Jill , Tim’s Story Ch. 07

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EVERY BOOK should have an ending. That might be very difficult to accomplish in this case, though, because our story is far from over new people, new adventures, new pleasures are always just around the corner.

However, in a sense, three things provide a climax of sorts, at least two of them being sufficient to wrap up any loose ends of our life together in your mind, so far as you’re concerned, because those three things represent the culmination of long-held wishes.


: Under my real name, I’ve become the well-known authoress of a pleasant number of successful books for-and-about pre-teen children. That was my dream for many years and now I’ve made it. This is not important to our story other than to, perhaps, illustrate that getting fucked or sucked is NOT the ONLY thing on our collective minds: Tim is as successful in his field as I’ve become in mine, and there is no rivalry or envy between us, in bed or out.

More germane to the subject at hand are the other two dreams.


: Tim’s dream for a long, long time has been to own his own nude-photo-by-mail business. It’s not that he’s so hot to make money from his favorite hobby — photographing nubile young pussies naked, usually their first time that way in front of a camera — but the money he can pay is wonderful leverage for getting girls to strip who would otherwise be reluctant to do so, and to dress for his camera just exactly to his (our) rather definite tastes. A hobby that not only finances itself but turns a profit is hard to come by…

…and hard to come W!TH, too but, in this case, the fringe benefits are, surprisingly often, quite fulfilling — for BOTH of us!

* * *

Most of our models are either college students, young housewives or divorced waitresses. Besides the fact that large numbers of these girls need fast, extra money, we also prefer them inexperienced, because that seems to be the easiest way to get that young, “fresh” look that we prefer, and which most men think so refreshing: as Tim says, “When they look young and innocent, while being naked and dressed like hookers, it brings out the lecher in every man.”

Girls who model professionally, who work as strippers or topless dancers, seem to acquire a “hard,” wary, rather bored look very quickly, and that’s not what we want at all. Picture, instead, the young girl next door or at the sales counter, in nothing but garterbelt, heels and hose spreading her legs for you, the slight blush of her sweet face setting off her damp-with-excitement pussy, open to your view for the very first time — THAT’S what we’re after!

Tim and I always work as a team. Once-or-twice a month, we have the best of our applicants meet us, one at a time, at a luxury hotel or motel, or the fancy house of one of our friends. The girls are always nervous and seem to relax a bit when I tell them I’m there to help them look their best — and to “chaperone” the session.

If they only knew…!

Rather than rushing things, we give the girls a few minutes to calm down, to drink some chilled wine, to get to know the two of us and to discuss what we’re going to do. We joke and keep it light, the only “heavy” stuff being getting her to sign the Model Release right then. (They get reluctant about it after-the-fact, so you get the signature BEFORE the session .. and give them their fee AFTER the session, but make sure they can see it DURING the session). Once that’s taken care of, I take the gal off to the bathroom or another bedroom to get her dressed and made-up. If her husband or live-in boyfriend has come along (unlike most photographers, we DO allow that: surprisingly often, they’ve been the driving force behind the lady’s agreement to strip), he stays with Tim while things are being set up.

Ah, young girls today .. most of them have no idea of what a waist-cinch, basque or corset is — or what it can do for you — and have only heard of garterbelts, so it’s always a case of stripping them down to bare skin and working up from there.

My own costume for these sessions is always either a body suit or very thin leotard, sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose, heels, and a wraparound skirt, usually a very short one. As soon as the girl and I are alone, I dispense with the skirt and it stays off for the rest of the session.

There are several reasons for this outfit: it’s cool, it’s convenient, it helps relax the girls, since it’s one of the perversities of feminine nature to mind less being on display if someone else of your gender is, too. A lady can be extremely reluctant to peel (or, for that matter, to do even more lurid things) in a group, but that attitude will change quickly and radically if another woman does it first.

Misery is not the only thing that loves company.

Since this book is nothing if not honest, I’ll also confess to one more chief reason for my outfit: it’s a giant ego-stroke to have a girl younger than you (usually, but not always) gorukle escort compliment you on your body and legs .. and they always do. I love it! Besides, if they HAVE been accompanied by their husband/lover, my near-naked body tends to distract them and take some of the edge off the fact that my husband is getting an eyeful of their wife/girlfriend’s naked body.

