Jessi’s Big Night

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Big Tits

This night had been a long time coming… Jessica Stevens, or “Jessi” to her friends, had fantasized about being with a “T-Girl” for months. Ever since watching the “Ally McBeal” subplot involving a gorgeous “she male,” Jessi had thought about how incredible it would feel to have a hard cock inside her and a beautiful pair of breasts to suck on at the same time.

Jessi is 26, and has decided she was tired of being beaten up emotionally by men; she recently dumped her most recent boyfriend (after 3 years!) when she found out he was cheating on her. She has spent the past few months enjoying being with women, going out dancing at bi/gay clubs and sometimes going home with them. Even though she sometimes enjoys the feeling of a big cock inside her, she knows that she will always have girl friends, too…

She met “Michelle” through an online dating service. Michelle is a “pre op” t-girl who lives all the time as a woman. She lived halfway across the country but travelled often in her job. They had emailed back and forth, had a few steamy chat sessions and had talked on the phone several times, including one VERY hot phone sex session that left Jessi gasping for air.

When Michelle called to let Jessi know she would be in Jessi’s city in two weeks, and would have an entire weekend free, Jessi immediately started fantasizing. They made a date to meet for drinks on Friday evening after work, and just see how it went from there. When the big day arrived, Jessi was so nervous… She agonized for hours about what to wear. She had chosen a white silk tank top with a black mini skirt and red blazer. Underneath she had on a white thong but no bra. Her nipples were constantly teased by the silk so were erect and visible through the top.

At the agreed hour, Jessi went to the club where they were to meet. It was the bar in Michelle’s hotel. There were lots of good looking professionals there, but Jessi was only interested in one. She spotted Michelle sitting at a table, and waved at her. Michelle stood and gave her a big hug, and said, “It’s so nice to finally meet you in person! You look even better than your pictures.”

Michelle was wearing a very conservative business suit, but the skirt was short enough to show off her shapely legs. Jessi pressed her body into Michelle’s perhaps an instant too long and whispered into her ear “So do you, Michelle, you look good enough to eat.” Michelle looked very cute and very sexy, and no one would ever think that “she” had a cock between her legs. She was about 3 inches taller than Jessi’s 5’5″, but the heels she wore made her seem taller than that. Her shoulder length blonde hair was a nice contrast to Jessi’s curly brown hair. They looked good together, although no one in the place knew how “together” they really were.

They had already spent many hours on the phone, so there was little of the typical “blind date” nervousness, although Jessi knew she was nervous for a different reason. After they finished their drinks, Michelle said that she really wanted to go up to her room and change clothes. Work had run long so she hadn’t had a chance to change before meeting Jessi, and she didn’t want to be late,

They left the bar and headed into the hotel. The elevator was packed, and Michelle took advantage of the opportunity to cup Jessi’s ass and pull her tight against her. When they arrived at Michelle’s floor, they stepped out into the sivas escort hallway. Michelle took Jessi’s hand gently, lifted it to her lips and kissed it. Jessi brought Michelle’s hand to her lips, and sucked gently on Michelle’s finger. Michelle groaned softly and said “Let’s get to my room before I take you right here in the hallway!”

When Michelle opened the door to her room, Jessi pushed her inside and kept moving until Michelle fell backward onto the bed. Jessi climbed on top of her and they began to kiss. No chaste, “nice to meet you” kisses here, these were full-on, “Girl, I’m gonna fuck you so good” kisses with mouths wide open and tongues dancing deep down each other’s throats.

Michelle’s hands moved to Jessi’s ass, pulling her hips tight against her own. Jessi straddled Michelle’s thigh, and could feel Michelle’s cock stirring against her own thigh. As Michelle’s hands explored her ass, Jessi could feel her wetness seeping through her thong as she ground against Michelle’s thigh. Michelle’s hands were soon inside Jessi’s thong, running down the crack of her ass and along her wet slit. Jessi’s hand moved under Michelle’s skirt and went for Michelle’s hard cock. She could feel it starting to leak precum already, and she knew that Michelle was as turned on by this as she was. She moaned into Michelle’s mouth and pressed her mound even tighter against Michelle’s thigh.

