Jessica and Anna

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Jessica awoke dreamily, pleasant but indistinct memories of the dreams that had entertained her sleep and left her feeling happy and buoyant for the day ahead. She glanced across at the image of beauty beside her, reaching out to run her fingers through the hair cascaded across the pillow.

Yes, today would be a good day she decided. And so she should start it off to set the tone. Silently, she left the room, not wishing to disturb her partner, and headed for the bathroom. She showered quickly, luxuriating only briefly in the torrent of water across her body. Resisting the temptation as she soaped her breasts, tummy and vagina to stay longer and give them the attention that they so desired.

Exiting the shower, she towelled herself dry, stopping briefly to view herself in the mirror, tweaking her nipples to enhance the image. She briefly wished that her small breasts were larger, but dismissed the thought being happy that they were at least well formed and well attended by her lover.

Pulling panties on and donning a t-shirt (no need for a bra – another advantage she thought) she descended to the kitchen to work some magic. Flying confidently about the kitchen, she quickly prepared crepes and scattered fresh fruit over the plates. She looked at the cream for a moment. Should she? Oh what the hell, she thought, its not everyday I have it and picked up the container to take back upstairs.

Entering the room, she smiled as Anna turned to look to see what was going on. A smile spread across Anna’s face as she saw what was held in Jessica’s hands.

“You are an absolute doll,” said Anna as Jessica moved to place the tray on the bed.

“Well, I thought that after last night, you might appreciate a nice refreshing breakfast,” replied Jessica.

Anna smiled as she recalled last night’s activities and stretched seductively. Jessica picked up a strawberry and pushed it against Anna’s lips, leaving her finger to trail down from them to her chin as Anna took the berry into her mouth and moaned appreciatively.

“There’s only one rule,” Jessica said mischievously, “you’re not allowed to touch the food with your hands.”

“Well that shouldn’t cause too much distress,” laughed Anna as she sat up in the bed to enable herself to eat a little easier.

“Oh, no, certainly not distress,” laughed Jessica. She broke off a piece of crepe with her fingers and dipped it in the cream before holding it out for Anna to eat. Anna leaned forwards to take it in her mouth but Jessica quickly moved it, landing a large dob of cream on Anna’s nose.

“Hey!” said Anna, moving to wipe off the cream.

“uh uh uh,” said Jessica. “Remember the rules – no touching the food with your hands. Just because its on you doesn’t change them.”

“Well, if that’s the way you wish to play the game then …” Anna said slyly as she poked her tongue at her. Then she proceeded to lick the cream right from the tip of her nose.

“Oh god,” sighed Jessica, “I so love your tongue of many talents.” She took some more of the crepe and wrapped it around a strawberry before holding it out again for Anna. This time she allowed her to take it in her mouth and held her finger there as Anna sucked on it before biting into the Strawberry, casino oyna smiling all the while.

Jessica innocently fed Anna a few more pieces before deciding that it was time this game went a bit further. She quickly pulled her t-shirt over her head, freeing her breasts and revealing her very tight nipples.

“You have the most wonderful nipples!” exclaimed Anna, “I could suck on them for hours!” Jessica smiled at the compliment, reaffirming her earlier opinion that as long as she had someone to love her breasts, there was no need to go ruining them with a butcher’s knife! She took a piece of melon and dipped in the cream before leaning back and placing it on her breast, balanced delicately above her erect nipple.

“Now, this is what I call breakfast,” giggled Anna as she leaned over and placed her mouth over the fruit and the nipple. Sucking the fruit back into her mouth, she left her lips to linger on the taught nipple, drawing it out from the breast, the elongation matched by Jessica’s sighs as her nipple was pulled away before being freed from its pleasurable shackle.

Reaching for a cherry, Jessica bit it in half and placed it over her other nipple so that it enveloped it. Without a word, Anna moved closer, leaning in so that her skin was all but touching Jessica as she took the strawberry and repeated the treatment on her nipple. This time she lingered longer though, circling the nipple with her tongue and catching it between her teeth, lightly nipping at it, drawing gasps of pleasure from her ‘plate’.

Laying back, Jessica took the tub of cream and poured some into her belly button before placing a couple of pieces of crepe and fruit in the small pool. Anna leaned over her, holding her hair out of the way with one hand as she used her lips and tongue to lap at the cream and pick up the fruit. Jessica watched longingly as Anna’s long tongue licked at her belly and took in the wondrous breasts of her lover, hanging free and unrestrained beneath her. The cream spilled down over Jessica’s waist and Anna chased it with her tongue, causing Anna to writhe against the tickling on her sensitive sides.

Noting that the food was nearly finished, Jessica decided to up the ante and grabbing a strawberry, slipped it into her panties under the seam of her right leg.

“Hey, that’s not fair,” said Anna, “How am I supposed to get that?”

“Oh, I am sure someone as talented as you will find a way,” answered Jessica.

Anna moved down so that she had access to Jessica’s panties and thought about how she was going to approach this. Then, with a sly grin, she lowered her face to Jessia and slowly licked along the hem of her panties, drawing sighs of pleasure from her. When she was adjacent the berry, she looked up into Jessica’s eyes, licked her lips and then using her chin, squashed it under the fabric.

“Hey!,” Jessica said, “they were clean!”

“Not according to that rather damp patch down there they weren’t, Honey”, retorted Anna with a laugh. And with that, she took Anna’s panties in her hands and slid them down her lovely long legs. Putting aside the food plate, Jessica took the last remaining piece of fruit and nestled it between her already wet pussy lips.

“Just one more piece to canlı casino go my dear,” she told Anna.