Tim always starts with the lady fully dressed, usually in slit or wraparound skirt and blouse, and peels them down gradually from there until, at the last, they’re in nothing but heels, hose, and any of a number of lingerie items that hide nothing. I make sure her hair’s always tidy, seams of her hose (when present) straight, makeup fresh, background uncluttered.

It’s also become our custom that, at the point where the girl’s nipples come into view for the first time, I rouge them, kneeling down and using the tip of my moistened finger to apply color to the buds and their aureoles. It DOES help photographically .. and I get a kick out of watching them grow stiff and inviting (it never fails), while her breathing deepens. While I’m doing this, I compliment the girl on how “kissable” her breasts look .. and Tim “accidentally” trips the camera shutter to add another low-grade girl-girl intimate contact photo to our Roguish Gallery.

We always do two rolls of a girl at this first session, which means that, at the end of roll one, it’s back to the dressing room for more wine, a complete stripdown for her and then re-dressing. For my own selfish purposes, I make sure there’s a lot of “accidental” body contact; frankly, it’s fun watching most of them getting excited — in most cases, DESPITE themselves (and without really knowing that it’s deliberate on my part: having an innocent, pixyish face can be a real asset). By the time we come back out, we’ve reached the “buddy” stage.

If the fun-and-games in the dressing room didn’t do it, the second roll of film does. By this time, the girls have at least two or three glasses of wine in them, they’ve been touched, we’ve spoken — lightly — of sex in general and Tim and mine’s rather unique relationship in particular .. and she’s been erotically naked in front of a not-unattractive man .. with the blessing, encouragement and assistance of the man’s wife. I love watching their pussies dilate and get moist as the session goes on. This process accelerates when, a la the nipple-rouging in the first roll, shortly after the panties have been dispensed with in the second roll, Tim asks me to “..part her hair.”

* * *

At this point, the model and I have had a lot of physical contact, with me straightening a leg or seam and such, so the girls really don’t regard it as being too far out of the bounds of normality when I reach down to stick a finger in the bottom of their cunt and draw it slowly upward, spreading their pubic hair to allow the soft, glistening inside to show. As you might guess, Tim’s shutter has again “accidentally” gone off — not that the girls ever notice since, a few minutes before this stage, I’ve taken off my body suit or leotard with the statement that “..it’s too damn hot in here to be dressed.” My own nipples are rouged –and invariably stiff.

The poses in this second roll are always explicit, lewd and emphatic, even more than in the first. They get even more-so when Tim tells the girl to “make love” to herself; they always get this startled look on their faces, but my Darling has issued the instruction in such a matter-of-fact way, and the girls are already so randy and excited, that very few of them ever balk. Instead, blushing prettily, they reach down to their furry little cunts and, initially a bit reluctantly, they begin to play with themselves while Tim captures the delightful sight on film while the girls get more .. enthusiastic .. about it.

What happens next varies, and part of the fun is that we never really know what’s going to occur, since a lot depends on the vibes the young lady is giving off, the kind of rapport we’ve all established, whether her husband/lover is there and, if there, how he’s taking it all. At the low end of the scale, the girl fingers herself to a nice, satisfying climax, sometimes with the aid of a vibrator and/or dildo that I always make sure is in my “emergency kit;” usually, it’s the first time the girl has ever personally encountered either item, and they almost always try them out of curiosity (and some frustration) and end up finding them very fulfilling.

At the top end of the scale … name it and I think it’s happened at least once, if not oftener. Tim’s gotten well-fucked, we’ve done threesomes, either-or-both of us have had the pleasure of burying our faces in their bushes and, a couple of times, I’ve gotten well-sucked-and-fucked by the husband/lover while Tim and their wife/girlfriend watched — or frolicked themselves.

We’ve made a couple of fairly close friends out of all this, not the least of whom is Lucy.