Jessi was puzzled when Michelle broke the kiss, but when she said “We need to get out of these clothes…” Jessi stood up. She hung her blazer over a chair then lifted her top over her head and slid her skirt and panties down her hips, leaving them in a pile on the floor. Jessi lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide and waited for Michelle to undress and join her.

Michelle took more time, taking care to hang her business clothes up then turning back to face Jessi in just bra and panties. She was wearing red, and her breasts were small but shapely. She had small bikini panties, and Jessi could clearly see the outline of Michelle’s hard cock and a small wet spot on her panties where it had been leaking. When they first started talking, Michelle had said that she was “jumbo size” and Jessi could see that it was about 8 inches long and fat. She could not WAIT to see how it felt in her mouth and pussy.

Jessi’s hand went to her shaved mound and she began to tease herself as she watched Michelle undress in front of her. Michelle could clearly see that Jessi was very wet already, as her bare mound was glistening with her juices. Jessi’s finger moved in small circles around her clit, teasing the hard little nub. Michelle removed her bra, and started to tease Jessi, pinching and twisting her own hard nipples in front of her.

Jessi motioned her in closer, and took one of Michelle’s nipples between her lips. Michelle moved her hands to Jessi’s breasts, as Jessi’s hand reached for her hard cock. Michelle moaned as Jessi gently bit her erect nipple and stroked her cock through the silk panties. Jessi pulled Michelle’s panties down and wrapped her hand around the shaft, sliding up to the head and getting her fingers wet with the juices. Then she squeezed the base and stroked up and down, feeling it get bigger and harder in her hand.

Michelle stepped forward and pushed Jessi back onto the bed. She crawled on top of her, straddling Jessi’s shoulders. çorum escort Jessi still had her hand wrapped around the hard cock, but then she lowered her head and took the head into her mouth. Michelle moaned softly at how warm and wet Jessi’s mouth felt. Jessi started bobbing her head up and down, and Michelle’s hips instinctively started thrusting forward, fucking Jessi’s mouth as she sucked the big cock.

Jessi could feel Michelle getting even bigger and harder as she sucked, and she loved the feeling of having a big cock in her hand and mouth. Jessi’s free hand moved between her open thighs and she started teasing her own pussy in earnest, stroking her clit then sliding a finger and then two into her sopping wet pussy. She knew that she would need more than fingers inside herself, and soon.

She had her hand wrapped tightly around the shaft, when she pulled it out of her mouth and moaned, “Please Michelle, I need you to fuck me. NOW!” Jessi slid her hips onto the bed and guided Michelle between them. Jessi teased her clit with the head of Michelle’s fat cock, then pressed the head into her slit. Michelle looked into Jessi’s eyes and said “OK, girl, now I am going to fuck you so good, get ready!”

Jessi moaned, “Oh god, yes, baby, give me that big cock, fuck me like the slut I am!” With that, Michelle started thrusting forward gently, a little at a time, until her cock was buried in Jessi’s tight pussy. Jessi arched her head up and took one of Michelle’s nipples in her mouth, then wrapped her legs around Michelle’s waist. As Michelle started pumping hard and fast, Jessi moaned “Yessssss, oh god yes baby, fuck me!”

Jessi started squeezing with the muscles of her pussy, clamping down on Michelle’s cock when she thrust in, then releasing as she slid out. Michelle was moaning into Jessi’s ear, “Oh god baby, yes baby, fucking you so good baby…” and Jessi could tell that Michelle was ready to cum. They had talked and Michelle knew that Jessi was on the pill so it was okay to cum inside her; Jessi had told Michelle on more than one occasion that she loved the feeling of a big cock exploding inside her, how good it felt to have that hot cum deep in her pussy.

Jessi was close too, she could feel a huge orgasm building as Michelle slammed her fat cock in and out of her. This was a long-time fantasy finally come true, and it was every bit as hot as she had imagined. She moaned into Michelle’s ear, “Give it to me baby, give me that big cock, fuck me, make me cum on your big cock…” and then she erupted. Her pussy started spasming around Michelle’s cock, and Jessi was moaning and her hips were moving all round the bed.