“Oh, I couldn’t fit another thing in,” giggled Anna already moving towards the morsel.

“Come on now, you know you have to eat a good breakfa …” started Jessica, but ended with a moan as Anna slipped her tongue into her opening below the fruit, scooping it out and dragging the tip of her tongue across her clit.

Finishing the fruit, she moved up over Jessica’s body, letting her nipples drag their way across her tummy, abdomen and the breasts where she lowered herself to plunge her tongue between Jessica’s lips, kissing her deeply.

They lay there for awhile simply kissing, letting their mouths explore each other, their breasts meshed together between them. Jessica’s hands moved to Anna’s hips as they kissed, running lightly down over her arse, caressing the smooth skin. Anna sat up a bit and moved higher, dangling her breast in Jessica’s face.

Jessica took the offered nipple in her mouth, sucking at it hungrily, drawing it deep into her mouth and using her tongue to flick at the erect tip deep in her mouth. Anna moaned and leant back, drawing her breast from Jessica’s mouth, using one hand to caress Jessica’s breast, feeling the taught nipple in the palm of her hand.

Jessica placed her hands on Anna’s breasts, squeezing and fondling them, pinching at the nipples. Anna thrust her pelvis at Jessica in response to the tingling that she was feeling … a need that was going to have to be sated. She started to slide her way back down Jessica’s body, trailing her tongue as she went. She moved past the breasts, nipping at the little nubs of pleasure, feeling Jessica’s body arch against her, the neatly trimmed hair of her pussy tickling her tummy as she continued to move down.

She licked again at the belly button before trailing further, Jessica’s hands in her hair, pushing her head down, eagerly awaiting the first moment of contact. Agonisingly slowly, she traced her tongue around the edges of Jessica’s pubes, first down one side, then the other, stopping just short of the lips. Each time she stopped she could feel the pressure of Jessica’s hands on her head, willing and insisting that she go lower. Looking up into the eyes of her lover, Anna took her finger and slowly ran it down the moist slit in front of her before putting it in her mouth and seductively sucking the juices from it.

Then, she lowered her lengthy and talented tongue to the juicy delights below and set to making it happy. She ran her tongue up and down the wet lips, making sure to tease and not penetrate or touch the clit. Jessica squirmed beneath her, wishing for release, squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples, adding to the sensations that she could feel below. She squealed in delight as Anna’s tongue finally brushed her clit, circling it slowly.

Anna circled it some more before again running her tongue down the slit, this time pushing inside and penetrating Jessica’s vagina. Wiggling it about a bit, she then sucked on the lips, drawing them out with her own lips before moving back to the clit. Once there, she set up a steady rhythm massaging it, driving Jessica closer to the edge. When she could sense that she was almost kaçak casino there, she stopped with resulting gasps of disappointment from her subject.

She looked at Jessica’s flushed face and smiled. “I think its time that this dripping wet snatch of mine got a little relief of its own.” she said moving to straddle the girl on the bed.

She moved her way up the body beneath her, stopping to rub her pussy on an erect nipple. “Mmmm,” she said, “that feel’s so good I can’t wait for it to be your mouth.” She moved to straddle Jessica’s face using her fingers to spread her lips and ensure contact with her clit. As she felt her friend’s tongue come up to caress her, she groaned with pleasure and pushed herself at Jessica’s face.

Reaching behind her, Anna tweaked a nipple as she enjoyed the attentions beneath her. Jessica’s hands reached up to pull on Anna’s nipples in return, drawing them out from the breast, tugging and twisting to provide that bit of pain that Anna seemed to like so much.

Anna lifted herself and turned, positioning herself for a 69, ready and wanting to cum but wanting to provide pleasure for Jessica as well. Settling into the new position, she felt her nipples brush against Jessica’s tummy before crushing down as she buried her face back in the wet, loving folds of Jessica’s pussy. Working on her friends clit, she moaned as she felt the tongue returned to her own clit along with the penetration of a finger being inserted into her vagina at the same time. The finger was quickly joined by another and then worked around inside as the tongue pressured her clit.

Anna clamped down on Jessica’s clit, sucking hard on it, concentrating on driving her into as much pleasure as she herself was feeling. She released it and licked down the silken slit of her pussy, licking at the juices that were now flowing freely from her pussy. Again she sucked the clit back into her mouth, nibbling at it ever so gently, drawing screams of pleasure from Jessica’s mouth, busily occupied on Anna’s clit.

Anna lapped hard at Jessica’s clit, determined to send her friend over the brink first. She took her two fingers from the glory of Anna’s wet pussy and gently fingered her anus. Pushing slowly, she slid her finger into Anna’s arse and worked hard on her clit at the same time. working slowly, she slid her finger in and out of Anna’s puckered hole and worked her clit. It was too much for her Anna, and Jessica slurped hungrily as Anna’s whole body shuddered in orgasm. She loved feeling Anna’s anus convulse rhythmically around her finger and slowly pulled it out as the orgasm subsided.

Anna stopped working Jessica’s clit as the waves of pleasure washed over her body, but quickly started back at it once she had recovered from most of it to ensure her friend felt the same wonder that she had just been through.

Working hard at the clit, it wasn’t long at all before Jessica Arched up against her, her legs clamping against the side of Anna’s head, her arms wrapped securely about her body, spasming and screaming as she went over the edge.

Gradually she released Anna from the passion induced vice-like grip, the waves ebbing slowly.

Anna quickly turned to again kiss her lover, each cleaning their own juices from the other’s face.

“I think I need a shower,” said Anna, not really making any attempt to move.

“If you give me a minute, maybe I can find the energy to join you,” laughed Jessica, sated and happy.

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