The less-inhibited escort bayan girls, incidentally, are the ones who get called back for further sessions, where the costumes and settings get even kinkier, particularly in the area of restraint and bondage shots or “lesbian” sessions.

All-in-all, our experience has been that mixing sex with business works .. IF you concentrate on the fun part of it and let the profit take care of itself.

* * *

Oh, dear … Tim says that, so long as we’re playing “true confessions,” I must add one thing. Under a different company name, with a different P.O. Box number (in a neighboring city), I run my OWN nude-photo-by-mail business, only I’m taking and selling photos of guys. My clientele is about half gals, half gays — not that it makes any difference in the way I shoot the sessions, since I’m intent on showing every part of my model’s body, especially balls, cock and buns, just as explicitly as Tim shows off his ladies.

In fact, it’s an almost total role reversal between Tim and I in these sessions, with him tending to the guys’ dressing and posing .. and getting their beautiful, beautiful pricks hard while lightly oiling their bodies.

By the time I’m into the second roll, Tim is down to very snug briefs and I’m in my leotard or bodysuit costume (with, natch, everything on display through them). Either through my efforts, their own, or Tim’s, these guys, by this time, have been kept hard for the biggest part of two hours and they are even randier than the girls are by then.

There’s an old adage that goes, “A stiff dick has no conscience.” Well, it has precious little discretion, either, which is why they ALWAYS select one of the three alternatives we give them to just getting dressed and going home. Choice

is to make another $25 over-and-above the fee they’ve already earned by jerking themselves off all over themselves while I photograph the event; the other two choices pay them an equal amount of money, DO include being photographed .. but

is a combination hand-and-mouth job from Tim (he always makes them explode on themselves, which I love watching) and
is a blowjob from me. We never know which they’re going to choose, but it’s ALWAYS one of the three: not one of these nice-looking men have ever refused one of those three alternatives.

(Incidentally, the guys rarely bring their wives/girlfriends along for the session — men are much more self-conscious about their naked bodies than are most women — but, when they do, their ladies almost always encourage their fellows to indulge in

.. definitely something to think about, if you never have before).

For the record, the shots showing Tim and I with our models are never included in the sets we sell: we just share them with a few enthusiastically understanding friends. When we get models who want to do hardcore for profit, we pair them up together and shoot them but, for various reasons (mostly legal), we never sell the photos through our own companies. Instead, we sell them to a broker out on the west coast who, in turn, sells them to one-or-another porno factory; these companies are always glad to get them because they’re new, fresh faces and bodies, well-photographed, if we DO say so ourselves.

Our photo file has not only not cost us anything, but turns a tidy little profit. As they say, it’s nice work if you can get it — and we’ve got it!

* * *

That third dream…..

We finally managed to find enough people who share our tastes to enable us to organize a group that can meet regularly to indulge their every kinky fantasy — and get it on film and/or videotape. We have, right now, six couples, including ourselves, who meet every five weeks. Why FIVE weeks? The law of averages says that, out of six women, one of them is almost BOUND to be having her menstrual period at any given time; with our kind of schedule, at least it’s not always the same woman. Besides, quite often we luck in and NO one’s Flying the Flag.

In age, construction, economic backgrounds and professions, our SNF (Saturday Night Frolics) members range all over the map. Otherwise, we’re all quite similar: intelligent, either attractive or with the knowledge of how to MAKE ourselves attractive .. voyeuristic, exhibitionistic, easily bored with the same kind of sex with the same person; we have quick and frequently sneaky senses of humor, are either married or are living together with our partners (a Must in order to get an invitation to boogie with our group), love fetishistic lingerie and equipment, and not only love watching our marital partners having sex of all sorts, but want to capture it on film as well as being on the “modeling” end ourselves.

To one-degree-or-another, we are all bisexual.

We all trust one another implicitly, based on the most concrete of reasons: mutual incriminating photographs that we all have of each other.

Most important of all are the “vibes.” bursa escort bayan Before any couple is made aware that the SNF even exists, they party with at least two of our member couples who, if they like the gal and guy, explain the rules, and invite them in (we have a seventh and eighth couple joining us next Saturday night: I can hardly wait). We LIKE each other, as people, not just bodies .. and jealousy has no place in our get-togethers.