Michelle could feel Jessi’s pussy throbbing around her cock, and it was more than she could stand. She thrust deep inside Jessi, then exploded. She shot blast after blast of hot cum deep into Jessi, and this made Jessi’s orgasm go on and on. Jessi wrapped her legs tighter around Michelle’s waist, and her arms around her shoulders, loving how it felt to have a soft body next to her with a hard cock inside her.

As they caught their breath, Jessi pulled Michelle’s face to hers and kissed her deeply. Jessi rolled over so she was on top of Michelle, and began to grind her hips into Michelle’s. She started kissing her way down Michelle’s chest, sucking her nipples and feeling Michelle’s cock start to stir again. She denizli escort wrapped her hand around the base and started squeezing it, loving how hot it felt in her hand. When she licked the head, Michelle groaned and arched her hips upward. Michelle reached for Jessi’s hips and said “Turn around girl, I want to taste you too.”

Jessi twisted around and lowered her hips to Michelle’s waiting mouth. Michelle’s tongue darted out, right between Jessi’s lips and across her hard clit. Jessi moaned and pressed her hips back against Michelle’s face, all the while sucking her cock which was once again hard. Michelle’s fingers slid into Jessi’s pussy, then she took a fingertip and teased it against Jessi’s ass. Pressing gently, her finger slid in easily and she was rewarded with a loud moan from Jessi.

Her hand was wrapped around Michelle’s cock, stroking it, feeding it into her mouth as she sucked on the head. Jessi could taste her own juices on Michelle’s cock, as well as Michelle’s precum. She loved how they tasted mixed together, and her hips were moving, pressing back against Michelle’s tongue as it darted all over her clit. Michelle wrapped her whole mouth around Jessi’s shaved pussy, and sucked hard while she fluttered her tongue across Jessi’s clit.

“Oh, god, Michelle, I’m gonna cum all over your face…” Jessi managed to moan. Michelle said, “Go ahead, baby, give it to me, I want it all…” Jessi’s back arched, her body stiffened and she almost screamed “FUCK!!!!!” as her orgasm hit her. Michelle kept licking and sucking at Jessi’s pussy, drinking up all her juices. Spreading Jessi’s lips wide, sticking her tongue deep inside, sucking, licking, slurping her.

Finally Jessi’s spasms slowed, and she caught her breath a little. She turned around and pressed the head of Michelle’s hard cock inside her. She slowly started to move up and down on the big cock, her breasts bouncing a little. Michelle reached up and took Jessi’s breasts in her hands, cupping them and pinching the nipples between her fingers. Jessi moaned softly, “Mmmmmmmmm…..” and kept fucking herself on Michelle’s fat cock.

Michelle started thrusting up as Jessi would slide down, forcing her big cock deep into Jessi’s wet pussy, filling her up with girl-cock. Jessi began the same squeezing with her muscles, grabbing Michelle’s cock when it was buried completely, then letting it go as it slid out. Michelle started thrusting faster and faster, and Jessi was bouncing up and down. Jessi slipped one hand between them and started teasing her clit in rhythm to Michelle’s fucking. This sight was so hot to Michelle, she felt herself ready to cum again.

“Okay, baby, here it comes…” she moaned out. “Gonna fill you up with my hot cum!”

“Yeah, baby, give it to me, give me your hot cum, fuck my hot cunt, give it to me, baby, I need all your hot cum deep inside me…” Jessi was talking as nasty as she knew, wanting to feel Michelle explode deep inside her, wanting to feel those hot blasts in her pussy.

Michelle’s body stiffened then her cock erupted inside Jessi. The feeling triggered Jessi’s orgasm too, and Michelle could feel her pussy throbbing around the big cock. Both girls screamed and their bodies were thrusting together. Jessi collapsed on top of Michelle, and hugged her close.

When Jessi’s breath returned to normal, she smiled at Michelle and said, “By the way, it’s nice to meet you!”

Jessi and Michelle spent most of the weekend in Michelle’s hotel room, breaking only for room service and champagne. When Michelle left for home Sunday evening, both girls had the glow that only comes from long hot sex…

* * * * *

This was an early effort , please give me feedback…

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