparently not enough to annoy the neighbors.

Kyle was 35 and had been Jess’s partner for the last three years. The older man had the beginning of a receding hairline visible despite the short haircut. Slightly taller than Jess, Kyle was a large man and a competitive strongman in the summer season. His size and casual assertiveness helping the team out more than a few times over the years.

“Yeah, I actually slept today,” she said stepping up to the door standing just to the side as she knocked loudly, “Paramedics!” she said loudly as she heard the voices change inside.

“Sure, that and the caffeine loaded energy drink you just had, hopefully no one needs an IV, your hands will be vibrating.”

“Meh, if they are unconscious, they never notice.” Jess smiled broadly at her partner turning to the door as it cracked open.

The young woman at the door was a few years younger that Jess, brushing her short cut brunette hair from her eyes as she swung the door open. Jess felt her eyebrows rise at the short skirt over the olive-colored legs and the low-cut dark colored top. From the swaying under the shirt Jess knew the girl was bra-less.

“Oh Hi,” the woman said in a rush, her hands gripping the door tightly as she pulled it wide, “Sorry it’s our friend Emily, I think she had too much to drink.”

Stepping past the door Jess checked the room noticing three other women sitting on couches. All the girls were dressed asyalı escort for a night out and from the amount of skin showing had plans for quite the after party too. She glanced back to Kyle with a smirk and wink as he stepped around to corner to take in the sights.

“Aww-right,” he said quietly.

“Have fun,” Jess whispered. Kyle was always a bit of the friendly ladies’ man and had a knack for making calls fun despite the situation. Seeing the sudden change in his expression made Jess’s smile even wider.

“Ok sure, where is she?” Jess asked as Kyle stepped forward to get an idea of what had been going on. The women fixate on the large man as he walked into the main room while one of them lowered the volume on the music.

“So, what’s going on tonight ladies?” Kyle said as Jess followed the other woman down the hall.

“She is right down here ma’am,” the woman said as she opened a bedroom door.

“Ma’am,” Jess replied laughing, “Please my name is Jess.”

“Hi sorry, I’m Carlee.” Jess noticed Carlee’s eyes roam down her body and felt a little tingle despite the situation. Jess had been single for a few years since taking this job and had been going through a dry spell for far too long. Pretending to ignore the look, she followed Carlee into the room.

In the room, Emily was laying on the bed facing the door, her head propped up on a pillow. Looking her over quickly Jess had to admit Emily was a nice-looking girl. A bit taller and thinner than Jess with short blond hair, long bare legs with the short skirt riding high on her hips. Pausing for a moment she noticed the thong hanging on one of Emily’s ankles and what looked like a familiar egg-shaped device lying by the other pillow. Her shirt had fallen open giving Jess a peek of Emily’s perky breast and a red nipple.

“Uh, ok,” Jess said dropping her bags to the floor. Reaching forward she checked Emily’s wrist, finding a strong regular pulse with her skin warm and dry.

“Emily? Emily, can you hear me, I’m with the ambulance.” Shaking Emily’s shoulder lightly her eyes notice the shirt dropping open wider giving Jess a better view.

Carlee had stepped behind Jess, her hand warm on her shoulder as she leaned forward to look at her friend. Jess shook Emily again then rolled Emily to her back. Waking with the movement, Emily’s hand slid down her belly to cup between her legs before her eyes flutter open.

“I think your friend is fine,” Jess said laughing as she straightens from the bed. Behind her, Carlee’s hand had dropped to rest on Jess’s lower back. Jess pauses a moment, fighting the awkward feeling of enjoying the attention and staying professional.

“Hi!” Emily said sleepily as she rolled to her side closer to Jess. Reaching out she caresses the gloved hand.

“Hi Emily,” Jess said, “Your friends here were a bit worried about you so asked us to come check you out. You doing ok?”

“Hmm I am now,” Emily purred stretching on the bed then slowly sitting up. Her shirt had fallen open giving Jess an open view of her breasts.

Jess swallowed against the rising excitement she was feeling. Emily was obviously ok and Jess grudgingly admitted she was enjoying the voyeuristic view of the obviously horny woman in front of her. Carlee started rubbing Jess’s back, probably ayaş escort not even noticing the effect she was having on her.

“Well, I should check you out just to make sure since we are here.”

Emily smiled and sat straight up pulling her shoulders back, “Please do!”

Jess laughed despite herself, missing the glance between Carlee and Emily.

Reaching to her neck and kneeling on the floor she pulled her stethoscope around and fitting it snuggly in her ears presses the bell against Emily’s upper chest. Emily took a deep breath, holding Jess’s eyes as she did. Jess blinked awkwardly at the forceful eroticism in the woman’s stare, silently adjusting the stethoscope to the side just beside Emily’s breast. The hard nipples only inches away from Jess she inhales the scent of the younger woman, feeling slightly dizzy with the whole situation.

Changing sides, the back of her hand brushes the bottom of Emily’s chest, fighting to keep her expression neutral. Emily took a exaggerated breath, letting it out slowly as Jess leaned in closer, the air electric as her hands shook on the bell. What the hell, her mind shrieks. Why am I getting so excited with this?