One other important factor: we all like parties in which there is some structure, at last in the early stages .. a little restraint in building up to the main event. All of us swing with others, with varying results at various times; having sex, as such, is no problem for our members, so we try to keep the SNF’s “special,” a chance to fully indulge our mutual and otherwise hard-to-satisfy urges with people we like, trust, and know are in no position to criticize us for our tastes, since their own are no more socially acceptable to the “straight” world than are ours.

* * *

We always start early. Six o’clock, usually meeting at one of our homes, occasionally taking a two-room suite at a nice hotel. Everyone dresses up, the gals taking the opportunity to show off their slit or mini skirts, new heels, see-through blouses, etc. There’s booze, but everyone always drinks in moderation because Shakespeare had it right when he said of alcohol, “It provoketh the desire but taketh away the ability.” Grass is allowed, but no other drugs, not even “poppers.”

There’s a lot of kissing, hugging and stroking, but everyone stays dressed and reasonably “cool” during the early stages.

Tim and I, by virtue of being the original organizers, as well as seeming to have a flair for this kind of nonsense, are the coordinators, by acclaim. It’s not that we’re any “pushier” than anyone else in the group (we all tend to be raging extroverts, in addition to our other personality traits): they just like the way we do it .. said she, modestly.

Once everyone’s arrived (all, predictably, carrying cameras, everything from the instant picture variety to some very expensive and complicated gear) and has had a chance to get a drink, say hello or whatever, we begin. First comes the “set piece,” which varies depending on what’s available. It could be something as simple as one of our “models” peeling and showing it all as she works herself off with a vibrator or dildo. Sometimes, it’s much more extensive, like the night we brought in a young guy whose trick is sucking his own cock to climax (a rare and enviable talent, we all agreed). When we have such acts — like the 19-year-old (he said) black boy with one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen, fucking and getting sucked off by his cute 25-year-old Hispanic girlfriend — it’s with the clear understanding that we’ll be taking photos of it: $20 a couple goes a long way toward eliminating resistance to that.

At other times, it’s a film or videotape, either a commercial one that one of our members thinks is particularly good and/or unusual, or one from the collection of Larry, he’s the one usually shooting videotape of us at these get-togethers, and then edits it into highlights. So, failing anything else, we’ll watch ourselves at our perverted best at one of our previous soirees.

Once-in-a-while, Larry will shoot something special outside our meetings (he has no lack of willing volunteers to star in his productions) that he’ll bring along. At our last SNF, it was a tape he’d shot of Jean, a short, wiry, deeply tanned blonde who’s a member of our group. Jean, like Tim, is very fond of being put in helplessly exposed situations and, in this tape, it opened on a close shot of her cute, tanned face (looking kind of apprehensive: she hadn’t been told what she was in for), then slowly zoomed out to show her shackled spread-eagled to the bed, her petite body decorated only by a narrow gold chain around her waist — and four white leather belts, two around her wrists, one around each ankle, each of the broad, padded cuffs fastened to a chain which was tightly stretched to the nearest corner of the king-size bed.

White patent spike pumps on her feet set off her tan, and emphasized the lewdness of her exposure: with both her head and her cute little ass propped up on pillows, her legs spread to their limit, there was no way for her to hide anything, a condition Larry exploits fully as his camera catalogs her from every angle.

A hand reaches into the picture; the camera records Jean jumping as the hand touches her dark, sparse pubic bush and begins to stroke it tightly. It’s a small, delicate, white and seemingly knowledgeable hand…

…it’s MY hand, as you discover when the camera pulls out even farther. I’m sitting on the side of the bed, dressed only in the top from a very thin, transparent, bright gold set of shorty pajamas, a lacy garterbelt, hose and my always-present high heels.

The unseen microphone (handled by Tim, whose bright idea this session was in the first place) hears me ask, “Jean, how many times do you think you can come in one evening?”

There’s a very wary look on the her face as she hesitantly replies, “I’m not .. sure. Not too many times, because I get too sensitive.”

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