Jessica’s Fantasy

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Authors Note: This is an idea for a story I’ve been kicking around for a while. It’s the first story I’ve written for this site, so feedback and comments, no matter how harsh, are most appreciated! Hope you enjoy!


Jessica longed for his touch, as the silk tie touched her eyes, and she felt the knot tighten at the back of her head. She stood in the bedroom, hands at her side, while Michael walked around her small 5’6″ frame. She imagined his eyes all over her, and for a moment, she actually thought she felt them too.

Hands reached for her shirt and began to unbutton it. She didn’t move, though as his hands reached inside and brushed her silky skin she trembled. Michael slid the shirt off of her shoulders, and she felt it fall to her feet. The cool air of the circling fan over head blew across her, and pulled her nipples tight and erect.

She felt Michaels hand touch her midsection, and run down a leg. Up underneath her skirt his hand explored, touching the warmth between her legs, the same warmth that betrayed her desire. Standing beside her now, one hand cupped to her sex, the other touching her back, he kissed her neck. She felt his lips linger, then pull into a smile.

“Do you know what you are going to do tonight?” His breath hot against her neck.

“Yes.” She managed, her quiet voice almost a squeak, betraying the excitement and fear that she felt.

“Are you ready?”

She düzce escort was silent a moment. She had admitted to him three months ago a fantasy she’d had, now on the brink of doing so, she almost had second thoughts. There were so many questions that ran through her mind. She’d confessed to him after a rather exciting night with an extra dildo she’d sucked while he fucked her from behind, that she’d always wanted to be blindfolded, stripped, and led into a room where a man or men awaited. She would then crawl to them, and please them with her mouth, each in turn, until they’d all finished. She would then leave, still blindfolded to another room to clean up, while those she services also left. She wouldn’t know who they were, but they would know who she was.

The questions that now plagued her mind gave her pause – what if she ran into one of them at the supermarket? What if they were one of the people with whom she shared an office space with? What if it was one of his friends, and ever encounter after was weird. What if the man told others about her? She reminded herself of the rules. Rule number one was that this whole encounter wasn’t to be spoken about by the man or men she would service, with the option that provided they didn’t speak about it, and she liked it, it could be a reoccurring thing. Rule number two was that if she ever asked, Michael would tell her who edirne escort the man was. She trusted Michael’s choosing, having been with him nearly three years. She didn’t doubt his love and affection towards her for a moment. She knew he only entertained this exploratory idea because she’d recommended it. Yes, she decided, she was ready.

“I am.” She stated, an air of finality, some of the confidence returning to her voice.

“Good.” He said, stepping away from her. She inadvertently leaned towards his departing lips, missing them already.

He took a step away from her and instructed her to remove the rest of her clothes, save her panties. She complied, removing the skirt she wore, then her socks and shoes, returning to standing in the middle of the room again, hands at her sides. She was now completely naked, nipples very erect, sex hot with the unknown. Her long brown hair fell down to the middle of her back, her bright blue eyes open and unseeing under the blindfold. Her breasts stuck out, nipples curved slightly upwards, at attention, longing for his touch.

“Come to me.” He said.

She put her hands out in front of her, reaching for him, until she felt his touch. He turned her away from him, and felt her hands being pulled towards the small of her back. There was a rattling, then a clicking noise, as she felt her hands secured behind her in one of their elazığ escort sets of fuzzy cuffs. There was a pause where nothing happened, and then she felt her breast being cupped and then squeezed, her nipple pinched, and the surprise of it all causing her to breath out sharply between pressed lips. The hand again travelled down her stomach over her sex, cupping it.

His hand travelled up her stomach again, and back down, this time slipping between her panties and touching her, skin to skin. She felt his fingers gently rubbing her clit, and she subconsciously spread her legs and bend forward slightly, inviting him in. She felt him slip a finger inside of her, her sex opening to receive him easily. Her eyes tightened shut with the sensation. As the hand left her she couldn’t help but frown, feeling a little abandoned. She now felt a hand grab her by the back of the neck and a voice in her ear told her to open her mouth. She complied and felt the wet fingers pressed into her mouth.

“Suck them clean.” He commanded.

She obeyed without hesitation, tasting herself on his fingers. The aroma so sweet that she for a moment wished that she was going to the living room to pleasure a woman and not a man. Once she felt she had cleaned them, she slipped them out of her mouth and kissed them gently.

He now began to lead her towards the direction of the door to the bedroom, beyond that, an awaiting cock or cocks for her to please. Her heart began to thump in her chest so loudly she almost felt it was audible. Her skin flushed cold, her mouth suddenly dry, as she heard the sounds of the bedroom door being opened, and felt the pull of her hand guiding her out and into the unknown.

Part 2 to come.

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