Adjusting herself again, she let the back of her hand brush Emily’s nipple. Emily gave another little gasp and glanced back to Carlee with a wink. Carlee pushed herself closer to Jess, rubbing her back, hands sliding over Jess’s shoulder and teasing at the open collar of her shirt. Unsure what to do Jess let the caress happen, having to admit the feel of the woman’s fingers were burning into her skin.

Reaching down she picked up her blood pressure cuff, silently wrapping the Velcro around Emily’s arm. Emily straightened her arm as Jess tucked it under hers, Emily’s hand cupping the side of Jess’s breast through the tight shirt as she started to inflate the cuff.

Oh, my fuck, oh my fuck, the thought races through Jess’s mind. What if Kyle picks now to walk in? Why was she letting this happen? Quickly checking Emily’s pressure, she felt Carlee lean forward to whisper in her ear.

“Is she ok?”

Jess shivered at the feel of the warm breath, the scent of alcohol oddly exciting. Carlee’s lips brush Jess’s ear making the shiver stronger as the light caress of the tongue glides over the top.

“Uh, yeah I’d say,” Jess replied quietly as Emily squeezes her breast and her thumb brushes over her nipple. Jess lets out a squeak as Carlee started unbuttoning Jess’s uniform shirt, pulling it up from her pants enough to open the buttons easily.

Jess held herself still, kneeling as Emily slid her hands in Jess’s shirt. The blood pressure cuff hangs forgotten as she kisses Jess’s lips, her fingers digging to flip up the sports bra she wore under her uniform.

Jess’s breasts fall freely to Emily’s waiting hands, her fingers gripping tightly as she pulled Jess forward. With Carlee guiding her head Jess felt Emily’s nipple on her lips. Without thinking she opens her mouth, her tongue flicking Emily’s hard nipple while the two women start playing with her hanging tits.

I am so fucked, she thought distantly.

Excited by the sheer craziness of the situation, Jess took Emily’s nipple tight to the top of her mouth and sucked excitedly. Jess had never been with a woman before but the aydınlıkevler escort moment, and the motion, seemed so natural. Her body shuddered in excitement as the two women play with her breasts, pulling and flicking her nipples with their fingers. The feeling burning straight to Jess’s belly, sparking a passion that had been absent for awhile.

Emily reached back and a gentle hum fills the room as Emily placed the vibe back on her clit while holding Jess tight to her breast. Letting out a low moan, Emily started riding her hand, hips pushing forward as she spread her legs, knees tight on Jess’s sides.

“Oh fuck yes!” Emily groaned, letting out a high pitch squeak as her hand moved faster, “suck my tit, yes!” Letting go of Jess with one hand, she reached up to grab Jess’s hair, pulling her tight while Carlee toyed with her nipples. Within moments Emily was vibrating as she dropped her face to Jess’s hair with shuddering breaths.

After a few moments, Emily released Jess with a satisfied smile just as a knock on the door made Jess’s heart leap into her throat.

“Hey Jess, everything ok in there?”

Kyle’s voice through the door made the women jump with a giggle as Carlee moved to open the door slightly.

“Hi, yeah just be a moment.”

“You ok Jess?” Kyle said louder leaning into the door.

“Hey, yeah all good!” Jess said as she stood, manically stuffing her breasts back in her bra and buttoning her shirt, “be right out. We won’t be transporting.”

“Ok, sure,” Kyle replied,” I’ll let dispatch know. Girls are fine out here.”

“Yeah, here to!” Jess looked back to Emily, foot up on the bed as she kept the vibe moving over her clit.

“Um, thanks for checking our friend out,” Carlee said laughing as Emily fell back on the bed, “I guess she was fine after all.”

“Yeah, ah, yeah” Jess said confused while picking up her bags. Her mind racing with what just happened, her own pussy aching from the teasing with no release.

I’m so fucking excited I can barely breath, she thought while slinging her bags.

Carlee opened the door giving Jess a quick kiss on the way past, cupping her butt on the way by the door.

Jess quietly walked down the hall, unsure how she felt about being used like this yet at the same time realizing she enjoyed it. She waved at Carlee and Emily’s friends on the way by, laughing at the comments as Kyle leaves behind her.

Loading the bags back in the truck Jess was quiet as Kyle gets back in the driver’s seat, turning off the lights before dropping the ambulance in gear.

“So, you ok Jess, you’re being pretty quiet,” Kyle asks concerned looking at his partner.

“Yeah, all good, she was just drunk.”

“You sure? Heard a few noises and this was a pretty frisky bunch.”

Jess wiggled in her seat trying to fight the urge to rub her own clit. Just get back to the station, she thinks to herself, and I’m going to scratch this itch hard!

“Yeah, I’m fine, just need coffee.” She turned to face him with a smile, not noticing the light smear of lipstick on her lip and ear.

Kyle looked his partner over a moment. Obviously, something happened and he was pretty sure she enjoyed it from her reaction.

“Right,” he said looking out the window, “ok then. When you get a chance, your shirt is misbuttoned and you have lipstick on your face. We’ll make a stop before getting back to the station.”

Jess swallowed quickly as she dropped the visor, wiping the lipstick from her face silently before rebuttoning her shirt, face burning with embarrassment. This was going to be a long night.

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